Slip of the tongue? Walker admits he’s a Democrat?



Gov. Bill Walker often uses his no-party status to distance himself from the Alaska Democratic Party, while in his actions he has increasingly aligned with Democrats, pushing for bigger government, more social programs, and higher taxes. He also ran and won with the full support of the Alaska Democratic Party, a feat he hopes to repeat in 2018.

But, at a recent event at University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, even Walker got confused about his own political identity, first calling himself a Democrat, then catching himself and correcting, renaming himself an Independent.

He told the group of students he had cut spending by $1.7 billion in response to dropping oil revenues. But he needs revenues: “A few of my predecessors assumed that oil was a renewable resource and the price would always go up,” he continued. “I introduced nine new pieces of revenue. I wasn’t trying to put a target on anyone. A little bit of income tax, a little bit of fuel tax…not a single one of them passed.”

Here’s the clip with Walker’s confusion about his political identity:



  1. With a platform of tax, take, spend… can Walker lose?

    PLEASE keep telling him he can’t lose. Let him stay out of touch.

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