Southeast fiber break causes internet outage


Early Thursday afternoon, a subsea fiber optic cable was damaged and Alaska Communications voice, data, and internet service to Southeast Alaska was interrupted. The outage prevented internet users from accessing state websites, including access to the Legislature’s suite of information. Much of Juneau is without phone and internet service.

The company has started to rerouted traffic to other fiber optic cables and is performing repairs on the damaged cable. “We expect internet service in Southeast Alaska to be restored before midnight tonight,” ACS reported late Thursday evening. “We have crews mobilized and will work around the clock until service is restored.”


  1. I see that’s a good happening! first reason it gives employees a chance catching up on backlog paper filing work, housekeeping work duties that don’t need a computer, and the second reason since the computer technology, most of us people spend way too much time around some sort of computer.
    So! when mother nature cuts the power and connection she is being a good mother. hahaha

  2. Been alot of earthquakes off the coast near Elfin cove. An unusual swarm culminating in a 4.7. on mayday, after shocks continuing!

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