Sen. Sullivan: ‘I support president on securing border’


(3-minute read) – Sen. Dan Sullivan addressed Alaskans on Wednesday to talk about the question of border security and the function of government in securing the border. You can watch his remarks in the link at the bottom of this transcript.

Today I want to spend a few minutes talking about the partial federal government shutdown and on the broader debate we’re having here in D.C. on the issue of border security and how it relates to that shutdown.

First, I want to make it very clear: I support the president in his efforts and in his Administration’s efforts to secure our border.

This is something that every nation does to protect its sovereignty and in my view is not something that should be viewed as very controversial—securing the border of your nation. 

Over the past 25 years every president of the United States, Democrats and Republicans, has attempted to secure our Southern border. They’ve all said they would. Even this Congress over many years has said we should. 

This Administration is trying to keep the promise made by the President to do just that. And I support that.

The goal is for a functional immigration system that secures our border, enforces the law and importantly keeps families together.

We don’t have that now. I agree with the president, and the Customs and Border Protection commissioner, who has called the situation on the southern border a security crisis, but importantly, also a humanitarian crisis.

Two issues that I’m particularly concerned about and have focused on as your Senator and I know that most Alaskans are most concerned about are actually related to the porous border down south.

And that is human trafficking—evil people who are leading children from different parts of America and different parts of South America and Mexico into lives of hell—and also the drug and opioid crisis that’s decimating communities across our country and that is threatening many Alaska communities and families as well. 

Both of these issues are tied to a porous southern border.

Most people who come to this country we all believe are good people coming in good faith. But not all of them are.

It’s a fact that drug smugglers, and human traffickers are exploiting our border with Mexico.

And it’s also a fact that strong borders work.

Of the southern border’s 1,950 miles, a physical barrier today protects about 650 miles. Border Patrol areas with enhanced or expanded barriers have been successful. That’s a fact. They have seen a 90 percent decrease in illegal traffic.

Now, over the past month, Speaker Pelosi has called the so-called wall “immoral.”

I couldn’t disagree more. In my opinion what’s immoral is not addressing the humanitarian crisis that ruins lives on both sides of the border—some of the issues I’ve been talking about in terms of human trafficking and the horrible opioid and heroin epidemic that’s hitting our country and our state.

I wish I could tell you when this is going to end—the partial government shutdown. The good news is we actually last year funded the vast majority of the government through the appropriations process. But while this continues, I will continue to work with federal agencies to try to minimize the impact of the shutdown on Alaskans.

Let me give you a couple of examples. Throughout the holidays, I worked with senior officials at the Department of Commerce, including the head of NMFS, Alaskan Chris Oliver.

Working together, we made sure that the cod fishery opened on time and we will continue to work day and night to make sure future fisheries openings in Alaska, some of which are coming in the next week, also open on time with federal government support.

Earlier today, President Trump came to the Capitol to meet with Republican Senators.

I was able to commend his team to him for working with us to keep our fisheries open—that’s hundreds of millions of dollars for Alaska communities and hundreds if not thousands of people working in our fishing industry who are out there fishing now.

And I also personally encouraged him to continue to make sure that federal agencies are helping Alaskans and Americans. For example, I mentioned FEMA—as it continues to work on the recovery from the massive earthquake that hit our state on November 30—to make sure FEMA is helping Alaskans now to the extent allowed by law. And that was an issue I raised with the president today.

Finally, Alaskans should also know that I’ve introduced a bill that ensures that members of our Coast Guard continue to get paid through the shutdown. The Coast Guard is the only branch of the five branches of the military that isn’t getting paid. The Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines are.

I know it’s a difficult issue because other federal agency members are not getting paid. But I believe that the brave men and women of the Coast Guard throughout Alaska and our country—who do an amazing job and are risking their lives every day for us protecting the homeland, keeping our fisheries safe and secure—should be getting paid. 

I raised this issue with the president as well today.

I know this shutdown is tough for many federal workers and their families in Alaska. They do great work for us and our nation. 

Know that we are continuing to work on a solution that helps better secure our country and to create a better, stronger immigration system—one that works for those immigrating and seeking asylum, and one that works for the citizens of our own nation who live here.

We’re going to keep working hard on all of these issues, but I wanted to make sure that you heard directly from me in detail on some of the things we’re debating and discussing in the Congress right now.

Thank you for your attention on these issues and if there are other things related to the partial shutdown that you or anyone else in Alaska need help on, do not hesitate to call my office. Thank you.



      • Of course, she lives with Democrats when her husband (Mr. Lisa) is away. Lisa is as dumb as her dad Frank (ie. a box of rocks). Her dad appointed her because Lisa’s husband has never worked a day in his life, and old Frank wanted some security for his daughter. Thus, the appointment. Joe Miller, whom the Democrats hated, whipped Lisa soundly. Now, it’s the Democrats, RINOS, and Bush folks that vote for her. We are already organizing a big “DUMP LISA” campaign behind the scenes. We’re going to get Trump on board too.

        • I love the “DUMP LISA” Campaign. Its way over due and time to send the Murkowski’s the message that we dont want them anymore. And thank you, Dan Sullivan.

          • Agreed. Something has infected Lisa’s mind. She is just AWFUL! She couldn’t make it as a private attorney, so she draws a government paycheck instead. Just like her dad. Both are idiots. Lisa’s husband is a classic……DRONE. Never leaves the hive.

          • Lisa has to go. She’s ruining Alaska, a place she no longer lives in. Her two boys are in prestigious schools back East and her husband is a stay at home house husband. She’s got mental problems too. This is becoming so apparent. Thank you, Dan Sullivan for being in touch with reality. And being our Senator.

  1. I support Senator Sullivan. Thanks to president in his efforts and in his Administration’s efforts to secure our bordder.

  2. Thank you Senator Dan Sullivan for standing with our President Donald J Trump unlike the other Senator here in Alaska.

  3. Yes! DUMP LISA. Better yet – we need term limits!
    She is a disgrace. Never takes a position just waits to see how the wind blows and how she can play it to her advantage. DUMP LISA

    Thank you Senator Sullivan! Please don’t fold in the coming days.

  4. Lisa being the lawyer she is would give away her clients leverage to the opposite party, Truly a Murkowski!
    Lisa sure likes to have her mug in the media. She will do or say anything to make it happen!

    • Lisa Murkowski has not been a leader for Alaska for a very long time and all of Alaska has caught on to her tactic’s i can tell you on Anwar
      our President Trump pushed that through, but she would tell you different she is a follower there are so many issues and not many are good for our state Sen Sullivan would be my choice as a real Leader for our great State of Alaska

  5. Lisa Murkowski not worthy , never takes a stand and yes she is a switch hitter
    more of a (DEM) than (R) I’m hearing more about her weakness daily, and it was
    our President Donald J Trump that pushed (Anwar) not Murkowski and he made it look good for her. Our committee will see her absent on next Election not one good thing
    as she done to support our President and all of Alaska will vote her out. Larry

  6. Lisa going to CNN to eschew her political double-talk is exactly what I expected after the Kavanaugh, planned parenthood, Obamacare debacle she has run with. Rush had a good take on her with audio this morning. check out for his take on her. Personally Lisa makes me ashamed she is representing me as an Alaskan.

  7. For whatever reason(s) Lisa is clearly not happy being a Republican US Senator. Its kinda painful to watch her. My guess is her unhappiness is because she does not support the Republican position on some important issues, but she has a conscience and knows she has disappointed – to say the least – a lot of Republicans who supported her.

  8. How many years will it be until Dan is our senior Senator? Murky wants to guarantee federal pay forever to federal employees, whether or not the deserve it, just keep paying them forever because they are a protected class of elitists.

  9. Thanks Colonel for speaking for the Alaskans impacted by the shutdown. Helping us hold the line now will bring many dividends in the future. President Trump has done more for Alaska in two years than all the three former presidents combined.

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