Soft concession or distraction? Dunbar says he can’t catch up, but Bronson keeps working for every vote


On Facebook, mayoral candidate Forrest Dunbar has told his supporters that it’s unlikely that he will win, since Dave Bronson is ahead by 627 votes. He’s going to be off the grid for three days at a National Guard exercise and is leaving further communications to the public to his campaign staff.

That’s not how the Dave Bronson for Mayor team sees the race. Volunteers have been busy calling voters whose ballots were rejected, and encouraging them to head to the Election office at Ship Creek in Anchorage to “cure” their ballots. This usually means showing identification and confirming their signature, or fixing some other aspect of the ballot they turned in. There were hundreds of rejected ballots that need to be fixed.

The Bronson team believes the count could tighten up with the ballots that have not yet been counted. Those include ballots voted at the Loussac Library on the final day of the election, May 11.

The elections center had received 89,469 ballots as of Thursday. As of then, 80,993 ballots had been counted. The election is scheduled to be certified by the Assembly May 25, and the new mayor will be sworn in on July 1.

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  1. I’m sure he’ll act “extra” surprised when he wins after the elections center toilet floods and “everybody” is made to leave….

  2. I hope Dunbar is correct about the probable election outcome. Anchorage needs to proceed in “a new direction’ that is completely away from Dunbar and his assembly buddies.

  3. This is when the ProgComms CHEAT! Stay vigilant. Watch the vote tallies. If called to “cure” your vote go down and do so.
    Or we will get more of the same – lockdowns, school closures, small businesses closed, homeless everywhere with no accountability, violent crime at some of the highest levels in the country – ya’ know liberal, socialist, demonrat stuff…

  4. Be best get rid mail in ballots since elections staff have such a hard time with signature verification and ‘stray marks.’ Has anyone seen the way people write their signatures these days? The majority of signatures are just a little scribble, not even one legible letter. I say most people have to go back to cursive school.
    I never heard of this many questioned ballots when people voted in person.

  5. Elections this close and outside interests desperately funding the ‘non-partisan’ democrat – just remember 2020 election.

  6. Dunbar is separating himself from the cheating that may be necessary for his win. In case any cheaters get caught.
    Seems odd he is sounding defeated already.
    Shenanigans likely still to come!

  7. When will the “big dump” occur?
    With 5000 votes all for Dunbar coming 1-2 days before the final mail date, you can count on the Blue technique to win again.
    Check out the dumps in Pennsylvania (300,000 votes) and Michigan (167,000 votes) all early am the day after the election.
    Does anybody ever question why Pennsylvania has 300,000 more votes for President than all the other local state voting?

  8. The photo at the top of this story suggests that Forrest Dunbar might have had a moment of self-reflection at some recent time. It has to be really tough to see his obvious Entitlement slipping away. Yale, the National Guard, the fawning media, the downtown cafe crowd, the so-very-woke interest groups… How can this be happening…? What should I do next, John Henry…? JKT…?

  9. It’s not the counting… it’s the questionable timing of breaks, recesses, end-of-day shutdowns, sending all, er, um, most of the people home, and “Hey, where’d *that* box of ballots come from?” questions that take a lot of time.

  10. Yes Donewithit I agree, plus the burning of buildings down town anchorage.
    Alaska is mainly a red state, God fearing people. With a few crazy leftist trying to take over the city’s and schools with there leftist ideas.
    Yes stop the cheating of mail in ballots.
    Go Bronson Go

  11. Susan, thank you for doing such an excellent job at reporting information and always sounding neutral to me. I really appreciate you and Must Read Alaska.

  12. Maybe he agreed to assurances that he can’t deliver on because he made some last minute Dumbar moves?
    Well, let’s see if he gets knee-capped by his dark money sponsors, or not. I would imagine that he’s been informed that they’re not happy with him … most likely by simply ending all communication.
    Dark money is dangerous money.

  13. Go get your paycheck from an organization whose constitution you don’t support, rings of integrity.

  14. Maybe Forrest should look into having some of his votes “cured.” I mean, we wouldn’t want ANY legitimate votes to go uncounted, would we?

  15. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Let’s hope a few friends throw a blanket party for Dungbar while he is at summer camp.

  16. It isn’t over till its over. Juneau had more votes than registered voters and we had a Democrat sweep. Stay vigilant Anchorage and don’t let your election get stolen or your city is as good as gone.

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