Senate passes Reinbold’s Covid-19 ‘Vaccination Bill of Rights’


The Alaska Senate passed SB 156 on Wednesday, an effort to reinforce individual liberty, the right to privacy, and to end discrimination based on vaccination status.

Sponsored by Sen. Lora Reinbold of Eagle River, with co-sponsors Sen. Shelley Hughes and Sen. Mia Costello, SB 156 would prevent state government or its agencies from requiring proof of Covid-19 vaccination status or an immunity passport to travel to or within the state. It also has legal protection to individuals and parents/guardians of minor children who choose not to receive the Covid-19 vaccine based on religious, medical, or other grounds.

Voting for the bill were 13 senators: Tom Begich, D-Anchorage, Mia Costello, R-Anchorage; Elvi Gray-Jackson, D-Anchorage; Roger Holland, R-Anchorage; Shelley Hughes, R-Anchorage; Scott Kawasaki, D-Fairbanks; Peter Micciche, R-Kenai; Rob Myers, R-Fairbanks; Lora Reinbold, R-Eagle River; Josh Revak, R-Anchorage; Gary Stevens, R-Kodiak; Bill Wielechowski, D-Anchorage; David Wilson, R-Wasilla. Senator Mike Shower, R-Wasilla, was excused from the floor.

Voting against the bill were six senators: Click Bishop, R-Fairbanks; Lyman Hoffman, D-Bethel; Jesse Kiehl, D-Juneau; Donny Olson, D-Golvina; Bert Stedman, R-Sitka; and Natasha von Imhof, R-Anchorage.

“SB 156 was a strong bipartisan effort,” Reinbold said. “Please thank those who supported SB156 who upheld their oath to the Constitution protecting individual rights. Employers should not dictate your personal healthcare decisions, which was recently reinforced by the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, National Federation of Independent Business v. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. SB 156 is a major victory in the Senate.”

“This legislation protects the Constitutional rights of all Alaskans in the workplace and beyond.” Reinbold said. “During listening sessions held online and in person in Southcentral and Juneau, hundreds of Alaskans have shared their stories of suffering from discrimination and segregation, because they did not meet mandated Covid-19 vaccination requirements. SB156 protects Alaskans with religious, health, or other reasons who could not or will not be vaccinated and prevents administrative overreach.”

The bill will be read across the floor in the Alaska House of Representatives, where it will likely be referred to committees chaired by Democrats hostile to the bill. The Health and Social Services Committee is chaired by far-left Anchorage Democrat Rep. Ivy Spohnholz, who is not likely to schedule the bill for a hearing. 


  1. Thank you ma’am look at miss oath integrity go to work for the people of the people by the people. Imagine your awards you have the citizens love and GOD has an oath taker to smile upon. Ma’am just when all seems lost to evil here come some earthly angels saying follow us we have the path. Oath integrity ladies congratulations warriors for the people.

  2. This just goes to show how government is supposed to work…..for the people and not for the false leaders with an agenda. Freedom is always an individual choice not the collective. Now if this was only the mantra for the rest of all governments.

  3. Good on the Senate! This is fundamental Liberty 101 stuff. I see why Hoffman voted against it, his district is under control of Alaska Jab all Natives all the time Medical Consortium, but Click Bishop? Really? Wow Fairbanks, you’ve come along ways since John Butrovich retired. Bert? What the hell! Has Sitka has gone fruit loops since the Pulp Mill closed? I expected more from Bert, being a good old Southeast boy.
    Forget the Liberty equation, just look at the statistics, the damn jab is a major flop, it don’t work, it has serious side effects and was criminally vetted according to the now revealed “Trials”” information. But hey, Pfizer and a bunch of corrupt politico’s made out like bandits so doubtless campaign ca$h must still be flowing.
    Reading this story makes me wish I died while fighting off the Fauci / Chi-Com flu, with it’s coughing and chills, since it was less disturbing then watching this never ending affront upon our rights and freedoms.
    Forget Hoffman, he is Bethel Royalty and unassailable, same is true with Olson and the Senator from The Peoples Republic of Juneau, but who is running against Click and Bert? We need to rid our State of those that seek to aid Medical Tyrants and deprive us of our Liberty wherever we can.

    • There is hope for hoffman and olson districts changing their political views. First it starts by encouraging the sharing of gospel all over again , and encourage evangelical indigenous peoples evangelizing their neighbors. Youth for Alaska has already got boots on the ground evangelizing the gospel to rural Alaskan youth. Pray that many of the indigenous youth hear a calling to enter into the missions or pastoral professions proclaiming jesus to their hometowns and regions.

  4. It’s about time. There are those like myself, through vigorous daily exercise and proper nutrition, have recovered just fine from COVID. For myself, hundreds of contacts and I’ve been infected twice with 100% recovery. I’m over 50 and have asthma. Time to stop the Chinese-inspired madness and let us live our lives as free Americans.

  5. It is important to point out that the protections in SB156 protect both those who have received vaccines, and those who have not, and those who would just rather not say, from discrimination.

    If Democrat legislators block the progress of this bill, they are not just sticking it to those who have been discriminated against for not being vaccinated, but also those who have already been vaccinated who are at risk of being discriminated against in the future, and Alaskans in both categories who believe that the government and others have no business demanding to know whether someone has or hasn’t taken a government-sponsored jab/booster.

    Passage of SB156 will protect kids in Alaska from the excesses of a government-sponsored vaccine drive that has clearly failed. The time to pass this bill is now, before vaccine manufacturers are able to use their influence to formally add COVID vaccines to the child vaccine schedule.

    • Reed,
      The National Federation of Independent Business v. Occupational Safety and Health Administration decision by SCOTUS already answered the question. This bill is little more than a way to avoid addressing the issue some in Juneau don’t want to address…the PFD.

  6. Good for the Senate. Next up is legislation echoing what the NH House passed earlier this week to allow pharmacies to dispense ivermectin without a prescription. Our version ought to include HCQ. Cheers –

  7. Mike Showers?
    Excused from the floor.
    Soooo, he didn’t really support the bill – and was afraid to reveal himself on this issue?
    C’mon, Mike – you are better than this!

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