Servant leadership: Thanksgiving in Wasilla


Gov. Mike Dunleavy served food on Thanksgiving Day with Frontline Mission in Wasilla, where over 1,500 Thanksgiving meals were served this afternoon a the Menard Sports Center.

You can find out more about Frontline Mission and learn how to volunteer at this link.

The governor has also been spotted on social media at multiple volunteer events leading up to Thanksgiving including Thanksgiving Blessing food distribution sites in Anchorage and Wasilla.


  1. Bless Governor Dunleavy and his family. Alaska is I need very fortunate he is their governor. If the Democrats would just step aside and let him do his job! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Just looking for a clarification again. I clicked on the link and left with the impression that Frontline Mission may not provide services from a fixed location and that this event actually occurred at the Menard Center.

  3. Oh how gracious of the Governor not only are great Alaskans losing their jobs from all his budget cuts, now he gets to rub it in their faces by serving them meals. And where are the huge PFD’s he promised everyone? He promised NOT to cut the budget to the agency’s that he did cut the budget from! And he promised the Lemmings a huge PFD payout! Well he lied about that as well. Yet he collects his teachers Tier 1 retirement and the Governor’s Salary as well!

    • The only people losing jobs are in government. Government does not make wealth, only steal it. The private sector will increase jobs in Alaska with a smaller government footprint on the throat of the small and large businesses alike. If only the governor could have given the PFD that was stolen from all Alaskans especially the less fortunate who rely on the annual stipend to provide necessities for the winter. Where do you think the money will come to keep basic services afoot? If you don’t like a smaller government, move to the lower 48 and put your negativity there.

  4. He cuts funding to feed the hungry and take away shelter from the homeless and he expects us to be proud of him for one day a year of delivering food to people who are hungry?

    Give me a break. This guy is a heartless ass.

    • Seriously? He fed the hungry. On a day no one should be alone. Seriously have politics made you so jaded that someone you disagree with is enough for you to disregard something as wonderful as that? Ok, boomer. My generation won’t be so sad. 🙂

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