Russell Biggs: How did we get here? Part 2, the Left’s twisting of ‘Save Anchorage’

recall zaletel signs


The Anchorage Assembly is entering Act Three of the summer’s biggest blockbuster disaster.

Six months ago, there was a recall of hard-left Anchorage Assembly member Felix Rivera being obstructed by $100,000 of California and special interest money, a highly contentious health order, and millions of federal economic stimulus dollars at stake. 

Fast forward to now: There’s a pending recall of hard-left Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel being obstructed by $100,000 New York/special interest money, a highly contentious health order, and another likely tranche of 3 trillion federal dollars of relief money on the horizon.

The difference in this sequel, however, is a populist uprising of Anchorage citizens have been labeled as extremists, homophobes, anti-semites, and radicals. These citizens have co-opted control of the Anchorage Assembly chambers by actually showing up and participating in the democratic process, as guaranteed to them in the municipal charter. 

Also added into the mix is a full-scale propaganda campaign by a three-headed Cerberus of  interests:

  • Providence hospital (which made $2.5 billion in revenue with a 626 percent markup of emergency room care that was apparently not enough financial buffer to prevent a nursing staff shortage)
  • Special interest dark money (such as the Alaskans for Posterity that recently spent tens of thousands of dollars of anonymous mailers to all addresses in the municipality blaming Covid, harsh language, and over-salted food on the duly elected Mayor)
  • The same left-leaning media that destroyed their credibility with descriptions of the “mostly peaceful protests” and crisis standards of care announcements that ignored the local hospitals performing elective penile prosthesis surgery. 

The reality is that the leftists have found a convenient foil in “Save Anchorage,” the Facebook group that formed in the summer of 2020 to protest the diversion of millions of dollars of CARES Act funds through wholesale disregard of the title 21 zoning laws.

The 8,000-member Save Anchorage group closed to the public after continued harassment and doxxing campaigns against its members forced the administrators to lock the page. That predictably resulted in even more caterwauling  that group that Ethan Berkowitz labeled “astroturf” was just a vocal minority of rabble rousers and insurrectionists, doing their domestic terrorist deeds in secret. 

To the surprise of many, the “vocal minority” managed to elect a conservative mayor, win an Alaska Supreme Court case to force a recall election, and jumpstart a conservative takeover of the Assembly in 2022. 

The group, despite claims to the contrary, has never been led by Dave Bronson or Jamie Allard, although both helped Save Anchorage fundraise thousands of dollars for local homeless shelters.

Because it is much easier to stoke the flames about “right wing” terrorism claims against a vetted and closed group than it is against the mom of autistic child who can’t tolerate a mask, the Left has continued its spin campaign against the the hockey moms and property owners of Save Anchorage.

All of this has set the stage for the current battle of control of what the actual reality is. 

As was witnessed last week, the same Anchorage Assembly of 2020 that removed the citizens from the chambers under cover of COVID mandates to prevent them from demonstrating against CARES act funding diversion and also prevented a timely vote for the mayoral vacancy, is now suppressing the free speech rights of the mayor and an Eagle River Assembly member.

The Assembly continues to amplify the narrative that the response of the public, many who waited for 15 hours to speak to the Assembly, is unpredictable, unreasonable, and a conspiracy of right-wing cultists intent on destroying democracy.

The reality, however, is that the average Anchorage citizen is standing up against the political machine that is destroying this state.

Those same citizens showed up for 5+ days of non-stop civic involvement.

This worries those intent on keeping the status quo, and they are teeing up a recall campaign against Mayor Bronson for his ”failure” to use the power of the government to force Anchorage citizens to take responsibility for their own health.

It has been an enlightening journey observing the Left’s spin Save Anchorage, which is a homespun Facebook group posting news of Anchorage, into an existential threat of democracy.

It’s been enlightening to see Rep. Zack Fields take to Twitter to claim those who showed up to testify in the Assembly chambers were “approximately 200 anti-semitic, racists, illiterate fanatics.” 

The reality is these are people who care deeply about their community and their rights to representative government.

Russell Biggs is an Anchorage resident and civic activist who has led the Recall Zaletel effort.


  1. All these snowflaky meltdowns are in equal measure funny and concerning. These people are unhinged. Be careful, everyone. Their desperation to hold onto power makes them unpredictable. When an adult acts like a toddler it’s not a harmless toy that gets thrown against the wall. Temper tantrums are funny but also dangerous. Keep your cameras on and keep an eye on your kids.

  2. It is a shame that ADN will not speak the truth on those who testified.
    I watched online for one night and several of the speakers were veterans, nurses & a clinical psychologist who works with traumatized patients.

    We are going down a very bad road where Big Pharma has colluded with government & the dems are seeing outside money funneled into AK to drive their agenda of masking, mRNA shots, Vax Passports and eventually a social credit score tied to your digital ID & digital currency.
    The China model will not work here…the media is lying about how many have not taken the jab.
    The resistance to this tyranny is larger than the liberals on the left think.
    A majority of residents opposed forcing these mandates on one another & the governor needs to step in & end this charade before Fascism takes a hold in AK.

    • Steve, in recent years the ADN has gone from a newspaper with a leftist bias, to an outright propaganda rag that pushes the establishment/’woke’ narrative at every opportunity. They are the “Pravda” of Alaska.
      I still check their website from time to time, but with reluctance, and with ever-growing disgust at how they are increasingly determined to MAKE the news, rather than to simply report the news.

  3. We pray for the REAL citizens of Anchorage and our state every day. We can’t be everywhere at once, but prayer is powerful and will win!

    • I voted to recall Meg. She directed millions of CARES dollars away from us in Midtown. She led the effort to illegally spend Cares dollars to buy and renovate the Golden Lion hotel instead of helping people who were losing their homes and businesses. How about the $450.000 from the botched buying of the Alaska Club and another $1.1 million in loss for the businesses they were supposed to get. Evidently you AK Whitty don’t pay property taxes. they will be going up. I am happy as a clam at high tide that many of our Condo homeowners signed the petition to recall her.

  4. And the next step to stop socialism must be permanent elimination of mail in ballots, followed by stringent voter ID.

  5. The recall of Meg Zaletel really needs to be grassroots to get people informed of what’s going on. Many conservatives and just moderate people that are sick and tired of politics have no idea what’s going on. They can’t stomach it and have turned away from being informed so they can restore some sanity in their life during these insane times. The ADN and Alaska Public Media purposefully oversimplifying the recall saying it is just because she allowed more than 15 people in the room. It is clear slant to anybody that has the ability to think independently from liberal media spin. It’s the exact thing that Barb Jones should be concerned about if she wasn’t operating blindly with double standards in order to maintain her cognitive dissonance that makes her desperate in order to maintain her self righteousness. But anyway, anybody that isn’t a liberal has a hard time keeping up with local affairs because they can’t stand ADN or Alaska Public Media, so Recall Zaletel really needs to get the word out and encourage everyone through word of mouth of what’s going on.

    Also, the recall campaign really needs to frame Meg Zaletel as the sponsor of the most extreme and divisive mask mandate ordinance that has ever been proposed in Alaska. Even the moderate liberals and people that aren’t vile but pro-mask would not support this ordinance if they knew how extreme it is and how it will give power to the vindictive people (Karens) to turn people in. Pointing that out will alert the ostriches that are desperate for sanity to pull up their heads for just a moment so they can do the simple thing of voting for her recall and telling their friends to do the same and make a difference in order to keep this community calm and then they can go back to thinking about getting their snowmachines out.

  6. Russell, much respect. I don’t know how you do it. I can’t even stoop low enough to engage these vermin anymore.

  7. It is incredible to me that Perez-Verdia wants an EO to shut down the public once again. What a dangerous precedent such a tactic would set! ANY time the Assembly thinks they’ve heard “enough” on an issue, they could shut us out.
    Russell Biggs is right to point out the actions and obvious goals of the radical Communists on the Assembly.
    Their power should’ve been checked by the Governor when they bypassed a special election and moved AQD into an unelected acting mayor position. I think we messed up too, by letting that one go without even a lawsuit or some kind of legal challenge against the Assembly’s ignoring the municipal charter.

  8. Russell Biggs has always maintained an honest conversation on numerous issues Anchorage has to resolve- and the sooner the better. I’ve been a member for awhile now and I am truly surprised at the current characterization of other members. Those members thus described don’t post very often, well… never! Instead, this group truly cares for the community and its citizens. There are timely posts of current events and this group is a great source of local news! I am proud to be surrounded by honest and caring Anchorage patriots!

  9. Anchorage will remain a leftist —- city as long a the voter turnout remains as low as it has been. Seems too many people don’t care.

    • I’m a little tired of this sentiment. It’s very defeatist. And it truly doesn’t matter how many people want to vote if no one is running against these leftists. Encourage people to run that you think should run and can win. And some people are definitely Rinos or even just too apologetic, but we can’t be calling every conservative that isn’t willing to lynch all liberals a rino. Some conservatives might be able to get moderate Democrat votes if they run against this radical vindictive and purposefully divisive pinkos. We need to back up people that may not be perfect too because the leftists we have right now are just so ruthless.

      And ya, we that keep up with the local stuff, need to help the campaigns and get the word out to the average Joes and tell them to spread the word so they know to vote for the local stuff. For many people all that takes is a simple text message from a coworker or friend. We all get tempted to just turn off all the news and go out to the shop or whatever and do something that feels way more rewarding, productive, and good for our mental health. I can’t blame people for wanting to do that, but they need to be alerted to vote and why, so we can preserve our ability to be left alone.

      • Justin,
        Conservatives, or those claiming to be conservatives are their own worst enemy. Look no further than the comment section here, and even your very comment. If you want to make a difference become informed, turn away from ignorance, understand the process, and engage people with knowledge and reason. Calling people who don’t agree with everything you think a rino or too apologetic doesn’t make anyone other than rabid name callers want to associate with you. Obviously most of the current fire in your and others bellies is related to the proposed mask mandate, how are you going to maintain that fire when this is no longer an issue…sadly most won’t. The mask issue isn’t a conservative vs liberal issue to begin with, the mandating isn’t either, some have made it political just to drive that fire in peoples bellies. SCOTUS has held for decades and indeed centuries that local authorities have the constitutional authority to issue and enforce local public health mandates. It’s fine to disagree with that and not want mandates in your locality, but if you do not know how or what you are fighting against how can you possible put up an informed, reasoned, and logic based fight in opposition?

        • Oh please Steve, have you ever been on social media? Many people, I take that back, MOST on the left are the worst at using personal attacks and even doxxing people and are completely vile.
          And they typically don’t use any logic whatsoever. Just emotion. And the left demands so much conformity that if you refuse to wear an AIDS ribbon in an AIDS march, then they assume you must like AIDS. You really lack self awareness and if you can’t see that you are as arrogant as they come. Get bent. My comment wasn’t directed to you at all. You have no idea what you are talking about and your very visible bigotry has made you ill informed and incapable of using true reason that requires integrity. Your attempt to have a logic based fight has failed. And if you had any capability to see that we aren’t just some wackos, you would see there are reasons for two parties and we have different priorities and different core beliefs and that is why we see things like mandates so differently. So see your way to the exit. You have failed to do anything other than annoy me. Good job oh enlightened one.

          You should google “gallup poll covid hospitalizations” to see who is actually informed.

          • Justin,
            Wow, that escalated rather quickly.
            This is as social I do my media, I don’t know or care what you or your liberal social media buddies do on those sites, they aren’t reality. If you don’t like how liberals behave, why would you emulate them and bring that nonsense here? In the real world people don’t behave like they do on social media, so stop pretending you are on social media and join reality. Not everyone has to agree with you all the time, it’s ok to have different opinions. Not everyone is a wacko, but it’s usually pretty easy to spot one. I apologize for triggering you and that I have a different opinion than you. It seemed like from your original post that you understood that it’s ok that not everyone has to agree all the time, I guess I read it wrong and we all need to be perfect in your eyes. Once again I’m sorry for annoying you, please don’t social media ban me or whatever they do on those sites.

          • Steve-O It escalated because of your extremely rude arrogance and lack of self awareness and your condescending tone. Rather than listening to what I said and seeing the logic and perhaps even apologizing, you just doubled down with more of the same. Really, I don’t care to engage with people that make rude, hypocritical, and false inflammatory comments all with a condescending tone and then say “oh sorry for not being perfect and not agreeing with everything”. Really, you are wasting your time and mine. I really wonder what you are hoping to accomplish. If it is anything noble, you should spend some time to reflect on why what you said drew the reaction it got and then find more honesty and humility so that you can say something with integrity behind it. You have a lot to work on if you hope to accomplish anything here. And it really seems like you are poorly informed or feigning ignorance because you only believe what flatters your beliefs if you think it is conservatives, rather than liberals, that demand conformity. You are in a rabbit hole and I’m afraid you are beyond my help because I know you are reading this comment and thinking of how to reject the criticism and respond rather than how to understand. Good luck to you Steve-O.

          • Justin,
            Respectfully, you’ve spent too much time on social media and you’re completely off base. You cannot tell a persons tone by what is written, you can read their words and inflect upon them your interpretation of those words are, but you do not know the tone. Written words are an imperfect media. You want me to apologize for an unseen and unknown foul on my part. I read what you wrote and responded to that. Sorry I didn’t take it exactly how you wanted, such is life when you post on a public and open forum. Yep I’m rude, arrogant, condescending, and everything else you called me…so what, so are you, grow up man.
            Move on there are bigger issues to discuss here. If you want to keep fighting about this absolute nonsense then find someone who just wants to spin the wheels as usual, Jeff might be a good one for spinning your wheels and getting your kicks.
            As I said earlier, conservatives are their own worst enemy. Look no further than the comment section here, and even your very comment. If you want to make a difference become informed, turn away from ignorance, understand the process, and engage people with knowledge and reason. Calling people who don’t agree with everything you think a rino or too apologetic doesn’t make anyone other than rabid name callers want to associate with you.
            The choice is yours.

          • Steve, I made a comment obviously directed towards fellow conservatives and then you busted in to tell us we are all ignorant and our worst enemies and then act like I’m off base for telling you to go away with your arrogance. And have the gall to accuse many conservatives of needing conformity or they will call people names, as if liberals are somehow better about that. They don’t call each other names. They just cancel each other ruin careers and that’s why it is so important for them to stay with the latest trends and “read the room”. You need to grow up. Really, this is going to be my last response to you for some time because you need time to reflect on yourself before criticizing others. I know that sounds arrogant, but its not arrogant if it is true and to anybody that isn’t inside your head space, it is undeniable. Regardless if you believe I’m arrogant or not, you aren’t accomplishing anything here accept making yourself seem blindly smug. Truly, I wish you the best and I do agree that conservatives need to work harder to stay informed because the local media is working against us and we don’t have a level playing field. And the ones here that are staying informed can whine about it in a comment section and that doesn’t do anything unless it activates us to rally others. But don’t you worry, it has rallied us and we have been awakened and the latest assembly meetings have proven that. And we aren’t as fickle as you think. We don’t like dealing with government, and we will put up with a lot, but now we have realized that we have put up with too much for far too long. We can see we let liberals enjoy their monopoly on local news for decades and that makes them feel validated enough to run local government and use tax dollars like tyrants. And you have proven here within this exchange that it doesn’t matter what we have to say or what information we know about or how even the majority feels. You believe we are “misinformed” and shouldn’t engage until what… ? Hopefully not until we agree with you because that would make you seem very hypocritical, wouldn’t it.

          • Justin,
            You’re new to this site and seemingly new to politics, there is much more to being a conservative than covid mandates. I can assure you that I am in fact a conservative, regardless of my stance on covid.
            I wish the best for you as well, I certainly hope that this will be a defining moment for many people to inform themselves and enact some measure of change that so many have spent so long pushing for.
            One last thing, the saying “You can catch more bees with honey than with vinegar” comes to mind, do with it what you will.

          • I see now why you are so sensitive to the word “rino” and “too apologetic”. I humbly apologize. I did read you wrong. I sincerely thought you had those criticisms while being a liberal, which hopefully you can at least see why that would seem so hypocritical. But to criticize conservatives in the manner you have while supposedly being one seems still rather smug and silly to me. I mean, what’s the alternative? You really sounded like a liberal to be honest, or at least a smug independent that thinks both sides are dumb, which, if that’s your position now days, that’s fine, I guess. But I don’t want to belong to any party or claim I am on the same political spectrum with anyone that thinks mask mandates and especially vaccine mandates are required during a pandemic. Not everything requires a law, because you are right, you catch more bees with honey than with vinegar. And there is nothing more divisive and polarizing than managing a pandemic by focusing on the most controversial mitigation methods and mandating them and vaccines that fuel the people that think the best way to deal with disease is to vilify and blame all that don’t comply and think differently. And most conservatives are conservatives because they understand these principles and want minimum amount of regulations and government.

            I wonder if people like yourself that believe you are conservative but believe in mandates and feel orphaned from conservative movements have one thing in common: you hated Trump. I could be wrong and sorry if that offends you, but so far that’s the common ground I have seen with folks that are positioned like you. And that’s why I believe we are experiencing mass hysteria or “mass formation” that didn’t start with Covid, but with Trump. And the mass formation probably started to form even before Trump. I’d be curious what a guy like you thinks of “Mattias Desmet” and his discussions about “mass formation”.

            Really, I do apologize. I still think you sound smug, respectfully, but I thought you sounded especially smug because you spoke as a liberal and liberals demand conformity and trendiness to an extreme amount. And I do share some of the same criticisms of many conservatives, but I’m not going to be too critical of conservatives in general because we don’t enjoy dealing with the government or because we don’t all think the same enough. I truly believe being on the right is the right side, especially now. But I agree, hopefully this is a wake up call that is sustaining. I think it is, but time will tell. WE, we is the operative word here, have dropped the ball before and haven’t challenged the youthful liberals enough to keep them from getting too arrogant and big headed. This definitely has been a wake up call for me to refine my beliefs in the need for two parties. Liberals are needed for their youthful energy, but just like in the Lord of the Flies, that youthful energy that is very open to new ideas, fickle, not afraid to adapt and make drastic changes while being easily self assured makes them dangerous if they aren’t respecting the people with are concerned more about wisdom and maturity than liberals. We are the adults, or the conscience of a society. Being a conservative, I think 90% of what liberals want or do is in some way a bad idea, but maybe has some good intentions involved and have energy that force conservatives to do something. But left to do as liberals please will always lead to disasters. Us conservatives need to get into journalism, universities, environmental sciences, entertainment, law, local politics, and now I see into medicine more too and not back down or be discouraged because those fields tend to be dominated by the left.

            Anywho, sorry. And I’m curious what your thoughts are on “mass formation”.

          • Justin,
            I will have to look into “mass formation” and get back to you. Just a point of clarification as I explained to Jeff earlier, I am not in favor of government mandates. Yes, local and state governments have the constitutional authority to issue mandates and the president has certain limited abilities to issue mandates as well, but we as a people should do our part to ensure they are not required. I did not vote for Trump the first time, not because I hated him but because of the unknown factor, I voted for him last time after he had a proven conservative record. I didn’t care for his personality necessarily but he got results and advanced the conservative cause more than anyone since Reagan.

          • Ok. Well there is something about the way you say things, it seems like you are very disenchanted with fellow conservatives because they are fighting mask mandates. You do come off like you look down upon your nose. I still think that about how you approach people in this forum. But you come from a different place than I thought and maybe you shouldn’t be so harsh on fellow conservatives because liberals have gone off the rails and you should just encourage the right things. And for me the metric that we should have been paying attention to is hospitalizations and death, not cases, but not with the idea that we can prevent either but with idea that we don’t want to overwhelm the hospitals because that increases overall death rate for the entire pandemic. But masks are sociological phenomenon and even Fauci knew that. He wrote a paper about masks possibly causing more harm than good during the Spanish flu. And the number one thing I don’t like about masks is that they change people’s fear levels needlessly and when they say my mask protects others, that begins the slippery slope during a pandemic for everyone to claw at each other and cause the fighting we are seeing now. And they cause a false sense of security and a false sense of insecurity. All this while they are the least effective thing to mitigate the transmission. I’ve always equated it to throwing a kid into a raging river and giving them a piece of foam. Or putting them into a kiddy pool and telling it is so dangerous in there that they should always hang on to the piece of foam because it could save their life.

            I explained all of that because when you say that we should make sure the mandates aren’t needed, I have reservations with that because what is the metric to indicate the need and if they are needed they won’t do much and perhaps we should recommend other things that are more effective and have less of a cost on civility and people’s mental well being as many have a tendency to be hysterical and illogical. I strongly feel if there is need to mitigate more to simply advise people to avoid long exposure with strangers and advise using air ventilation, filtration, and sanitation. They have decades of research on this they have found those methods to be much more effective.

            What I believe we are experiencing is due to fauci being a narcissistic liberal that has mastered riding the waves of politics and tendencies of liberals that are probably the least qualified to maximize freedom and civility and even safety during a pandemic.

            Anyway your perspective or take on things is very different than I thought. And I have the exact same evaluation and history with trump, except that I will add that liberals reaction to Trump gave me no choice but to vote for Trump. I honestly would have given a thought about voting for Tulsi Gabbard if she was the democrat candidate only because I think she may have been able to put liberals back on the rails, not because I believe in her policies and perspective. Liberals today truly scare me and make me worried for my children’s future.

            Anyway, I’m glad we got things straightened out here. Haha. Sorry. I did come down on you hard. Conservatives need good leadership and I think I’m seeing that from Bronson so far. You shouldn’t be so smug towards your fellow conservatives and just encourage the right things. Yes, I do find that I have more in common with a moderate and level headed liberal that doesn’t hate conservatives than a raging conservative but that has more to do with etiquette and decorum and other interests, not because I’m a centrist. I think many conservatives can return to aspiring to find their ageless gentleman and lady like behavior with proper leadership and hope.

            Thanks for your time and engaging with me and sorry again.

          • It’s all good man, I just get frustrated when day after day I have to keep reminding people who claim to be conservative that we as conservatives deal in facts. So in that respect I am disenchanted from some people claiming to be conservatives. Look through these posts, each and every day there is so much crap that people claiming to be conservative say that doesn’t take but a few seconds to verify…day in and day out. If we as conservatives are going to be better than liberals then we better damned well be better than them and know what we are talking about, we better have facts to back up what it is we are saying, if not we are no better than they are. I know I demand more from conservatives than I do from liberals, because why would I demand those I am opposed to do better than me or what I represent? If that makes me come across as smug, then so be it. We should be better, because our ideas are better, and the outcome of our ideas are better.

          • I agree with what you are saying here. I think you are totally right, but I do think there ways to approach it without ruffling so many feathers. (Haha, I’m one to talk) And verifying some things aren’t so easy in this day and age, and many things aren’t verifiable because they are just opinions, like if certain things are constitutional or not. That isn’t always a grey area and many conservatives are wrong about such things but I think it’s easy to explain that to someone without being such a contrarian that you sound like liberal.

            One thing I definitely agree with is that conservatives need to spend more time learning about local politics, myself included. There are so many leftist activists that love the government and live to get involved and are very well versed in how they can maneuver the landscape. They also have less qualms about being hypocritical and having double standards. So conservatives really need to aim to put in leaders that are so confident in the facts because they know them in and out and don’t just stop learning and digging once they find facts that confirm their beliefs, which the left loves to do so it is easy to make them look dumb if you just know your facts.

            Anyhow, I still think you might find “mass formation” fascinating. The thing that will get us out of this mass hysteria/formation is the 30% that are not hypnotized getting organized and banding together to pursue the truth that emboldens them to be unwavering because they stick with what is rock solid information and logic. So I agree with you wholeheartedly, but don’t forget to bring people together and don’t lose faith in them.

  10. I received an Alaska Landmine mailer. I am assuming Alaska Landmine paid for it. They are the only business name on it. I think you bloggers, public writers, businesses, and public elected members don’t have the right using private citizens faces for one another’s attacks against each other.
    The man holding up the yellow star and pointing at the Assembly, did Alaska Landmine recieve permission to publish him?
    You know these photo journalists and t.v. anchors they need to use discretion and discernment these days who and where they set up equipment in a state where stalking, protective orders, and domestic violence have high numbers of victims not wanting to get caught in the background of a photo and camera where their abuser or their abusers’ contacts may see where they are located.
    If I was an elected public servant, as tempting as shaming my enemy’s private citizen supporters, I would keep the fight between me and other public elected servants. It is a real low blow to moral to use private citizens as human grenades to hit your political public enemies or use your citizens as shields.

    • Got the same thing.
      Taking their advice, and contacting the Mayor and Jamie Allard. Going to tell them, “Great Job! Keep it up!.”

    • Wow! I do not live in Anchorage so did not see that! Unconscionable. All
      Of this is just overwhelming and stunning to me. I also cannot stomach that sort of tactic at all no matter whom is using it be it liberal or conservative. Both sides have stooped to such shenanigans for ions. I would like to see truth, facts, healthy debate and informed citizens whom actually get out and vote. Praying for Anchorage and our state.

    • So Jen, you’re not upset that your side diminished the horror of the Holocaust and the Kevin Meyers piddlewit made anti Semitic remarks. Instead, you’re concerned about photojournalism.

      • Evan, where was your outrage when people thought trump supporters were like Nazis? Or did you think you were feeling as oppressed as the Jews in the 1930’s because trump was unpresidential, brash, and used his executive powers whenever he could?

        Come on now. Your double standards are blatant and obviously insincere and quite annoying. And your insincerity honestly is making a mockery of those that are greatly concerned about repeating history because they don’t take the Holocaust lightly at all and believe we should do everything to make sure we aren’t so arrogant to think something similar can’t happen again. It appears to many that many are that arrogant if you are paying attention to what all of the different mandates are doing in this country and all over the world. Some people think the people that aren’t vaccinated shouldn’t get freedom to travel to see their family, have employment, or healthcare and some of the people that think that way are in power. That’s very parallel to the treatment of Jews before Germans secretly started committing genocide. I mean, what’s the matter with a little yellow armband. It’s not like a yellow armband is anything like chains and whips black slaves in America experienced. The Jews that complained about the yellow armband made light of what the blacks went through, right.

        By the way, the Nazis were very good at double standards because they literally thought they were superior and they silenced opposition because they thought they were dangerous. Don’t go down that rabbit hole if you really think you are being sincere.

        Just so you know, incase you are truly fooling yourself, you and the others taking this line of arguing aren’t being sincere and it’s embarrassing and truly does diminish what the Jews went through. Stop already.

  11. I’ve said it before – Zack Fields can go to H E double hockey sticks.
    Conservative Patriots are waking up to the fact that the Left, by and large, has been co-opted by Marxist/Maoist types with very strong authoritarianism tendencies.
    The days of “playing nice” – like Sullivan, Dunleavy, Bush, Romney, and McCain are over.
    We have to mobilize and take back our local gov’t and school districts from these people.
    Extremism is defense of Liberty is no Vice.
    Moderation in defense of Liberty is no Virtue.
    Sic Semper Tyrannis!

    • So what, exactly, are you gonna do?
      Slogans are nice. Slogans accompanied with actions can actually make a difference.

  12. Mason’s Manual page 18, Sec. 10 5. Adopted rules of procedure need not be founded on custom, nor is it essential to their validity that they be reasonable, but they must not infringe upon private rights.
    Mason’s Manual page 19, Sec.12. Rules Must Conform to Constitutional Provisions

  13. How did Anchorage get here?

    The right sat on their hands, complained, but did nothing. A lot did find the time to complain they were too busy working to (full in the excuse blank).

    The left, in the same timeframe, got organized. They organized, campaigned, voted.

    Getting here was inevitable.

  14. It is chilling how freely and calculated the left employ lies and deception. My husband and I have been watching a documentary on the rise of the Nazi regime leading up to WWII, and the similarities in psychological tactic and manipulation of information are pretty eye opening and alarming. It sure seems we are already in a civil war.

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