Sen. Reinbold leaves Senate floor after refusing mask


Excused from the Senate floor session Monday was Sen. Lora Reinbold and Sen. Mike Shower. Shower evidently missed his plane to Juneau, while Reinbold doesn’t want to wear a face mask.

Sen. President Micciche told Reinbold her clear face shield didn’t conform to standards established by Legislative Council. She left the floor before he gaveled in.

Reinbold has been wearing the face shield for the entire session and Micciche says he has been bending over backwards to accommodate her, in spite of the Legislative Council rules in place. There are two people in the building who are now seriously ill with Covid-19, he said. Micciche believes legislators need to do everything humanly possible to protect the workers and each other. 

Micciche’s statement: “Legislative Council is empowered by the Constitution and Uniform Rules to create enforceable policies in the Capitol Complex. The COVID Mitigation Policy is one such enforceable policy put into place to keep employees, staff and legislators safe and able to continue working to complete the people’s business on time this session. Like many large businesses and institutions with similar close contact working conditions and a critical mission, the plan is fit for that purpose and may be revised in the future. These are not new rules. However, after several positive cases were identified in the building and a couple employees have suffered from COVID complications, we are asking folks for 100% cooperation with the COVID-19 mitigation measures. 

“Further outbreaks of the virus not only endanger the health of vulnerable members and staff, but could risk putting the Legislature well behind schedule during a particularly critical session for Alaska. Everyone consistently following these simple health measures and not asking for special treatment that puts others at risk is our best bet to ensure that the Alaska Legislature will get the people’s work done on time,” Micciche said in a statement. 

Reinbold’s statement:


  1. Masks do almost nothing to protect the wearer. Distance does more. Time to end the charade and return to Normal. If you’re scared, then stay home and hide.

  2. Other people can get the vaccine and wear their own masks , your health isn’t my issue. This whole thing has gone on way too long and is a ridiculous oppressive joke. I applaud her for calling this nonsense what it is.

    • Grow up! If you want to be a jellyfish, that’s fine. I’ll take someone with a backbone anyday.

    • It is a BS rule with no basis in scientific fact. The senate ruled they could work remotely so there you go.

    • I suppose you will also comply with a mandatory butt swab and the so-called vaccine. But you will still have to muzzle yourself with your suffocation device. Next it will be “papers please” if you want to leave your home. The powers that shouldn’t be have found a new little toy, a scare tactic they will continue to use, but only if We The People allow it.

    • I don’t wear a mask anymore in stores. Walmart, Safeway or Fred Meyer. Haven’t since December. There is zero proof they do anything, and honestly, washing hands after being out is more important than any of it. This virus is recoverable. There are some little stores that demand it the second you walk in, I avoid those stores. I refuse to bow to this humiliation of our society any longer. I would have walked out too…. We have a circus for government in Juneau anyway…

      • Right On! We played the game in 2020 but only for the month of February. After that we did a lot of research and made our own conclusion that the entire Covid thing was concocted for the sole purpose of getting Mail In Voting approved with out much push back so that the Election could be manipulated and votes stolen. We truly believe it was a “Plan-Demic” and now in hind sight it was! Why would you take a vaccine for something that has a 99.95% of survival? Time to stand up for your rights!

  3. The mask thing is complete BS and anyone that has any critical thinking abilities still intact know it.

  4. One of the very few politicians who really works for her people. Good on you Lora keep up the good fight. Many more with you than against you.
    “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire
    How many people in the last year have died of the flu or influenza?

  5. I watched Gavel to Gavel last night from their morning session. I wondered where Mike and Lora were. I noticed one of the male Senators take his mask off for a bit. He let it swing down and stay off as he took notes and fiddled around. Then he put it back on. What a joke. Masks do not work. Look at how the Valley has fewer cases and death compared to the mask Natzi town of ANC. Good for you Lora. Yeah, I would call in if it were me. It was Princess Natasha that complained. So Middle School drama. But Lora gets the blame. Thanks Dan Fagan for that. LIBERTY and FREEDOM= Lora

  6. President Micciche hasn’t been watching Anchorage Assembly meetings allowing face shields worn. After the testimony when there was a visual testimony coming from a deaf testifier, you’d think people will change from cloth masks to shields so deaf people can read your lips.
    He just lucky Senator Reinbold is wearing a facial covering.

    Good for Senator Reinbold! she isn’t a child. She doesn’t deserve to be treated as such. It’s like being 40 years old and you are yelled at to put on your mask. Like you can’t take care of your life while old grandpa or granny here (66-something and older) walks by without a mask and no one yells at them. Reason is the yeller have more respect for elders. If you pushed a baby out of you, you are an adult not a child, and don’t deserve being treated as such.

  7. The CDC has said plastic face shields are an alternative to masks. Some people, like myself, have medical conditions which make mask wearing very miserable. How can the Legislature make up its own rules? Good for Sen Reinbold for standing up for herself. Hey Mr. Forkner, as far as abandoning one’s responsibilities….should teachers and other government workers face the same punishment?

  8. How stupid is this
    Masks are for losers, if you want to wear one fine but don’t make me live your afraid life.
    Who’s running your life you, are the crazy left
    Stop the madness masks are another tool for the left to make you Afraid be Very Afraid
    You Go girl/Lora stand your ground.

  9. Good job Lora! It’s time to stand up against tyranny!!! Masks do nothing yet they harm the wearer. I’m not responsible for anyone’s health but my own. If there are cases of illness maybe it’s time we hold them responsible for their health! I exercise and eat well. I take recommended supplements for immune support and I am considered high risk. I’m not holding anyone but myself accountable to take care of me! Oh yes there’s this little thing to note that there’s a 99.8 percent recovery rate. Please!!! Oh and I’ve noticed that since covid the flu has all but disappeared. Funny how that has worked.

  10. Forced masks this week, vaccine passes in the months to come.
    How are you liking the new normal in Amerika’ these days?

  11. She needs to learn to fight like the liberals do. She stamps her feet, and ends up in time-out. She helps nobody but the other side. What on earth is she trying to accomplish with this juvenile [email protected]? Go read Sun Tzu whilst in time out, FFS.

  12. I do not consent to declaring an emergency because of previous perceptions. Evidently a condition of poverty has been created. It is tacitly fraudulent to misrepresent health conditions to receive federal funds. Please keep that in mind. Upper respiratory conditions are less than last years. Just the numbers hopefully not fudged.

  13. “risk putting the legislature well behind schedule…”
    LOL. The legislature doesn’t have a schedule. 120 days is a joke. Professional politicians get paid 365 days to sit around and write-up rules that make no sense……..such as…….
    wearing the commie face-diaper during Session.

  14. They should be made to wear full on Bio-Hazzard Suits with self contained breathing equipment if Covid-19 is truly that dangerous. However, while the Senator may in fact be correct about the efficacy of these worthless masks, she is in a place with rules and a Rules Committee Chair-person all under the umbrella of the Legislative Council. Meaning if she wants to play she better conform. This isn’t a hill to die on Senator, at least not now. Wear the mask even if it is silly.

  15. The few bold ones among us embolden the rest. Understand, when you see someone shopping without a mask and showing their face, their mission (aside from exercising their own autonomy) may just be to let folks know it’s going to be alright. You no longer have to live in fear of the disease OR the folks you ARE SURE are going to confront you.
    If you can’t bear that one exercise of being different by showing your face, maybe give a thumbs up to the face you see. It’s a start. And I’ll appreciate that.
    Just remember that your mask confirms to all the staunch mask supporters that they are right, and convinces all the ones on the fence that they better keep hiding their noses. You don’t want to send that message. But you do.

  16. She just proved to Alaska that she is the front runner for governor.
    See ya, diaper face Dunleavy

    • David Maxwell, God help us if that is true! We need a leader not an ideological stick in the mud. Leaders inspire, find solutions and form a consensus, moving the needle forward, neither Dunleavy or the Senator from Eagle Exit have this talent. Sorry!

  17. “Risk is the tariff paid to leave the shores of predictable misery”. – Unknown
    Rock on Laura!

  18. Hey everybody look at me! Obviously she didn’t learn her lesson when she made a clown out of herself on the plane. It’s embarrassing to have a State Senator behave in such a manner.
    Last time I checked running for elected office is not compulsory but done so voluntarily. Unfortunately she is leaving the constituents of her district unrepresented for no good reason.

  19. Does this enlightened Senator also rage against seat belts? Does she refuse to vaccinate her children? Does she refuse to comply with speed limits? Does she leave her guns (which she surely has) lying around loaded and unlocked?

    There are many ways in which we are all expected to conform to societies’ requirements in the name of safety and the common good, and masks are just one more. This is a temporary need, and the more we all mask up, the sooner we all be rid of them. I don’t like them very much either, but I view them as a temporary annoyance that probably does some good, so why not go with the flow? They are not a symbol of oppression, and the mask hill is not the one upon which to die.

    I might also remind the dear Senator that medical science has confirmed the effectiveness of masks many times over, and the absence of flu this year is demonstrative proof that they limit the spread of disease.

    Ms. Reinbold may think that she is smarter than others in her defiance, and there may be a small chance that she’s right. But, if she’s wrong, she could not only become severely ill herself, but also spread disease to others. Is she prepared for that? Guilt and regret last a long time, madam.

    Here is a person who is so stuck on principle, that it gets in the way of common sense. She precisely fits Churchill’s description of a fanatic – one who can’t their mind, and won’t change the subject.

    Get with the program, Senator. Focus less on your ever-so precious individual rights, and start focusing more on your DUTY to society as a whole.


    • Just the opposite. The masks available do not work! Cloth masks can allow the virus to survive for days.
      Seat belts and vaccinations are proven. Medical use masks are proven. What passes for masks, available to the public, do not work.

    • Whitless , seriously Sir, You are an Idiot. But, I get that you are suffering from a mental illness so we will let it pass. In fact you and the Senator from Eagle Exit are very much alike. Smoke on that!

    • Your seatbelt law is commie too, and subject to false safe hoods.
      If my mom would of been wearing a seatbelt when another truck knocked her truck into the median one year she would have been crushed by the cab of her truck onto the steering wheel and dead. Luckily she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and was bumped down onto the floor where the peddles were and she lived. My choice, everyones choice, of how we choose to take our chances of whether an unforeseen accident will benefit with or without a seatbelt. Some people just have to inflict their personal preferences onto others, it’s a sickness.

    • Whidbey, you are quite the Commie aren’t you. To compare speed limit signs to vaccines, masks and seatbelt laws, this is where your control and law issues blurr and you are so far gone, you cannot separate what is and isn’t constitutional freedoms. You also were so happy to throw in the loaded guns lying around in someone elses private property scenario. As to make sure of demonizing an innocent person for having a loaded firearm in their own home, not blaming the person or persons who would be breaking and entering into someone else’s home to steal these guns, or not allowing a parent to be a parent and teach Their own, NOT the governments, children of gun safety. On a one last note, having principals and standing up for them is a good thing, more people should try it.

    • Hey Dog:
      Go back to your marijuana and your rocking chair. And don’t forget to put on your face diaper so we won’t have to watch you drool.

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