Senate dismisses impeachment charge on 51-48 vote; Murkowski votes ‘present’

Sen. Lisa Murkowski

It took just 20 minutes for the Democrats in the U.S. Senate to throw out the first of two impeachment charges brought by House Republicans against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Although Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, said on Wednesday there would be debate, there was no debate and Schumer declared the articles of impeachment did not qualify as high crimes or misdemeanors.

On the first article of impeachment, “Willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law, all Democrats voted to dismiss. The final vote on the first impeachment charge was 51-48, with Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a nominal Republican, voting “present.” Her vote would not have swung the decision, but would have made the vote 51-49. Murkowski is in a phase of her career where she is continually distancing herself from Republicans.

Prior to the vote, Sen. Dan Sullivan said the articles delivered by the House are “thorough, compelling, and damning. The American people need to hear the evidence underlying these impeachment articles. Chuck Schumer has a constitutional duty to move forward with a Senate trial.”

At issue is the wide-open border policy of the Biden Administration, which has allowed between 7 million and 9 million illegal immigrants into the country in the three years that Joe Biden has been president. Mayorkas is in charge of securing the border.

Motions by Republicans to proceed with the trial were rebuffed.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said Sen. Schumer of New York has “argued that Secretary Mayorkas’ defiance of federal immigration law and active aiding and abetting of the worst criminal invasion in our nation’s history does not constitute a high crime or misdemeanor. He has presented no argument on that question. He’s presented no briefing on that question and his position is directly contrary to the original understanding of the Constitution at the time it was ratified and to the explicit position of the Biden Department of Justice has argued before the Supreme Court.”

His motion, like others from Republicans, was defeated by a vote along party lines of 51-49. Murkowski voted with Republicans on several of their motions.

Republican Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky argued that the Senate itself had sworn an oath to “impartial justice according to the Constitution and the laws of our country. We swore to discharge a duty that is quite different from our normal work. As a court of impeachment, we’re called not to speak, not to debate, but to listen to the case against the accused and to his defense.”

McConnell continued, “At this point, in any trial in the country the prosecution presents the evidence of the case, counsel for the defense does the same, and the jury remains silent as it listens. This is what our rules require of us as well, but the Senate has not had the opportunity to perform this duty.”

Under Schumer’s leadership, McConnell said, “the Senate will not hear the House managers present the details of their case against Secretary Mayorkas that he willingly neglected the duties of his office and that he lied to Congress about the extent of that failure. Likewise, we will not hear the secretary’s representatives present the vigorous defense to which he’s entitled.”

The second impeachment article failed along party lines, with Murkowski voting with Republicans.


    • Dave, you and others are clearly misunderstanding Princess’ vote.

      She was not voting “present”, as in “I am present”, she was demanding “Present! I want my present! Where is my present for being a faithful supporter of the rogue and lawless administration?”

  1. No surprise here, except that Murkowski finally didn’t vote against her supposed party. Schumer continues as the scourge that has become the democratic party.

  2. Daddy’s Little Princess!!!
    … Represents AK907 as a Senator, by voting “PRESENT” and still taking a full paycheck and benefit package.
    … What a complete-n-udder embarrassment and insult to Alaskan Conservative Republicans!
    … What a complete-n-udder disappointment, of epic proportions.
    … How exactly does her character traits align with the AK GOP?
    … Quite apparent that the AK GOP has been ‘hood-winked’ by this devious individual, has never embodied Conservative values and traits, and represent quite the “Chameleon.”
    … Her removal – replacement won’t be easy and/or clean!

  3. No surprise.. Slime sticks together!! She didn’t care about the country, except to hate it!! Her daddy and mommy littered by dumping this trash on the world

  4. She is just plain in it for the money and power because she sure is not for America and the rule of law.
    To afraid to vote.

  5. Prime example why the 17th amendment should be thrown out.

    She would’ve been recalled long ago for not following the will of her state. Now everybody has to suffer for the next five years until the next election.

  6. Lisa and all legislators that would not give a hearing should be voted out by the PEOPLE in the future that put them in office. They have circumvented the required democratic process started with the House(Representative of the People) to become puppets of a government as currently in communist Russia and China!!!

  7. What is most disturbing is that EVERY OTHER member ofthe Senate could make up his or her mind, but not Senator Murkowski. Even Fetterman, Sinema, Collins and Romney. Not exactly a “profile in courage”.

    • Unfortunately, it’s not an act, Frankie. She’s no thespian. You knew she would eventually turn on us with her communist brainwashing. With all we did for her, it’s now unraveled our own lives and old friendships. We were hoping to give her just six years in the Senate, long enough to grab a government pension and support her worthless house husband. Look what happened. She actually thinks she’s famous. This is not going to end well for the Murkowski legacy. Our statues at the Inlet Overlook are going to be doggie poop stops.

  8. Schumer just took a massive poop on the Constitution.

    Once again, the “defenders of democracy” defend it by defying it.

    Just like when Reid got rid of the 60 vote threshold for judges, this will bit them in the ass. Not if, when and how bad.

  9. I remember when Craig Campbell was here defending the AKGOP decision to lift her censure. Why? She won.

    I actually felt bd for Campbell, we handed him his backside.

    But I’m curious if the AK GOP still thinks lifting the censure was worth it.

  10. Quite a biased difference between her treatment of Pres Trump, where she showed up with torches and pitchforks and her stance in the current democrat impeachment trial. Murkowski needs to resign.

  11. “The government you elect is the government you deserve.” – Thom. Jefferson

    “There are telltale symptoms by which history gives warning to a threatened or perishing society. Such are, for instance, a decline of the arts or A LACK OF GREAT STATESMEN.” – Alex. Solzhenitsyn

    We ought to thoughtfully consider why we deserve our senior senator – oh, and our president and the majority of Congress, too.

  12. Gawd. That was so close. The details and evidence of the fake impeachment are laughable. This became a solidarity vote between the two parties. Despite the absurdity of the claim, spineless Republicans had to cower together.

  13. Thank goodness there are some folks that actually have principles and act on them in representing all citizens, no matter how much they are threatened by folks that taunt her.

    • How does one represent anyone, much less “all citizens” by not casting a vote?

      Did you think this through before posting?

  14. How much money did the Cartel pay her for the drugs coming to Alaska aren’t we tired of the trail of dead kids in our state?

  15. What a disgrace, hard to believe how this shill allways gets re elected in Alaska , just another one of these entrenched scum bags selling out our nation for power, this RINO needs ran out of Alaska , she’s a total Fraud!

  16. Mayorkas is a pathetic establishment puppet. I think a novel protest by conservatives would be to start flying planeloads of “undocumented” conservative Europeans into the U.S.. I wouldn’t even mind them spending my tax dollars for that.

  17. Just how cold is that ice running through your veins, Lisa? Can’t you hear Laken Riley’s screams for help at the hands of that murderous illegal animal? How many more will it take, Lisa? How close to home does it have to hit before you’ll finally do something!?! All the rest of us have to suffer but you couldn’t care less.

  18. Democrats are traitors. They are actively destroying our nation. 10 million illegals- many with criminal records are causing massive damage to our people. I know of a Mom who lost her son several months ago to a POS illegal, high on meth, who ran his pickup into the kid, who was on his motorcycle. The POS illegal fled the scene of the accident and rendered no aid. These crimes are happening daily. Every last POS Democrat needs to go. I hope they all rot in Hell. FTA.

    • If allowing 10 million violations of duly passed laws doesn’t count as a high crime or misdemeanor, nothing does.

    • Easy. It’s not treason to disagree with a policy. Or to hold other opinions. Or to be blindly stupid.

      • MA, your reading comprehension is pathetic. I did not use the word ‘treason”. I used the word, ‘traitor’. The definition: “Traitor: a person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc.”

        Democrats are traitors. They are betraying our country. Now go away, troll.

  19. After Speaker Johnson gave Schumer Ukraine $$, Israel $$, and FISA, Schumer thanked Johnson by flipping him the bird re Majorkas. Republicans, shnookered again …

    • Exactly right Kenai. We are $34 trillion in debt and giving away tens of billions we don’t have. Republicans suck almost as much as Democrats.

  20. Curious how the Princess Protection squad is sitting this one out.

    I guess because Princess didn’t cook up any pork or screw over our economy.

  21. She is nearly the perfect example of what happens when politics is the family business.

    She is also a fine example of why the 17th should be repealed and why the anti-Federalists were right about so many things.

  22. Of course she voted “present”, she can’t vote foe impeachment and keep getting the dollars from “her democrat people that she really represents!”

  23. Perhaps Frankie and Nancy need to be made to feel even MORE unwelcome so they will take Princess elsewhere

  24. ‘

    He is part of the globalist ghouls that are shoving the New Pandemic Treaty down our throats next month!

  25. I have inside reports that ai is behind all these events and in complete control now! And, can target anyone.

  26. And, as usual, she displays her trademark scowling “Salmon just pulled from a dipnet” face.

    Does that woman EVER smile, or at least now scowl?

  27. Great , The Employee ignores the Supervisor we put in office to manage our Business and other EMPLOYEES of ours allow this and keep the Crappy Employee. Well Fire the Supervisors we elected. Time for Lisa to be replaced. She long ago forgot who she works for!

  28. There was zero evidence that mayorkas committed a crime , let alone a high crime worry of a charge of impeachment. What fools. How embarrassing. Republicans eat themselves.

    • Oh so you heard the evidence huh? There was none given because the Left is to busy holding on to Swamp Rat power to do their actual jobs and have a trail. They should all be replaced for this. If there was no evidence why not hear the Case? Because He Lied to the SENATE and needed to be Fired. I do not care what Party is in power either we have a republic or this swamp cabal is in charge. Lying under oath to the Senate is called Perjury Bright eyes, and yes Paola that is a Crime!

  29. Because communist puppets get in line when told to do so, Murkowski did what she was told to do. Sullivan was no better as he sat with a stupid look on his face as Senator Schmidt objected to tabling the impeachment because the Senate has a sworn duty to hold a hearing on the facts and evidence given for impeachment. Did Sullivan object to tabling the impeachment? I do not believe so. Actions speak louder than words Dan! Alaska has spineless paid off or blackmailed do-nothing politicians that should resign today! Either make a stand for the Constitution and the people you are supposed to represent or find another line of work.

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