Seattle political consultants get CARES cash to work on Alaska Democrat campaigns


Blue Wave Political Partners, a large liberal Seattle company that has contracts with Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is also being paid by two Alaska candidates for federal office — Al Gross and Alyse Galvin.

Blue Wave hasn’t slowed down its billings one bit during the COVID-19 economic downturn, because it’s an election year, and they’re making bank on the federal campaigns.

Yet the company is also taking economic relief money from the U.S. Treasury, money that they’re using in one way or another to work against the reelection of Alaska Congressman Don Young and Sen. Dan Sullivan.

The political consultancy took hundreds of thousands of dollars through the federal Paycheck Protection Program — money intended to help small businesses, but which is helping Democrat consultancies like theirs around the country. The Florida Democratic Party, for example, received between $350,000 and $1 million from the Paycheck Protection Program.

Galvin of Anchorage is the Democrats’ endorsed candidate to unseat Congressman Don Young, and Gross, of Petersburg, is the Democrats’ choice to take on Sen. Dan Sullivan.

Galvin has given Blue Wave Political Partners $20,000 since last year, and Gross dished over $23,000 to the group. Both are raising substantial funds through the Democrat online fundraising machine called ActBlue, which helps them raise dollars from all over the country.

Blue Wave is doing federal compliance work for their campaigns, and some fundraising, it appears from FEC records.

The two Alaskan candidates are not Blue Wave’s largest clients, but neither are they the smallest. Galvin and Gross are midsize targets for Blue Wave, whose marquee candidate in this cycle has been Bernie Sanders. The Sanders campaign paid the company over $368,000 before Sanders folded.

Blue Wave also worked for Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, the Democrat who has been presiding over the Summer of Love in the CHAZ/CHOP district of Seattle, where murder and riots reigned for weeks.

Blue Wave describes itself as representing “Democratic campaigns and other organizations at the federal, state, and local level.” The company does campaign compliance work for groups such as Planned Parenthood and the Bernie Sanders’ group “Our Revolution.”

FEC records show that Blue Wave’s campaign income went from $1.4 million the last cycle to $2.6 million in 2020.

The company’s chief fundraiser, Kevin Geiger, is the Northwest fundraiser for Joe Biden for President.

For their Washington clients alone, they’ve booked over $150,000 in receipts local races since the beginning of the year, with no sign of any slowdown due to COVID-19, as shown in this public document:


  1. Seriously…… Who the hell can be surprised?! Why do you think the lefties jumped all-in to get the out? What? To help the little guys???? Not even close.

  2. This is way past outrageous. This is banana republic, drug cartel type behavior. It is fundamental corruption. If Galvin and Gross do not publicly apologize and burn their contracts with this outfit today then we should ask those two to move from Alaska right now, never to return. We have no room for that class of person in this state!

  3. What gets me is they are so bold and on your face about it
    They need stopped at all cost
    Might be too late
    Look how they selectively took over the state house and Senate? Wish I knew who was pulling Edgmon’s strings. He must know where the bodies are buried.

  4. All funds need to be taken back and redistributed to Alaskan small businesses or returned to the feds

  5. Once again, our elected officials in Washington, D.C. fail us. What kind of amateurs are they? No prohibition against using CARES money to pay employees of businesses who do political work? Where is the outrage from the Right? Crickets. File a lawsuit. Do something.

  6. And my wife & I have still not received the first round of Stimulus checks even though we met the income requirements. Contacted Senator Sullivan’s office and they are clueless. Funny how these greedy organizations always cut to the front of the line. The corruption in government has reached epic levels. Drain the Swamp!

  7. Now we see why Pelosi was so gung-ho on getting that $3 trillion out as fast as humanly possible. There’s corruption to fund and no time to waste!

    MY taxes being used against me. That’s so deceitful… so dishonest… so democrat.

  8. We are just very fortunate that no republicans got any of that money. Which is surprising since they could have been at the front of the line for the free trillions which were a direct result the leadership of Senator McConnell and our President. Republicans, unlike the liberal democrats, are not looking for a handout. I heard a conservative businessman got some money but knew it was wrong, so he gave it back. That money is now in the hands of a lazy democrat who wants to destroy our heritage. Attorney General Barr needs to have these thieves put in prison.

  9. How are all these Organizations getting the money. ??? It is supposed to be for Businesses and people to recover from the Covid-19 shut down. I’ve noticed how Our mayor wants to use it to buy out properties for housing the homeless, which we’ve had for the previous umpteen years and does not in any way relate to the business recovery. Many businesses are not getting the money, and may be closing due to this misappropriation. How does this Org in Seattle get this money.

  10. Blue Wave Political Partners, a large liberal Seattle company that has contracts with Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is also being paid by two Alaska candidates for federal office — Al Gross and Alyse Galvin says all you need to know about how evil these two and the entire democratic party are in Alaska. And add Lisa Murkowski behind the scene with her treasonous liberal “BS”!!!Alaska is besieged with traitors in the political realm from the UNCONSTITUTIONAL actions of the Governor to Anchorages Mousseline mayor !!! I ask this of the Alaska People, Are the limits in the Alaska state constitution still in place that lists the only powers granted the state for a guaranteed republican form of government as the states and US constitution limits it’s power legally?

    Suggestions are not statutory laws set in place by the Alaskan legislature. How do you propose to fine or hold supposed violators accountable. This outlines the Constitutional Violations by Dunleavey and Burkowitz both are guilty and yet all the JUDGES in Alaska say nothing, silence in the court speaks loudly of a tyrannical judicial system especially on the federal level.

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