Senate Democrats plan to dismiss impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas


While Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski thought it proper to vote to convict President Donald Trump during his impeachment after he was no longer president, she now says that the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is a waste of time.

“I am more than a little bit frustrated that we’re going to be taking up an impeachment process that most everybody understands is really nothing more than a messaging effort,” she told reporters.

Republicans are advising that Senate Democrats plan to dismiss the charges against Mayorkas. In February the U.S. House voted to impeach him for failing to secure the southern border with Mexico. More than 7.2 million illegal immigrants have entered the country during the Biden Administration — an amount greater than the population of 36 states

The House was originally expected to deliver impeachment charges this week. Then, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer changed the Senate schedule and publicly called the impeachment a sham that he will table with the help of his fellow Democrats.

When the Senate held a trial after Trump left office, 44 Republican senators voted it was unconstitutional for the Senate to try a president after he left office. Murkowski voted with the Democrats, however, to impeach a private citizen.

Mayorkas stands accused of failing to uphold his oath to defend and secure the United States, instead presiding over a lax border security regime that has allowed millions of illegal aliens to enter the country. Critics argue that Mayorkas has deliberately neglected his duty to maintain operational control of the border, as mandated by the Secure Fence Act of 2006, resulting in an influx of illegal immigration and drug smuggling, including deadly narcotics like fentanyl.

Moreover, Mayorkas is accused of violating the Immigration and Nationality Act by implementing policies such as catch and release, which allow illegal aliens to enter the United States without proper documentation. House impeachment documents argue that these actions not only undermine national security but also contravene the law, leading to an increased risk of criminal activity and terrorism.

Furthermore, Mayorkas faces allegations related to the handling of Covid-19 at the border. Despite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s order to prevent the introduction of potentially contagious individuals into the United States, Mayorkas stands accused of failing to enforce this order effectively. Impeachment articles assert that his refusal to expel aliens under Title 42 of the Public Health Service Act has led to the spread of Covid-19 within border communities and beyond, posing unnecessary risks to public health and straining local resources.


  1. Lisa Murkowski constantly makes poor decisions. She is wrong for ALASKA, she is a false conservative and she needs to never be elected again. She’s a member of the Uniparty and has failed the people of this state on national matters. I’m sick of her.

      • They’re not the only ones …. There’s enough to fill a gallows stretched out from the Washington Monument over the reflecting pond to the Lincoln Memorial.

      • Putting my personal feelings aside, it’s probably a hard case to make. The Constitution is sorta vague in matters of being a useful idiot.

        Putting my personal feelings into this, I don’t want him executed if convicted. I want him in gen pop in a prison overrun with a mix of illegal gangbangers and aryan nation thugs. Then let him enjoy the fruits of his stupidity.

          • I believe that if given the opportunity, you’d murder anyone you perceived to be outside of your razor thin, angry and illogical dogma. I really do. You are an awful, awful human.

            • Im sure that you’re just the kind the democrats would have herding people into boxcars because they were conservatives

  2. When I was in the US Senate, I voted to convict Bill Clinton after he was impeached in the House. At that time, Lisa was busy taking the Bar Exam for the fifth or sixth time and asked me what “conviction” meant. I told her it was a little bit like using birth control. You convince others that it needs to be practiced so that you don’t end up with a little snot-nosed kid who costs us a lot of money and then feels entitled to get a government job through an appointment from her daddy. And worst of all they turn out to be communists as adults and cause their parents to lose all of their personal friendships. I guess our conviction for using birth control must have lapsed a few critical times, …….sweetie.

    • Don’t be so cruel. This was a “real birth” in the Democrat’s minds. And a true Catholic, no less.

    • Frank …
      Maybe(?) there was a bad batch of rubber when you tried the birth control prophylactics in the early days?
      Maybe(?) there was strife amongst the Union Members, and they sabotaged the prophylactic products?
      Maybe(?) there was not sufficient quality control in the Chineze made prophylactics?
      Lesson Learned(!!!) …
      Never pass up and opportunity to pull-out at an opportune time, so as to save “Life – Liberty – Persuit of Happiness” as well as Humanity!

      After 60+ years, if your kid turns out to be such a F**k-Up, can you still elect to abort?

  3. Lisa should be impeached along with that slimy little rat Mayorkas.
    There is no value in making all the democrats and LISA personally responsible for sh-t canning the impeachment.
    Right — no value or responsibility

  4. The Senate has a Constitutional obligation to conduct a trial if the House transmits articles of impeachment. Not an option, an obligation.

    Once again, the left (including Princess Lisa) is showing their disdain for the rule of law. But it is the same group who are so desperate to “defend” democracy they crap all over it.

  5. Go ahead. Violate your oath and dodge this. Then watch in outrage as any impeachment effort you try gets ignored in future. Remember what happened to SCOTUS when you end ran the rules for short term gain?

  6. Calling the Princess protection squad. Come defend this. I’m curious how you’ll spin it.

    • Oh, you know they can, and will!

      Since radical leftist extremism has no connection to logic and reality, they can ALWAYS make an argument to support their societally suicidal beliefs.

      • If they come out, it’ll be the usual litany of how she brings home pork for the military.

        Zero on anything else. It’s all they have.

  7. Call Senator Lisa and Senator Dan to impeach our Homeland Secretary Secretary. Senator Dan Sullivan (202) 224-3004. Senator Lisa Murkowski (202) 224-6665,

    … A true Air Ahief!
    … A true Turncoat!
    … A true Disappointment!
    … A true Liberal Rhino to the core!
    AK907 deserves so much better than her as a Senator!

  9. As much as I dislike Murkowski and have absolutely no respect for her… she’s right. She’s right in that NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. It’s the same with closing the border. Three years plus and they’re still coming. We’ve all known that Lisa is bought and paid for but, unless people come out and vote and, stand up against mail-in voting to eliminate fraud, don’t expect anything to change. You see it in each election here in Anchorage. A lot of bitching and moaning, but then many that do, don’t vote. That apathy breeds politicians like Murkowski, McConnell, Pelosi and the rest of them.

  10. Mayorkas won’t be impeached because he has been holding that office since his beginning without an oath. How can someone who didn’t take an oath have an oath to uphold? Attorney Todd Callender and Lisa McGee researched all of their “oaths” – no oath for Mayorkas.

  11. Murkowski and Sullivan voted to approve nearly all of Biden’s picks. That’s how utterly traitorous and useless they are. And Sullivan, posed as an ultra-conservative before he was elected, but what we got was a RINO, a Semper Fi Rino, but still, just a RINO.

  12. “I am more than a little bit frustrated that we’re going to be taking up an impeachment process that most everybody understands is really nothing more than a messaging effort,” she told reporters.
    Well, maybe someone ought to accuse Mayorkas of peeing on Russian prostitutes to make it worthwhile. And cost 50 mil.

  13. Just an important detail here:

    Ali mayorkas has been impeached by the House on Feb 13. The first cabinet secretary to be impeached in over 150 years.

    It’s now up to the senate to convict him, which is unlikely since the senate is controlled by the communist democrats.

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