Senators push selective registration for women in National Defense Authorization Act


Is this the year when women will be required to sign up for the Selective Service?

Since its creation by Congress in 1917, the United States Selective Service has registered all men ages 18 through 25. But the National Defense Authorization Act that has passed from the Senate Armed Services Committee and is heading to the Senate floor, has what has become a perennial proposal: Adding women to the draft list requirement.

The NDAA authorizes funding levels and provides authorities for the U.S. military and other critical defense priorities. On June 13, the Senate Armed Services Committee voted 22-3 to advance the NDAA for Fiscal Year 2025, a proposal that would award $923.3 billion in taxpayer funds (and national borrowing from countries like Japan and China) for the nation’s defense. The legislation authorizes $878.4 billion for the Department of Defense and $33.4 billion for national security programs within the Department of Energy.

The Pentagon has not drafted anyone since the Vietnam War and there is no current movement to create a draft; the current armed forces for the country is made up of volunteered service members. Repeatedly in past years, attempts have been made to add women to the draft, as recently as in 2022. It’s been championed by Sen. Jack Reed of Rhode Island, a Democrat who is a graduate of West Point.

The executive summary of the bill is here:

In 2017, Congress created a commission to study the matter of adding women to the draft. The commission’s final report, required by the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act, recommended that women be drafted.

“This is a necessary and fair step, making it possible to draw on the talent of a unified Nation in a time of national emergency,” the 11 commissioners wrote in their final report.

The effort has failed in previous years’ versions of the NDAA, but this year, it looks like it may pass.

Although the amendment to sign women up for the draft was offered by Sen. Reed, he ended up voting against the bill because of an amendment to increase overall spending, which was offered by Sen. Roger Wicker, the committee’s top Republican. Sens. Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, and Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, also voted against the spending bill.

Read the Selective Service history of legislation, lawsuits, and debate over women and the draft at this link.

The Senate version of the NDAA comes at the same time the House passed its $883.7 billion version of the bill, which has a number of Republican items contained in it, including an amendment that prohibits funds for executive orders on climate change, and defunding the Defense Department’s chief diversity office; eliminating the diversity, equity and inclusion-related offices inside the military; and instituting a hiring freeze on all jobs related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

The House version also has an amendment that bans drag shows and other drag-related events on military bases.

Read more about the details of the Senate’s version of the NDAA at


    • Chuck
      are you a damn fool . ?
      Many Women take the lions share of childcare .
      When was the last time you had the responsibility of child birth?
      I thought so – never eh ?
      Equal rights are not given due to responsibility taken. Equal rights were given by our creator and enshrined by the vote and commitment of our founding fathers.
      Trying to equalize responsibilities is like tilting at windmills.

      • Uh, not to put too fine a point on this American, but I ”assumed responsibility” for childbirth when I married my wife and we agreed to bring children into the world. It’s call “fatherhood” and I’ve taken my responsibility seriously. Try it some time.

        • Freedom Ak
          You do know this article is about government conscription/ draft preparation via selective service automation.

          No one said any one should avoid the responsibility of fatherhood. Government conscription and fatherhood have nothing to do with each other
          At conception you agreed to responsibility of father hood.
          At your creation you were endowed with inalienable rights. All you had to do to receive those was survive pregnancy and birth. It could be argued you had them at conception. our founders said the rights were self evident. You didn’t lift a finger to receive them equally with all .
          We did have to fight to get government to acknowledge them but thats different.
          By the way im a father and never once shirked my duties and have provided for my family. Accepting my true natural duties that trumps everything except perhaps adherence to gods orders.

      • Well since they are birth persons now lots of MEN do. Hey it’s your world. I just live in it.

        And yes if you want equal rights and treatment, the career, all the things men do and get then you can also go die on a beach somewhere when the time comes. You can’t pick and choose. Sounds like you signed onto the feminist nonsense so take it all or take none!

        And who cares about childbirth! Raising the child is the hard part! And MOST get it wrong today. Turns out you can’t do it alone and you can’t leave a child in daycare all day. You need men after all.

  1. I am a dinosaur and although I believe that every man has a moral obligation to serve his country, I don’t believe that anyone should be forced to serve. I am against automatic draft registration for men and women.

  2. Oh, hell no.

    Not unless they make special provisions for the “protected classes” and also draft everyone identifying as transgender, gender-nonconforming, non-binary, cis-binary, blueberry muffins, mermaids, and elves.

    Do “women” suddenly exist as identifiable objects that can be drafted into military service? Someone better get the memo to Ketanji Brown Jackson before anything goes to the Supreme Court.

    • Reggie –
      Slippery slope my man.
      Rights were creator given.
      Saying we must earn them through responsibilities turns us into slaves of the government.
      Whats next reggie – you don’t have the right to procreate until you have served?
      Until you have been the slave of this government you get no right to vote?
      We are awful close to that .
      Your logic puts the power where it doesn’t belong.
      The power originates from the people not the government to decide our responsibility before we receive full rights.

      • I’ve already dismantled you below, but do me this.
        Show, exactly, where Reggie’s says anything about earning rights.

        I’ll wait.

        • Masked –
          Reggie says “you want the political power and rights”?
          “Here are your responsibilities”

          Wanted something indicates a lack .
          ( power and rights )
          Here are your responsibilities to resolve that want .
          = a clear statement of earning through responsibility and actions versus already creator given.
          Creator given indicates our rights came before any acts or responsibilities required.
          You didn’t have to wait long mask but im guessing you still won’t understand the implications and importance of the order of rights at creation .

          • “……..Creator given indicates our rights came before any acts or responsibilities required………”
            The Creator did not grant either voting or abortion rights to anybody. Women demanded both from society, and have demanded both codified constitutionally. They got one, will not get the other, but will eventually get the responsibility to face enemies on the field of battle.
            I’m not going to opine whether any of that is wise, but I will point out that it has either happened, has not, or probably will, and my bet is that if women end up getting conscripted, you’ll hear some itching and complaining like you’ve never heard before.
            And I’ll again say that it’s at least a century overdue.

            • Reggie –
              Are you saying women should be forced to serve?
              Are you saying they should have served a century ago?
              What ideals are our nation founded upon?
              Liberty? Free choice?
              We find these rights to be self evident?
              Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
              “All men are created equal”
              Our founders considered all men to be mankind which included women.
              Women are considered of the race of men.
              Reggie – would you throw away the principles our nation was founded on .
              The war for independence was for freedom. The right to choose your destiny.
              King George enshrined conscription.
              No where in the constitution or the associated document does it give the federal government the authority or the right to force men or women to fight against their will.
              Forcing women / anyone to kill or be killed is antithetical to our founding principles. It’s abhorrent you would support such ownership of a human’s.
              The draft is a relic of slavery and it’s time we threw off that chain .
              Liberty or death !

              • If men are forced to serve, women should be forced to serve. Equal rights? Equal responsibility.
                Since the nations founding? Certainly since passage of the 19th Amendment.

      • Ever head of WW2?

        Sad, sad, sad.

        It’s a pity when someone makes Hans look smart, but you did.

        • One could argue that the war of 1812 was defensive in nature and then don’t forget our Revolutionary War against that oppressive regime in London….

      • Since the Barbary pirates hijacked several ships and took American slaves. Since the British boarded several ships and impressed American sailors into British service. Since Mexico attacked Americans in Mexico. Since the Comanches repeatedly attacked Texas. Since the Confederacy bombarded Ft. Sumter. Since the Japanese invaded Alaska. Since al Qaeda attacked New York and DC.
        Looking out of the window and daydreaming in high school history class? Or “re-educated” in a communist camp (commonly called ‘college’)?

    • Masked – are you nuts ?
      Do you have a daughter? A son ?
      The draft is unconstitutional and immoral.
      It defeats the purpose of liberty.
      Throws people into the military where the bill of rights unconstitutionally doesn’t apply to citizens.
      No one should ever be forced to fight wars they don’t want to be involved in .
      Women in particular. They/ most are not made for battle. You fall into a leftist trap when you say to get equal rights you must be at equal risk. Our constitution / Declaration of Independence doesn’t say that . Its says the rights are creator given. Nowhere does it say they must be earned. All men are created equal. It doesn’t say all men must suffer equally to be given the rights and honors of an American.
      No one should ever be forced into the military. Ever !! That is paramount to slavery.
      No one can ever sacrifice equally. Try childbirth. Id rather go to war . Its a matter of perspective.
      Women are to be treasured and protected not subjected to false equality .
      Let those serve who wish to.
      The draft is not humane and does not serve a humane purpose.

      • You can’t read for comprehension, much less for facts. Plus you assume much, incorrectly.
        I have daughters. And I stand by my statement.

        First, calm yourself. Nowhere did I call for and endorse a draft, much less women in combat.
        That’s a very hysterical liberal response, showing a lack of understanding of topic. And a refusal to deal in reality.

        The topic is Selective Service, which men have been required to register for decades. Without a draft. There is zero reason in event of a national catastrophe women should be excluded from the defense of this nation. That does not mean creating an Amazon brigade and sending them into battle if they are not capable. A great deal of military service is nor front line duty.

        Since you seem ignorant of US history, women have served this country with distinction since before its founding. And without the contribution of women in WW 2, the outcome would probably have been very different.

        You fall in idiocy when you claim equal rights do not assume equal risk. That is factually not correct.

        Regarding women’s ability in combat: the IDF says hi. I don’t know what women you hang with, but most Alaskan women who aren’t liberal can go toe to toe with most men.

        The rest of your point is nonsensical and doesn’t merit comment.

      • American, wow just wow!

        Have you served? Do you know what it is like to be a in the military?

        What an asinine, degrading and FALSE attitude towards those, who make a serious commitment to this nation’s security or are called upon to defend their fellow citizens.

        The draft is not unconstitutional (or it would have been ruled so long ago) even the hippies during Vietnam didn’t challenge the constitutionality. The constitution specifically declares that the federal government is charged with providing for common defense Article I Section 8. That includes personnel. Every US citizen of proper age, should be willing to serve to defend the rights and privileges inalienable to them against enemies foreign and domestic.

        I support women having to register with selective service. There are many duties women can accomplish to free up men for battleground tasks. It’s a division of labor as old as mankind.

        Your faux concern strikes me as another form of chauvinism, making sure the poor gals know that they just can’t hack it in a man’s world……

        • Taxpayer

          Yes entered military on own choice.
          As did my sister serve over 20 years in air force. My dad served of his own choice.
          Ive had multiple relatives who died in combat . Parachuting to get around the beaches of normandy didn’t go well.

          All of that is neither here nor there .
          Except that im familiar enough with the military that once you enter many of your rights are temporarily forfeit.
          If you are drafted and forfeit your rights without choice it’s akin to slavery .
          Sure they feed you and you work hard in a group but there is no free will as our founders intended.
          Under federal law i have lost my rights period. Military law very different from civil law.
          It’s clearly unconstitutional to remove someone’s inalienable rights against their will.
          Im no longer equal. I can no longer speak my piece without the risk of court martial.
          I can no longer exercise free will in basically any form .
          Your soul can still be the lords but your ass is your commander’s now , your in the army now . Go dig in the ditch you son of a —- you are in the army now .
          Says it all .

        • Taxpayer

          No where does selective service say women will be only delegated to non combat roles.

          Your assumption i have fake concern is foolishness at best dishonest at worst .
          I never said women can’t make it in a man’s world.
          I do say it’s likely most women are more intelligent than you per the stats .

          My dislike of the draft or selective service which go hand in hand has nothing to do with chauvinism.
          It has to do with liberty
          The government has no right to force people to fight other people’s against their will. Ever .
          Families and Free will is what patriots fight for .
          Force men or women into wars and you destroy the principles our country was founded upon.

          • Thank you this was enlightening.

            You do realize that there are many countries with compulsory service obligations, some requiring both men and women to sign up? Switzerland, Israel, Brazil, Mexico to name a few.

            You seem to think that military personnel have NO rights at all….You make it sound as if they are kept locked up when not on duty under threat of violence and can be sold by the government to other governments.
            THAT would be slavery! Obviously that is clearly incorrect.

            Americans serving in the military vote, speak their mind when not in uniform, go to church, go on vacation and have families and when their stint is up have the option to get out or stay in…in other words they have the liberty to choose. Even under the draft, it was a limited time commitment.

            It is quite clear from your writing that you abhor discipline and think yourself the smartest person in the room, taking offense to having to follow an order especially from someone you see as “less smart”. That is really a YOU problem.

            You claim “liberty” to be the over arching right, yet you are vehemently against defending it and the other rights we hold dear, why is that?

            You are correct that signing up for selective service does not guarantee women are not assigned to combat roles…..and?
            Logically IF the draft is ever being re-instituted the vast majority of female recruits will not be qualified for combat MOS’s. As an aside last I checked flying a drone from an air conditioning office is considered combat.
            I find it irritating that you deny a large swath of our population the right to defend the liberty you hold so dear. One of the founding principles was equality as in equal opportunity to stand up for families and freedom. You see the draft as an oppressive regime move, I see it as an opportunity for everyone to have a stake in the future of their country and actively participate in keeping it free.

            • If you think you have full civil rights in the Army, you never met Drill Sgt Boaz. “Rights” as we know them are a bit more ambiguous in the Green Machine. At least they used to be back in the day. Draft is for everyone!

              • FreedomAK yes you are correct, military personnel has certain civil rights curtailed out of necessity regarding command structure, force strength etc. You can’t run a defense force, when half the people decide not to show up or go home early (George Washington knew all about that one)

                I was trying to make a point to demonstrate the hyperbolic hyperventilating designation by “American” of military service as slavery.

                This entire discussion is essentially academic anyway, as we currently do not have the draft and I do not think there is any move to institute it any time soon. Women already serve voluntarily and so are already considered part of the military. Signing up for Selective service simply completes and validates that already established fact that women CAN and DO serve.

            • Tax payer
              You don’t listen carefully.

              First- this is America land of bold and free . Its not those other countries you spoke of who are not free if military service is compulsory. Only slaves are forced to work regardless of personal choice.

              Second- military personnel do have rights although very curtailed.
              If you go awol – you are hunted down and into the brig . Like a slave .
              Even slaves could talk amongst themselves. Have you followed recent lawsuits when military personnel speak out ? Court martial.

            • Tax payer

              Third our military has become a police force and hops to at compromised politicians beck and call which equates bought snd sold by foreign governments , ngos , and corporations. .

              4th regarding discipline. I like my freedom because i lived without it . So yeah im going to fight against a draft by a corrupt government. Im to old but for my grandchildren.
              Would i and they be the first ones to volunteer during an invasion of the homeland. Yes .
              Yes im smart enough and old enough to understand the risks involved with the draft . I also understand war .
              I want my female descendants as far away from it as possible. Regardless of their impressive abilities.

              • “I want my female descendants as far away from it as possible. Regardless of their impressive abilities.”

                You very loudly proclaim to be a man of liberty and freedom, yet you categorically usurp the rights of the women in your life to make choices for them. Isn’t it their freedom to choose to agree or disagree with the Selective Services registration? Don’t they have that vaunted freedom too?
                You want freedom for yourself to dictate how others shall live. That is not very “liberty for all” minded in the end, is it?

                • A tax payer
                  – you don’t read well.
                  – maybe you are drunk idk
                  – I never said I don’t want women in the military.
                  – im saying i don’t want women forced to serve against their will.
                  – whats a man usually do if they see a woman being forced?
                  An honorable man throws down and stops the aggression.
                  Why did we separate from king George?
                  So we could choose.
                  The Draft – selective service- conscription is the opposite of liberty or choice.
                  I also want my male descendants and friends far away from the draft .
                  Let liberty ring . Let men or women choose to join the service at their discretion.
                  You – taxpayer are advocating slavery/ lack of choice. You are advocating forcing women against their will. A truly despicable action.

            • Taxpayer
              #5 the constitution and Declaration of Independence is my guide thats part of why i say rights are god given and government has nothing to say about it regardless of how I serve my nation.
              “We find these rights to be self evident”
              Given by our creator.
              Its not my opinion its the principle our nation was founded upon.
              6 th dont be an ass – I never said i was against defending our rights.
              I am one that wouldn’t wait for the draft . Id already be fighting. That said im fighting against the draft because it infringes on liberty .
              # 7 your logic fails if you think the draft equates equality. Women or men can enter the military at any time regardless of the draft . Any time! Get it ? Im not stopping women from serving. Women have the liberty to serve as they choose.
              So should men .
              The draft creates captured military arm to be used regardless of morality.
              It’s antithetical to liberty.
              The draft/ conscription was traditional under king George. So F the draft .
              My countrymen deserve true liberty and the right to choose their destiny like free men not slaves who come when called under threat of imprisonment or death.

        • “…….Have you served?…….”
          Obviously not. It’s pretty obvious that this one is only to be served, not to serve.

  3. Only a fool would let these DC criminals draft and send their kids to one of these manufactured wars to die , (Ukraine, Israel,..) all based on fraud, deception… With money that is created out of thin air, that we don’t have !!! And especially when NOT ONE DIME OF THIS $$$ ALREADY SENT & ALL FUTURE $$$ – (WILL NOT BE AUDITED !!!) Are you %$#@ kiddin me ???? I’d like to think most people will see right though this crap nonsensical, OFFENSIVE proposal !!! Possibly worst than the Covid deception we all just experienced.

  4. They took away our bodily autonomy and now they want to force us to fight for a country that has relegated us to second-class citizens?

    They want to force us into military service where we’re more likely to be attacked and raped by our male servicemembers, who are supposed to be our teammates, while they also take away DEI which could protect us?

    Screw that. This isn’t equality.

    Even if it were, nobody should be forced into military service. End the draft.

    • No one took away your bodily autonomy. The statement is as stupid sounding as it is incorrect

      If a big, bad man is determined to rape you, all the DEI on earth won’t stop him. Astoundingly ignorant statement with no concept of reality.

      And there is no draft. Not until the liberals force it. Again, astoundingly ignorant.

      But it is classically liberal. Find a nonexistent issue, create a non existent hysteria, then claim victim hood. Facts need not apply.

      Also classic liberal. Create a mess then demand other people clean it up.

    • So you think it is acceptable to besmirch ALL military personnel as “rapists” and “attackers of women”?
      Sadly you clearly have no concept regarding the military and the people, who serve.
      You most likely heard all that stuff in DEI training. Shame on them for leading you astray!

      Out of idle curiosity DEI will protect you?? How so?
      I very fervently hope you will NEVER EVER have to put that theory to the test in real life!

      Nobody wants to “force you” into military service.
      This is registering with Selective Service, like all the men do when they turn 18. There currently is NO DRAFT! Our military operates on an all volunteer force.

    • “……..They took away our bodily autonomy and now they want to force us to fight for a country that has relegated us to second-class citizens?……..”
      I guess only men are second class enough to not have any say whatsoever on whether or not their child is snuffed out, or to be conscripted into service upon national emergency?
      You are only to be served, and never to serve?
      Welcome to ‘responsibility’. Since you clearly don’t have a clue what the word means, please look it up in your Funk & Wagnell.

  5. Despite the fact it’s a profoundly stupid idea, a return to the draft is inevitable.

    Politicians just can’t allow that level of free will amongst the serfs.

  6. It speaks poorly, but accurately of Alaska that nearly every respondent saw what they wanted to see.
    Not what was actually in print.

  7. women have been allowed to serve in open combat situations since January 24th 2013.

    there is no excuse as to why they are still excluded from a Draft my medically Disqualified Butt was forced to sign up for back on November 3rd 2020(Yes, even if you’re medically DQ’d you still need to sign up for the draft or face Prison time), if we want true gender equality, as in men and women are equal.

    it’s far past time women start putting their names on the selective service list, while I support abolishing it, if abolishing it isn’t possible, might as well make it so that in a draft situation where they need to boost the numbers, all abled bodied persons aged 18 to 26 are considered.

    those are my two cents.

  8. Every time a gender issue comes up, the ugly side of human nature comes out. It’s like men cannot stand to have women as their equals unless women are forced to do things that they weren’t exactly designed by God to do (not that they should be prohibited from doing those things either), and do them as well as the strongest men can do them. The stupid thing about this is that I dare any man to give birth to a baby, breastfeed that baby, and raise that child into his elementary years. Let’s see who’s better and more naturally inclined toward doing those things! If women could judge who the superior gender is, they would probably have a completely different set of criteria and priorities than their male judges have.

    Women also cannot seem to understand that just about any Western nation in the 21st Century (including the United States) is a very good place and time for women to be alive compared to the norms of history and culture. Given what I hear men say and write about women’s rights in this day and age whenever they are not worried about losing their jobs, we should be surprised and thankful that women have as many rights as they do, and if we care about our wives, mothers, daughters, and girlfriends, we need protect those rights because they make up half of what it means to be human.

    In any case, equality isn’t defined in human terms where people are compared relative to one another and judged accordingly. Equality is defined by the fact that all humans are made in God’s image, regardless of ethnicity or gender. All citizens should have the right to vote, and under our Constitution, they do as long as they are legal adults without felonies on their records. That’s pretty good and practically unprecedented until a century ago.

    Can we make improvements! Sure! Let’s do that, but let’s stop being nasty to each other over gender stuff. That is no help. The irony of the matter is that people today, in all their obsessions with gender issues and associated anger management issues, seem to have more rigid views about the roles of men and women than most people did toward the end of the last century.

  9. Listening to x22, Dave pointed out that forcing women to sign up for the draft was part of the globalist 16-year plan that Hillary was supposed to continue after Obama. Wipe out all of the women and there is no one left to reproduce. What could possibly go wrong? If they choose to sign up, that is one thing. The genocide/democide of America continues. What better way to get some more casualties then to force a draft of all American men and women? Women should not be forced to sign up.

  10. Wow, Suzanne ~ your article hit the Big Time in YouTube social media ~ Timcast (Tim Pool) on Monday, June 17 posted the story ” Senate Proposes DRAFTING WOMEN In NDAA 2025, Democrat & Liberal Women WANT To Be Drafted Says Poll” and quotes this article, written by you ~ Cool.

  11. So… from the comments, it seems everyone thinks that draft means you go into combat.
    That would surprise a lot of folks I know that were drafted during the Vietnam era, and worked supply, support, communications, etc… Not combat.
    Realize the majority of military personnel are not combat troops.

    • “…… seems everyone thinks that draft means you go into combat………”
      Only those who don’t know their *** from a foxhole, or are using such BS as a jug of whine.

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