Soldotna reception for Nick Begich for Congress draws over 50


Congressional candidate Nick Begich spent time on the Kenai Peninsula last week, including attending a Soldotna fundraising even organized by his campaign’s regional chairwoman Cindy Glassmaker, and co-hosted by State House Reps. Ben Carpenter, Justin Ruffridge, and Sarah Vance, as well as Borough Mayor (and former Senate President) Peter Micciche.

Other co-hosts were Kristie and Tuckerman Babcock, Barb and Norm Blakely, Jill and Chad Schaefer, former House Speaker Mike Chenault, former Rep. Ron and Pam Gillham, and dozens others, including Kenai Peninsula Republican Women of Alaska.

Begich is making his second run for Congress. He is a Republican challenging incumbent Democrat Mary Peltola, who was in Washington, D.C. on Friday, voting for radical Rep. Hakeem Jeffries for House Speaker. Jeffries wants to lock up the 1002 Area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, an area that had originally been set aside for oil development. Peltola returned on Saturday to attend and address the Alaska Federation of Natives convention in Anchorage, where she received multiple standing ovations.


  1. Begich, the losing end of last year’s election. Stop! Please! The two losers of the Tuckerman Babcock group. Wow! Only the Republicans in Alaska can produce the same junk to the public! Sowning shouldn’t waste the space….

    • Rigged choice voting was only reason Peltola won. She cares nothing for this state or doing the right thing. Actions speak loudly. Only important to keep entitlement in place in order to keep leftist control, the ultimate goal destroying our republic and replacing with a globalist elitist Marxist regime.

    • Get in the race DK! Let’s see how you do. There were 49 other than Peltola who ran last time, only 1 has the guts to go Round 2.

    • DK, it’s people like you that remind me why I will never run for office. I would hate to waste my limited time on this earth trying to please people like you. Have you ever built anything in your life or are you a professional cheap seater?

    • DK tells a little bit of honesty too. I don’t trust half of the list whom Soldotna has chosen to represent them whom I too don’t trust half of the cohost list especially that Rufferidge. But also because of the way Alaska’s been educating its children. The list for candidates to do government work is very very short here. So Please READ to the next generation!!!!! And teach them about Isreal’s God. The God of Jacob. And Peanut tells a little bit of honesty too. It’s not easy being a leader but also to be a leader you are held to a higher standard of judgement by God. Whatever direction a leader or influencer goes he takes a multitude with him. It’s a HUGE responsibility to be trusted, and that there are individuals they shouldn’t be in leadership when their life is a mess, their family is a mess, and their thought life is a mess, they just a complete mess. And some decisions a leader makes won’t always be understood nor appreciated by the people and he’ll pay for it in harsh criticism. The only one a leader should be pleasing is God. Be tougher to be a leader though when he cares more about himself, his reputation, his legacy, and he lives for nothing Higher than himself.

      For Nicholas to even graciously include the Soldotna leadership cause he doesn’t have any control over who Soldotna Republican voters support, even Rufferidge and Vance, displays Begich’s professional comeraderie which the Republican Party leadership need to learn that trait. It needs to learn to work together. And we the non democrat public can learn more that too.

    • I agree DK. He couldn’t LEAD his voters to Rank the Red. It was the Begich Voters who Ranked Mary that pushed her over the finish line. Just think how Sarah would have voted in all the articals MRAK has published.. 50 people, that’s a bus load, or plane load of Begich relatives..

    • NB3 beat Peltola in the head to head, every time. We have one chance now to send her home, or she is made like Mafia. As long as no Palin-esque faker jumps in, it’s a punchers chance. I’ll take it.

      • LOL! This might hurt your head, Lawrence, but here are the actual results of 2022 election.
        2022 General: Mary Peltola: 128,553, NB3: 61,513, Sarah Palin: 67,866
        2022 Primary: Mary Peltola: 70,295, NB3: 50,021, Sarah Palin: 57,293
        2022 Special: Mary Peltola: 78,817, NB3: 52,536, Sarah Palin: 58,339

        NB3 got fewer votes than Palin, let alone Peltola. And Palin enough Palin voters disliked Begich enough to make Peltola their 2nd choice to get her elected.

        Smart people in the party might look at these results and conclude that there’s little chance a 4th attempt would turn out differently. That is certainly how Suzanne would be heckling the D’s if they picked a 3 time loser. But the R party leaders have decided NB3 is their guy, perhaps assuming that he’ll suddenly become more appealing to some of the voters that held their noses and voted D before they’d vote for him. Maybe so, but I doubt it. Despite the MRAK spin, Mary is truly genuine and nice. You may disagree with her politics, but that’s an advantage she has over NB3.

    • That’s been my point as well. To get past his name, establish himself in state government first. I don’t blame the guy for trying, but his last name will continue to drag him down until he separates himself through his actions.

    • So you’re saying what this nation needs are more professional politicians. I’m sure that will help matters.

      • No, I’m saying he needs to establish himself as the conservative he claims to be.

        Did I type too fast for you? Or are you a recent public school graduate?

        • MA, Nick is very approachable, I’ve got his cell #, many others do also. I suggest you arrange a chat with Nick, question him, talk to him. That is the great thing about living in Alaska, political guys like Nick will return your calls, and or texts.

          • Great info to pass on.
            I was a disbeliever so fed up with Mark (who cost the taxpayers loads of money with his lucrative union contracts in exchange for Senate votes) I wanted to throw up on him when He reached out to shake my hand at the parade in Seward.
            I finally swallowed some pride and met Nick and had several conversations with him and was so pleased with his seemingly genuine strive to help Alaskans do better as well as his business knowledge to do so.

    • Well! Nicholas is running for US House and not a local office on Alaska soil, so those who believe Peltola isn’t representing Alaskans best will just have to support Nicholas next year by their time, giving, and voting. Life is short, we may not have the time for him to step up into the US House role or to prove himself the perfect conservative candidate in a state like Alaska which has a many dark problems.

    • Very good, especially on a Thursday more than a year from the election. Most events for candidates pull in 20 or less.

  2. I’m glad we have someone willing to stand up and tell the truth about Peltola. Without Begich it would simply be nothing but a love fest for Peltola from the Anchorage Daily News.

  3. So long as the narcissist female dog does not feel the need for more attention within negative results, Nick Begich is a shoe in based upon the record of Mary Peltola working against the positive advancement of Alaska at every turn.

    Yes, I know his last name is Begich, and yes, I am very aware of his brother Mark, who honestly is not his father’s son, within that the elder Begich, prior unto his demise, would have disowned one of his sons, based upon their radical beliefs, and it would not have been Nick Jr.

    Nick Sr. was a centrist, and an absolute champion of Alaskan individualism.

    Nick Jr. follows within that path of centrism, and even slightly unto the right, where his ‘other’ son, Mark, has not only drifted, but has gone full tilt unto the leftist side of the fence, all whilst garnering riches unto himself and his family whilst claiming to support the lesser fortunate populace, i.e., the homeless.


    Those such as Mark Begich and Meg Zaletel have become rich upon the backs of those they supposedly support publicly, but privately, they discount each individual homeless individual as someone that is simply a number, within their checkbook, so as to further enrich themselves, rather than truly help those they take graft from.

    • Randy, you almost have it right… Nick is Mark’s nephew, not brother.
      Had brandon not wiped me out, I would be sending NB3 as much campaign money as I legally could. I have spoken with him numerous times and know Nick Begich III is the real deal conservative and will make an excellent congressman. His business experience has well prepared him for the challenge of congressional politics and he is 100% Alaska.

      • Thanks for clarifying the family tree.
        Randy was explaining a tree I hadnt seen but glad they arent apples off the same limb.
        Nick being raised and mentored by his very conservative Grandparents most definitely had a significant positive impact on his ability to get a sound education. I was especially impressed with his leadership role in the conservative party at such a young age in high school when others dont want to bother even thinking about politics.

  4. You have to imagine that crowd was hitting it hard at Larry’s or the Nightwatch till 5 in the morning. Wouldn’t it be crazy partying with that wild bunch! Like Studio 54…

  5. I have had conversations with Nick on several occasions and he talked enough sense for the job at hand.
    Considering the voting record of Peltola’s support of Joe Sniffy who is decimating oil gas and mining in Alaska. Nick has enough business sense to make some major progress with development by supporting their investments.
    I think He is as electable as anyone especially considering it will be a tough road to hoe for anyone with the huge RIVER of outside cash flowing into Peltola’s campaign war chest. Nancy will suffer substantially losing her Mary and Nancy hates losing. Don was a huge thorn in her backside.

  6. Perhaps Nick III has been placed to run against Mary by the Rats to make people think they actually have a choice. The demonrat history of setting up candidates for elections is no secrete, but each election year seems uncharted territory. I cannot believe that we can hear this over and over and over and still pull the same shit at election time. I agree with previous remarks that Begich should be proving himself in a lower office. A congressional seat is a pretty important seat for a young businessman inspiring to make his millions…er, I mean make his way in politics.

    • By the time Nick secures an election and serves a term or two in local government to prove his conservative motives to wary voters which I understand wariness about ANY politician that strolls down the path (especially Rino Republicans like Kelly Merrick) Proud Mary will so far up the river deeply embedded in swamp territory it will take a coffin ride out of her office when she reaches Feinsteins age.
      Has anyone noticed how democrats choose a candidate and win everytime?(Remember Al Grosses sudden exit from the race? Proud Marys standing ovation at AFN? She is in like flint.
      Thats the exact reason Proud Mary is in Don’s office right now and will remain there as long as she wants because they know exactly how conservatives do vote and sometimes not even bother to vote because neither of the conservative choices is “Perfect” enough for them.(Jesus Died)
      Wouldnt it be just hilarious as h**l if the house of reps would be speakerless for maybe years because the GOP will never get s**t together enough to have a “perfect” speaker or rogue republicans just decide to vote for Hakeem Jeffries out of spite and wabt to go home on weekends.

  7. Nick-B would be a good choice and serve AK’s best interest.
    Palin(?) … Continue attendance the Hockey Game and STFU!

  8. I’d like to attend any appearances he may make in the Matsu Valley, but I cannot find any type of schedule.
    His campaign website makes no mention of a schedule.
    I hate finding out after the fact that he was at such and such a place on such and such a date.

    Suzanne, can you tell us how to find out what his campaign appearance schedule is?
    I did attend one in Big Lake during the last campaign, and met him, but only because you posted the info about it on here a couple days beforehand, and thank you for that.

  9. Who is NB3? No one really knows, because he has no track record. Saying you are conservative means nothing. Remember LaFrance’s BS campaign for house ad where she was posing with Young and Sullivan? Unless you have a track record … you can get away with tricking voters. Especially the dumb ones. Which we have a lot of in AK.

  10. It certainly didnt take long for Obama to prove himself to the entire nation that He was God’s gift to lead us to the gates of H**l.
    I am willing to bet way over half of his supporters had never even heard of the crack smoking legislator from Illinois prior to him being installed handily by the Dems AND a lot of Republicans who were fed up with the Bushes.

  11. An NAPA barbecue/tool sale has bigger draws. Or a drag queen dress-up prance fest. Nick should dye his hair purple and tell his stories at the libraries.

    • The Dems already booked the childrens park in Soldotna so their kids can stuff money into their Drag Queens jock straps and the lesbian libs already bought up all the purple hair dye and have switched to Aerosol lacquer to make themselves attractive to their constituents.
      Have fun at the NAPA Barby..better pay attention to who and how the Hot Dawgs were handled.

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