Sen. Sullivan to Biden-Blinken: ‘Don’t make a mockery of actual human rights atrocities’


“This invitation to investigate our own country under the authority of this Council is an insult to the American people and a mockery of actual human rights atrocities being committed around the world”

U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan, sent a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken today, urging him to rescind the Biden Administration’s invitation for investigators from the United Nations Human Rights Council to scrutinize the United States’ human rights record.

Sullivan said the Biden Administration’s intent to rejoin the council following America’s withdrawal from its seat during the Bush and Trump administrations is “misguided.”

Sen. Sullivan pointed out that the council’s membership includes some of the world’s most egregious human rights abusers, including China, Cuba and Venezuela. A

He also said that the council has been silent and ineffectual in the face of violent suppression of peaceful demonstrators in Cuba, chronic human rights abuses in Iran, and genocide and unprecedented surveillance of its citizens committed by the Chinese Communist Party.

The Sullivan letter reads:

Dear Secretary Blinken:

I write today with significant concern over the recent decision by the Biden administration to extend an official invitation to Special Rapporteurs from the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to visit the United States and scrutinize our country’s record on human rights.

As I know you are well aware, UN Special Rapporteurs are typically dispatched to areas of the world to investigate allegations and conduct fact-finding missions in countries accused of gross human rights violations. Historical examples include but are not limited to Iran, Somalia, North Korea and Belarus – all nations, unlike the United States, routinely threatening and suppressing individual liberties and freedoms.

Additionally, the idea that the United States should rejoin the UNHRC – a body that includes Communist China, Socialist Venezuela and Communist Cuba – is misguided. The U.S. rightly withdrew from its seat on the Council during the Bush and Trump administrations because of the body’s shameful history of routinely enabling chronic human rights abusers within the Council’s own ranks. This membership includes the Chinese Communist Party, which is actively engaged in government sponsored genocide against the Uyghur people and continues to widely censor, abridge, monitor, and surveil its citizens to a degree rarely seen in human history. Socialist Venezuela, also on the UNHRC, continues to brutally suppress the freedom of expression, association and assembly of its people. Finally, the Communist Cuban regime – also a member of the Council and designated by the Department of State as a state sponsor of terrorism – is currently in the throes of a violent state-driven crackdown on its citizens who are bravely and peacefully protesting in the pursuit of freedom. This invitation to investigate our own country under the authority of this Council is an insult to the American people and a mockery of actual human rights atrocities being committed around the world.

In our meeting prior to your confirmation, we had a robust discussion on the importance of Biden administration officials refraining from embarking upon an “apology tour,” criticizing decisions made by past administrations abroad – something I also spoke at great length with U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield prior to her confirmation. While I agree with your statement that “great nations such as ours do not hide from our shortcomings; they acknowledge them openly and strive to improve with transparency,” I would also remind you that our country is resilient and, as Americans, we have a long history of addressing our shortcomings on our own as we strive towards a more perfect union. We certainly don’t need to provide propaganda opportunities to the countries on the UNHRC led by Communist and authoritarian governments with deplorable records on human rights, and that is exactly what your invitation will do.

I respectfully ask you to rescind this invitation and publically recognize this important fact: the United States has done more to liberate men, women and children across the globe from tyranny and oppression – literally hundreds of millions of people – than any other country in human history.


Senator Dan Sullivan


  1. Haven’t heard much from our junior senator since his terrible uninformed vote for Interior Secretary Deb Haaland. The United Nations Human Rights Council is a joke and the democrats know that, but hate everything Trump, so common sense is out the door.

  2. Please call this man often. He puts his pants one one leg at a time apparently.
    Very little of consequence comes from Sullivan, and the nation literally hangs in the balance. If we could clone MTG and put in this man’s body we would have someone you might think was a Marine. If you’ve taken a oath to the constitution and intend to follow thru, you’d be EXTREMELY vocal at this point. Spineless is all I can think of when I see Dan’s name.

    • Kelly for Alaska is our gal for US Senate! Similar straight-forward attitude like Taylor-Green. I went to two events that highlighted her this week and she’s the real deal. Alaska needs to support her!

  3. The American people deserve to know who is behind this invitation and exactly who has been authoring the executive orders Biden has been signing. It wasn’t Joe who drafted up the 17 orders he signed on day one.

  4. The irony of his words apparently escape Senator Sullivan, as hundreds of American political prisoners are held beneath his feet for the audacity of protesting the illegitimate regime installed in place of free elections.
    Our freedom of travel was suspended today across neighboring borders for law abiding citizens due to “health” concerns. While the border remains open for a million+ and growing number of unvetted foreign nationals aided by the CBP, ICE and use of military transportation infrastructure to all various locations in the interior of our country.
    Our most basic sacred institution, the US military is being purged of the competent officers on the basis of political dependability to the regime which unleashed political commisars in their ranks.
    Where are Senator Sullivan’s impassioned words and meaningful opposition to our loss of liberty?

  5. When is this Senator going to come up with something constructive and stop lobbing bombs at everything? It’s not like he hasn’t been there for a while. Or is that the answer to the question? Is it all about being denigrating and not contributing? Is there anything Sen. Sullivan has proposed while in the Senate that isn’t about stopping something rather than starting something?
    The Untied States (sic) has been violating human rights for decades (see Guantanamo, etc.) and now Sullivan is complaining that China and Cuba and Venezuela are civil rights violators. Well, sure, but where was he three years ago when they were all about where they are now, or maybe worse? And why now? Because a Dem is Prez?

  6. Dear Senator remember when you voted to confirm an obviously Stolen Election? Well, we do!

  7. The glaring U.S. violation of human rights is the most fundamental: the right to life.

    Furthermore, the FDA has been caught red-handed purchasing body parts of aborted babies used in research conducted by the NIH.

    Will these violations of human rights be investigated the UN?

    The U.S. has certainly done a lot of good to advance the respect for human life and individual liberty abroad, but we do have the blood of 60 million unborn children on our hands.

    We won’t ever successfully right the ship until we jettison the baby body part trade and protect all persons from conception to natural death.

  8. Like Biden cares what Swampy Dan thinks. Hell Biden doesn’t know what he thinks.

    Whoever is running Biden is too busy trying to bring down America to care what a backbencher like Swampy Dan thinks

  9. There was a time when the left still loved America. They may disagree with their neighbors, but they could agree that their neighbors had a right to their opinion, that they were good people, and that they both shared a love of their country.

    Today’s left despises America, and all it represents, and they have not an ounce of tolerance in them. If you disagree, you are subhuman, and not worthy of their grace. Politics is win at all cost and the goal, is power, solely for power’s sake.

    Ask yourself, if America still had a conservative president, and we were attacked by a hostile totalitarian power.. Iran, China, etc. who would the left side with? Really think about that. Let’s say, in exchange for aiding the enemy in removing such a president, they were guaranteed positions of power in whatever puppet Administration that would be installed. How do you think a Pelosi, a Schumer.. let’s say, a Biden, would react to such an offer?

  10. The USA is a tyrannical police state. This suits all the politicians just fine. Looks like we need all new politicians, as those that came up under the old system are entirely devoted to it.

  11. Lots of complaints about Sen Sullivan here today. Fine, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

    I notice there is ONE signature at the bottom of the letter. Is it a bridge too far to suggest maybe HRH Murky should have signed this too? Or does she get a pass because she kept her head down?

  12. Oh lisa, the informed public expects nothing from this Senator. I stopped calling for the most part. Total waste of breath. All attention spent on lisa is assuring she no longer represents me She needs to be soundly defeated in her next election.

  13. Senator Sullivan seems to be fond of articulating “No Brainer” arguments, like the story above. What is missing is a consistent message in combating the Left’s agenda.
    I hope he finds his voice and soon. This Nation is leaderless at the moment. We can not afford weak leadership anymore.

  14. It is so dismaying to see how vicious people become toward our own elected officials of our own party.

    It is not the lack of leadership happening by the 2 Senators that Alaska is delegated.

    It is the lack of the Republican Party Leadership to inspire and communicate the basic principles of the Republican Platform to the American People.

    That is why the Republican Party lost the Election and Every Election.

    So instead of wasting time attacking instead of supporting the elected Republican Senators and Congressman for Alaska…

    Consider getting involved upstream to help at a grassroots level to make these conversations non-combative.

    Have a block party in your neighborhood that is non-political just to get to know and appreciate folks.

    We have these basic things in common:

    *We are people
    *We want our children to have a good life
    *We want opportunity
    *We are pursuing happiness

    When we start breaking bread with each other, and taking the time and interest in each other to appreciate where others perspectives stem from…

    You do not ever have to agree – but demonstrating respect and treating others with respect – is very much needed in our Great Nation right now.

    As Americans we have more in common than we have differences.

    We need to get back to that premise and act and behave that way.

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