Scott Kendall at the mic on the Must Read Alaska Show, talking about ranked-choice voting



On the Must Read Alaska Show, host John Quick interviews Scott Kendall, a prominent litigator, strategic consultant, and lightning rod figure in campaign and election law in Alaska.

Scott shares his insights on ranked-choice voting vs. STAR voting, which was discussed on the MRAK Show recently with one of its co-developers, Mark Frohnmayer. Scott also discusses his experiences supporting various candidates, including his stance in the recent Anchorage mayoral race, in which he supported mayor-elect Suzanne LaFrance.

Scott also provides an analysis of some of the issues facing Alaska, such as education funding, teacher recruitment, and retention. Additionally, he offers his perspectives on the upcoming presidential election and local congressional races.

Join John and Scott for a look at the current and future political landscape in Alaska, demonstrating the importance of thoughtful dialogue between differing view points.


  1. Scott Kendall is funded by some of the darkest money in politics

    George Soros and Friends ——-> Arabella Advisors —-> 1630 Fund ——> Alaskans For Better Elections —–> Local Hired Gun Attorney to Attack Alaskans Scott Kendall ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

    He tries to say that me calling him a “Soros & Friends Funded Attorney” is Antisemitic.

    This guy needs to study the 7 stages of grief. If I wasted $10+ million pushing a trash system like #rankedchoicevoting I would do my best to defend it too.

    Dealing with grief and disappointment in such a high-stakes situation can be challenging and emotionally taxing. Here are the stages of grief you might experience:

    1. Denial: Initially, you might refuse to accept that the mistake happened. You might think there must be a misunderstanding or believe it can’t be as bad as it seems.

    2. Anger: As reality sets in, anger can surface. This anger might be directed at yourself, your team, or external factors you believe contributed to the mistake.

    3. Bargaining: You might start to think about ways to fix the situation, even if they are unrealistic. You may find yourself obsessing over “if only” scenarios and what you could have done differently.

    4. Depression: The weight of the mistake can lead to feelings of sadness and hopelessness. You might feel overwhelmed by the consequences and worry about the future.

    5. Acceptance: Eventually, you come to terms with the mistake. This doesn’t mean you’re happy about it, but you acknowledge it happened and begin to think about how to move forward.

    6. Reflection and Learning: In this stage, you start analyzing what went wrong and why. You look for lessons that can be applied to prevent similar mistakes in the future.

    7. Recovery and Action: Finally, you take steps to rectify the situation as much as possible and implement changes based on what you’ve learned. You start to rebuild trust and confidence in yourself and your team.

    Each stage can be difficult, and it’s normal to move back and forth between them. Seeking support from colleagues, mentors, or a counselor can also be helpful in navigating these emotions and coming out stronger.

  2. I’m good… Thanks… think I’ll pass on this opportunity. I’d rather have major surgery without anesthesia, than listen to the lies and BS that Kendall is going to spew…

  3. A pox on Scott Kendall. He has had a terrible influence on Alaskans. I wish for him all the same lawfare used against him, as he has used against us. He should be shunned.

  4. Good on MRAK for carrying a deep varying viewpoint on political ideology. I really don’t agree with Kendall on anything here. He reminds me of James Carville, without the Louisiana drawl. Kendall is good for the Democrats, but not for fairness and balance. His ideological firewall disallows economic and political freedom for conservatives. His goal is to contain conservatives and cut them off, using a variety of trick moves and nuances. If left to his devices, free markets, free speech, and most other constitutional rights would be diminished or dissolved. Give him credit for tenacity to get left-wingers elected, though. We just have to beat him.

  5. I don’t mind differing points of view but I have to say, being one of the people who spent hours of my spring & summer collecting repeal RCV signatures, setting personal time aside, and having Scott doing everything possible to discredit and nullify our efforts to get it on ballot, I’ve heard enough from him. He gets paid for his time in court, one way or the other. We did not get paid to collect signatures or for our efforts. Let the people vote on it win or lose.

  6. Here’s a summary of the show before it happens:

    “Hi, this is Scott. I never miss a chance to profit from forcing tyranny on the masses. Some people say they’ve completely lost faith in the legal system because of me! I’m powerful.”

    The end.

    You just got back an hour of your life. You’re welcome.

  7. Scott Kendall hates Alaska, no doubt. On a good day he continues to suck off the resources granted him by folks who care, and he screws us all with his demented political actions.
    His ranked choice voting support was dangerous to us.

  8. Wow! I always love hearing people talk about new voting systems 🙂

    It seems like election scientists keep coming up with new and better ways to vote every day!

  9. Scott Kendall is a communist but he is a very effective political operative. We need more Kendall caliber hacks fighting for conservative causes.

  10. Kendall has attacked every conservative that he can. I admit he is a very good lawyer, who could talk the rattles of a snake, but I will pass on this one. I listened to him on another show and then had to remember that he was Walker’s right hand man and that was enough for me. He spent 4 years trying to undo Dunleavy’s election and only supports democrats. Enough, already!

  11. Scott Kendall, I would truly like to see you and Phil Izon on a Must Read Alaska Show to have a debate. I would even listen to that show!

    • Hello, it’s Phil Izon.

      I have offered to debate Kendall many times. He wrote the RCV bill. I wrote the repeal, seems more than fair.

      He is an attorney and twice my age, so it should be an easy win. 😂

      • Careful Phil. Kendall consults regularly with his FIL Luke Hopkins across town in Fairbanks, AKA Einstein of the North; and his uncle David Guttenberg, the pot bellied pig of the Valley.
        Just make sure you bring plenty of pot to the debate. These two cheapskates will be bumming from you.

  12. Kendall helped cover-up the Byron Mallott pedophile case under the Walker Administration.
    Why wasn’t that discussed too?

  13. How about if we demand a physical audit of the 2020 proposition 2 vote instead of interviewing a traitor who is bent on destroying this country? Our elections are broken and no one wants to admit it.

    • Right there.
      I always thought it was funny that BM 2 was losing right up until the absolute last moment absentee ballots could be counted. Suddenly, there was a surge of yes on 2 votes. Just enough to push it to the W column.
      I am not saying it is impossible that almost every person who mailed their absentee ballot from the furthest reaches of the globe wanted BM2 to pass. I am not saying there was fraud. But when you see something that is out on the very fringes of the bell curve happen, an investigation is warranted.

      • Lt Gov Meyer is almost wholly responsible for the disaster that is ranked voting. Why? He made the unilateral decision to mass mail out ballots during “covid”. It was a violation of the law and he was challenged, but amazingly *sarcasm*, the courts agreed it was ok to “violate” the law. An oft repeated ‘opinion’ from our astute legal eagles in Alaska, elected officials can violate the law especially if it’s good for democrats. And believe you me, mass mail out of ballots was GREAT for democrats! Remember that Alaska has the highest over inflated voter rolls in the nation, and our squishy ‘moderate’ republican Lt Gov handed an easy victory to rank choice voting and hence forth democrats and left wing ideologues. So we mailed out hundreds of thousands of ballots except that well north of 100,000 ballots, at a minimum, shouldn’t have been mailed because those ballots were mailed to people who should never have received a ballot. The potential for fraud and ballot harvesting during the 2020 election was ridiculously high. And we will never know the true numbers because Meyers refused to call for an actual forensic audit (he was asked to) even though they were aware there were 2 data breeches prior to the election. Well over 100,000 Alaskan’s data was stolen and on the dark web and there was nothing done to fix that, they knew this a month before the November 2020 election, but Meyers went ahead with mass mailout ballots anyway. If you want to know who, as an elected official, is really responsible for ranked voting and then the slew of elected officials who’ve won (but wouldn’t have) since RCV was installed in Alaska – look no further than former Lt Gov Kevin Meyer. RCV was installed by just a few thousand votes, less than 1%. And the dark money forces from the lower 48, alongside their patsies in Alaska like Scott Kendall who were willing to do their dirty work, outspent those opposing RCV by many millions of dollars. And it still barely passed. One has to wonder if Meyers was working behind the scenes on helping RCV, he certainly wasn’t helping elected legislators enact election integrity legislation or regulation.

  14. Nothing has been more damaging to Alaska than these idiot lawyers and their dark money supporters that have come up here and destroyed our way of life over the last 20 years. This guy is the worst of the worst.

  15. If STAR voting had been in place during the last Alaska election a Republican would have won. You could have given stars in the way that you felt was correct. After the stars were counted (which can be done by a person) the 2 people that had the most stars – in this case it would probably have been a Republican and a Democrat though maybe both Republicans – would be left. Then your full vote would have gone to whichever person you gave the most stars to (which can also be counted by a person.) It’s simple. Verifiable. Easy to tabulate. Admissible in all 50 states.

    • Will they be handing out participation awards to those who did not get as many stars? The STAR system is just as stupid as RCV imho. One person-one vote-on one day WITH ID!

  16. WOW

    Interesting comments on Ranked Choice Voting! RCV was chosen at the ballot box and will be challenged once again.
    The demographics of Alaska are indeed unique, which is the reason RCV works here. Over 50% of registered voters in Alaska are Independent or undeclared. Republicans about 25% and Democrats about 16%. Prior to RCV party officials hand picked candidates. Yes there were “primaries” for show but over 50% of Alaskans never had the opportunity to weigh in on candidates. Party elites made the actual decisions on who should run and we “the lemmings” smiled and went along with the show.
    Well now the total electorate gets a chance to set the slate. Why should 25 or 16 % determine who runs for office? Why not everyone?
    Alaskan demographic distribution cries for the type of voting RCV offers.
    The last two election cycles proved that point. It is unlikely that voters will give up their right to choose candidates. Why would over 50% of Alaskan voters vote to lose their right to vote?

    • WOW! I am always amazed by the people who support ranked choice voting. RCV was not voted in, it was selected by the cheaters who made sure to print enough ballots saying that we want RCV. Alaskans do not want RCV and eventually we will get rid of it. In addition, STAR will not be replacing it. We will be going back to voting for one person on one day with ID using paper ballots. Looking forward to the coming days.

      • Actually you can vote for just one person!
        Ranking more the one is a choice!
        In fact, like it or not RCV was voted in. Nov will again give voters a choice RCV YES OR NO!

        • If Nancy Dahlstrom had done her job as Lt. Governor, the answer would most certainly come out as a NO because the votes could not be manipulated as easily as they were last time. Isn’t that right Gail? Feeling confident?

    • Correction: RCV was FORCED through by outside money while Kendall and others like him engaged in lawfare against anyone who opposed it.

  17. I listened with an open mind because I have never heard Scott before. He said, “…you can go look at my APOC history… I have donated to independents, Republicans, Democrats, probably more Republicans than anything over time..”. As one measurable fact, I decided to check his APOC and found he gave to many more Democrats than his few Republicans; Stedman, Stutes, and Giessel to name a few. Sorry Scott – You appear to be the person most report you to be. AND – 1 vote 1 person is all we need – stay out of Alaska’s voting system, you’ve done enough already. We don’t need to fix what wasn’t broken!

    • If Scott bought shares in the Stedman, Stutes, & Giessel outfit, doesn’t that say more about SS&G’s actual purpose in life than R’s or D’s appended to their names?

  18. Appreciate John Quick’s podcasts from the other end of the political spectrum.
    While eagerly awaiting the Phil Izon interview, may we ask Lawyer Kendall:
    Were dark money contributions, voter-registration records of questionable accuracy, ERIC enrollment, lawsuits, mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, proprietary Dominion vote-tabulation equipment, and dedicated attorneys such as yourself assembled in order to force RCV permanently on Alaskan voters?
    Were these resources assembled against Alaskan voters because RCV sponsors, including yourself, knew in advance that the RCV concept would never find favor among voters on its own merits or survive robust public debate?
    Does the urgency to impose RCV permanently result from a perceived opportunity to exploit the judicial corruption apparent in the state grand-jury system?
    Would Anchorage radio talk-show hosts violate contractual agreements by telling audiences who paid them, how much they were paid to advocate for RCV and why dissent against RCV is apparently not open to on-air debate?
    Would you characterize “Field Manual To Ranked Choice Voting Lessons From The Last Frontier” and
    “(manufactured Majority) Tales from the 2022 Alaska U.S. Congress Race & U.S. Senate Race” by Izon Education as false, misinformation, or disinformation?
    Would you request personally, or on behalf of your clients, that social-media content moderators ban these books, and quotations from these books, because the information they contain is false and/or misleading?
    Is bipartisanship more important than election integrity; if not, how does the fact that ballot chain of custody is lost during RCV “recounts” improve election integrity?
    Does the success of RCV depend on verifying ballot-counting accuracy by comparing only 5% of the electronic ballot count with a corresponding hand-count?
    Is it unreasonable to conclude that proprietary Dominion equipment and proprietary RCV vote-counting software are used to help guarantee that the transition to RCV is permanent and can not be undone by voters?
    Is it unreasonable to conclude that lawsuits against RCV-repeal sponsors have nothing to do with improving election honesty and transparency, but everything to do with squashing what might start an irresistible popular momentum to replace RCV with traditional voting?


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