Sen. Mia Costello fractures hip ice skating in Juneau


Sen. Mia Costello, photographed above (left, with Rep. Sara Rasmussen), had surgery to pin together a fractured hip on Friday, after she took a spill on the ice at the skating rink in Juneau last week.

At first, she was told by doctors it was just a bruised hip, but after hobbling around for a couple a week, she went back in and received a different diagnosis, and immediate surgery.

“No water polo for me for six weeks,” she quipped. Costello, who is one of the more athletic legislators, broke her finger playing water polo in last fall.

She is part of a water polo team while she serves in Juneau. She’ll be recovering in Juneau for a few weeks while her hip heals, and doctors advised her not to fly for the time being.

In college, Costello was a star swimmer, the first Harvard woman swimmer to qualify in an individual event for Division 1; she was and NCAA All-American swimmer and qualified for the Olympic trials.


  1. Kenai Mike,
    A Juneau Orthopedic surgeon is an Independent Candadate for U.S. Senate. Fellow goes by the name of Dr. Al Gross. Evidently there are plenty of doctors around these days ,so many in fact that at least one wants to wade into politics, a profession heretofore dominated by Law School graduates!

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