Alaska State Fair and Parade is ‘recall’ battleground



The Recall Dunleavy group will be out and about on Saturday at the Alaska State Fair Parade in Palmer, with a parade entry that will march right by the governor, who is being seated as a guest of honor on the grandstand. The parade begins at 11 am.

It could be awkward as they attempt to gather recall signatures to reverse the election results while the governor looks on.

A separate grassroots group, catching wind of the recall group parade entry, plans to gather as well, wearing their Dunleavy support shirts and hats, across from the grandstands and throughout the spectator areas.

The pro-Dunleavy folks will be getting their seats and spots near the grandstand at 10 am and said they welcome supporters. The group, which has no name, was getting a couple dozen “Dunleavy – The People’s Governor” shirts printed on Friday but said supporters of the governor should dig out their old Dunleavy shirts and hats and come prepared to show support.

“We need for a LOT of people to show up in Dunleavy T-shirts and hats to surround the grandstands and keep them [the recall group] at bay,” wrote Judy Eledge, president of the Anchorage Republican Women’s Club.

The recall group also has a booth at the fair staffed by three volunteers and has people wandering the lanes in “recall” t-shirts, possibly trying to gather signatures on the recall application. But on Friday the recall booth was a lonely spot, with few visitors. One passerby noticed it and remarked, “Well that is (F-expletive) ridiculous.”

The recall group already has enough to submit the application to the Division of Elections but wants to keep gathering signatures. It is a form of data mining for the next general election cycle, if nothing else.

But over at the Mat-Su Republican women’s Club on the Purple Trail at the Denali Trail, Dunleavy supporters have a letter of support that people can sign. They are taking a more low-key approach at this point.

At the Mat-Su Democrats booth, there was no recall paraphernalia, and no one was stopping to chat.


  1. Just worked 3 hours at the Mat-Su Republican women’s Club booth this afternoon. Steady flow of people signing support and move the legislature to Anchorage. I saw only one person anti-Dunleavy. Stopped by the “recall booth” on my way out. a couple talking. I ask to see the reasons for the recall and pointed out facts on vetoes in the Constitution and left. The lady I talked to frowned a lot while I was pleasant and smiled!

    • I stopped by Republican Women’s booth and signed. Everyone who supports the governor needs to swing by and do so!

      • You that want to recall our Governor, and if you live in ALASKA he is your Governor. When he mails out the PFD checks I bet your hand will reach out and take it.. you should give it to the wild fires. BUT NOT ONE OF YOU WOULD GIVE UP YOUR PFD

  2. Registered as a Democrat they had better not ask me to sign their dumb recall,, I voted for him. The first honest politician in some time, not like my senator, who I feel
    isn’t to sharp.

    • I agree with you! I really think the Fair of all places is where they shouldn’t be doing this tho.. I’m sorry folks are out trying have fun with their friends and families.. Not deal with more negative garb of this stupid recall effort.. He’s in to stay, deal with it babies and get a life.. I hope no one signs it at the Fair… Hopefully it’s the opposite and they get alot of heat from those of us who think he is doing a great job!

  3. Didn’t see the recall the gov booth at Wed Market in Soldotna while I was manning the recall Gary Knopp booth. They had been there previously.

  4. Governor Dunleavy is the best Governor I have known in my 56 years up here. We are at a turning point in history folks and what he is doing should have been done years ago. Government is not suppose to be a Welfare State because America was founded as a Constitutional Republic with Individual Rights and Liberties. SAVE THE REPUBLIC AS ALL COSTS.
    Seymour Marvin Mills Jr. sui juris

    • Signatures from people with a piece of paper thrust in front of them — labor intensive, but easy.

      Converting those signatures to votes, just as time consuming and not nearly as easy.

      Making that signature effort bear fruit by actually proving a case and successfully recalling a sitting governor, even more difficult.

      The history-making piece of this is the horribly under-informed youth fooled into taking part.

  5. I voted for Dunleavy.
    But in the aftermath, Dunleavy financially destroyed many Alaskans lives.
    Dunleavy said he was going to cut the UA budget by 130 million dollars. He did so by vetoing the budget as promised. Based on that, many University of Alaska employees left UA for other jobs in fear they would laid off. Now, Dunleavy caves and reinstates the funds that he previously cut. These employees could have kept their jobs. Dunleavy has no compassion. Name a Democrat that would do what he did to Alaskans.
    I have changed my view of Dunleavy and vote to recall.

    • There were employees who quit a job based on an incomplete budget process because they didn’t understand that it was incomplete? How many quit and if they did so only based on an incomplete budget process but can’t get their jobs back maybe they weren’t needed to begin with. The minor cut that did go through can be put to use by not filling those positions that apparently aren’t needed.

    • The exodus of professors from the University of Alaska started in 2016, or that’s when I started to read stories about it. They didn’t leave because of Dunleavy’s budget cuts. They left because they’re smart and saw the writing on the wall.

    • RD, have some faith. The cuts will come eventually. This last round is a shot across the bow. The smart employees left.

      A piece of wisdom — ALL cars’ headlights automatically turn off. Some from a computer-controlled switch cutting power, others from the battery running out of juice. Alaska has no computer-controlled switch, it’s just waiting for the battery to run out of power.

      • Duk,
        The cuts came when Dunleavy vetoed the budget. Denleavy had the chance to veto them again. He caved, and I lost my faith in Dunleavy. He treats Alaskans like a yoyo. Time for him to go. Lets see what kind of a job his Lt Gov will do. I will vote for recall.

  6. Really good turn-out. Had a never Dunleavy asking questions, but wouldn’t answer any, duh, typical. Had some to our right. Didn’t see them but I’d guess, purely a guess, we outnumbered them 2-1.
    Mike was very pleased and appreciative of the turnout.

    • They were there alright. Ran in to two of them. Other friends saw them down the street from the grandstand.

  7. The Democrats in the Legislature believe they have the Governing powers. These elected officials have elevated opinions of what they are entitled to. They are Legislative, not the Governor. A clique led by a woman of questionable ethics wants a bloated State government so the recipients of their overly generous largess can be beholding to them. Time to clean up the big mess called Juneau and move the entire State government to Anchorage.

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