Snyder posts campaign sign on ‘Loser Hill’ in Muldoon


Loser Hill is at Northern Lights and Muldoon. Across from a Carrs store, it’s known in political circles as Loser Hill because candidates who put their campaign signs there inevitably lose.

It’s also on Department of Transportation right of way and is not a legal location for political signage. But that doesn’t stop some candidates.

Last Sunday, Dr. Liz Snyder, her husband Sam Snyder, and their children were photographed putting Liz Snyder’s sign back up, after they had taken it down after a complaint had been filed with DOT before the primary.

Snyder is running for House District 27 against Rep. Lance Pruitt in a district that leans conservative.

The other sign posted illegally on Loser Hill is for “Yes on One.” Ballot Measure One is the Democrat-led initiative to raise oil taxes on Prudhoe Bay production.


  1. What’s with the “snitch crowd? Ever since grade school there was the “snitch crowd”. Some people think they are a rule enforcer. Maybe they want to be cops? I think the big reason is: these people feel good and think they own the moral high-ground by “snitching”. They brag about being a snitch. They feel powerful when they snitch. Btw, I don’t know these candidates, the signs or the snitcher. Unfortunately, snitching is about self appeasement, self righteousness and control if others.

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