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Sen. Sullivan trolls CNN over Alaska ‘didn’t work out’ comment

Sen. Dan Sullivan took to social media this weekend to make fun of CNN and Chris Cillizza over comments that Cillizza wrote in response to reports that President Donald Trump is interested in the United States buying Greenland.

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Over the weekend, Sullivan has been videotaping himself showing off the marvels of Alaska, from Arctic Valley to Fairbanks, with a stop in Denali National Park. He’s posted the videos on Twitter and Facebook.

“First stop on our road trip — we’re up in Arctic Valley overlooking Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson, home to the only airborne brigade combat team in the entire Asia-Pacific! Alaska’s military & strategic location are just one reason more for #907Pride.

Sullivan is ending his social media comments with #EatItCilizza.


Since CNN published Cizzilla’s article, and having been mocked by Sen. Sullivan, the media organization has edited out the “didn’t work out so well” comment:


Craig Medred wrote, under the headline “Dying Journalism,” that CNN fell into a bias trap of its own making:

“How CNN could make the mistake of suggesting the $7.2 million purchase of Alaska “didn’t work out so well” is mind-boggling. The country could at this moment seize the Alaska Permanent Fund – the state’s oil-derived saving account today worth $66.3 billion – give the land mass back to Russia, and still claim a nice profit on its investment,” he wrote.

“All one can guess here is that CNN – which has been in a war with Trump – is so overwhelmed by Trump Derangement Syndrome that when reporters and editors thee see ‘Alaska’ they think ‘Sarah Palin,’ the former Alaska governor who pioneered a path to the White House for Trump, and this triggers the belief ‘it didn’t work out so well.’

Read more from Medred’s analysis at:

Dying journalism #634

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (TDS) in very real.

    It is also contagious, as it has now spread to our state under the name “Dunleavy Derangement Syndrome” (DDS)

    As we have seen with our own Alaska media and our other liberal political apparatchiks since our new governors election.

    Symptoms include immediate loss of all logic and reason, and the uncontrollable urge to inject radical liberal bias to everything you say or do.

    Heck, I just saw a picture of Homers own DDS victim Paul Seaton signing the “recall Dunleavy” petition.

    Good luck with that, Paul!

  2. Everything I’ve ever read about the term “Seward’s Folly” in history books is that it was a criticism of the purchase at the time by fools, not that it applies in the present.

  3. LOL!

    CNN = Communist News Network!

    This should be expected from these ignorant fools. Stupid is as stupid does.

  4. Craig Medred recently wrote that “This State at this moment could SEIZE the Permanent Fund_ _.”
    Mr. Medred, if you remember the Constitution of the United States established a “Constitutional Republic” and guaranteed every State a Republican Form of Government which makes “WE THE PEOPLE” the owners of ALL the Land and ALL the Resources and NOT THE STATE like it is in Communist China and if Alaska or the United States SEIZES ANYTHING it is STEALING.
    Seymour Marvin Mills Jr. sui juris

  5. The real reason Seward pushed for the purchase of Alaska was because he was a complete and utter opposite of an Anglophile. Seward loathed the British and saw that Alaska was destined to become yet another British Territory. Russia being Russia was unable to support her far eastern Empire, was locked out of the market for Alaska Furs, (she had lost a little war in the Crimea with England and her fleet was not welcome in Hong Kong), and Russia had become completely dependent upon the Yankee whaler fleet for supplies and access to the markets above. Also since the Russian Imperial Navy had kept San Francisco safe from Confederate Privateer’s during the war of Southern Succession the Russians had a bit of a marker.

    So that Boy’s and Girls is the real reason Alaska was “purchased” . Evidently nobody likes Hegemony! Not now or back in 1867!

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