Speaker Edgmon’s war on William Weatherby



“Maybe ever’body in the whole damn world is scared of each other,” said the character Slim, in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men.

Some in the Alaska Democratic Party are scared of House District 37 candidate William Weatherby (Dillingham, King Salmon, Naknek, the Aleutians, King Cove), and they joined a Facebook page last month to trash Weatherby’s reputation.

It got ugly. There were threats of physical violence against Weatherby, and he was called vile names. Must Read Alaska has a half dozen screenshots to back up this claim.

It looked like a vendetta account, but since Weatherby had filed a letter of intent to run against Speaker Bryce Edgmon, a Democrat from Dillingham, he is somewhat of a political target. “No to William Weatherby District 37” had distinct political overtones, especially when leading Democrats from all over the state suddenly joined the group in January.

The posts contained immature, terroristic threats like this one made in a private message to Weatherby:

The originator of the page appeared to be a “John Riddle,” a fake identity. Riddle posted provocative comments about Weatherby, and made accusations that were not just childish, but false, like this:
The fake John Riddle account was reported to Facebook, which dutifully deleted it, but the “No to William Weatherby District 37” page remained and was replete with comments about Weatherby, who had run against Edgmon in 2016 and is a Libertarian-leaning type of Republican with letter of intent to run against Bryce Edgmon in 2018.
Weatherby, who is active on social media, noticed the group needed a new “Administrator” after Riddle was blocked by Facebook, so he stepped into the fray to protect his reputation. He took over the page, infuriating the founder of the group. Weatherby has let the group stand, but he’s now policing the comments, and he’s changed other aspects of the page, including the banner.
William Weatherby


Meanwhile, in early January Rep. Bryce Edgmon’s top legislative aide, Amory Lelake, had been behind the scenes adding dozens names to what could only be described as a hate or terroristic group at that point.

Amory Lelake / Mark Begich / Social Media

While once very few people knew about the group, suddenly dozens of members of “No to William Weatherby District 37” were in, and they were some of the most powerful people in Alaska: Elected legislators in the Democrat-controlled House Majority, for whom Lelake is the top staffer on the staffer food chain, union officials, and media members.

Few of the members of the group were even from the Bristol Bay district — it was all being stoked from Juneau, late in the night on Jan. 4. It was a one-woman social media jihad on a man who had decided to run for office against the woman’s boss.

Lelake added the names of Reps. Ivy Spohnholz, Adam Wool, Harriet Drummond, Les Gara, Matt Claman, and Vince Beltrami, to name a few. She added other Democrat-friendlies, too, including several legislative staffers, her mother, as well as Alaska Dispatch News political reporter Nat Herz.

Must Read Alaska took some screen shots of all the work that Lelake had done to build up the social media war on Weatherby.

A sampling of her handiwork is shown here, with names readers will recognize:

Presumably they gave all their permission to join a Facebook tribe whose sole purpose seemed to be politically driven by Democrat legislators, staffers, and Alaska’s top union officials.

Is this the Alaska Democrat Party’s war on the working class?

Have any of the members of the group ever met the handyman and school bus driver named William Weatherby?

Asking for a friend.


    • This is true and generally if you are a legislative staffer you would ask a lawmaker her/his permission, so we can presume the senior staffer would have done so. – SD

  1. What was omitted was the fact Weatherly isn’t even his given name. It was changed in Oregon from William Woodruff Oldenkamp in 1993. As for the threat it was from me. William was in Oregon prior and made many false allegations about my involvement. I did go to our local PD and turn in the comment. The fact that there was no emanate danger the comment was done like other things out of frustration. Was it right? No, and I will say sorry only for losing my temper with a man that has slandered my name for two years now. I urge people that read this to dig into the convictions of William Woodruff Weatherly and see he isn’t what he seems to be.

    • What your omitting is the fact that oldenkamp was his adopted name and Weatherby is his birth name. I am curious to know about your involvement in what? How about completing your thoughts if your able too. I personally think that you have no credibility due to your lack of true knowledge about William and your clear hatred of him. I have known William for over thirty years and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is an honest and hardworking person who has always gone out of his way to help those in need.

  2. I work with William on a daily bases, and I know him, ask me and I’ll tell you, he isn’t a victim, nor do people want to harm him.

  3. More evidence we do things differently in Alaska…
    Never saw so many campaign endorsements before…
    Don’t know the man, but if that many of that kind of people hate him,
    he must be my new hero…

    • Keep your head up William, just a bunch of BS the people of Bristol Bay know who you are and what you standing for. Those people in Juneau just blowing hot air makes me laugh.

    • You are mistaken ,I work with him for awhile , ask me and I’ll tell you, I think he should start small , local government, you don’t know him and nobody hates him but only the things he says and doing, off the wall things. And no we in Bristol bay are not full of hot air! And just for your info I am a inpendant, we care who we want to represent us in 37.

  4. As they old saying goes, “Politicians and diapers need to be changed often, and for the same reasons.”. When they get into positions of power they come to believe they are irreplaceable. As a former long time resident of Dillingham I say, Go Weatherly!

  5. Omer him while he was campaigning in Dillingham. Nice guy, down to earth and didn’t want nothing but your vote. He had good ideas and was open to hear concerns and his thoughts that surrounded those concerns were valid answers. I did vote for him and if he runs again, I’ll vote for him again. With his attitude of being a regular blue collar guy will do good for the State of Alaska, we need more like him.

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