Running for Alaska Senate, Janice Lynn Park claims: ‘The unvaccinated are killing the rest of us’


Janice Lynn Park, a Democrat candidate for Senate Seat F, said on social media last week that people who are unvaccinated are “killing the rest of us.” She linked a Washington Post news story that noted that Covid deaths are no longer confined to the unvaccinated, and that the elderly still are being hit especially hard by the virus, even though they are the most vaccinated and boosted demographic in America.

The claim by Park, who is pictured at the top of this page with Democrat California U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, represents a mainstream Democrat view that goes counter to what people are experiencing. A Celebrity ship docked in Seattle last week, with 100 percent of passengers and staff vaccinated for Covid, and yet hundreds of passengers tested positive for the virus. No one died, but many were inconvenienced by having to remain quarantined in hotels, even though they were asymptomatic or had mild symptoms.

Park is among pro-vaccine politicians who are passing along what might be seen as misinformation on social media about the virus and the vaccine’s efficacy. On her campaign page, she has an entire section devoted to Covid, where she says that “pregnant people” have a 70 percent increased risk of death due to Covid, if they are symptomatic.

As of May 8, no other Democrat appears to have filed for Senate Seat F, which represents Abbott Loop and Lower Hillside in Anchorage. It’s a Senate seat that’s without an incumbent, now thati Sen. Josh Revak is running for U.S. House.

Alaska House Rep. Cal Schrage lives in the district and has indicated he’s considering it. The freshman lawmaker is an undeclared candidate who caucuses with the Democrats.


  1. Wow. So uninformed after two years and so many vax deaths.

    I hope you will join me in voting No… err, not voting at all… for this amusing woman.

  2. For the love of God someone on the right needs to run against this fear mongering Lib!

  3. Park is nothing more than a vaccine hustler.
    She even looks like one. And that won’t get her elected.

  4. I think Lyman Hoffman is getting ready to file for that seat, considering he’s lived on the hillside since 2015.

    Everyone out here knows he doesn’t live in Bethel.

  5. People like Park are either far too stupid, or far heavily invested in gaslighting the public, to ever admit how mind numbingly ironic and counterintuitive her statement is.
    If her vaccine actually works, then she has nothing, nothing at all, to worry about from the unwashed……unvaccinated masses.
    If being near a pureblood (unvaccinated) person puts her at greater risk for mortality, then her vaunted vax is worse than worthless.

  6. Oh duh?! No accounting for brains. The jab protects you from nothing! You have been sold a bill of goods and apparently you bought it hook, line and sinker!

  7. How are college educated people so stupid? It is a proven fact that the mRNA therapy shot DOES NOT prevent the spread OR acquisition of the ‘rona. “Unvaccinated” people are the only ones that could have worse symptoms, PERIOD. Then, on top of this stupidity we have tens of thousands of the same college educated people believing in these politicians, not questioning the “science” and voting for them.

  8. This lady and her brainwashed mind is killing me with her stupidity. Why isn’t she still wearing her mask with Feinstein in the picture? Good picture though, all I see are to old hens cackling and bowing to the leftists pseudo science rant.

  9. Another Liberal misinforming the public using the boogeyman of a flu bug to do it.
    Sorry Janice, the gig is up, for most rational thinking people.
    Janice, please be sure to get your 4th booster shot, they’re available.
    I’m sure it will keep you “safe”.

  10. Silly remark. if she believed in the vaccine, then what she should say is “the unvaccinated are killing each other.”

  11. Somebody please run against this ill informed woman. She is unable to comprehend the data about the Jab’s efficacy or she is suffering from some sort of mental problem similar to mass hysteria.

  12. Hea out there- someone, ANYONE, please file for the office and run against this mental midget! If she is that much of an ignorant fool about the situation with COVID and the vaccines- we can only imagine the degree to which she is clueless about fiscal policy, education, resources management, and other broader social issues.
    We do not deserve representatives of this caliber. Please- someone RUN against her!

  13. The Covid vaccines don’t work. If you believe they work, what’s the problem? Use some common sense. Safe? No, the vaccines are not safe at all.

    • Correct Scratt, at this point the covid shot is more dangerous than the disease. The shot is harmful to those who come in contact with the jabbed. Not sure how long they shed?
      Bill Gates has covid today, he’s been shot and boosted, so he claims.

  14. “Killing the rest of us.”
    From a disease where… what… less than 1% of the people who test positive die? Yeah. I am sure the unvaccinated are fully responsible for those deaths. Right.
    Who is she appealing to with that statement?

  15. There should be a truth counsel for her. They should find her guilty of disinformation and send her to California.

  16. Standing next to the China cohort right there. Fortunately there is some public disclosure of insider trading that enriched Feinstein fetchingly relative to timely covid related stocks which may haunt Feinstein and her associates for a while. I hope a conservative can count the cost and be up to the task of running 🏃‍♂️ .

  17. If I had known that not getting vaccinated would kill liberals, I wouldn’t have gotten vaccinated.

  18. Park is a clueless dolt who is spreading Covid “vaccine” misinformation that could lead to hate crimes against innocent people. Where is Sloppy Joe’s MInistry of Truth when we need it?

  19. It’s the unvaccinated (according to this whack job Janice Lynn Park) who are killing the vaccinated, oh, the irony in that statement.

    Can they not use reason and logic, can they not think beyond their emotional bile. #obviouslynot

  20. I think that it is always good when Leftists run their mouth with lies. I got both vaccines and the booster at the request of my wife and daughter. I did not have any ill effects from them, but I still got the Delta variant. I got sick, but obviously did not die.

  21. Let me get this straight. Unvaxxed people need to get vaxxed in order to protect the vaxxed who are not protected from the vaccine?

    In other words, I need to get vaxxed so I don’t get Covid and spread it to the vaxxed, who are supposed to be protected from Covid already.

    Ouch, that hurts my brain.

  22. After 2+ years and this is her conclusion??? Wow! And WOW some more!! She is the epitome of stupid along with anyone voting for her sorry self. These people truly do exist amongst us. Janice Park, if you read this, please take my jab, I wont be needing it, please take my jab for your safety from us unvaxxed Cro-Magnon heathens.

  23. Janice Park standing with one of the most non American thinkers in the Senate. She had a driver for years that was not vetted and she did not want him to be

  24. I’m unvaccinated and I don’t know of anybody I’ve come in contact with who has died. Maybe she should jump on the abortion bandwagon and see if that works.

  25. You need to do research on why the vax and double boostered are getting reoccurring Covid. It appears they are the super spreaders and if so largely contributing to variants. I know many unvax people and they are not having a problem. This is serious and definitely occurring.

  26. It never ceases to amaze me at how many people choose not to inform themselves about such important issues !
    There is huge and very disturbing information that has been coming out from the Pfizer document dump that our FDA wanted to bury for 70yrs. If you haven’t seen or heard any of this information go to and look. There are a horrifying number of deaths and severe side effects from the first few months of the vaccine rollout that were known, but authorizations for them were still approved without disclosure.
    Our lawmakers and so called leaders are either ignorant or worse. They do not belong in the positions they have been voted into. Most Must Readers are savvy to a lot but not our politicians. Think hard about who and what you vote for.

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