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Ruffridge votes with Democrats to allow men in women’s bathrooms

HB 99 passed out of a House committee today with the support of Republican Rep. Justin Ruffridge of Kenai, who voted with the Democrats.

The pro-stalking bill, sponsored by Anchorage Democrat Rep. Jennie Armstrong, would allow men to enter women’s bathrooms in stores, restaurants, bars, athletic clubs, work places, and anywhere that there is a public accommodation. Women would have no more bathrooms designated for them and their daughters. All bathrooms would essentially become open to both sexes.

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Read sponsor statement for the bill to understand legislative intent.

The portion of the statute that this bill amends to include sex discrimination says, “‘public accommodation’ means a place that caters or offers its services, goods, or facilities to the general public and includes a public inn, restaurant, eating house, hotel, motel, soda fountain, soft drink parlor, tavern, night club, roadhouse, place where food or spiritous or malt liquors are sold for consumption, trailer park, resort, campground, barber shop, beauty parlor, bathroom, resthouse, theater, swimming pool, skating rink, golf course, cafe, ice cream parlor, transportation company, and all other public amusement and business establishments, subject only to the conditions and limitations established by law and applicable alike to all persons;” Read the current statute here.

Republicans in the Legislature were horrified that Ruffridge, a Republican, would flip and support a bill that is a direct attack on women’s and girls’ safety.

The bill left Community and Regional Affairs with only the opposition of Republicans Rep. Tom McKay of Anchorage and Rep. Kevin McCabe of Big Lake.

Rep. Ruffridge voted with Democrats against an amendment by Rep. McCabe that would have narrowed the bill down to not discriminating against gay people in employment. Ruffridge said it narrowed the bill too much.

McKay asked Armstrong who would protect our daughters in bathrooms when men walk into a women’s bathroom.

Armstrong, who considers herself LGBTQ as a “pansexual,” called McKay’s question offensive and said that LGBTQ are increasingly being characterized as groomers and perpetrators, but most of the crime is committed by straight males.

The bill now goes to House Judiciary, which is chaired by Rep. Sarah Vance, a Homer and South Kenai Republican.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. I guess one way to fight back is for many men to enter women’s bathrooms, en masse. The Legislator bathrooms should not just allow them to enter. Anyone should be able to enter their bathrooms. Fight back.

    • David I agree let’s make bathrooms all for one and one for all starting with making legislature bathrooms open to anybody. The homeless could use his bathroom.

      • Mark, great comment, however the Legislative body is not governed by the same rules it makes for thee, it has the ability to exclude itself from such nonsense.

  2. Uh Oh! The perverts just drove their Prius into the swamp with Rep Vance..That perv bill is gonna be DOA and ain’t going anywhere with a solid conservative like Vance at the helm! ?

  3. LULZ vote harder Kenai. couldnt this for the most part be decided in the private sector instead of the government sector. this is simply more government overreach as private property owners are capable of deciding who can or cannot use their facilities. this is just the political class taking away more rights from private property owners through the culture war and further distracting us from what they’re doing with our money

    • The private sector did decide it, eons ago. Boys here, girls there. But democrats are not happy with that so they change is to little girls and men in this room. Anyone who does not like is a bigot.

  4. Completely and utterly shocking! I, among other of my peers, no longer recognize the community landscape which we call home. Obviously, all of this progressive – social change is driving many, if not all of us, into a defensive posture so as to gravitate towards complete asset protection and safer communities for which to live. However, this woke – progressivism is growing into a major threat To Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness … Art C was absolutely correct!

  5. The voters in District 7 should have done some rudimentary research on this Washington state product and his merry sycophants James Sexton from California and Braeden Garrett from Hawaii. They hit the trifecta with this one.

  6. Tried to think of a comment but anything I might want to say would not be allowed here. I just want people to remember the voting record of those we have elected to represent us. This is NOT in our best interest.

  7. Fortunately, Representative Sarah Vance is a based conservative. I hope she will take action to prevent this bill from being passed out of committee. It also sounds like so-called Republican Representative Ruffridge needs to have a primary opponent in 2024.

  8. “….that LGBTQ are increasingly being characterized as groomers and perpetrators, but most of the crime is committed by straight males.” I believe this statement. However, how do you distinguish the straight males from the transgender males. It is not worth risking an individuals safety. Lets just get rid of male and female bathrooms. In open areas make locking stalls and OPEN communal handwashing areas. I realize this is not a new idea but lets just get past all of this.

    • Or we could just go crazy and try something wild like making women use one bathroom and men use a different one.

      In all seriousness the physical danger is of a ‘trans’ guy in the women’s room NOT a woman in work jeans in the men’s room. Both are weird, I’ll grant you that, but the women are in more immediate danger then most men in these situations.

      • I agree. Somebody should have lined up a bunch of guys in a dress and asked Jennifer Armstrong which ones were the “real” LGBT… and which ones were the pretenders, who walk into a girls bathroom for other purposes. Since even she with her highly in-tuned senses could not figure that out, let us call her what she is: an enabler, who endangers women and girls on purpose. Creepy!

  9. Government needs to stay out of people’s lives and we do not need anymore restroom legislation. There are plenty of laws on the books already to govern misbehavior in restrooms. Under the State Constitution everyones privacy is protected. Still waiting for MRAK to identify one transgender person doing anything wrong, other than a bodily function in private that all humans need to do.

  10. Here’s another law which begs for nullification through noncompliance.
    Female women’s restroom users can eject male perverts, using whatever’s on hand.
    Jurors can invoke jury nullification to dismiss the male perverts’ legal complaints.
    Looks like a recall Ruffridge petiton’s the next order of business, no?

  11. The word “bathroom” is not mentioned once in this bill. Probably just a simple oversight by someone. Bathroom derangement syndrome goes on and on and on.

  12. In fairness to the apathy of the Alaskan voters: with the “Republican” party in an irreversible coma, I do understand the temptation not to vote.

    It’s like suicide by hanging as opposed to lethal injection. Dead either way.

    The entire GOP, starting with anyone, anywhere with any affiliation with Tuckerman Babcock has to go if there’s any chance of a genuine opposition party again. That includes our eunuch governor.

  13. ‘Mom! I have to go to the bathroom!”

    “Gotta hold it sweetie until we are in Soldotna. Too many perverts here in Kenai!”

  14. Excellent. No more waiting in line if the “mens” room is at capacity to expel my waste. I’m so glad that today’s society is so confused!

  15. Representative Ruffridge will be on KSRM 920 AM Sound Off, Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. if anyone has comments.

  16. Lip stick and a dress don’t make you a female. Discussion about men being allowed to do any of those things is a waste of money/time and just plain stupid. The Coroner sets the record straight . Autopsies are the ultimate gender reveal parties. Just because you want to use the women facilities don’t mean you can. Women really need to unite and call it what it is ,,,,, just plain stupid.

    • Ruffridge evidently owns some of two pharmacies, which suggests that he’s making nice profits off of peddling hormones and mental bandaids to assorted disturbed people who need his chemicals to prop up their hallucinations that their perversities are normal, and we might further presume he has no intentions of taking a principled stance in favor of public safety, decency, and health when his earnings are at stake.

      This just can’t be explained away by anyone normal.

  17. “……….Women would have no more bathrooms designated for them and their daughters. All bathrooms would essentially become open to both sexes……….”
    Wait! Does this mean the doors won’t be marked male or female?

  18. The worst part about Kenai is that it’s home to a large population of expat Minnesotans and Washingtonians.

    They haven’t met a tax they didn’t love so it can pay for a public employee to perform a service nobody notices.

  19. In the event that this may still have life breathed into after the next step; somebody needs to be forewarned: I am a female survivor of sexual assault by a male and have permanent PTSD when being approached by men. I open carry with a side holster and have a stun gun in my possession at all times when in public; If I see a male in a women’s bathroom, I will defend myself in the state of anxiety created by his presence.

    • You’ll be ok as long as you call it a girl, regardless of plumbing. Misgender it and Alaska will rain holy hell on you.

    • I salute you Rae Lynn. You made it through the dark time and you survived. And now you have made up your mind to never again be a victim and carry the most effective tools to insure that. Strong women are awesome.

    • Rae Lynn, good for you! Not sure about accuracy of a Stun- Gun but suggest you aim for lower middle center mass, you know that area where males are different than women.

  20. You have to look at the underlying statute that they are amending with this, how their addition of gender identities applies. They have been pretty stealth to avoid showing or talking about the “accommodations” portion of existing statute. – sd

  21. Urinals should also be installed in these restrooms. For those who don’t want to squat. Really, though, people can just relieve themselves outside. I understand that it is legal already in Anchorage. I also take it that the business owner will be forced to comply?

  22. Great advice Suzanne! Everyone needs to be extremely cautious when voting. The same sneaky tactics were used in Oregon when they passed a bill decriminalizing nearly all drugs including Heroin. I asked my sister who lives there how on Gods green Earth would sane people vote for anything that would make Heroin much easier to access and use openly on the streets. She said it took very extensive reading of the details and some of the wording of the legal jargon required a law degree to interpret. Doesn’t anyone remember how ranked choice voting was presented as a ballot measure that protects our elections from outside dark money? What a joke and a farce that turned out to be! I would not be surprised if the Democrats are funneling money into Anchorage high school class president elections from DC.

    Heroin has become so useful in building up the Homeless Camp Social Empires in Oregon that Washington Governor Jay Inslee is using the same method of legalizing Heroin to build their Homeless Empire as well.

    Anchorage Assembly members are watching very closely and taking notes on the process that works so well. I would love to see more documentaries filmed in downtown Portland that shows how well open Heroin use on the streets is so effective. I would even donate plane tickets to send our assembly members to Portland and spend a week on third avenue in hopes that some would like it and decide to stay there. ALL legislators need to see downtown Portland as it proves we do not need to waste time on who should use which bathroom because in Portland it looks and smells to me like everyone just uses the sidewalk.

  23. Suzanne,
    I e-mailed Justin to state my disappointment in his vote and he said that this bill does nothing of the kind as letting men into women’s bathrooms. He’s not sure where this rumor is coming from. Could you explain more for us?

    • He is pretending the bill does not refer to the underlying legislation that is on the books. Of course it does not specifically mention bathrooms because that could kill it for sure. Read the underlying statute. – sd

  24. Also, Justin just simply voted to move the bill from his committee to the appropriate committee – the judicial committee- where he feels it belongs. This was not a floor vote for passage.

  25. If they support laws such as this, we should get creative when pushing back. Find every bathroom in the capitol building and station a group of women in each men’s room and a group of men in each women’s room. I’m guessing it shouldn’t take more than an hour or so to get the idea across that these laws aren’t popular, for good reason.

  26. . My tolerance for these depraved psychopaths is at its end. Isn’t it curious the media has not mentioned these fruit cakes until recently? Now it’s a full on assault from all mainstream media. 1/10 of 1% and this is the media response. It has to be a Distraction tactic keep your eyes wide open people.

  27. Girls, it’s time to follow Justin into the men’s room, just to lean on the urinal & make friendly conversation. We can probably shrink this issue down by being observant!

  28. He voted “no recommendation” on the final bill and voted with Ds against an amendment go narrow the bill down to employment. No recommendation was his weasel way on final vote:

    2023-04-26 House REFERRED TO JUDICIARY
    2023-04-26 House FN1: ZERO(GOV)
    2023-04-26 House NR: RUFFRIDGE
    2023-04-26 House DNP: MCKAY, MCCABE
    2023-04-26 House DP: HIMSCHOOT, MEARS, MCCORMICK
    2023-04-26 House CRA RPT 3DP 2DNP 1NR

  29. The locals have become restless over this, not my creation, but it’s clever.

  30. Well, the song Brandy by the band Looking Glass comes to mind. Justin just became a one hit wonder. If he didn’t understand what was in the Bill, that is probably worse than undrstanding the content and voting for it.

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