Slide show: A ride with Rep. Laddie Shaw to the Veterans Memorial at Denali Park


The Alaska Veterans Memorial is located within Denali State Park at Mile 147.1 between Anchorage and Fairbanks.

It is the destination each Memorial Day for veterans, many of whom ride their motorcycles together to pay tribute to fallen heroes of war. Here are some photos from the year’s ride, thanks to Rep. Laddie Shaw, Navy Seal (ret.).

An outdoor memorial grove in Denali State Park in Interior Alaska, it honors Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Alaska National Guard, and Merchant Marine veterans from Alaska, as well as Alaskans who were awarded the Medal of Honor. 

Relive the event at our slide show:

Those who are in Southcentral Alaska who wish to participate in a Memorial Day ceremony can find one led by citizens planning to lay wreaths at the Veterans Memorial on the Delaney Park Strip in downtown Anchorage (along 9th Street). The impromptu ceremony, organized over the weekend, will begin at 10 am, and is not sanctioned by the Mayor’s Office, which has canceled the traditional ceremony.


  1. Laddie Shaw is a great hero of our nation and our state! He is a true Alaskan treasure! Mayor Burkowitz canceled the event along with every other Memorial Day event. Laddie’s group should run their motorcycles, engines revved-up right by Burkowitz’s home on their way out of town. Laddie was nominated by Governor Dunleavy to take the late State Senator Chris Birch’s seat after he died suddenly. Senate President Cathy Giessel is the lone reason why he was not the choice to replace Birch. While Laddie is a true hero, Giessel is a traitor to the people who voted her into office. Laddie Shaw would make a great Mayor for Anchorage replacing the diminutive dictator Burkowitz who has never accomplished anything of importance in his miserable life and who is the antithesis of Freedom and Liberty. Thank you, Laddie for your great service to the country we love and to the state of Alaska. You are a wonderful role model for us all! If they stood side by side, Laddie is probably the same height but he stands 10ft. taller than our pathetic mayor!

    • George is absolutely right about the comments. First, that Laddie Shaw is an energetic, dedicated hero, who served AK and this great country with distinction and honor. I had the privilege of working with Laddie many years ago, when he was the Director of Veterans affairs and I was the Military Dept Deputy. The fact that he was not appointed to the position to replace Senator Chris Birch was a political travesty. Your comments about the Mayor are pretty much spot on. Laddie my friend, drive on despite these types of pot holes in the road ahead. You are a true Veteran who I admire.

  2. Byers Lake. Always a great run of honor.
    Hey “Karen’s”! Do you want to speak to the manager now? No masks or social distancing here! Is this out of your “jurisdiction” or do you just pick and choose who you decide to shame?

    Have a peaceful and thoughtful day of FREEDOM!

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