Shadowy group forms to ‘recall governor’



A group funded by a special interest group called Future North PAC has announced it will attempt to recall Gov. Michael Dunleavy.

The group started a website earlier this year but lists no details of the organizers. A search in Alaska Public Offices Commission shows Adam Lees as the treasurer.

Lees was associated with a caper in 2016, when candidate Ross Beiling posted on Facebook that he had photos of Lees tearing down Beiling’s campaign sign. He was a field organizer for the Alaska Democratic Party and is an aide to Anchorage Assemblywoman Suzanne LaFrance. The Future North PAC address is the same as Lee’s mailing address.

The group announced it will try to recall the governor because of his vetoes of some $440 million, which represents 12.5 percent of state spending.

But those who sign the petition to recall Dunleavy are being duped — their names and contact information are being mined.

The group has no intention of trying to gather an ungodly number of signatures — north of 70,000 spread between every district in the state is needed to even take it to the ballot. But it’s not likely to even get that far, because the group has no legal grounds for a recall.

What the group is doing is data mining for the 2020 election season ground game for Alaska Democrat candidates and the Democrat who has that party’s nomination.

Every signer on the petition will be fair game for targeted messages for the Democrats to excite the anti-Dunleavy (and anti-Trump) base against candidates the Democrats will target in the House and Senate.

The Dunleavy recall petition is the easiest way to get addresses, emails and phone numbers of those who disagree with the vetoes. And the group is sophisticated enough to know that now is the best time to try to find those motivated people who will sign the petition. They’re striking while the iron is hot.

On the group’s website,, the authors plead with readers to be sure to follow and support the political blogs of Dermot Cole, Alaska Landmine, AKLedger, and MidnightSunAK, all of which are anti-Dunleavy and anti-conservative operators.


    • That’s why he’s polling in the basement in every single community in the State, right?


      He’s really selling those cuts and “leading” us into the future.

      • I suspect you are right here and it will certainly show up in the number of signatures that may be collected.

      • Maybe provide a link (Or “source” as Carpetbagger calls them) to all these polls????

        That would be a total of 40 communities, per the State of Alaska website, therefore 40 separate polls.

        I’m waiting……

        • You seem to be the resident expert on “carpetbaggers,” Kerry!
          What are your thoughts on a real carpetbagger, Dunleavey’s Budget Director Donna Arduin?

          • I found her intelligent and well spoken, giving straight answers to questions. Amazingly enough, she managed to do so without the foul language and ad hominem attacks that you seem to prefer and resort to. I look for nothing more than truth in government employees, indeed in all people. I could care less what someone’s background is or where they’re from, as long as they do their job. You should try the same sometime.

          • Well Kerry, it was you who brought up Carpetbaggers as an ad hominem attack on me that you might choose to misremember.
            Arduin is a classic Carpetbagger but you are satisfied with her because of your agenda (and that she is well-spoken), so which is it Kerry, what is your issue here??
            Someone’s background is ground zero when it comes to Carpetbaggers but you are more interested in their job performance as long as it fits with your agenda.
            What does my job have to do with anything here, by the way and it was you who started this off by suggesting I’m a Carpetbagger?
            Still interested in that angle, Kerry or have you decided to muddy that water a bit?

          • Well, Carp, it was you who began the name calling ( four flusher ring a bell?), so I just grabbed the first thing that came to mind. Little touchy ain’t ya? You have a nice day obsessing over every little thing. I have better things to do…besides no one can win an argument (discussion) with you so I choose to let you gloat over your many victories.

          • Kerry, my issue with Four-flusher is your concern, how??
            You will have trouble winning any argument because you don’t have any basis for your position.
            Example on Capet-bagger Arduin is you feel she is well-spoken and so her status as a “Carpet-bagger” is without question. What a laugh!

    • Alaska Statute 15.45.680 says the grounds for recall of the governor must be lack of fitness, or incompetence, or neglect of duties or corruption. In a case dealing with a municipal recall, the supreme court said there were sufficient grounds where the officials “failed to provide full and open coummunications with the voters” citing specific instances. Meiners v Bering Straits A case can be made that failure to fund basic services, such as education, public safety, transportation, despite adequate funds (i.e. a normal pfd, not an enhanced pft) is a failure of the governot to meet his responsibilities.

  1. Sound like “impeach, impeach” to me. Same dim/socialist/lib mantra, on a smaller scale, of course (for now), but for ‘real’. Anyone that falls for this BS deserves to be a lib/socialist/dim, with their heads obviously in a dark place. There is no valid argument to discredit Governor Dunleavy, similarly, President Trump. If the idiots can’t find a legit argument, they invent one. It’s only a matter of time (a short one) until some bimbo steps up to the dim reporters and accuses our Governor of sexual misconduct. Truth has no bearing on their accusations. It’s all ‘smoke and mirrors’, in the hope they can convince the public/voters that they have a verified accusation, worth impeaching/recalling our Governor and President. Won’t happen but they insist it’s verified and valid, nonetheless. There should be a legal recourse available for our Governor. Any a__hole trying to besmirch our Governor or President with patently false accusations deserves a dose of their own medicine.

  2. Somehow I appeared on a recall list for Governor Dunleavy I am not for a recall an am a supporter for
    Governor Dunleavy. I want my name removed immediately from this list.
    Bert Kleinenberg

    • There is no “recall list” – No petition signatures have been collected yet. They have only asked people who want to attend events for *optional* contact info.

  3. The basis is gross incompetence. The guy vetoed the wrong item which may cost the state dearly. Even you like the guy, you have to admit he’s screwing up. He didn’t perform his duties — he has obligated to provide an analysis of the fiscal impacts of the his budget and failed to do so.
    All of which falls under “unfit for office” which is a valid basis for an impeachment.

    • It would seem that you could label the whole State Legislature incompetent. The writing was on the wall for the legislators to see. The town had a new sheriff. But noooo, they had to monkey-dick around for the whole regular session, then a special session and whatever you want to call what the heck is going on now … What a flippin’ waste of time and money. And then to have the balls to vote themselves per diem retroactively … You my friend, have a very narrow field of vision

      • We don”t have sheriff in Alaska.

        The Legislature is a separate power in the constitution to the governor and the judiciary for that matter Jeff. The governor is not in charge of the legislature.

        If the governor would have picked competent candidates for positions-we wouldn’t have had the loss of time reviewing, as is their role, those candidates. If he would have legally put out bids to API, instead of giving a no-bid contract, illegal in Alaska, we wouldn’t have had that loss of legeslature’s time, too. Or the constitutionally concerning firing of state employees, or a host of other-shot myself in the foot, reloaded and did it again-moves by the governor, the legislature could have focused on the budget.

        Let’s talk about a very narrow field of vision Jeff.

    • clown,
      The only relevant basis I see is the big dose of stupid you appear to be suffering from. The Governor did the only thing he could to fiscally save Alaska and he didn’t get there yet. He and his staff have provided an analysis of everything, from what the State has to look forward to if the spending isn’t brought under control, to reasoning behind every decision made. Maybe you missed that part. Cut spending. Balance the budget, just like businesses must. If that doesn’t happen, Alaska is fiscal toast in about four years, even with theft of the PFD. If UA and the public “employees” can’t handle the cuts, their administrators shouldn’t be in a position of management or public trust. Whining and doing the ‘leftist twist’ won’t fix it. Fighting against stupidity and fiscal irresponsibility has been the Governor’s biggest problem. What part of that don’t you understand? I want to be polite but some deserve a dish of rebuttal in their own language.

      • 1) If it’s business a badly run one. How many of us would still have our jobs if we put a risk 40 million dollar matching grant in whoopsie moment?
        2) The stupidity of these is cuts is striking. The UA *makes* *money*. It’s a forking economic engine. There are professors bringing in 16 million dollars in grants. How, the fork, are you going to have young people trained for jobs if you eliminate their university?
        3) Imagine you own a grocery store. Your manager says “we could save tons of money buying less inventory. You’d fire the clown, right? Because he doesn’t understand sometimes you need to spend money to make money.
        Tl;DR these cuts will *cost* the state. We will have *less* money.

        • Lots of assumptions in this post, clearly from someone who has never worked in the private sector.

          1. In the private sector we don’t get “matching grants”.

          2. The university isn’t a jobs training program, if it was it has a horrible record of graduating the potential employees…8% graduation rate=not good. If there are professors bringing in $16,000,000 per year in grants then that’s good, how many are a net loss and need to be removed?

          3. In the real world inventory spoils and you example shows that, why buy 100 watermelons if you can only sell 20? Sometimes we can “save tons of money buy buying less inventory”. In that case that clown as you called him/her should be rewarded…but that is the real world, something you apparently know nothing about.

          These cuts do not *cost* the state anything, they *save* the state money. Cost is an expenditure, by not expending as much money the state will have more money.

          • In the real world you just use H1B visasand illegals to replace Alaskan/American workers. The Soros/Koch way.

          • So you can make more money by ordering less to sell, you can keep the 16 million dollar employee by keeping him in constant fear of leaving his job, and you retain the employee who cost you 40 million. Brilliant.

          • Steve-O, I tend to follow liars on here. Still not able to man-up, I see.
            And thank you for reading.

          • Bill,

            Have you had a chance to read all of your 617 comments from the last week, the ones that you were completely wrong on all of? This whole legislative disruption sure has you all out of sorts, except as usual you are still wrong about pretty much everything. None of it turned out like you said did it?

          • Steve-O, so you are continuing to lie about it? You are a sick man Steve-O. And can’t man-up, to boot.

          • You don’t remember what you wrote Bill? Are you striking out at me because of your failure to prognosticate or simply because you didn’t get your way?

          • Four-flusher, I remember perfectly what I wrote and you can not show anything to support your position.
            You are nothing but a liar and can’t man-up.
            The ball is in your court but you can’t handle it.

          • Then you are striking out at me because of your failure to prognosticate or simply because you didn’t get your way. Glad we cleared that up.

          • Four-flusher, you can’t show where I made the comment or you would have by now. I didn’t imply it either as you suggested.
            Either man-up or shut up.
            Your turn.

    • He vetoes what he wanted! It was not a mistake! He took the project most dearest to your heart and he cut it! Now your pussy hurts! That was not a mistake! He is not responsible for your feelings he is cutting the fat and waste from the budget! That’s his job! And those of us that support him don’t give a shit if you like it or not!

  4. If you have evidence that this petition is just “data mining”, I would love to see it. As it is, it just sounds like a way to scare people away from signing a petition you don’t agree with.

  5. Gross incompetence. Unfit for office. Screwing up. Didn’t perform. Hey Clown, you just described Bill Walker and his sex abusing Lt. Governor, Byron Mallott.

    • Nope, just a group of Alaskans. Americans for Prosperity is legitimate dark money from some of the wealthiest people in the world. This small group of Alaskans is extremely transparent about all their identities. this article is pretty obvious fear mongering.

  6. Talk about inflammatory language! As a newspaper and book publisher and science editor, I know an opinion piece when I see it, but this goes beyond opinion to outright libel. “Shadowy group”? “caper”? The main claim of this article is that the group intends to mine the data of petition signers, but provides no evidence of that whatsoever. This is pitiful.

  7. Or the recall petition is legitimate and Dunleavy is going to get removed from office due to his complete incompetence. He is toxic waste at this point and the general public just figured out what they were actually up against. Dunleavy, Pruitt, Costello will all be voted out of office through recall or during the general election cycles.

    • Yup but he is only toxic to your liberal agenda! He is burning your world down around your heads! But on the bright side Alaska as a state is winning! Life is getting better because of his cuts! But please keep crying about it because I just love your tears! Maybe you could throw a temper tantrum for us! That would be great!

      • It’s nice to see the true nature of dunleavys constituents. I was arguing this same point with one of my more conservative friends earlier today. Just remember, cuts to the budget finds it’s way to everyone regardless of their ideology, even Joe nail pounder.

  8. The group is transparent. They will likely get the signatures they need. The premise that they are “data mining” is pretty silly considering how easy it is to unsubscribe from unwanted email lists.

    • Elise, aside from this group that I know nothing about and quite frankly could care less about, I agree it’s easy to “unsubscribe” from email lists – providing that’s what this one is – an email list. I’m unsubscribing all the time in my emails. The hard part is them on the other side actually removing your information. Ahh… there’s the rub now, isn’t it?

  9. That caper with the signs sure sounds like a doozie. He sounds like a real rascal. Gotta watch out or he might get one over on us and blow this heist.

  10. What a garbage hit piece. There is no excuse for this kind of fake journalism. I feel sad for everyone impacted by these lies.

    Alaska stands to lose so much in this economic apocalypse.

    • Yes your right! We are losing liberal programs left and right! How dare dunleavy try to balance the budget! Can’t have that shit he must go right???? Roflmfao yes you really are that stupid! But being stupid is a choice and you can pull your head out of your ass and join the rest of us trying to save our state from a liberal takeover that gives it all away for free!

  11. The recall is going to run right down the middle. Right where this admin left the people. The shadowy group are his backers and the put of State gang of overpriced hired guns who won’t even tell the Republican Senate what the plan is.

    • socialist clowns,
      I see there is a concerted effort by “know it all dims/socialists/libs” to misrepresent the truth and necessity to bring Alaskan spending under control. Left to them, we may as well be part of the “left coast”. No thanks. BS on top of BS. That’s what I’m seeing. An unwillingness to recognize the truth and see the fiscal ‘writing on the wall’. Smear campaign against our Governor. Spend until Alaska is broke and in tremendous debt. That’s what I’m seeing. All to satisfy the leftist demand for MORE, MORE, of $$ that doesn’t belong to them. The “recall” should be addressed against all the lib/socialist administrators of UA, unneeded public employees and all others who would destroy Alaska, not our Governor.

  12. How the hell is this gang of valley trash holding the entire state of Alaska hostage right now? We need to remove/recall all of them as soon as we can.

  13. Where’s that petition? I’ll be the first to sign. Mining my data? It’s already been done – that’s why
    my mailbox is full of trashmail and people cold-call me on phone. Besides, you want an email
    address on comments – aren’t you mining data too?

  14. At first I read Public Enemy Democrats, then realized it actually says Public Employee Democrats. I think my mistake is actually more correct.
    Thank you Suzanne, I’ll be subscribing. The Anchorage paper has become an Antifa newsletter.

  15. Yeah…… maroons. Anyone who buys anything the GOP offeres (state or national) is simply a maroon. Gullible , me firsters. More than willing to belly up to the bar for free services. Whiners and imbeciles….. yes, you heard me right….. i said every republican. Maroons.

  16. I did NOT say conservatives. I said republicans. The unbalanced screwballs who claim to be conservative republicans…. are not conservatives. They are simply uneducated morons.

  17. Hmmm, I went to their site, and they just don’t seem all that “shadowy” to me………….

    Joseph E. Usibelli Sr., Chairman of the Board, Usibelli Coal Mine, Inc.
    Vic Fischer, former Democratic state senator and delegate to the 1955 Alaska Constitutional Convention.
    Arliss Sturgulewski, former Republican state senator from Anchorage.

    • You are looking at a story from a few weeks ago before they revealed these details. Thank you for your note. – sd

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