Sen. Sullivan talks about North Korea threat


In the wake of a missile launch today by North Korea, Sen. Dan Sullivan appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer in an interview about the current threat, saying that “Effective diplomacy needs to be backed up by credible military options,” when it comes to dealing with the aggressions of Kim Jong Un.

“The intelligence community has been saying it’s no long a matter of if, but when. They are getting closer, but we are not just waiting for this to happen here on Capitol Hill or with this Administration,” he said, and then described the defense authorization bill that will bring a more robust missile defense to Alaska. Sullivan authored that portion of the bill.

The entire interview can be seen here:


  1. The first people to suggest war, will be the first to be in bunkers. I don’t see any heroism by our politicians, just callousness and a complete disregard for human life that is unnecessary.

  2. Dan Sullivan and his predictable Cold War scare tactics. “We need more billions for missile defense in Alaska!”. And maybe we can improve the hit rate of our missiles from 24% to 26%. Dan is a reliable cheerleader for funneling tax payer money to his pals in the military industrial complex.

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