Sen. Sullivan says China aggression a reminder that Biden’s policies make America look weak


U.S. Sen.Dan Sullivan, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said China’s military exercises in the Taiwan Strait are dangerous and unacceptable.

“It is another reminder that we have entered a new era of authoritarian aggression led by the dictators Xi Jinping of China and Putin of Russia. They are increasingly isolated and dangerous, driven by historical grievances, paranoid about their democratic neighbors, and willing to use military force and other aggressive actions to crush the citizens of such countries as we are seeing in the Taiwan Strait and Ukraine. These dangerous dictators are increasingly working together to pursue their aggressive goals, and they are trying to split the United States from our allies,” Sullivan said in a statement on Sunday.

Also, a motion by Sen. Ted Cruz to to prohibit shipments of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China failed in the Senate, 54-46, with both Sen. Dan Sullivan and Sen. Lisa Murkowski voting for the prohibition. The Biden Administration has sold at least two million barrels from the U.S. emergency stockpile to the communist-owned oil and gas company Sinopec.

“My amendment would have stopped our oil reserves from going to China. But Democrats blocked it,” Cruz said.

Sullivan predicts that an era of authoritarian aggression will likely be with us for decades, and that America must step into its military and energy advantages.

“We need to face it with strategic resolve and confidence. We have many comparative advantages relative to these dictatorships, if we are wise enough to utilize and strengthen them: our global network of allies; our lethal military; our world-class supplies of energy, minerals and metals; our dynamic economy; and, most importantly, our democratic values and our commitment to freedom and liberty. It’s critical the Biden administration leverage these strategic advantages,” he said.

“Unfortunately, that has not happened in many areas under this administration, such as the President’s weak defense budgets and his policies that undermine America’s energy and critical mineral production. This is exactly the wrong signal to be sending to Putin and Xi,” Sullivan said.

He called for immediate actions from the Biden Administration to make it clear to Xi the true economic costs of any military invasion of Taiwan. 

“This is exactly why, earlier this year, I introduced the STAND with Taiwan Act, which would mandate comprehensive and crippling economic and financial sanctions against the CCP and key sectors of China’s economy if the People’s Liberation Army initiates a military invasion of the island democracy. Congress needs to pass my bill as soon as possible.”

President Joe Biden last week said he would keep a U.S. naval strike group in the South China Sea longer than originally planned, but he canceled an intercontinental ballistic missile test. that had been planned, out of concern for provoking China.


  1. Senator Sullivan, YOU make America look weak by sidling up to Murkowski and voting for these left wing cabinet picks that are shutting down Alaska’s resource industries. We all know Bumbling Biden is owned by the CCP.

  2. Bring a box to work clown. He can’t list one accomplishment of for or by the people. Go along Dan, had no plan, never made a stand, all Dan got was better at lie in without his face turning red on him. Boooooo to go along.

  3. Have you considered, Senator Sullivan, that the CCP may be headquartered in Taiwan?

  4. No kidding. Problem is, we are weak. Our current military “leadership” is more concerned about pronouns than killing Chinese.

    Stand with Taiwan sounds nice, but how. Exactly?

    We are spending munitions money on Europe’s Ukrainian obsession. Every missile we send to Ukraine is one we can’t use ourselves. With Biden draining the strategic oil reserves and butchering the energy sector, where is the gas gonna come from to get us over there?

    Stand with Taiwan is great for rah rah sound bites and twitter clicks, but it’s devoid of practical reality. You know it. The military knows it. And the Chinese know it.

  5. Look no further, Senator Dan, than Hunter Biden’s and China Bill Walker’s secret deals with the Communist Chinese, and what we’ve learned about Chinese debt traps.
    Watch for the push to collateralize Alaska’s Permanent Fund, and sudden, expedited federal approvals for the Alaska natural gas pipeline which’ll be bought, built, and operated by Chinese proxies, of which it looks like Blackrock is one.
    What’s the plan, Senator?
    How do we disentangle Alaska from the Biden-Walker syndicate without “provoking” the CCP?
    If the CCP gets mad, what’s America’s woke, leaderless, vaccinated, outgunned, shrinking military gonna do? What are you gonna do?

  6. The CCP’s strategic policy is: For them to live, everyone else must die. World wide genocide is their goal.

      • “The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BlackOps Partners Corporation, Casey Fleming appears on this week’s episode of Task Force 7 Radio to talk about China, what kind of threat they pose to the United States, and their competitive economic strategy of “they (CCP) must live, we (US) must die.”

  7. Sullivan has lost it and should be recalled or voted out of office. What did he expect? Sullivan doesn’t know. Just another Democrat with an idiot idea parading as a Republican.. You did it to yourself, Sullivan. This state gave you a chance at a job for “we the people of Alaska” and you threw it in the trash when you sided with Biden, CEO Murkowski and the rest of the manure group.

  8. Weakness Dan is supporting Biden’s Department Picks & being woke & supporting Murkowski! You showed how you walk the Fence

  9. We all know it’s just been a matter of time before China makes its moves. It’s been making a lot of little moves and we’ve been letting them get away with it. With Biden as our leader, he’s making sure they get away with everything.

  10. It’s interesting how this wasn’t happening when Trump was in office Dan. Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Taiwan problems all coming to a head because you voted to secure the electoral college vote for the stolen 2020 Presidential election installing the Biden regime who you trying to criticize now. You are not fooling any of us Dan. You are Lisa Murkowski supporting traitor to America. You should be ashamed of yourself and resign.

    Still waiting for you to tell us who ordered the Capitol doors to be unlocked and opened on January 6th Dan! Why won’t you tell us the truth? And who is Ray Epps? You’re lying to us Dan, and we know it.

  11. We can ill afford to be a nation of mealymouthed wimps like Dan Sullivan! We know that given a score, he can “screech” out a party song as well as Lindsey Graham, South Carolina’s effeminate senator. I don’t want to hear either of these midgets prattling on about our foreign policy towards China–that talk is for men! I want to hear from those who have the gumption to take us into an all out nuclear war! Let’s show the Chinese that we are Christian enough to “bake” the good earth and everything on it!

    I’m of the faith that we will be able to pick ourselves up off the ground, dust ourselves off, and proceed on our way into eternity. Regardless of our reservations about war, we are all destined to die. Don’t worry about it: initially you’ll be a little bruised and disoriented when you first find yourself on the ground at the other side (wherever that may be), but wherever it is, you’ll be there for the “long haul!” We have only our hesitance to lose!

  12. If we could have decertificatied the vote and recounted the election which democrats did not want to do the outcome could have very well placed President Donald J. Trump in his authentic ated second term. These aberations were carefully planned and instituted to the harm of this continent.

      • Lucinda, Lucinda, get a grip on yourself! There is good reason that man was kicked out of Eden! Things turned worse for man since he took his first bite of the big, red apple. Only the dull minded buy into the fiction of American exceptionalism? Americans are humans and are subject to human “foibles!” Anti-American, eh? There is nothing more American than “buyer beware!” If that ain’t a clue for you, I bet that you’ve purchased your first acre on Mars from my neighbor! Now, he’s an exceptional American!

        • Edit: “Only the dull-minded buy into the fiction of American exceptionalism!”

  13. The United States is a country full of pussies that deserve every inch of what they’re getting. Live in Democrat bitch world and like it.. respect your fagget Satanist boss.. Suzanne and the rest of the establishment Republicans blocked the Patriots that could have stopped this and called them conspiracy theorists!!! Now we all have to live in hell because you were worried about looking “awkward,” but we don’t deserve it… bitch.

      • Thumbs up, Dalton, advise your admirers to practice using "bad words" in the checkout line; that it'll eventually become second nature to be risqué! Thumbs up, Dalton, advise your admirers to practice using "bad words" in the checkout line; that it'll eventually become second nature to be risqué!

        Imagine that, Dalton! You have admirers who want to be just like you! Advise them to practice using “bad words” in the checkout line; that it’ll eventually become second nature to be risqué! If they what more advice than this, charge them a fee for teaching English as a poetic language!

  14. Biden and other weak kneed politicos are always worried about ‘provoking’ our adversaries. Those countries need to be worried about provoking us. Can’t wait for 2024, if we’re still around.

  15. Russia and China have smart oil and gas agreements that make them both stronger, I wish other countries would make investments and agreements with Alaska and other oil and gas producing states that would make us stronger. The ” Green New Deal ” and the massive red tape in Alaska’s oil and gas laws make it hard to get anything done to produce more, it is so bad Alaska leaders can even stop the oil and gas decline that the leaders have fostered for years. Maybe new leaders in the next election will take control make America and Alaska great again and let Alaskan oil and gas workers “drill baby drill” for more oil and gas and show Russia and China America has not lost it.

  16. Biden inherited those traits from Obama. Remember the bend over tour he took? Carter is worse even more so. All three cater to our enemies which should be an impeachable offense.

  17. What lie is that Lucinda? The one where 5 swing States where T Rump was ahead stopped counting ballots simultaneously?
    Perfectly normal that, right. That lie?

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