Senators are trying to kill SB 140, the bill that would ensure gender protection for girls in sports


The bill that protects girls in sports from transgender takeover was tabled today by the Alaska Senate, over the objections of Sen. Shelley Hughes, the bill’s prime sponsor.

Voting to kill the bill through the tabling process were Democrats Tom Begich, Elvi Gray Jackson, Lyman Hoffman, Scott Kawasaki, Jesse Kiehl, and Bill Wielechowski.

Also trying to kill the bill were Republicans Josh Revak, Bert Stedman, Gary Stevens, and Natasha von Imhof, and Click Bishop.

The only Democrat to try to save the bill for the floor vote was Donny Olson.

The vote was 11-8, with Republican Lora Reinbold excused.

Already stripped out of the bill were protection for college women’s sports. SB 140 only applies to sports competitions for K-12. The bill defines gender as that which a person is born with, not assigned later, or chemically created gender attributes.

Many staffers in the Legislature are transgenders or gay, and they are being hired in groupings by each other, according to sources in the Capitol.

Von Imhof was overheard by multiple senators commenting,

Before the floor session she was talking about it on the floor and was heard to say, “Josh [Revak] will vote for to table. If wants to have any chance of winning, he better.” Revak is running for Congress.

Others overheard Von Imhof telling Hughes, “We have more important bills to work on than this piece of shit.”


  1. Do they have mothers? Do they have daughters, nieces, female friends or acquaintances, know any women at all? This is such shear stupidity that I can’t imagine ANY WOMAN wanting to vote for these idiots!!!

    • Sally, None of that matters. If these people have their way, In just a few years claiming to be a mother will be considered to be a hateful anti alphabet comment…..

    • Sally this is Orwellian.
      This is all part of the purposeful destruction of the family.
      Girls have a vagina.
      Boys have a penis.
      And Oh yeah, FJB.

  2. Well duh. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that men make better women than women.
    Except for the giving birth part.

  3. Think back to how lesbian and gay people had found a peaceful, if uneasy acceptance in society, and then their efforts were co-opted by the transgender and other word salad people, who continued to push the limits of what ought to be considered acceptable, further and further. Apparently never imagining how their overreach may find its limits and have adverse consequences that extend far beyond their, or anyone else’s ability to control. The pedophiles are hot on their heels, looking to join their ‘movement’, and even though they are not helpless to stop it, they don’t care to. You are watching a freight train barreling towards the end of the track, and a crash is a certainty. Ashes to ashes…

    They will fully deserve what comes of this when the rubber band stretched to its limits, snaps back.

  4. If a trans man had to compete against a trans woman, would the trans man think it would be fair

  5. How does Josh Revak, Gary Stevens, Bert Steadman, and Natasha Von sing-off still consider themselves Republicans?

  6. How much lower do we have to stoop? I don’t give a good God D@$& anymore, nothing matters to our politicians now except trying to out “woke” each other and grab headlines. The LGBTQ community is a very small one despite what MSM is blathering. Why must we destroy societal norms to make the gender benders happy? They aren’t special, unique unicorns, they do not deserve special treatment.

    I’m going to start a campaign to have able bodied athletes compete against Down syndrome kids. Why not ? What do you care if my kid smashes your kids record while running backwards with his hands tied behind his back. My kid self-identifies sometimes as a frittata. Your kid should just work harder.
    In an effort to “level the playing field” or government has killed our young peoples desire to try, to want to compete, to learn those lessons that sports provides. Good job liberals.

  7. This is a clear example of what happens when the wrong people are elected or placed in charge. So very unfortunate.

  8. Thank you, Suzanne for keeping us abreast of these facts. People need to know Josh and others are no friend to women, while they acts like they are, ironically, protecting feelings of men

  9. Wow! Senator von Imhof really laid it out for Senator Hughes and soundly put poor Shelly in her place. Rarely does one find such eloquence in political speech, especially coming from one with such an Aristocratic sounding name.

  10. So Senator von Imhof has come out against Title IX? Wouldn’t the provisions of Senator Hughes bill be in support of the intent of Title IX? Can someone explain this to me please, I’m so confused!

  11. Stay classy, Natasha.

    Can’t blame this on Democrats. The so called Republicans hate women just as much.

    Protection of girls doesn’t matter to them. Their children are protected.

  12. I am astounded that anyone would choose to defeat – or even table – something that is such common sense. That we even have to propose such a definition is mind-boggling – and I’m not even a biologist… What??? they’re afraid their own staffers will sue them or just quit? I dare ’em – though the lefty courts might not be helpful and the definition of what is a woman might have to go to SCOTUS… Why are staffers allowed to hire their buddies? Princess helicopter hair, you’ve just sunk more notches lower in my estimation.

  13. Vote them out. We need to protect our girls! Biological males belong with the boys. As a mother of 2 little girls, this is important to me.

  14. Are sports winnable by injecting testosterone (or just by being biologically male!) really “women’s” sports? Or are women just LARPing as men in sports invented by and designed for men? Another way to say this: why do “conservatives” defend progressive and feminist ideas like women playing male sports? Conservatives are now so used to resisting liberals we can’t stop ourselves from taking the bait. HINT: We are being trolled!

  15. If Von Imhof truly made those comments, then it is a good thing she will not be running again. First of all, the bill should not have been stripped and should have covered all women’s sports. Men becoming women still have men’s bodies and strength. So I guess it comes down to killing women’s sports instead of doing the right thing. I think back to how much I enjoyed women’s sports when I was in school and how deprived many will be in the future because it will be stacked in favor of the transgender boys who want to be girls. They may not mean any harm, but women’s sports will be essentially dead.

  16. Kudos to Senator Shelley Hughes for trying to do that which is right and proper yet being rebuffed by 18 colleagues.

    How sad and unforgiving.

  17. I have been advocating for this bill for two years, and was disappointed when a conservative Senator and House member did not follow through last year. Big props to Senator Hughes for fighting for fairness in women’s sports. As for the Republican Senators who did not support the bill, shame on you. Ted Stevens was one of the main champions of Title IX, guaranteeing equality of opportunity for female athletes. He must be rolling over in his grave to see the woke crowd allow males to invade the female sport domain.

  18. It just doesn’t make sense that any legislator would prefer to ruin girls’ sports with allowing transgenders to participate in them. Why especially would female legislators, Elvi Gray-Jackson and Natasha VonImhof vote to destroy girls’ futures? The transgenders will excel in girls’ sports and take college athletic scholarships from these girl athletes. Why?

  19. “Many staffers in the Legislature are transgenders or gay, and they are being hired in groupings by each other, according to sources in the Capitol.” And? Never mind the insinuation that Juneau is being taken over by a cabal of homosexuals, what is up with this unattributed assertion?

  20. I agree with Sally. Though I might note that it’s SHEER stupidity that is once again displayed by Ms. Von Imhof,
    and Messrs. Bishop, Revak, Stedman, and Stevens. Again!

  21. So much for women’s rights. Apparently, both sides of the aisle are spineless swamp creatures. Alaska, you need to engage at the local level and start to build a tidal wave against these people. Anyone looking to override your family values and step on your God given rights under the U.S. Constitution need not apply for political office. There are 3 ways these kind of people get into office. First, they lie to you and tell you what you want to hear. Second, they start to collect their dark money and promise money to the corporations so they can pay people off for their votes. Third, they engage their voter fraud mechanism using wireless modem connected Dominion Machines, ballot harvesting mules with mail-in voting and ranked choice voting. Governor Dunleavy is allowing this to happen in your State! Either he is stupid, which I don’t believe or he is complicit in allowing a bloated voter registration and the vote stealing methods above to override the will of Alaskans. All the evidence you need is below.


  22. Not understanding the Why’s of their action, I reached out and did get some answers: Regarding SB140 what wasn’t mentioned in the article is the Democrats had a list of 20 plus amendments which is essentially a filibuster keeping them from doing business. Some legislatures wanted to get business done by the close of session at midnight thus passing a budget and preventing another special session. The Legislature can revisit the bill in January 2023. I hope you post this Suzanne.

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