Sen. Dan Sullivan calls Biden release of oil from Petroleum Reserve 'incompetent' - Must Read Alaska
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Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Sen. Dan Sullivan calls Biden release of oil from Petroleum Reserve ‘incompetent’

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Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan issued a statement regarding President Joe Biden’s decision to release 50 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in an attempt to tame skyrocketing gas prices:

“The Biden administration’s incompetent and schizophrenic energy policies continue, and America’s working families are paying the price. Since Day 1, this administration has purposely sought to raise energy prices, by limiting the production of American energy, killing energy infrastructure like pipelines, and strong-arming American financial institutions to not invest in American energy projects, particularly in Alaska, all the while begging OPEC and our adversaries like Russia to produce more energy.” Sullivan said.

Tapping our nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve is political window dressing that will do little to counteract the Biden administration’s own destructive Green New Deal policies,” he said.

“Mr. President, I have a better idea. Get the boot of the federal government off the neck of energy producers in Alaska and other energy states and let them do what they do best—produce American energy for America with American workers and the highest environmental standards in the world! Don’t tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, tap into the National Petroleum Reserve of Alaska (NPRA)—where billions of barrels of oil are just waiting to be produced.”

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • This was his plan all along though Dan. As you know, Brandon and others like him don’t do anything without a plan. His motivation seems highly questionable at times. Why does he want to raise the price of gas? Surely he wants Americans to be using less gas so he tries to make it less affordable. Saying that that doesn’t work and that his numbers are in the tank, he has to beg OPEC for more oil and until that can get here he has to open the spigot of the American people with their oil reserves. His narrative about increasing oil production in the United States and furthering the development of pipelines is not in the plan. The problem Dan, is that many Americans don’t understand this plan. Probably they shouldn’t even be able to vote because they just aren’t smart enough for lack of any other way to put it, they’re just too stupid to be a voting American. I know how that sounds and that’s the way our society works, but people blindly voting for a party or a popularity contest or a color is just plain stupid. The cost is just too great.

    • Biden doesn’t have a plan. He’s uncontrollably impulsive. His grand strategy for America could be printed in font size 12 Courier, on a postage stamp.

      • More accurately, his handlers have a plan.

        • Correct.

      • Josephdj, You may be correct regarding the diaper wearing occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave not having a plan of his own . I would however point out that Slo-Joe is FOLLOWING a plan constructed by others.
        Sadly this plan doesn’t strengthen American Intrests and in fact seeks to divide and weaken our Nation.

        • Again, correct.

      • He’s listening to whomever the handler is whispering in his ear.

  • Free citizens calls Sullivan’s support of the infrastructure bill – INCOMPETENT.

  • Don’t forget senator Dan, you and Lisa helped put him there. I won’t forget.

    • I don’t care if the senate is at risk next election I will never vote for Dan, Don, or the (can’t use that word here) ever again.
      Flush the toilet.

    • Exactly. We won’t forget.

  • Every shortage we are currently facing is a government manufactured shortage.
    This is on every one of them.

  • So first Don now Dan complaining about the oil! And they both voted to seat Biden’s appointees! Funny now they speak up. Shame on both of them

  • Biden’s move to release petroleum from the strategic reserve is like taking money out of your savings as opposed to going to work to earn money. Eventually you will go broke. But, that is probably the plan anyway.

    • Jim, I couldn’t help but think of our permanent fund account and our Alaska legislators. Same is happening to that account. And likely concluding in it being unable to pay little if anything out as a PFD.

  • Talk is cheap senator chipmonk.

  • Under Murkowski/Sullivan/Young, oil industry employment has collapsed. Can we please have REAL Republicans in Congress – these three suck.

  • HARHARHAR!!! Incompetent is putting it mildly! Biden is a first class moron.

  • Dan … Did you really think supporting both D.Harland and T.Stone-Manning would benefit Alaska and Alaskans? How so and for benefit, reason, and purpose? When are the permits going to be granted for the Willow Project … the $4-6Billion project due west of Alpine. So far your political gambles have resulted in what benefit(s)?
    I’m sure your political support base and contributors are impressed with your accomplishments(?).

  • Dan … Did you really think supporting both D.Harland and T.Stone-Manning would benefit Alaska and Alaskans? How so and for what benefit, reason, and purpose? When are the permits going to be granted for the Willow Project … it’s the $4-6Billion project due west of Alpine. So far your political gambles have resulted in what benefit(s)?
    I’m sure your political support base and contributors are impressed with your accomplishments(?).

  • Let’s face it, there is not a competent bone in the old man’s evil body, by choice, I am sure!!

  • Where’s Don Young and Lisa Murkowski during this announcement?!
    Take the handcuffs off of Alaska and let’s get some oil flowing.

  • We know Biden is incompetent
    Dan look in the mirror we all think you are too!
    Domestic terrorist

  • You helped put him there dumb#%s.

  • Biden will go down in history as the worst leader in America’s history!

    • Possible even the last, if he fumbles the Taiwan situation.

    • Impossible.

      • Not only possible, but factual — he is already there! Biden’s administration/puppet masters EVERY action has been to seriously if not fatally undermine and destroy this nation.
        I challenge anyone to refute that statement, and to give me a SINGLE example of anything the current administration has done that does not expressly have that as its goal and result.

    • Unemployment at a 50 year low. Thanks president Biden!

      • Don’t think we can give him credit for that. And, is that the only thing good that is going to happen under this moron’s stolen time in the WH?

        • Marlene C: if you suggest Biden stole the election, you are obligated to provide evidence. So far all 50 states have certified their elections, 60 court cases went nowhere and even that bungled Arizona spectacle found nothing. So, Marlene C, where’s the evidence?

          • Evan, it’s there and Patriots are working to remedy. Join because someday it will be someone you don’t support. We must not let someone else choose our politicians, that’s 3rd world stuff.

      • Unemployment benefits have run out for so many that can’t get an extension. So of course unemployment figures are lower. However, the number of unemployed is growing daily.

      • There are plenty of $12 to $15 an hour here. COL is cheaper than 49.

      • November 2021: 4.6%
        February 2020: 3.5%
        You can point out that Biden was President in Feb. 2020, and you’d be correct. That he had anything to do with creating jobs, then or now, would be another error.

  • LOL
    As Sullivan greases the skids for all the democrat’s bills and agenda.
    Why drill?
    Dan is complicit in the coming insolvency of our country.
    Our military is being purged, and history shows that won’t end well.
    Dan, we need real leadership and a hard fought battle for our country.
    If your not going to stand up for the constitution, then have the decency to rewrite it. Tens of thousands have taken a oath to defend the constitution.You are putting those that intend to uphold that oath, in a difficult position.

  • Sen Sullivan could have stood up to mumbles eleven months ago when he shut down the keystone pipeline. He could have also been a true Alaskan and not voted yes to strap us taxpayers with trillions in wreckless spending.
    Because these politicians are so out of touch with us deplorables, they have no idea of how much groceries cost or even gas because someone else shops for them, puts gas in their vehicles and cleans their messes behind them. I have emailed and called all three of the traitors with no reply.
    It’s also very disturbing reading about Anchorage’s Assembly members crossing Bronson at EVERY turn.
    Wish Alaska had a Desantis.

    • Yeah they do. His speaker lady the other day said the cost of a 20 # turkey went up a dollar this year. A whole dollar.

  • Part and parcel. To any energy sector employee or anyone who has paid any attention this isn’t news. Obama said in 2008 that under his plans energy prices would “necessarily skyrocket” this is a continuation of the Obama plan.

  • Teapot calling the kettle, black….Dan. You may be incompetent. Brandon is an effing lunatic who should he strapped down in a posey belt and exterminated under the 25th Amendment.

    • Posts like that fuel the division in America and January 6 should at least have taught you that death threats online are easily retrieved.

      • Agreed, Evan, that posts like that are divisive. Did posts like that also bring us months of riots, “The Knockout Game”, and skyrocketing murder rates? Did posts like that cause an “SUV” to run over dozens in a Wisconsin Christmas Parade?

  • Dan voting for the “infrastructure bill” (wink wink) was incompetent.

  • Gee, just a few days ago– Sullivan, Young and Murky were all praising Pedophile Biden. Oh, how quickly these evil people turn on each other.

  • This regime looks and acts like the Obama regime. They think that crippling the oil & coal industries will force a quick conversion to so-called “green energy”.

  • “Damage control Dan” at it again.

  • Dan Sullivan you speak hollow words. Where was your voice when brandon left all the American citizens in Afghanistan? Where was your voice when he left the billions in top notch American equipment. Where is your voice when the government hold political prisoners without due process?
    And you vote for a bullshit infrastructure bill that in reality does jack for Alaska but handing the dems a big win. I expected that from loser lisa but not from you mr military man, The woman in the republican party have more cajones than you. And I gave you money when I didnt have it to get you elected. Never again. Talk to the hand

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