Speaker Scalise? He is pro-American energy, has visited ANWR and TAPS


Republicans in Congress have nominated Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana on Wednesday to be the next House speaker, edging out Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio.

Scalise is familiar with Alaska energy and has been a strong advocate of not draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, as President Biden has done.

In 2008, Scalise and nine other Republican members of Congress visited Alaska, and toured the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the TransAlaska Pipeline. Scalise, from an energy economy state, is pro-American energy. That trip to Alaska came during Scalise’s first year as a congressman.

His nomination, won by a vote of 113-99 in the Republican caucus, now goes to the House floor for a vote, where he will be up against the Democrats’ nominee Rep. Hakeem Jeffries.

Sen. Cory Booker poses with a sign that says that the border between Israel and Gaza has “got to go.”

Rep. Mary Peltola voted 15 times for radical Jeffries in January, over the Republican nominee Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who was ousted last week after eight hard-right Republicans joined with all Democrats present (Peltola was not present) to remove him as speaker.

Scalise is being treated for cancer. He was shot by a radical Democrat in 2017, while at a practice session for the annual Congressional Baseball Game in Alexandria, Va. At the time he was shot and gravely injured, he was House Majority Whip. He is now House Majority Leader.

The vote on his nomination is expected to start Wednesday.


  1. Scalise is a survivor and I appreciate that about him (a leftist tried to kill him and others in 2017). He is also has a F rating (58%) from conservativereview’s liberty score and the donor class is fond of him. This is the typical choice republicans make- defer to the cozy insider- and why I am no longer one. We need vision and leadership, not stroking the donors and kicking the can down the road. I want my children to have a better society to raise their children in then we do now. Scalise is just more of the same and we are dying because of more of the same.

    • I appreciate your frustration – but get real. We can’t achieve a dictatorship of the Right, there just aren’t enough of us. Even if there were enough of us, we just can’t seem to get off our butts and vote.

      • I was told we just need the House. Then we also need the Senate. Then we need the Presidency. When we had delivered all three after much sweat and treasure, we received nothing but more empty promises. I despise their worldview, but at least the left delivers for their constituents. “Our” pols want the status and money, but little else. I view about half of the party as much of an enemy as I do the left. Modern conservatism is progressivism driving the speed limit. I do not want to conserve the authoritarian illiberalism of the contemporary left.

  2. All that is reported here is true. However, Scalise comes from an anti-2A state. I am unaware that he has ever tried to bring Louisiana into alignment with the Bill of Rights. That troubles me very much.

    It will trouble me much more if Congresswoman Peltola votes for Jeffries, who is forthrightly opposed to the Bill of Rights.

    The people who wrote the constitution, and especially those who successfully fought for the Bill of Rights, had no trust in government. They expected government to grab for power, to be dishonest, to draw elitists into government, and to do all that we see governments doing today.

    Even though the constitution is written in very clear and concise language (exactly as is usually not the case with statues, for example) there are elected officials who choose to be confused by what the constitution really means. I was taught in high school that if one reads the constitution with the understanding that it was written by people who did not trust government it should clear up any confusion. If only there was a way to go back in time and thank the people who taught me that; or at least to apologize to them that I was sometimes such a son-of-a-bitch. I hope they realized it wasn’t that I had issues with them: It was that KW kept her knickers on with such absolute resolve.

    • Kayak says: “However, Scalise comes from an anti-2A state.”

      At this point, I would suggest you show your work, and demonstrate how Louisiana is an anti-2A state. I’ve lived there in past lives, and I assure you that despite your most desperate fever dreams otherwise, LA is very happy with large quantities of firearms in the hands of those who would be less than supportive of the Uniparty.

      Nice gaslighting attempt, though. Didn’t work. Cheers –

      • I just looked again, and LA is not one of the 28 constitutional carry states. Enough said. Are you saying that LA is a constitutional carry state?

        My long-time observations have been that very often LA has a D governor and when there is a D in the White House they suck up to each other on 2A issues. I have seen that happen time after time.

      • My God-daughter lives there, married a Swamp Irish fellow. I have had one buddy and two girlfriends from Louisiana. The buddy could come up with a knife and place it on a man’s throat as quick as turning on an electric light. He said the snakes, especially the ones with yellow stripes, keep city people out of the woods – which he lauded of course. I had customers in Louisiana. To shut a month-old baby up their women will give the child a bottle of Coca-Cola with a nipple, but I like the women a lot despite some aspects of the culture. Louisiana French is part of a very rich culture, but it is not a language, and anyone could learn it in a week. Louisiana Democrats roll exactly like organized crime does in NY, NJ, and southern New England: They can get you a new microwave for $40 but you have to have the cash ready Tuesday night and you have to take 6 of them. (Leave your shed door unlocked, and don’t even think about looking upon the delivery people.) You have guessed wrong so far as my familiarity with the state. Hopefully their Communistic gun laws will be declared unconstitutional.

        • My son, daughter-in-law and grandchild live there. Please get help, Kayak. Setting the politics aside, the delusions and distortions of reality being offered are not healthy.

    • The rust lining?

      It won’t detract him for going after the Biden family. If he’d been Speaker I’m not sure he would have been able to continue.

    • He also supported a groomer just so Ohio State could maintain its public image. And when called out on it, he turned his back on his former wrestlers. Kind of familiar sounding, eh? Electing him would be like reinstalling Denny Hastert.

    • That guy needs a class in anger management. I sure wouldn’t want to be his wife…

      But the class he sure doesn’t need is one in the performing arts.

  3. Jim Jordan was a great wrestler, but not much of a legislator. He voted against certifying the 2020 election because he would rather follow Donald Trump than the US Constitution

    • Oh ‘frank’.

      The only real insurrection was the coup d’etat by radical leftist extremists who engaged in massive voting fraud to steal the 2020 presidential election. One does not even need to be a fan of Trump, as I am not, to clearly see the reality of that. But of course, one would also need to be intellectually honest to acknowledge that fact, something which you, the inveterate coward and liar that you have been for many years, are not.

  4. Scalise took a taxpayer funded junket to the Slope to see the landscape and facilities with his own eyes? Wow! Good enough for me…hahaha…just kidding. These politicians waste way too much money running around all over the place. They need to stay in the Swamp to actually work and if they want to travel they can do it on their own dime. Most never even heard of Scalise until some Democrat shot him and getting shot doesn’t mean anything except maybe that you’re unlucky. We can do better for Speaker…but we won’t. Whoever gets the seat will be another Uniparty shill who can give great speeches while delivering no results. It’s the Republican way!

    • The elite ruling class of DC just shows up in the summer months in their private jets to view ANWR and NPR . Oh and squeeze in a tax payer funded fishing trip at one of the elite lodges that are only accessible by floatplane as we have no roads to drive on . They should come up in the darkness when its fifty below to see how the Alaskans really survive . You’d never see them here in the dark of winter ! Crazy and these folks are setting the terrible rules and roadblocks to our basic survival .

      We need to save Alaska for Alaskans and not the lower 48 ruling class !

  5. Over 20 republicans voted against him. If they don’t pull their heads out of their backsides the GOP will do what it does best…

    Find a way to lose.

    Wonder if Gaetz personal issues give us Speaker Jefferies?

    • Look no further than the comments here, Republicans love to destroy their own. Most idiots don’t understand basic math let alone basic politics. Scalise is a damn sight better than Jefferies, even though some so called conservatives would prefer to hand the reigns of power over to the minority party…sound familiar? We do it after almost every election cycle here. It’s amazing how many so called conservatives prefer hard core leftists over moderate or even actual right wing conservatives, it’s almost like the party has been infiltrated…

  6. I hope that I am wrong, but my gut tells me Scalise has a soft spot in his heart for the Uniparty. Time will tell.

  7. This is like choosing between strawberry and chocolate when the third choice is raw unions and chopper liver. Who cares who wins at this point. It’s an upgrade!

  8. He is just another one of the good old boys club. Time will tell but I have not seen where he did anything for the tax payer except bankrupt them. My bet is that he doesn’t stand his ground and caves to the demos like all the other times. The demos are two to three moves ahead of the repubs so we are not in a good place. Clean out the swamp completely.

  9. As indicated by the comments above, without a doubt some will dream up all kinds of objections to Steve Scalise. Republicans/Conservatives have raised “the perfect shall be the sworn enemy of the good” to the highest art form.

    Steve Scalise is a solid conservative, great American and a fine choice for Speaker. He actually knows how to accomplish stuff in Congress. Is he perfect? No; no candidate is. With only four votes (roughly) to spare, folks are going to have to accept some compromises. The other option, apparently favored by some for unclear reasons, is to turn the Speaker’s gavel and committee chairs over to the Left. Seriously? Letting the Left govern at this time would be the GREATEST of blunders.

    • An update for all the Matt Gaetz and MTG acolytes on this site: Scalise will no longer be your worry as he has dropped out. We can now get a truly conservative Speaker although it won’t be Jim Jordon because enough people have declared they will not support him. Trump would be great (!?) but that may not work as he has too many criminal trials to attend.

      Please record my view: The longer those on the right hold out and object to candidates, the more the possibility that a handful of moderates will vote for Hakeem Jeffries. Is that what you want? Tell me how that is a good thing.

    • It’s about to happen. The GOP excels in self sabotage.

      And all because of Matt Gaetz being butthurt.

  10. I am not sure Jmark . No one there in the last twenty years could run a 7/11 except into the ground .Absolutely, no fiscal responsibility that includes Scalise ! Look at the math and the 33 trillion of debt . I mean really ? Alaska is corrupted with the same Federalism and nearly paralyzed for our ( the peoples oil ) producing oil ! Most expensive petroleum products in the country ! 500,000 barrels of daily oil production sitting in the ground ! Shipping our AvGas from Texas ! We burn about fourth of the AvGas in country and no refinery ! This state would be shutdown with out AvGas

  11. I hate to pile on but, for the Gaetz and MTG acolytes: With Scalise out, Jordon a non-starter for many — please throw out some names and discuss their electability. In the end, SOMEONE will be elected. (And there a candidate with 210 votes already lined up!)

    • > In the end, SOMEONE will be elected.


      I am no acolyte of any politician- nor do I know Gaetz reasoning- nor do I care. The effect is to shut the machine down and this is an unalloyed good. The machine is – and has been – out of control.

      Maybe we can reflect on the 33.5 trillion in debt (124.09% to GDP) we are in. Or that is the last 18 days (as the bond market has cratered) we added over 500 billion to the debt. Hemingway famously wrote “Gradually, then suddenly” when referring to bankruptcy. We are in the suddenly portion of the program. Half the R conference seems to think it is business as usual. It is not. The days of easy money and kicking the can are over.

      • I sincerely appreciate your concern about federal spending. It is obscene. Unfortunately, seeking the “big win” is like trying to succeed in Vegas – you can do it in the short run but it will be difficult to sustain unless the rules can be changed. Changing the rules will require a functional House of Representatives that is NOT run by the Left. Lots of the federal government is worthless but there are a few good things that flow from it. The “defund the police” approach didn’t turn out so well for many cities. It will not work at the federal level either.

  12. Matt Gaetz was just voted the number one favorite Republican by the Democrats in the house.
    He just paved a hiway for their leader Hakeem.
    Apparently there are no qualified republicans so lets give a big welcome to the finest leader we can find in the pen.
    Stupid is as stupid does!

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