Staying with her posse, Peltola votes against censure of Rep. Adam Schiff


The House of Representatives voted in favor of censuring California Rep. Adam Schiff, who at the bidding of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, led the impeachment of former President Donald Trump based on accusations that he knew were false.

The move comes after a previous attempt to censure Schiff fell short due to having a $16 million fine attached to it, which made some Republicans balk. This time, it passed 213 to 209.

Alaska Representative Mary Peltola stuck with the Democrats again on Wednesday to try to block the final vote though a motion to table it, which failed on party lines. She also voted against the censure of one of her own.

Censure is a formal statement of disapproval by a legislative body, which, if passed, would serve as an official reprimand for the actions of the individual. Only 25 House members have been censured in U.S. history.

The censure says that in his role as impeachment manager, Schiff knowingly advanced lies about former President Trump, and “abused this trust by alleging he had evidence of collusion that, as is clear from reports by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz, and Special Counsel Durham, never existed.”

The debate on the censure stretched into the afternoon, with former Speake Nancy Pelosi saying that Republicans had turned the House “into a puppet show.” The vote was final in the evening.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy said that as soon as Republicans took control this year, he removed Schiff from the Intelligence Committee and he looks forward to opening an ethics investigation into his activities. That investigation will now commence and take place during a time when Schiff is a filed candidate for Senate to fill the seat of the ailing Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

Rep. Bennie Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi, argued on the House floor that “Republicans are targeting Adam Schiff because he’s everything they wish he could be.”

Rep. Cory Mills, a Florida Democrat, said, “Not only did Schiff purposely and knowingly lie to further the Democrats’ political agenda, he used $32 million of taxpayers’ money to push a fake Russia collusion narrative against President Trump. I’m joining Rep. Luna in in censuring this fraud and holding him accountable for his actions.”

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, who represents Florida’s 13th District, was elected in 2022 and has wasted no time being influential in Washington. After her first censure effort failed, she brought it back again and won the support of all of her Republican colleagues.


  1. Oh my!

    Another example of what “fish, family, freedom” got us with the help of RCV.

    Beyond time to stop electing …. democrats

    • Murkowski and Peltola, advertised they were the “The Fish Party” in political ads from the last election cycle. Their actions taken together and separately against Alaskans prosperity and liberty, show that it isn’t only democrats proving “the fish rots from the head”.

      • We ALL know Lisa the RINO!
        Traitor to our state, our country, our constitution.
        Stop voting democrats and traitotous rinos!

  2. Thanks again, Sarah Palin. You kept Alaskans at war amongst each other. Meanwhile, how is your life with your rockstars and luxury digs on the beaches?

  3. new slogan for ya fishcakes. family, fish & the freedom to be a corrupt blue anon conspiracy theorist at the expense of the tax payer.

  4. Censure Schiff at least three more times. 25th, 26, 27, and 28th House member to be censured in 240 years. Let him wear that as a badge of honor with other rogue Democrats while campaigning for Feinstein’s Senate seat in 2025. Schiff and Hunter Biden make a great team. Pass the meth, please.

    • Adam piece of Schiff, another freak with severe Trump Derangement Syndrome. How are these psychopaths going to weather the coming Trump storm? And then, there’s another guy with severe TDS, Jerry Nadler, who is known as the Penguin, that is, when he’s not sh*tting his pants in front of Nancy Pelosi.

      • Rank corruption in the Democrat Party. And Nadler is Exhibit A for the stench amongst them. Even Pelosi gasps for fresh air.

    • It is the least he can do at this point.
      Mary should join him, tho i dont think she is smart enough to know that. Her deep state handlers will take care of that.

  5. Censure doesn’t go far enough! Schiff’s constant lying about Russian collusion cost American taxpayers 42 million dollars for the imbecilic Mueller investigation. Too bad we can’t claw some of that money back from Shifty Schiff.

  6. “The move comes after a previous attempt to censure Schiff fell short due to having a $16 million fine attached to it”

    so the kfabe continues

    AHHHH…. ok now it’s just republican virtue signaling with no real consequences attached. the 40 or so republicans who voted against it the first time didn’t want to take away schiff’s ill gotten gains for fear they may have to give up their own one day. that is one sick deep swamp and that uniparty sticks together.

  7. Grifters gotta’ grift. I think we all know not to expect anything from our Senators and Reps (republicans and conservatives) to ever culminate in our favor as they all seem to feed from the same trough. The government as a whole is two tiered and all of the barrels are pointed in our direction. P.J. O’Rourke coined it best: D.C. is a “Parliament of Whores.”

  8. No surprise there. More of the same to be expected unless we can get rid of RSV and have real elections again.

  9. Professional courtesy from Mary. Grifter to grifter.

    Sadly, it won’t matter. That scum bucket is probably gonna replace DiFi, unless she dies in office.

  10. What a Dog, .
    Oh I’m sorry that’s not true, dogs actually have a real purpose, shes your typical parasite that’s what I meant to say, , not much left to say really!

  11. If and when Dems take control of Congress they will censor a Republican. When GOP takes back White House DOJ will go after incumbent Dem. A whole lot of waste of time & money spent on getting even.

  12. Democrat Bennie Thompson argues “Republicans are targeting Adam Schiff because he’s everything they wish he could be.”
    Either Bennie is a result of poor education results from the deep south or Bennie thinks the Republicans actually wish Adam shifty Schiff is the liar he is???
    A very confusing statement but considering the source it is proof the deep south had poor educational achievement in the past.

    Beware Alaskans, Mississippi has far better academic achievement than we do. Mary Peltola is proving that with her astounding voting record.
    She actually thinks the rest of us are as stupid as she is to believe she is voting “the same values Don Young had”.
    Now that statement is a real gut punching kick in the teeth but considering her cohorts Bennie Thompson Adam Schiff Jerry Nadler she hit a home run with her choice.

  13. Lest we expect our Little Mary-P to hold anyone accountable.
    It appears she’s setting a great example for her people.
    Demonstrating for future generations, right and wrong ethics.
    I’m guessing our expectations are set too high for elected leaders.

  14. I’m old enough to remember when a group of Republicans went to a wildly corrupt Richard Nixon and told him to go.

    He was too stained, too damaged, too politically ill to remain in office. They told him he would be impeached with their help.

    Find me a Democrat who will do that today.

  15. What a shame Alaska has NO representative in Congress. A very weak position for Alaska to be in at this time.

  16. It would be Great if Kelly Tishbaka runs for Alaska’s only Congressional Seat in 2024. She’s the only person who could take the GRIN off Mary’s face.

  17. With their inability to acknowledge the blatant corruption and dishonesty of Adam Schiff, ALL of the Democrats in the House show once again they are sorely lacking in integrity. I quit voting for any Democrats years and years ago.

  18. Adam schiff is absolutely guilty of spreading unsubstantiated nonsense that he knew was 100% wrong. This bs he was spreading damaged and wasted trumps time, the American tax payers time and god only knows how much $$. The chickens always come home to roost. I would tell peltola be damn careful whose side your jumping on federal prison doesn’t look to good. This group that supports schiff are scum it’s been demonstrated time and again. Lying conniving Un American scum. The entire Biden administration is the bottom of the barrel.

  19. I would have been very surprised if the fisherwoman would have voted to censure. She was sent to D C to be a Democrat vote no matter the subject without thinking.

    • Randy,
      Who said Peltola needs to think? Her only job is to fall in line with the skunks in the Democrat Party.

  20. Mary has her ethics and moral standards.
    Should Biden be impeached, she will stand with the Republicans should they refuse Democrats to call witnesses before the House Intelligence Committee. Realizing that Adan Schiff did this with the first Trump impeachment hearings, Mary Peltola will stay consistent and support Republican chairman Mike Turner’s decision to follow the Schiff’s precedent for the Biden’s impeachment hearings. Yeah, right.

  21. A communist will always protect one of their own. They helped her steal Alaska’s congressional seat so she can vote to ruin your life.

  22. I have to wonder how both Lisa and Sarah thumped Peltola as a great gal, WTH ? Makes one wonder, or maybe it should .

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