Russian cadets sing their vows to help Putin take Alaska back from United States

Russian cadets seen in a propaganda video vowing to take Alaska back for Russia.

According to video obtained by The Daily Mail, Russian military cadets, some who are young children, vow to grab Alaska from the United States and sing that they are “ready to die” for Russia President Vladimir Putin.

The young Russians are also seen pledging never to surrender Crimea, “as they sing from a military college against a backdrop of Second World War monuments in Volgograd, formerly Stalingrad.” The video is interspersed with images of Russian military might.

The film actually uses a section of video from a Brexit rally to justify Vladimir Putin’s bid to restore Russian might, the newspaper reported. The video can be seen at this link or below:



    • Exactly. Without that clarity- and a good faith effort to do so- this is rank war propaganda.

      I highly doubt that the Russians would want more land that in beyond their capacity to control. And the vast amount of land they do control is greatly pressed- from NATO in the west to the CCCP in the east and within their own population. Any “alliance” with the Chinese is temporary at best- as it always has been.

      And if I am wrong about the Russians wanting Alaska back how would they do so logistically? Assuming they defeated us militarily (and also that they magically have the capacity to resupply their army here over time) how would they control a sparse and well armed population of Alaskans? Maybe the areas they extract resources from at best? But they already have the same resources in Russia (oil, nat. gas, gold, fish, ect.) and they have difficulty extracting them to anywhere near full production. Why go to war when you can just grow economically?

      This war propaganda does not make sense either way one looks at it. Disappointing morning at the office SD.

      • “……..I highly doubt that the Russians would want more land that in beyond their capacity to control………”
        Never underestimate stupidity. Witness Crimea, a peninsula they have never successfully controlled long over the past couple of thousands of years. Clearly, even if they really don’t want Alaska back, they’re quite willing to rattle their rusty sabers at us. I suppose most Americans are equally ready to let such stupidity whoosh right by their heads, but I’m more akin to wage a full psyops campaign right back, and with exponentially more efficiency. This silliness dies with Putin, and if they’re so stupid as to stand up an even worse tyrant, we can influence his demise, too.

  1. That isn’t alarming whatsoever… Here in the good ol US our children can’t even sing the National Anthem or say the pledge of Allegiance in classrooms any longer. What a shift.

  2. We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
    That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.
    That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and, to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty to throw off such Government, and to provide new guards for their future security.
    – The Declaration of Independence, 1776

  3. Why not northern California (the former Russian Fort Ross) while they’re at it?

    This is just silly Russian jingoistic hyperbole.
    There is just as much chance of the USA retaking the Philippines.

    • Could they? Considering the state of the military and the idiot in chief? Potentially.

      Will they try? Only if they are absolutely suicidal. Failure to protect a US state would lead to an immediate impeachment or military coop. Followed by nukes.

      This is just internal propaganda. But it speaks volumes how little Putin is concerned about Grandpa Bloodstains to even leak this.

      • Well the reason why Palin resigned is a Romanov? You know. The reason why Russia exhumed graves in Russia and Jerusalem?
        Let them give away Alaska to Russia. All that will happen is that One will tap the First People on the shoulder. Hey. I found this. I think it belongs to you. Happy Trails. Peace.

      • All I can say is bring it on ! Stupid as Russia’s economy is smaller than Texas . They have no roads , no trains in Siberia . They have cities of 300,000 population that only connected by air . No EPA , no lawyers , no protesters to stop any road or capital projects and yet they cannot build anything as far as infrastructure . Siberia is way bigger than Alaska with very little development

    • Jefferson, I agree this is hyperbole and most definitely for internal consumption. Another rousing video to stir the Russian pride and fall in line with whatever Putin wants.

    • Jefferson,
      Russia ranks at the top of the worlds oil producers and yet was unable to get fuel to its Tanks after the Attack on Ukraine began. I see little chance of Putin being able to mobilize his forces into the Far-East much less across the Bering Sea. Alaska is safe for the moment.
      Furthermore Putin in Juxtaposition to our Glorious War-Lord Joe Biden, appears like a backwater street thug. Joe can toss 80 billion dollars of advanced war fighting equipment to Afghan Tribesmen, squander another 100 billion in the Ukraine and still be his parties nominee for 2024.

      BTW, moving to the Philippines is looking like a tempting option these days.

      • Robert if you think Russia is weak you are nuts. The Ukraine situation is smoke and mirrors just what Putin wants. Keep your eye over your shoulder. Russia has 1600 top of the line tactical fighters, heigh time pilots to fly them. They definitely have hypersonic missiles and 3000 nuclear warheads. And a bunch of killers running their country. Zelenskyy is a con man and they have relieved US of $100 billion and for what.? Something far more sinister going on here than just Ukraine. Biden bombing sub sea gas lines and why exactly??? Best be asking yourself some questions. If somehow Putin did re take Alaska it’s an easy overland march threw Canada. What would the Canadians do slap the Russian s with a glove.?? Unarmed fools. With what I’ve witnessed in this country in the last 3 years I would believe anything could happen.

      • “……..BTW, moving to the Philippines is looking like a tempting option these days.”
        The tropics suck.

    • “Why not northern California (the former Russian Fort Ross) while they’re at it?……..”
      Because China owns the San Francisco region already, and they don’t want to piss Zi off.

    • Nice projection, but calumny. Nobody is cheering anything about that war except for Biden and his cronies, who benefit from the cover for their economic malfeasance in Ukraine.

      • “Nice projection, but calumny……..”
        Conservatives might not be “cheering” Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, but they’re undeniably assisting it by using aid to Ukraine as domestic political leverage to try and force the Demonrats into cooperation at the border. Putin has outright cited this in public speeches recently and gleaming it as a political victory. You can pull these speeches up on YouTube, if you can overcome your denial. Also, please review The Neutrality Act of 1939 and The Johnson Act of 1934 and re-dream how that somehow fixed 1941 or any of our domestic problems at the time.

    • Give the names, please, of a half-dozen well-known “American Conservatives” who cheer Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Finland…? Finland will manage it’s own border, and will do a far better job of it than Biden is doing for the USA.

      Now, we might easily list hundreds of well-known American progressives who are sympathetic to Hamas terrorism, and who have thrown open our own border to an invasion, but I’d rather not clutter up the Comments to this column.

  4. Russian children being taught they are victims. We’re all in a race to the bottom trying to find the most victimized to idolize.

    • I doubt that.
      Most photos look to be of an older era and I do not think Putin wants to create anymore awareness regarding the stalemate in Ukraine. Kids can be directed to sing or do almost anything. Remember the Obama Youth and their praise song?

      • Taxpayer – You are one of the few people in the World who doesn’t know that Ukraine has lost the war. Even the Washington Post & the New York Times, who used to cheerlead about a Ukraine victory a few weeks ago, have completely flip-flopped and have told us to prepare for an inevitable defeat of the Zelensky regime as has NATO Chief Stoltenberg. As a Taxpayer (pun intended) you must feel awful about the hundreds of billions of dollars that was just pissed away on the State Department’s neo-cons wet dream called Project Ukraine. Keep current and stop watching the legacy networks – there is no news there, with the exception of maybe the weather!

        • Fishing, I don’t give much credence to what the NYT reports. They generally present the news to manipulate, not inform. Per reporting from the BBC Ukrainian forces are still holding off Russian troops, as in a stalemate. The Ukrainians may loose this eventually, but they will fight to the very bitter end. This is an embarrassment for Putin, who wanted a quick campaign (probably remembering his walk into Crimea while Obama was president) to demonstrate Russian superiority and to return a wayward state back to Mother Russia. These days many Russians are not happy with sending their sons off to fight and any reminder of that would be counterproductive.
          I am not very happy about all the tax dollars being sucked into the black hole of a very corrupt country. This is especially concerning as our president and his family have ties to that region and as demonstrated by their past actions are not above using US policy and tax funds to manipulate for their advantage. (or potentially getting a kickback???)

        • I’m with you fishing for food. This Ukraine situation is smoke and mirrors. From the beginning if Putin wanted Zelenskyy dead he could have killed him 1000 times. Do not underestimate the Russians. They are ruthless. They are still listed as the 2nd most powerful military on earth. Human life means nothing to the Russian regime.

        • “…….You are one of the few people in the World who doesn’t know that Ukraine has lost the war……..”
          Gee, why doesn’t the Russian Navy have a single ship moored at Sevastopol?

  5. Not surprised at all by this verbal attack aimed at Alaska.
    Considering Bidens attack on the states that did not support his election its a great time for others to coordinate their attack as well.
    Russia is aware of the resources being locked up and waiting for someone else to step in and develop so they may as well join Xi and the CCP that Bill Walker was gifting the LNG in exchange for ???
    You certainly wont hear of this talk about Deb Haaland’s home state of New Mexico!

  6. The cynical part of me wonders if Biden would actually lift much of a finger to come to our aid. More likely he’d make a deal, for the Russians to develop our oil and gas and the Biden brand getting a kick-back for letting them take it all. Hunter would be the middle-man since he has vast experience in the energy sector with Burisma.
    Okay all joking aside, Putin needs the focus on an outside enemy. The Ukraine war isn’t going as planed as the country is getting tired of the stalemate, that was supposed to be the speedy and “glorious” return of a wayward state to Mother Russia.
    Alaska is a nice juicy propaganda piece, but I do not think Putin can afford more fronts at this time or the legitimate use of US forces and weapons that will flow to all, if he attacks us directly.

  7. We face malfeasance (the Biden ‘brand,’ and so much more) and misfeasance (again, ‘wide-open-borders’ Biden) to the southeast of us, and the threat of Russian/Chinese invasions to the west. We Alaskans must resolve to rebuild our own moral character, and then strengthen our Great Land against the 21st-century’s invasive adversaries. Let’s make these our No. 1 and No. 2 New Year’s resolutions.

  8. Already bought and paid for dumbsh*t Russians. 2¢ an acre Go nuke yourselves. Of course, many Alaska Democrats would prefer to live under a totalitarian dictatator.

  9. Any of you people see Red Dawn back in the 80s??? There is an entire generation that knows Russia is an enemy of the USA.
    Like to see them try to take Alaska back. Would be a war of it’s own. Alaska has a massive military presence. Bring it on diaper baby cadets!

    • No deceptions detected…this checks out! We all know if Russia attacked Alaska, it will be the literal end of peace anywhere in the world. Russia knows that too…We probably have more working AK 47’s per capita and other Soviet block weapons than they have currently in service in their infantry…let alone all the AR platforms running around out here, and our good old Biden endorsed double barrel 12 gauge shotties and ammo in surplus coming out the yin-yang… Nah the soviets know it’d be a massive error and underestimation on there part to attack Alaska. A huge comedy of errors and suicidal for the closeted USSR…lol

      • They wouldn’t need firearms, just end the grants and government subsidies and the people in Alaska would fold immediately. In Russia the economy is based on actual work, energy, mineral extraction and manufacturing. The Ruble has actual value, not based on leveraged derivatives, IOU Treasury notes, and printing presses. An education indicates the degree holder actually is knowledgeable in engineering and other useful fields. They have been through the entire socialist cycle and learned the hard way it does not end well. It is absolutely true that Russians consider Alaska as Russian territory. That said, it won’t take much longer for the house of cards our country has become for the financial and societal cohesion to collapse (our industrial base and real wealth has long since been exfiltrated) and Russia could consider annexing our state. They really don’t need the resources or the headache of what to do with an uneducated, uncultured and largely skill less population.

        • “…….just end the grants and government subsidies and the people in Alaska would fold immediately……..”
          Let’s start with the PFD. The population would crash by 15%-20% or more within a year of the announcement, and it would be the precise people we need to leave who would flee as if their pants were on fire. The feds are quite cheerfully getting exactly what they paid for in 1867, but Alaska is getting mostly problems showering cash on drunks, addicts, Hawaiian vacationers, and the sellers of tourist trinkets and cheap Chinese junk.

  10. My travels to Russia confirmed that the Russian people still regard Alaska as part of their country. If we continue to have this kind of administration, it will inevitably be the next conflict.

    • “…….Putin has said in his interviews with O. Stone…
      “I don’t need any more cold land”…….”
      Yet, he’s killing people in Ukraine. No need. Just desire.
      He’s a proven liar.

  11. I attentively listened the narrative of this song. Yes, it is a very patriotic song, and Alaska was mentioned. Clearly, we are witnessing a rise of nationalism in Russia. Historically, the rise of nationalism among key European industrial nations, competition for resources (colonies) and creation of secrete alliances were the main causes of both world wars. This is not going to end well, unless the war in Ukraine will be settled soon.

  12. My experience with Russians outside of America was as a lost relative. It was very emotional for the them. Russian regrets selling Alaska to the USA. Today there is a deep feeling of guilt that they abandoned their fellow Russians.

    • “…….Russian regrets selling Alaska to the USA. Today there is a deep feeling of guilt that they abandoned their fellow Russians.”
      They have a long and disturbing history of harming ‘fellow Russians’. The Russians who stayed in Alaska after 1867 fared exponentially better than the Russians who lived in Russia for the past century and a half.

  13. The Russians need a reality check…they’re having trouble pacifying Ukraine, the country right next door to the Russian Heartland. Russia could commit national suicide by nuking America but that’s the only threat that’s real. China, on the other hand, plays a much more devious game, infiltrating our society and perverting our elections and politicians as they buy up our land with the cash we throw at them via Walmart and most every other commercial outlet. The ChiComs smile and bow with fake respect while they finger the knife they’re hiding behind their back. The average American is too drugged or otherwise self absorbed in hedonistic pursuits to see it or even care…something the Chinese have encouraged. The Chinese Communists are infiltrating every economy that matters and, eventually, we’ll realize that they’re the only enemy we should have been worrying about – but it’s probably too late already.

  14. If this is news to you, you have not been listening. Vladimir Zhirinovsky has been saying this in the open, loudly, unapologetically for nearly 30 years. Remember: while we’re going to our DEI classes and fretting about which pronouns to use, our enemies are training. They are preparing their people. And they will win.

  15. Its weird how Biden’s State Department always aligns with the foreign governments that were paying off Hunter. Weird.

    Russia is a sideshow that poses no long term threat provided Biden doesn’t provoke a nuclear exchange.
    China is the real threat, and Democrats do whatever they can to advance ChiCom interests while accepting the coin. Tearing down Trump-era tariffs on Chinese products, illicit campaign funding, sabotage of our economy via insane green policy, stonewalling our investigation of the man-made origins of the Wu Flu, actively weakening our military through critical race theory/purging of southern war memorials.

    Democrats and leftists just want the USA humbled before brown people – and shrieking mindlessly about Russia while China overtakes us is just another way to accomplish that.

    • This is Alaska, not Washington DC. If you think the road plowing is bad here now, you should have seen it fifty years ago when four wheel drives were uncommon, AWD didn’t exist, most folks were driving rear wheel drive cars with biased tires, and if you needed it plowed, you did it yourself.

      • I don’t know about 50 years ago — I wasn’t in Alaska then — but it is a fact that winter road maintenance was MUCH better 20 and 25 years ago than it is today.
        I will leave it to others to debate why that might be, but the fact is incontrovertible.

        • “…….it is a fact that winter road maintenance was MUCH better 20 and 25 years ago than it is today……..”
          Huh. That’s when I was managing snow removal operations, among many other things. Thanks for the compliment.

  16. Actually, Russia never owned anything above the 51st parallel anyway because the northern boundary was not set by Russia. My great great grandfather Senatee was Chief of the Interior when the northern boundary was set by the US and Canada several years after the Treaty of Cession. International law required boundaries to be set in order to sell land. Russia sold a business, not land. Also an old Russian Priest told me that many years ago, and the Dena’ina ran the Russians out of here in the Battle of Kenai. Read the Kostlivizov Memorandum and the Boundary Council between Russia, the US and British Empire. Remember when Russia was talking about taking Alaska back some years ago? An Athabascan Chief came forward and said You can’t take back something you never owned in the first place. Russia sold the Russian American Company and all they could take back from the US INC would be a business, not the land. In a magazine called The Onion August 23, 1927 was an article – Billionaires Buy U.S. From Millionaires. Same thing.

    • Good point, well documented. And what they sold was then a poorly run failed business too far to control from corruption. But with the discovery of other resources, they now have sellers remorse. We need to be aware of the fact that there is long running public support in Russia to take back Alaska. No time to ignore the threat, when practice bombing attempts are attempted on Alaska very frequently. More so than ever. Yes, we should be very scared.

    • “……..Russia sold a business, not land…….”
      Excellent post, Sharon. Due to our horrid brainwashing (education and mass media) industries, this is almost universally foreign to American minds.

    • That’s absolutely awesome and correct. In fact, archeologists have documented that the First People have been in Alaska over 10,000 years. That sounds like a international law issue to me, and I want to see NANA and CIRI attorneys in the courts, and claim Birthright ownership…

      • “……..I want to see NANA and CIRI attorneys in the courts, and claim Birthright ownership……..”
        Already forgot ANCSA? Do you understand the definition of the word “settlement”? Do you understand $963 million dollars (@ 1972 value) in payment to @ 300,000 Alaska natives in existence on Earth at the time, after recognition if fee simple ownership of 44 million acres (an area larger than the state of Missouri)?

  17. Russian owned a few forts, some churches and some stores and participated in trade along the coast. They desired Alaskans to share their understandings of Christ and wanted conversations in their languages. They were coercive with smaller sized people. Their fond memories were coastal and shortlived. Their activities are placed on a different continent now. When Russia returned to their continent some Alaskan natives went with them and the native languages and values flourished more than they have in Alaska. They feared for the Indian fighting ways of Americans being rogue and harmful or genocidal in nature toward Alaskan natives. Those policies have been oppressive in the social tiers to this day.

  18. Dr Mala, MD of Alaska did some great research on Alaska natives in”Russia”/Siberia and found that the languages were still spoken and he studied DNA. The people in “Russia” knew more culture oral history than the remnant of Aleuts in Alaska did. The Russian cultural exchange saved Alaskan Natives knowledge of dress, languages, history familial anecdotes and dances. The Alaskan native cultures were healthy and well received and integrated socially with the people of the lands of Russia. Not too surprising since the Russians explorers included local Russian people of their coastal lands. I’m sure his research is published. He still attends events in Alaska and is of note. His research was remarkable. I still marvel at it and appreciate it. Researchers often are quiet scholastic but interesting people. I personally believe and so do others that the Russian cultural exchange that was permitted resulted in the greatest realization for at least the Aleuts since the sale.

    • The relations between Russians and Natives is mixed. We have a lot of both Native and White Russian ancestors. The boundary artificially separates both Siberian Yupik and Inupiat communities, which never was an issue until the 1950s and Cold War. Arranged marriages between Diomeders and King Islanders was the norm for centuries. The residents of Big Diomede were forcibly moved on to the Siberian mainland and no one has been able to find them. Not murdered, just the descendants are scattered in an anonymous manner. The White Russian adventurers who came as far east as Alaska were primarily lower class, or criminals and/or social outcasts (to this day the goal of most Russians is to live in or near Moscow) who sought fame and fortune. They essentially enslaved the Aleuts by holding hostages until set amounts of sea otter furs were delivered. They didn’t have the outright prejudice that American Whites have for Alaska Natives, they were simply equal opportunity exploiters of anyone who had less status. As far as languages, the Russians never forced Natives to quit speaking them. In Alaska our grandparents were physically disciplined and forced to stop speaking their languages. Ending a language ends a culture, all part of bringing “democracy” and equality to what are considered lessor peoples by our “educated” and privileged class.

  19. I don’t speak Russian, but assuming the characterization of the video is true it is pretty hard to be outraged about a group of young people singing the praises of their country. Perhaps it’s hard to recognize because it’s been so long since we’ve seen anything like this in America and young people here are raised to hate their country.

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