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Sarah Palin and the collapse of the Democrats


The Democrats don’t have lousy Presidential nominee candidates merely because the good ones were keeping their powder dry.  

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A Black Swan candidate of 2008 is appreciably responsible for it, and no one seemed to notice.  When Sarah Palin became the focus of the hopes of committed conservatives, the swamp did everything in its power to destroy her.  Venal Republican operatives were so beset with personal jealousy, they were willing to crash the ship on the rocks to ensure against her ascendancy.

They won their battle, sadly.  But, a single line — just one — provided the foundation for conservatives.  Mrs. Palin told America “Do you know the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull?  Lipstick!”

In one succinct line she captured the commitment and determination of conservatives seeking to protect something they love.

Fast forward a year, and those same conservatives saw Obama trying to destroy that which they love and without hesitation, these conservatives jumped into a new political movement.  

Bolstered by their belief that Sarah Palin was an everyday somebody like them, and infuriated by her maltreatment, they populated the ranks of the Tea Party.  They were determined to protect America. Within months, they were activists.

Read more at American Thinker. 

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  1. Yeah, but her saga continues. Many Alaskans feel that she abandoned them. She flirted with moving to Arizona as a dark horse for taking McCain’s seat. Too much water under the bridge. Too much baggage. There will always be some lame Dumb-o-crat stick their head out of the sand to see if the coast is clear. Had it not been for Ross Perot stealing away votes, there never would have been a Bill “hide the cigar” Clinton or law school failure and ex republican Hillary. And that led to the inventor of the internet…Al Gore. No movement, so no Nobama. The dominoes keep falling. Life is great.

  2. Down with the Dems aka Socialists aka Communists. Up with True Americans and our President Donald J. Trump. President Trump2020

    • Not looking too good that Trump even makes it to 2020 election, Robert. He just may be working on his “deal of a lifetime”-that of resignation and keeping himself out of jail. Heheh!

      • I bet you thought Trump was even more of a longshot in 2016. When he wins again I will feel as sorry for you and your kind as you did for us under the least qualified POTUS in the history of the country – who you and your kind, bizarrely, believe was one of the best.

        BTW, he was not born in the US…that’s because he is a space alien!

      • Why is that Bill? The dems have been found out to be playing politics and lying as usual. Shift needs to be brought up on charges. They are all in, but they are out of chips and hold no cards.

  3. Sarah Palin is a down-to-earth person. She knows what wrong with American people. She learned it from living in Alaska. She doesn’t let politics stand in the way of working-class people that need a break and want to be better, instead of people wanting to live off the government all their life. Keep up the good work. You understand working class and our troubles.

    • Well, I gotta tell ya that I sincerely hope Sarah Palin is not someone like anyone. Her instincts are not, I hope, political, since they reflect those of a junior high school clique leader (hmm…that’s scarier than I thought it would be), and I sincerely wish her an obscure future without conflict and distress, which she so richly deserves.

  4. One thing for sure, she has incredible political instincts. Unfortunately, she got picked by McCain, who apparently thought genitalia would neutralize skin pigmentation. Dear Leader’s team did what they needed to do to demonize her. And her political career ended. I doubt she could be worse than any of the candidates on the Democrats’ stage tonight.

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