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Sunday, December 6, 2020
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Sources: Mayor to shutter Anchorage restaurants again

Several sources of Must Read Alaska have learned that Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson met with representatives of the food and beverage industry, and told them she’ll shutting down restaurants for 28 days starting Monday morning for indoor dining.

Must Read Alaska has learned the acting mayor will still allow take out, and that outdoor seating will be allowed. The temperature in Anchorage today was about 10 degrees above zero.

This will be the next in a series of shutdowns that this mayor and the previous one, Ethan Berkowitz, have enacted against the restaurant and bars of Anchorage.

In July, former Mayor Berkowitz shut down restaurants and bars to indoor service. His order also closed theaters, bingo halls, and limited indoor gatherings to 15 people, and outdoor gatherings with food and drinks to 25 people.

That started a brief skirmish with a few restaurants that refused to comply, which ended up on the national news.

Earlier this month, Quinn-Davidson enacted a mask mandate in Anchorage and also limited indoor and outdoor gatherings. She also advertised to hire more code enforcers to troll through businesses and ensure people are masked up and keeping six feet away from others.

Several restaurants in Anchorage have simply gone out of business as a result of the multiple orders, as they are unable to pay rent or keep their staff.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • Food and Beverage Industry should have told her we will not comply. End of Story

    • The entire city needs to tell her and the Assembly to go to hell!

    • I agree. Why are these groups not suing on the behalf of their members?

      And what if the case counts still continue to go up after yet another lockdown?
      What more will they do?

      When I am shopping I never see anyone without a mask, it is 100% compliance, so what gives?

      • It’s about control and compliance, not the the virus!
        While they lock us down, they continue to misuse COVID monies. They continue to abuse the public trust.
        If they get away with this lockdown, at this most important time of the year for business, the Anchorage business community will never recover.
        The Assembly is not following any science. They are following their liberal, socialist agenda!

      • You obviously don’t shop at Walmart.

  • Keep up the fear factor. This is ridiculous. Say goodbye to those restaurants that clung to survival after the last shutdowns. Anyone been through downtown Anchorage lately? Looks like the walking dead. It’s sickening. Thanks, AQD for making the holidays extra special. I’ve crossed you off my Christmas list.

  • Communism, ensuring all suffer equally since 1917.

    • Except it’s not that equal when the poor people are the ones going homeless. Rich people continue to profit and say things like “I think it’s just survival of the fittest”

  • You know why Lowes, Home Depot, Fred Meyer, Walgreens, and other big companies aren’t being screwed with? Money and Lawyers. If all the restaurants would have banded together, pooled their cash and hired a lawyer, they could have taken the case to US District Court because these mandates are in direct violation of 18US242, and no judge could rule against them unless he set the US Constitution on fire on the bench.

  • If this happens this city is cooked. I’m ashamed to live here and raise my family. I invested my life’s savings here.
    Worst schools in the country now
    Economy in the toilet
    Assembly run by law breaking leftists
    Infrastructure falling apart.
    Crime and homeless abound
    Government employees getting raises
    Property taxes quadrupled in 14 years.
    Water cost doubled
    PFD stolen.
    Fur Rondy pulled.
    Alaska State Fair missing
    Am I missing something ?

    • Aloha!

  • Criminal act, violates the taking clause of the 5th amendment, violates the State statutes that govern taking of private property in a disaster, completely illegal act. Violates 18US242 federal statute. I find it unbelievable these business owners are just bending over for this screwing they are receiving from the city without getting into US District court and getting this city government back in line.

  • We don’t have a mayor.

  • If lockdowns worked, there wouldn’t be a big spike in cases now. It doesn’t work, why are they doing this?

    • It is called power and they treat us like the bunch of sheep they think we are. I don’t know about anybody else but I have had enough of this Communist BS and I am done. I have seen many Doctors on television say say what they are doing making us lock down and wear these stupid masks are doing more harm than good. It is not healthy. People need sunshine and fresh air and you can breath fresh air with that damn mask in your face all the time and that is making people sick. I say enough is enough. Is anybody with me.

  • Show me one restaurant that has had an outbreak to prompt this. Not a bar. A restaurant.

  • Why not just declare restaurants illegal in Anchorage?

    It would be more honest and humane.

  • “Acting mayor” please; nobody voted for her. Selected not elected and imposing civil rights violations like a tyrant.

  • Resist, do not comply with these idiots. The survival rate for people who contract COVID 19 Ages up to 60 years is over 99%! This

  • The pretend mayor and the clowns on the Assembly will do what they’re going to do. They’re drunk with power, and they’ve given themselves a mandate. Everyone’s unhappiness, the destroyed businesses, and the destroyed lives don’t mean diddly squat to them. Short of a purging election, they will continue to push the envelope. They do this because the business community is giving them permission to do so. This anticipated restaurant closure can be thwarted, of course, but only by the concerted civil disobedience of the entire local restaurant business community. Kriner’s and Little Dipper were on the right track last time, but they simply can not do it by themselves. Until the entire restaurant community bands together to confront the tyranny, the tyranny will continue, and more members of their community will cease to exist. Sadly, I fear that the Anchorage restaurants lack the collective stones to do what it takes for self-preservation.

  • I didn’t read the part where she said she was gonna to waive property taxes for the year.

  • “You let one ant stand up to us, then they all might stand up to us,” the leader named Hopper bellows. “Those puny little ants outnumber us a hundred to one. And if they ever figure that out, there goes our way of life!

    “It’s not about food (or virus). It’s about keeping those ants in line.”

  • Wouldnt that be something if Democrat business owners went out of business this winter (Nov 2020 – April 2021)
    How many voting democrat business owners are financially hurting to they already closed doors. This current Democrat elect dont even care about voting democrat business owners as they dont care about Republican voting business owners.

    I dont want to live around these Anchorage Numbskulls anymore if my city neighbors whether or not they support Democrat or Republican candidates wont support one anothers life. I dont want my child being influenced being raised around heartless community adults raising heartless children just as their parents will live their life while they watch their neighbors lives suffer knowing they can do something and refuse showing the mercy.

    You know what i aint angry, just disappointed these days, cause I know selfish leaders get the reward what they deserve later, where they will be the ones begging for the grace they never showed others and it will never arrive because of their own self-restraint withholding it.

  • Ban inhouse sales of alcohol except with a meal, but let restaurants serve at reduced capacity. If that doesn’t reduce cases, then consider closing restaurants, as well. The best thing to do is mandate masks – with some teeth – significant fines for violations! Also significant fines for large gatherings. That’s been proven to work in other places, especially the fines (at least $100) for no mask. Mask it or casket seems appropriate at this point!

    • That has always been the case – do what you like but suffer the consequences. Don’t protect yourself but suffer the consequences. See your grandkids, dying relatives, hug at church…

      It isn’t your life. You can wear an N95 – we can’t get that time back. We can’t get the money we spent building a business that is closed with these mandates back. You’re heartless.

    • Ah look it’s the COVID queen with sage advice and overdramatic exclamations, aka Karen.

    • Poppycock. Masks are not the answer to the problem and people who think they are live in denial. Also if you actually look at the facts, the numbers are rising just as much in places where masks are mandated than those places where it isn’t. If you want to belong to a country that mandates what any citizen can do, then you need to live in a communist country like China or Russia.

  • Absolutely correct!
    Businesses must band together, along with Anchorage residents to defy this socialist, out of control, Assembly!

  • Why have both of my posts on this disappeared? Censoring anyone who disagrees with your little bunch of small town groupies, Suzanne?

    • Gayle
      You sound as sweet as antifreeze.
      Sorry I couldn’t read your blather.

  • Masks & lockdowns will not solve the Covid epidemic & neither will a vaccine. Just like the flu the virus will mutate.

  • Anchorage voters have what they wanted and they’re not happy?

    Can’t possibly be displeased. You’ll see the proof come the Muni elections when these same allegedly unhappy voters overwhelmingly repeat their folly.

    Those who were financially able to flee have fled.

    • Right you are…wait until Dunbar takes over. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  • Anchorage is just following JBERs lead on this. JBER has been this way for weeks already.

    Just try going on post with out a mask. Lol.

    • Military versus civilian. Apples and oranges.

  • The only reason Anchorage hospitals haven’t been overrun with Covid is due to the shut downs.

    • Not true.

  • Our sitting president WILL be re-elected after everything is said and done. I’m absolutely positive. Then watch this want-a-be mayor fall hard.

  • LOL! That’s why we are again being told there is a surge…
    Lockdown only delays,(maybe), the inevitable. It’s a virus. It is acting like a virus. The Assembly members are acting like petty tyrants!

  • Time for the Governor to step in and tell the Anchorage Acting Mayor that he will not allow that to be done. All they are going to do is destroy the Anchorage economy even further, put more restaurants out of business – including their employees, cause a bigger drain on unemployment, food stamps, and other public assistance and generally destroy what little economy Anchorage may have at this time.

  • No worries…there are Pot Shops open and available on just about every Anchorage street corner. Priorities, people!

  • I am absolutely sick to death of these arbitrary and ineffectual mandates.
    I am even sicker of people who adopt a position of moral superiority in how “good” they are because they support lockdowns and masks.

  • I couldn’t agree more! These are individuals who let others do the thinking for them. In wartime, they would be called collaborators.

  • This is communism!!! Wake up Alaska!! Fight for your rights!! No one wants this, NO ONE!!

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