Senators sworn in, but Sen. Mike Shower no-show


Nineteen state senators were sworn into office by Lt. Gov. Nancy Dahlstrom, who called the Senate to order at 1 pm and them up in groups of five. But when Dahlstrom called upon Sen. Mike Shower to join his group of five, he was nowhere to be found.

Must Read Alaska has learned that Shower had something come up in his personal life that made it impossible for him to come to Juneau.

The next order of business for the day was to elect a Senate President, which had already been done informally in private meetings before the session began. Sen. Gary Stevens of Kodiak returned to the podium once again in his long legislative career. He has served as Senate president from 2009 through 2012, when he led a Democrat-majority caucus of 10 Democrats and six Republicans. He now leads another Democrat-dominated caucus of nine Democrats and eight Republicans. Three Republicans were not asked to join the coalition — Shower, Sen. Shelley Hughes, and Sen. Robert Myers.

(Above, Sens. Kelly Merrick, Shelley Hughes, Bill Wielechowski, and David Wilson.)


  1. Couldn’t blame him if he didn’t bother to show. The GOP is gonna freeze him out of everything.

  2. No job – No job – No job – Reporter slapping sexual harassment creeper.

    Only one missing from the ceremony must not fit the picture.

  3. Misleading headline. Sen. Shower has a day job and had to go to work. Would be a nice example for the rest of them if they were open to it.

    • Many have other jobs. That is no excuse, especially when the no-show is accompanied by no explanation. It’s completely irresponsible behavior that would never be acceptable in the private sector. It’s also disrespectful to Alaskans. But that seems to be the entitled Shower way. You can bet if the self-proclaimed “dumb fighter pilot” was still in the majority he would’ve found a way to show up.

      Sad for his constituents, too, that they could’ve elected an honest, diligent public servant in Doug Massie, who understands the value of working with others for the folks back home, just like Sen. Wilson is. That’s the genuinely nice example you appear to be seeking.

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