Sens. Sullivan, Ricketts slam Biden’s mandate for light, medium-duty trucks: ‘This rule is delusional’


U.S. Senators Dan Sullivan of Alaska and Pete Ricketts of Nebraska, both Republican members of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, delivered a scathing critique of the Biden Administration’s newly finalized rule on light-duty and medium-duty vehicle emission standards, denouncing it as a governmental overreach aimed at phasing out internal combustion engines without proper congressional approval.

In a joint statement issued today, Senators Sullivan and Ricketts condemned the Environmental Protection Agency’s rule, saying it represents an audacious attempt by the Biden administration to dismantle traditional automotive technologies without the requisite backing from Congress. The senators vowed to introduce Congressional Review Act legislation to overturn what they termed as President Biden’s electric vehicle mandate.

“This rule is delusional,” the senators said in their statement. “This is the Biden administration’s attempt to get rid of the internal-combustion engine without congressional authority. Together, we will be introducing Congressional Review Act legislation to overturn Biden’s EV mandate. Congress must take action to keep vehicle costs down, protect our free-market economy, and defend consumer choice. We can’t allow Biden to make us more reliant on foreign adversaries like China who control the critical minerals needed for electric vehicles.”

The senators criticized the potential economic ramifications of the rule, arguing that it would exacerbate vehicle costs and hinder consumer accessibility to automobiles, particularly impacting working-class Americans.

They warned of potential energy and supply-chain crises, citing concerns over insufficient power generation, infrastructure, and critical minerals necessary for EV production.

“Access to a vehicle is a pathway out of poverty for tens of millions of working-class Americans,” the senators said in their statement. “Biden’s rule will make it harder for them and all Americans to buy and maintain a vehicle. This rule will also create an energy and supply-chain crisis. We lack the power generation, infrastructure, and critical minerals needed to make Biden’s mandate work. Most importantly, current EV technology will not work for states like Nebraska or Alaska. Extreme cold, isolated communities, and long-distance drives will make car graveyards a reality across America.”

Sen. Sullivan intends to introduce the CRA for the forthcoming heavy-duty vehicles rule, expected to be finalized in the coming weeks. Sen. Ricketts announced plans to introduce the CRA for the light- and medium-duty vehicles rule. These CRAs will be presented once both rules have been finalized and submitted to Congress.

The EPA’s rule on light-duty and medium-duty vehicles, unveiled Wednesday, marks the latest development in the agency’s intent to focus on climate change issues. The rule aims to set multi-pollutant emissions standards for vehicles starting with model year 2027 through 2032, with projections suggesting that electric vehicles could comprise up to two-thirds of new vehicles by 2032, something that is unlikely in Alaska.

Meanwhile, the EPA is poised to reveal its finalized rule on heavy-duty vehicles, targeting vocational vehicles such as delivery trucks and refuse haulers, as part of its “Clean Trucks Plan.”


  1. Meaningless blather from the senators. Unless they are willing to defund the respective agencies, nothing will change. They know it. They know that their bill will go nowhere.

    • What surprises me is that nothing has been said about all the climate concerns for sporting events concerts get together’s vacations, all unnecessary stuff. If we are really have a climate crisis why are they not stopping that it’s because the owners are billionaires.

    • Jefferson, oh there is a method to their madness. For clarity read ” Harvest of Sorrows” by Robert Conquest. It would seem that these modern Leninist know full well how to crash a society by attacking its means of production.
      Starvation awaits!

  2. The elites hate us. They sit in their insulated enclaves, never producing anything in their lives, with their only contact to reality an occasional word spoken to their servants (probably in the US illegally and paid substandard wage under the table). They are now generations away from knowing anyone who actually used either their hands or minds to do work (or, God forbid, get dirty). They have no idea how things actually work, never having a moment in their lives requiring them to take care of themselves. I am reminded of a video of a girl in shock, shock, that she could eat the fruit from her tree instead of buying it in the store. This is not without precedent. At the end of the Roman empire, wealthy citizens totally and completely relied on slaves for all production. When the Goths, Visigoths and Lombards came, Roman citizens went extinct.

  3. Serfs need not complain about rules handed down from King Biden! Reselection day is right around the next corner.

    Said angry Joe as He and Son Hunter sped away in his “green” Corvette with a couple of half naked cheerleaders on their lap.

  4. Why does a Government agency have the authority to dictate the culture of America?
    The case before the US Supreme Court cannot come soon enough. The ruling on the Cheveron verses the US, precedent has set the entire on country on it’s head for decades. The days of unelected officials determining the out comes of Americans are numbered.
    As a side note, these unelected officials have allow Politicians an out.
    With a positive Supreme Court ruling, Politicians will have to vote on these life changing edicts. Revealing the true nature of their political positions, especially during an election cycle.
    Thank you Senator Sullivan for seeing through this BS.

    • As I recall, the EPA was created by presidential executive order (Nixon) and never congressionally approved. Trump could have disbanded it.

      • The basis for the EPA is CFR 40 “The NEPA,” which Nixon signed earlier in the same year. Some didn’t call him ‘Dick’ for nothing…. I still believe CFR 40 has outlived its useful life and should be repealed.

  5. The plan is to eliminate private ownership of motor vehicles. Eliminate low cost ICE vehicles while EVs will reach prices over $100K making them out of reach cost wise for the average person. This is in tandem with the 15 minute villages and high density housing.

    • It all makes sense when you realize the Davos crowd is not really concerned about the environment. Their primary purpose is to ensure only the elites enjoy the luxuries in life. In their future, they live in the lavish estates in the walled communities, while the riff-raff live in tin shacks somewhere else.

  6. The ruling is not delusional its INTENTIONAL. Ya want it to stop…support Trump, otherwise the Dems get the last laugh.

  7. As long as Senator Lisa Murkowski is buying votes with our federal money in the villages. This type of activity will only continue. It’s time the people/natives of Alaska see it for what it is.

  8. We are quickly approaching such a time that all of these Guv’ment Agencies need to be “PURGED” and their power and authority “REIGNED-IN” as their weaponization against America and Americans is beyond logic, reason, and/or common sense. I cannot foresee this much needed exercise to be executed cleanly either, as the cancer that has been allowed to propagate within these Agencies is truly destroying America’s Freedom and Liberty.
    While Sully and his cohorts of ‘high society’ compadres write damning letters of distinguished admonitions, sooner or later, there will need to be some folks, stepping up to the plate, to kick some azz!!!

  9. As mentioned by others, they know exactly what these rules would do. All intentional, part of the plan.

  10. Most vehicles sold in Norway are now BEV, Senator Sullivan knows that and needs to stop making moronic comments about EV’s. The automakers are making record profits and agreed to these new rules.

  11. Good reference for Masked – Jack London’s “Telic Action and Collective Stupidity”. Every body read

  12. And no one in the GOP will begin the process of eliminating the Chevron Deference Doctrine. That’s why we have these problems. Sullivan knows that. All theater.

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