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Sunday, September 19, 2021
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State releases details on relaxed business mandates

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The State of Alaska issued another health mandate today. This mandate supersedes several other mandates that shut down commerce across the state of Alaska, cracking open commerce for the first time in weeks, although with lots of limitations and face coverings.

Mandate 16 will go into effect April 24 and is the first in a series that are meant to allow businesses to reopen responsibly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“By issuing this Mandate, the Governor is establishing consistent mandates across the State in order to mitigate both the public health and the economic impacts of COVID-19 across Alaska,” according to the state’s press release.

However, Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz is marching to his own drum and will not open up Anchorage for commerce until Monday.

The State of Alaska has granted a special dispensation for Berkowitz to open the largest city in Alaska at 8 am Monday. Once open, Anchorage will then fall under the state mandates below.

Attachment D – Non-Essential Public Facing Businesses Generally – modifies Mandate 011

Attachment E – Retail Businesses – modifies Mandate 011

Attachment F – Restaurants Dine-In Services – modifies Mandate 03.1

Attachment G – Personal Care Services – modifies Mandate 09

Attachment H – Non-Essential Non-Public-Facing Businesses – modifies Mandate 011

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • You’ve got to be kidding me. Read the attachments and tell me you think these are workable!!!
    Restaurants, for example, operating at 25% capacity? They cannot possibly do business that way – it’ll cost more to open than they will be able to earn. And what kind of experience do you imagine you will have if you have to make a reservation to dine in a restaurant where you can only go with family members, or have to be 10′ away from your friends…and enter and exit through different entries using one-way traffic… and your servers are all in masks… and you get condiments in single-use packets…and they have to fully sanitize tables and chairs after each party… and only cashless and receiptless transactions… Sorry, but you might as well leave the restaurants closed.
    We need to stop begging for crumbs and demand our constitutionally-guaranteed rights back. We need to insist our public servants re-think their opinion that Alaskans are too stupid to figure out, without government threats, how to conduct their lives for the good of themselves, their families and their communities. No one is forcing scared people to go out in public; the rest of us have the right to live our lives as we see fit! End the nanny-state!

    • You are a waiter? It’s for your own safety.

    • Keep it locked down. It’s not about you, it’s about we.

    • Who’s the rest of us? Don’t include me in that

      • Don’t include me in your Pinko Commie “we”. And yes the individual is greater than the collective. Give ME Liberty or Give me Death!

  • These are a start. It’s better than being closed- but if they expect everyone is going to meet these on day one, they’re nuts. If this sort of mandate lasts more than 2 weeks then it’s just cruel and they should have just let these businesses die. If it’s a bridge- a short bridge, to something more normal.. and if enforcement is not draconian, then it’s a positive thing. If the same bureaucracy that has lost nothing over this, terrorizes the folks that have lost everything as they struggle to open while meeting these conditions? Then we are going backwards…

  • I’ll be doing my best to support businesses that open soon in whatever capacity they can. I need a haircut, my beard trimmed, and I’m behind on a few annual checkups with my Dr. Hope I can get everything done in the next week or so. One problem though, I read some of the attachments and it requires the customer (me) to wear a mask that I don’t own. I hope businesses are not responsible for that, because I don’t think it’s legal to require masks for the public. I would wear one if I had one, but I don’t and I haven’t seen any available the few times I’ve been out shopping.

  • All of these restrictions and rules are ridiculous on how a so called “non-essential” business can open and operate. Total government overreach. The businesses are better off remaining closed because they will go out of business anyways operating under these stupid impossible to comply with mandates or worse the owner can be fined up to 2.5 million dollars over a supposed coronavirus death linked to that business, imprisoned one year on charges of reckless endangerment (Class A Misdemeanor) or other consequences. Really??? By that standard, I guess we should arrest Governor Dunleavy and Mayor Berkowitz for reckless endangerment of peoples businesses, jobs, income, rights and ultimately of their lives. Very least they should be sued.

  • The mayor is not using data for anything. The data recently obtained in LA indicates the virus is 55 times more pervasive in the population in LA than it was indicated by tests performed on the symptomatic. Anyone that believes the population in Anchorage hasn’t had tens of thousands already exposed to this virus isn’t looking at the data. December, January, February freighters from China that landed at Anchorage International had crews that were transported to local hotels and went to local stores and restaurants and interacted with the staff at the airport that transported them and took the trash off the planes. And there is zero acknowledgement that the virus was in the population long before March 15. And, only an idiot would consider a restaurant “open” while limiting occupancy to a level that wouldn’t support the business model for a lemonade stand. This is the mentality of someone that has no idea how to make a private enterprise work.

  • Just had a good time walking thru the Carrs going the wrong way in the aisles while masked sheeple gave me dirty looks. I refuse to comply with any of this nonsense brought about by a phoney-baloney Fear Hoax of a virus. Screw your mandates, screw your social distancing, live Free of Die! No Communist indoctrination for me, I chose to exercise my rights including open carry and open walking. Open Alaska by acting like Free Citizens and not Skered Sheeple!

  • Every business that goes under means fewer voters and contributions for free-enterprise candidates.

    Every bureaucracy that is increased to enforce closures or regulation of businesses means more voters and contributors for pro-government, pro-tax candidates.

    Is this principle not obvious?

    This is offered as a respectful reminder to always follow the money and act accordingly..

    P.S. Special thanks to Downing for authoring one of the few free-enterprise based communication forums that strive to, “make a difference”. Freedom is fragile and survives only by the courage of the few. Socialism is attained by appealing to the greed of the majority to redistribute the wealth of the few. Socialism survives by destroying institutions, a more difficult task than creating them….and cultivating them as Suzanne Downing does at great personal expense and labor.

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