‘Stealth omicron’ variant now in 40 countries


Just as the omicron variant of Covid-19 is appearing to peak, a new variant, dubbed BA.2, or “stealth omicron,” has made its way around the globe, according to the World Health Organization. It’s now on four continents, including North America, where it has been detected in California, New Mexico, Texas, and Washington states, among others.

It’s also found in countries as far flung as Denmark and South Africa.

The BA.2 variant is expected to be relatively mild, compared to Alpha, Delta, and the first omicron versions of Covid. But it’s harder to follow the variant. According to British health authorities, the new stealth omicron cannot be detected by PCR tests.

According to the Alaska Variant Dashboard maintained by the State of Alaska, Omicron BA.1 is the dominant variant being detected in Alaska.


  1. Never tested, Never jabbed, Alaska’s Hospitals are a disgrace, and should face prosecution for murder. Shame on you Dunleavy. Now
    We have two interesting candidates Chris Kurka and Charlie Pierce.

  2. Interesting! It is so “stealthy” that nobody knows they have it. According to the article the PCR test doesn’t work for that one, now we can no longer count “cases”, what ever shall the MSM/ADN do??? Finally some semblance of rational thought will have to prevail, diagnosing only by actual active symptoms.

  3. Covid isn’t Dunlevys fault!!

    Mid term elections have mild covid

    While Presidential years are more “severe “

  4. Gotta keep those scariants coming in order to keep the hysteria going!
    My GOD am I sick to death of all this Covidian BS already!
    It’s just a cold, get over it!

  5. Crank up the PCR test to enough amplification cycles and it will detect a computer virus.
    Seriously. I think this is called the common cold at this point. But, the fear porn must continue, otherwise the HOA president wanna-bes will lose their ability to be the petty tyrants they really, really want to be.
    So, now we have… ZOMG! and GASP! The HORRORS!
    Mask up, get your 99th booster, and double your social distancing, you might get a sniffle.

  6. Not to worry, America, the CDC has absolutely no idea how to deal with the new variant, let alone how to detect it or contain the spread. Excellent work, Dr. Fauci. You must be so proud of your child.

  7. OMG, when will this nonsense end? There are some groupthink Liberals out there brewing up new names to keep the scare going. So many of us (many are medical professionals) are totally done with this scam. “Stealth Omicron” kudos to whoever thought that up, the next viable Greek letter I thought would be utilized is Omega. I’m sure that’s coming. I’m unvaccinated, very healthy, and proud of it.

    • No, they haven’t milked Omicron enough yet. So– there will be upcoming: Turbo-Omicron, then Super-Omicron and then finally Super-Duper-Omicron. After that, they will be on to the next scariant. Meanwhile, due to compromised immune systems and lymphocytes all out of whack, cancers are rising–all under the radar as the sheeple focus on a cold / flu…

    • Jim Collman, unvaccinated? You were too young to get the polio shot? Those were vaccinations. What Fauci calls a vaccination is really a treatment and appears to not work very well in it’s original stated purpose, that of stopping the spread of Covid. However if Fauci wants everyone to have an altered and diminished immune system and apparently be a carrier and spreader of the virus then yes it is working quite well.
      Crafty old fox that Tony Fauci.

  8. A correction to this article is necessary. The BA.2 variant absolutely can be detected by PCR tests, according to your link — in fact, more readily than the BA.1 (omicron) variant.

    What makes omicron so easy to track is that it doesn’t trigger positive results on one of the assays used in PCR tests. That means you don’t have to do genetic sequencing to know it’s omicron. BA.2 does not have that deletion. That means the result does not stand out from other positive results, unlike omicron. But, crucially, the PCR test *still comes back positive.*

    The lack of omicron’s characteristic deletion means that to track the spread of BA.2, you have to do time-consuming genetic sequencing, as was the case with delta, beta, alpha, etc. Hence the “stealth” moniker. PCR tests continue to work.

    I’m hesitant to post a link — betting I’ll run into the spam filter. But Google “stealth omicron” and read a few links.

  9. At this rate, by this time next year the political & medical establishment will be breathlessly warning us about the Super Nuclear Apocalypse Godzilla Armageddon variant.

  10. Finally!!! The Ninja variant!!!

    No symptoms, no verifiable testable variances, but yet it exists!!!

    Of course, the next variance shall simply be called the ‘Crud’ variance, which shall be inclusive of ANY issue perceived…

    And after that, although already existent, is the universal hypochondriac variance…


  11. Yup. Just as rational doctors said: The more it’s around, the weaker the strains will be. It’ll naturally peter out and my non-experimental body will thank me later on in life for not believing the lies.

  12. America 2022: The Land of the afraid and the home of several million subservient subjects.

    Because we let it happen.

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