Russia blocks access to Facebook, Twitter


The Russian government has blocked access to social media platforms Facebook and Twitter in all parts of the Russian Federation. The decision was announced Friday by the Russian federal government.

“Since October 2020, 26 cases of discrimination against Russian media and information resources by Facebook have been recorded. In recent days, the social network has restricted access to accounts: the Zvezda TV channel, the RIA Novosti news agency, Sputnik, Russia Today, the and information resources,” the Russian government said.

"The above restrictions are prohibited by Federal Law No. 272-FZ “On measures to influence persons involved in violations of fundamental human rights and freedoms, the rights and freedoms of citizens of the Russian Federation”, adopted, among other things, to prevent violations of the key principles of the free flow of information and unhindered access Russian users to Russian media on foreign Internet platforms," the Russian government said.

A state communications agency Roskomnadzor had previously accused Twitter not deleting banned content. Twitter said it is “aware of reports” that it was blocked, but as of Friday had not been able to confirm it.

Critics see it as a way to tamp down growing dissent in the country over Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Last week the government ordered Facebook to stop fact-checking the government posts, which Facebook and its parent company Meta then refused to do.

BBC, Bloomberg, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and CNN have all stopped broadcasting in Russia and say they are evaluating the situation. This is a rapidly changing situation. Reporting today may be quickly overtaken by events.


  1. There is not much difference between these acts of censorship and the censorship practiced in the US by big tech and the Left. Certainly the intent is the same: To stifle dissent and shape overall opinion.

    • There’s a huge difference between a private company doing something and government doing something, huge difference…like not even the same conversation kind of difference.

    • Absolutely correct JMark, only those unfamiliar with corporate/government shadow-banning would disagree here. Government censorship is simply masked here in the US. When only SIX corporations control ALL the news, and none of the SIX are actually news agencies, but corporate/government satellites, it’s easy to convince the unenlightened they’re “private companies.”

      We could go on, but you get this!

  2. “The Russian government has blocked access to social media platforms Facebook and Twitter in all parts of the Russian Federation……..”
    Crap. I had hoped they had blocked it worldwide.

  3. Well well well!!!
    Same thing happening here in good old USA
    Mabe a broad sweep would be better than a select few????

  4. Years ago people said sign into Google Russia to get deeper, better research on anything. Intrist ting.

  5. This is a bad thing?
    Russia’s government, unlike America’s government, apparently doesn’t need Facebook or Twitter.
    Schadenfreude surely; it’s hilarious to watch Russia’s government do to Facebook and Twitter what Facebook and Twitter routinely do to Americans who “violate the key principles of the free flow of information”… as established by Facebook and Twitter.

  6. This is weird to me unless I’m missing something. Social media giants being blocked by communists who normally rely on these media giants to carry their message and delete those who disagree. Is this right? I will not be offended if someone wants to set the record straight for me.

  7. Meanwhile, Facebook and Twitter are censoring and banning conservatives all over the world. Let’s not forget how quickly they banned the US president. Putin may be crazy, but he’s smart to shut those leftist sites down.

  8. Russia just hastily passed a law making dissenting news illegal and punishable by up to 15 years in prison, multiple news agencies in Russia shutdown overnight silencing any opposing voices. I’m sure the Putin apologists will take that as a sign of strength and defend it in some twisted tyrannical way.
    I don’t do facebook or twitter, but outlawing them and any opposing voices should be a wake up call as to who is misleading who. When state provided news is your only source for news that should be a hint as to what it really is, if you still believe the Russian narrative of the state run propaganda machine at this point you should really open your eyes.

    • We shadow-ban in the US, effectively filtering-out all dissenting voices– I don’t know if one is better or worse than the other, they’re both censorship, one overt, one covert.

    • Name some objective independent US news-sources, ones without ties to a larger corporate/pseudo government overlords.

      • Eric,
        I love unintended irony, it really makes my day when I see it so thanks for that!
        What site are you posting on here? Is this site not an objective independent US news-source without ties to a larger corporate/pseudo government overlords? Do you feel that you are somehow being censored by the E-vile overlord-corporate-government-media-conglomerate here at MRAK while you are being allowed to carry water for Putin in your comments?

        • This is a one woman blog (a very good one, all said), not an national “US news-source”– no disrespect meant Suzanne.

          You obviously do not understand the difference between blog and national news-source, or you’d answer the question with some intellectual authority.

          Keep playing games Steve, its obvious you cannot provide one US news-source, one without ties to a larger corporate/pseudo government overlords.

          • You might need to read what you wrote again, as you are now asking for something different than your first post. It is clear that you do not understand the difference between what you are asking. I guess in Russia the national news is the same thing as a Russian news source and blogs aren’t news sources either since your overlords have outlawed any dissention, is that why you can’t tell the difference? Calling the news source that is MRAK a blog shows a total and complete misunderstanding of both terms on your part.

          • So, you couldn’t find ANY US news-source, one without ties to a larger corporate/pseudo government overlords. A learning experience for you, a good day (even though you cannot admit it publicly).

          • I’ll play. What, in your esteemed opinion, differentiates a web log, from an industry recognized news-source?

          • Eric,
            There’s plenty of independent US news sources without ties to a larger corporate/pseudo government overlords, more than I could even begin to list here. There’s no use in listing them here for you since you disregard facts and obvious truth without a second thought. Maybe if you weren’t sucking at the teat of Russian misinformation you would understand that the very site you are posting on that is allowing you to spread your Russian misinformation is the exact thing you claim does not exist. But this article and this conversation isn’t about that at all. It’s about those who give you your opinion and talking points shutting down opposing voices. Your overlords have criminalized dissenting speech and you are rooting it on. For shame sir, for shame.

          • Oh, and while we’re at it, looks as if you owe Jefferson an apology too:

          • Eric,
            Bless your heart for adding even more hilarious unintended irony, you really are good at it!
            On an article about Russia blocking social media and where it was pointed out that they’ve also criminalized dissenting views, something you cheer while bemoaning US media and “shadow blocking” by “corporate/pseudo government overlords” you post a link to youtube about ivermectin. Now that’s some seriously epic second level hilarious unintended irony right there! Thanks for that Eric, what a great way to start the day.

          • So we’ve established, the only place Steve can get current affairs facts, is on MRAK, not from any of his national news-sources, as they’re all corporate owned shills to his left-wing over-lord Biden. And to top it all off, Ivermectin studies are starting to filter through the oppressive social media algorithms on the video loggers sites, yet he still won’t admit he was, as per usual, WRONG.

            Yeah, it’s a double-good day for the free-flow of information Steve, and your continuing induction/education into the digital age. #wootwootoldchap

            On a side note, (credit where credit’s due) well done on the Jen Psaki routine, you’ve mastered the art of double-speak and nonanswer.

            Oh, Suzanne has a cracking article on your main squeeze, PBS, ouch, more Biden/DNC shilling from your peeps– how will you obfuscate them facts!!!

          • How wonderfully delusional. The guy who is posting comments on a site he thinks doesn’t exist, who uses social media platforms he think are being directed by the US government to shadow block dissenting opinions (while linking dissenting views from those very sites), but cheers while other countries outright ban and criminalize any dissenting opinion. Eric, buddy you aren’t making any sense here, you’re all over the place and drowning in delirium.
            If you think that youtube, or any other social media is the place to get your medical advice you are horribly mistaken. Same goes for political views, youtube and facebook and twitter isn’t where you should be searching if you are searching for the truth.

          • 1. MRAK is right here, it exists (your are the delusional once, again)
            2. It’s “Shadow Ban” not shadow block (good grief, get with it)
            3. NO LINKS to FB or TWITTER or your favorite ONLY FANS used (groan)

            So, if you, “the oracle Steve” DOE’S NOT get any news or political info from the inter webs, them where– pray where………

            Oh yes, we’ve been here before, old Steve won’t say, can’t say (but we all know, wink wink). #youaremrobfuscation

        • Ya got nuthin’ other than a word salad of empty calories. I’m starting to understand what Peter Doocy must feel like listening to that other Biden apologist who preaches from the pulpit of corporate propaganda.

    • To be honest, the way Putin censors is a little more honorable than all this cloak & dagger shadow-banning US crap.

      Stateside Facebook et al, will shadow-ban, and we’ve ZERO idea we’ve been censored, under the umbrella of being “good citizens”– in my book that’s some shady sh-one-t.

      Here, enjoy: ‘

  9. Ha,ha , apparently the Russians have finally said “nyet” to CNN’s, CBC’s & BBC’s notorious BS! Ahh, if only here!

  10. Putin only has his own country to do this to but won’t affect what the cancel mob is doing in the rest of the world – cancel an entire country! Cancel culture’s biggest victim to date.

  11. Ok, I get it. They’ve turned on each other. Putin blocked fake news to prioritize his own fake news. Emperor Hirohito and Hitler did the same thing, it’s in the playbook.

    • US government is doing it too, just not openly. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and all the mainstream media channels are constantly censoring and/or banning dissent based on the US government’s commands.

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