Rodney Dial: I stand with those unwilling to allow their rights to be turned into privileges



Today the Alaska Municipal League is holding a multi-day conference in Anchorage.  This event brings hundreds of elected officials together to discuss topics of mutual concern to influence State and Federal decision making.   As Mayor of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough, I want to be there, but I can not in good conscious attend for the following reasons.

For the first time in AML’s history, attendees have been notified that they must submit proof of vaccination or a negative test, and agree to a release of liability.   It’s straightforward they say…upload your proof of either to an app, get a green stamp next to your name and you are now worthy to attend.

It’s not like you have to be vaccinated, they say… you can be tested.  For me, the mere statement of “you can be tested” as some alternative, infers a complete personal disconnect that they have already been conditioned to accept a new normal, as if in their mind the process of showing health papers to engage in an activity is somehow materiality different than showing vaccination papers to do so.

In response to the “show your papers” requirement, I asked the director of AML for a few minutes to address (remotely from Ketchikan) my peers….the request was denied. 

I had hoped to start a discussion on how these actions normalize a behavior that has on many occasions in our past turned into a grave error.  

That grave error is segregation and discrimination. We have done this before with Native, African and Japanese Americans…and here we go again, this time with the unvaccinated and those who refuse to submit to unnecessary health procedures (testing without symptoms). In each case the justification was exactly the same, just repackaged…always about safety of one group vs. the other.   

Additionally in each instance, the majorities at the time supported the efforts, and as we now look back they were seen as being on the wrong side of history… every time.

In our lives if we are lucky, we get one or two “Braveheart moments.” These are opportunities to truly stand against the many, to take the difficult path, and make a difference for those that come after.

With that in mind I say to the elected officials at the AML conference…

I see many of my countrymen, assembled in Anchorage, normalizing actions in support of tyranny. You took an oath to support the rights of free men (and women) and free they are. But what are you as elected officials if they loose their freedoms?

Will you fight for their rights? Or will you run from your responsibility to maintain your elected status? Fight and you may die (politically); run, and you’ll maintain your elected status…at least a while.

And at the end of your elected career, many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days, from this day to that, for one chance – just one chance – to truly stand for the very principle this country was founded on, and tell the citizens we serve that you were willing to risk your political lives so that they would never loose their freedom?

Please consider the side of history you want to be on.

As for me, I’ll stay here in Ketchikan with my fellow Alaskans, including those being turned into 2nd class citizens for their personal health decisions. I stand with those unwilling to allow their rights to be turned into privileges, doled out on the basis of their obedience.  Enjoy your conference. 

These are my own personal comments and I am not speaking for any other entity.

Rodney Dial is the mayor of Ketchikan.


  1. Thank you Rodney Dial. You are a rock star. Our freedoms are not free and this may well be the fight for our time . Medical tyranny has certainly gripped the nation and the fuel of fear has pushed it to a fever pitch. It is tearing families apart and destroying livelihoods of all people across all spectrums. I agree with you that it is the segregation of our time and we must not allow this to stand.

    My hope is that other brave “leaders” in Alaska will come forward and denounce this medical tyranny that AML has perpetrated upon the convention.

  2. I stand with Rodney Dial, he is absolutely right.
    The vaccinated do carry a higher viral load when they have covid then the unvaccinated. Because of that, these with the vaccine turn into the spreaders. A serious question that needs to be answered is, do the vaccinated ever become immune? The jab is only affective for 6 months. Endless boosters is not the answer, humanity needs! Is the cure, worse than the disease?

    • Don’t you get a flu booster shot every year? I know I’ve got my shingles vaccination and I am due for my booster for that. Sometimes the immune system could use a little help especially in compromise people that have a immune system that is lacking for whatever reason. Because they’re old, because they’re fat, because they’re atheists, or because they have something else going on, are they simply to be thrown away and not counted as a valuable member of society?

      • Honestly, Greg, which part of Voluntary versus Mandated do you not understand?

        And does the presence of any other malady incur the mandate of vaccine and / or testing so as to participate within meetings such as this, or any other currently?

        I shall await your learned response…..

      • Greg, if one has a compromised immune system, why would you take an m-RNA jab that will further inhibit your bodies Wonderful God Given ability to fend off infection?

        • Um, because his Wonderful God Given ability to fend off infection is getting worn out. The m-RNA jab doesn’t inhibit his fending ability, it enhances it.
          It pays to consider that we all, well, almost all, were born with the WGG immune system, designed to fend off infection, but we are also subject to the WGG viruses, parasites, bacteria, etc., etc., that test our systems.
          Al Einstein once said, “God doesn’t play dice with the universe,” but apparently God plays dice with us earthlings. Some folks catch the bug, some don’t. Some who catch it live through it, some don’t. And before vaccines we had smallpox, Bubonic plague, the Black Death, cholera, Spanish flu, etc. etc., to deal with, and which our WGG ability to fend off infection failed for many millions.
          I’m thinking if God knows what she is doing, she wouldn’t have let us make the vaccines unless she wanted us to use them.
          Just sayin’.

      • The difference is the fact that your decision to get a shingles or flu vaccine is completely voluntary and private. If you don’t want or need to, it’s nobody’s business but yours. Your life and activities are not imposed upon or restricted in any way. And no, many of us don’t get an annual flu shot.

    • Where are all the historical flus and virus that kill more than this plandemic every year??? That is the real question?

  3. This. This is how it’s done! I would love to shake your hand, sir, from closer than six feet and sans mask! Well done and well said!

  4. “…the mere statement of “you can be tested” as some alternative, infers a complete personal disconnect that they have already been conditioned to accept a new normal, ” Well stated, Rodney.
    It is like the mixed bag of asking for a religious exemption. By even requesting it, I am conceding that “they” construct our new normal, our culture, our serfdom. And that exemption was intentional. It will be denied if accepted, eventually. NY has now rejected all their previously accepted ones.
    Stand tall, Rodney. You made the request to speak to your fellow elected officials. They officially told you that you were a second-class citizen.
    I hope word spreads in that fellowship that you were denied and others are emboldened because of your sacrifice and braveness.

  5. Thank you Rodney for standing up for freedom!
    Too many Americans and others around the world have forgotten or never had the freedoms that we have had in the past. We are now seeing them being evaporated away through corruption in our government and propaganda in our schools and press.
    As I sit in my hotel room in Peru, after purchasing required Covid travel insurance and submitting endless documents, I wait for some government desk jockey to review my papers before I will be allowed to enter the next third world country. They say this review “should” be complete within 30 days. So here I sit. Last time I submitted papers to this government they replied in six months!
    The US is heading down this same road. Please wake up people.
    This is all about politics and money. This is NOT about the virus.!
    Nothing under the sun is more important than freedom, too many people are scarred, confused, or lost.
    Stand strong and fight the good fight.

  6. If only we had more people in office in Alaska with the courage, logic and conviction of Rodney Dial!
    Sadly, they are few and far between (especially on the militant and hyper-partisan Anchorage ass-embly).

  7. With all the unvaxxed layoffs, there’s going to be a lot of eligible persons who would be on our side. We need to encourage them to run for local and state office, volunteer for political appointments, or apply for civil service positions.
    We need to take back the gates, the control points, to keep our enemies at bay.

  8. Mr. Dial,

    You must be among the very few elected officials in The Great Land who has actually read the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America. Finally!

    • Well, Pete, it’s pretty obvious that you haven’t read it. Or maybe just didn’t comprehend it. Or maybe chose just to pay attention to the parts you like, like so many religious folk do with the Bible.
      The Bill of Rights is part of the Constitution. They are amendments. Apparently the wise forefathers who crafted the Constitution forgot to include them in the original document. If you read a little further, you will discover there are a bunch more that they forgot to include.

  9. WW!! Rodney, you laid it on the line!! If you didn’t have all those years of public service to Alaskans we might have leave to question your motives. But not so !! I believe yours is the strongest opposition voice of ANY ELECTED ALASKAN OFFICIAL I HAVE THUS HEARD !! You, Sir, have my highest respect!!

  10. God Bless you Rodney. We need more leaders like you, willing to stand for our rights and protect the constitution. You are exactly right about them attempting to turn our rights into privilege’s, and we must not allow this. I found the following comments below an article I read a few days back, make perfect sense in light of what is going on now, when the “vaccination” doesn’t prevent the disease, doesn’t prevent getting infected and spreading it to others, doesn’t prevent getting hospitalized with the disease, doesn’t prevent dying from it, and has more harmful side effects, including DEATH, than all other vaccines in history combined!
    informed dissent 7h
    Everything the left promotes is about division and hate. You can’t have a ‘revolution’ if everyone is united. A “Great Reset” requires great division…

    STANDUPNOW informed dissent

    and they divide on everything

    they are dividing vaxxed against unvaccinated and they get them very angry.

    unvaccinated = Jews= scapegoats

    They dehumanize them , and like in the Holocaust, they say they carry and spread disease.

    This is an old tactic , over used because it works

    The angry useful idiots , lefties, will demand and allow anything to be done to the scapegoats

    it’s a SETUP!

    They have “ wellness “ camps ( sound familiar, concentration camps) for the unvaccinated

    They have bills for those camps here. I saw the one in NY. They were written in 2016, updated recently

  11. Very well said and thank you! I do not hold office, but fight this horrendous act on our liberties every day. What good that does, I have no idea, but no vaccine, test or mask for me. Thank you for standing up!

  12. Thank you so much for writing this, Mayor Dial!

    I’d like to see a list of the elected reps who are attending this conference.

    They need to hear from us!

  13. “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.”—The last words of American Revolutionary War spy, Nathan Hale, …
    Rodney Dial may never make a historical quote like that, but he has the heart of a true American hero.

  14. Alaska needs more people like this!! Especially in politics.
    Cheers to you Mayor Dial!!
    Your constituents are lucky to have you, whether they realize it or not.
    Keep the faith.

  15. The Japanese Americans, Native Americans, and African Americans had no choice when they were being discriminated against. They were victims of their races and were punished because of it. They couldn’t just go down to the clinic and ask for a race vaccine.
    Those who refuse to get vaccinated are making a choice. If you choose not to take the vaccine, that is up to you. Also, there will be consequences. You may get sick, you may not. If you become Covid positive, you may pass the virus on to others. This is the main reason for requiring vaccinations or negative Covid tests at various gatherings. This is to minimize the spread of the virus.
    I do not understand how rational people can come to the conclusion that they are being discriminated against when there is an epidemic taking place and they refuse vaccination. This is not a “rights” issue, it is a health issue. I cannot understand how Mr. Dial can come to the conclusion that a rational health care standard is equivalent to segregation and discrimination. Those truly discriminated against through race or country of origin religion could do nothing to change their status. To compare them to those who whine when told they have to have a vaccination to attend a mayoral conference, or a public school, is patently absurd. The solution is simple. Get the vaccine. If you don’t, quit whining about the consequences.
    I cannot believe that intelligent people have fallen for this travesty of “freedom.” When the virus has been brought under reasonable control, people can go back to the new normal and all this nonsense about their rights being violated because there was this deadly disease out there will go away. You’ll be able to travel with minimal inconvenience (remember, you will still have to show “papers” and pass a security check to get onto an airplane ) and all of this fuss will seem silly. And if it doesn’t, then we have real problems that no vaccine will be able to fix.

    • “you may pass the virus on to others. This is the main reason for requiring vaccinations or negative Covid tests”

      vaccinated people can still spread the virus. so there is no rational reason for this

    • Once again, Homo, the ‘logic’ of your argument is entirely lacking.
      The so-called “vaccines” have now been conclusively proven to NOT prevent either the contraction nor, more importantly, the transmission of this virus. Indeed, there is early but growing evidence that those who have been jabbed are MORE likely to transmit the virus, due to having higher viral loads than those not jabbed. So your argument about “minimizing the spread of the virus” fails, as the so-called “vaccines” (which are NOT vaccines by any standard or traditional definition of the word) are not and CAN NOT stop the spread of the virus, or the ongoing pandemic..
      Moreover, all you Branch Covidian cultists make this disease out to be something totally unique, when it is NOT. The death rate from this virus, approximately 0.3%, is in line with many bad seasonal influenza epidemics that the USA has experienced throughout its history, and even within my lifetime, and all without this hysterical and overblown corporate-media pumped reaction, and all without the Orwellian medical fascism and authoritarianism that malicious and evil people like you are now pushing, under cover of “protecting the public”. Generating unreasonable and exaggerated fear is the oldest weapon of those in power to further their power, and ignorant idiots like you have fallen for it hook, line and sinker.
      You are my enemy, because you are the enemy of rationality and freedom. That is not a decision that I have made, but a decision that YOU have made.

      • Mr Jefferson, you say, “You are my enemy, because you are the enemy of rationality and freedom.” I know your comment was directed toward Homo Erectus, but he and I share the same perspective, so I am your enemy. But you are not MY enemy. You are articulate, passionate and an advocate for what you believe in, just like me. The fault in you reasoning is a willingness to lay on some weighty emotional and patriotic sounding words to a sinking, dubious, and not scientifically proven claim. You make bad worse.

      • The vaccine has been shown unequivocally to prevent or reduce the virulence of Covid. The ratio of those who are not hospitalized or die from Covid is about 11 to 1 in favor of the vaccinated.
        It is true that a vaccinated person who tests positive can have a high virus count. That does not necessarily translate into a higher level of contagiousness. This is still being studied.
        The vaccine is, indeed, a vaccine. It triggers the immune response. That is the definition of a what a vaccine does.
        Covid is not entirely unique. It is a SARS virus, and SARS circulated in the early to mid 2000s as a serious respiratory threat. It was run to ground and hasn’t been seen since 2005. SARS-Cov-19 is a variant that is the one currently circulating. This is the one we are fighting, and it is a new variant, which makes it a new, unique disease. There are also variants of Cov-19, because viruses mutant constantly. So it is not entirely new, but it is unique. One of a kind. With variants.
        It is true that the death rate from Covid, as represented by percentage, appears low, but that rate translates into 750,000 deaths. Those are people who would still be alive today had they not caught Covid.
        I am not your enemy. I do not wish to impose upon you a vaccine you abhor. But if you choose not to take the vaccine, and that is your choice and yours alone, you will not be able to do things that vaccinated people will be able to do. This is a community decision. This, again, is a decision you make, not I. It could threaten your well being and your life. You will become the victim of a disease that does not respect your beliefs, it just wants you to be its host. You may then find out that you have become your own enemy.

        • Homo E,
          I believe you have done research and are convinced of what you say. However, have you seen this study out of Israel? 60% of hospitalizations are vaccinated. Add 2 w’s to the web address to complete the link.

          I would be willing to bet that for every government produced study you can find to support your viewpoint I can find one government and 2 private studies that show the exact opposite. This means that there are other “facts” out there and above all, freedom to make your own medical choices without being subjected to tyranny is vital and what has until recently made this the greatest country on earth. The presence of an emergency or perceived emergency does not make tyranny appropriate. Also, if the high viral load of the vaccinated wasn’t more contagious than the unvaccinated then the mostnhighly vaccinated countries wouldn’t also be some of the highest case load countries, which they are for the most part. Another fun study for you here: same thing, add the two w’s to www.

    • My best guess is that Homo is somehow associated with the main stream medical profession. I can’t see any personal motive for a regular Joe to be so verbose, devoting so much energy, simply because they have a different opinion. I can see someone in management doing what they can to prop up their house of cards, to prolong their profit picture.
      Besides that, Homo is too articulate, his vocabulary, and sentence structure is similar to someone practiced in writing public relations propaganda.

      • Wrong on most accords. I am not main stream medical. My personal motive is to advocate for the best information from reliable sources. I don’t have a horse in this race, other than to defeat the virus. I don’t write propaganda. I look for the best information available and promote it. For me, it is simple. The best information we have, though it might be flawed, is what we need to go with. I am not a masker, because we have fallen into the trap of thinking masking will be a game changer. It will not. The data show this. Why this is still an issue is a mystery to me. Same with sanitizing. The enormous preponderance of data show that the virus is spread by aerosol distribution. Sanitizing surfaces is great for oral/fecal transmission. Masks are good for large droplets. Aerosol defeats all of these. The best means of avoiding Covid are to avoid the three Cs; closed spaces, close contact, and crowds.
        It’s simple, but it isn’t easy. We tie ourselves up in knots doing things that end up entangling us in a spiraling web of misunderstandings. Clarity is the answer, not ideology, or false information, or illogical thinking, or anger.

        • So, you pondered “masking” and concluded that it is not effective? From what actual data there is available, even with all the contradictions, that would seem to be a logical choice.
          Still, you’re having to make your best guess, which makes your claim to be following the science rather sketchy.
          The vax does not prevent catching, spreading, nor dying from Covid. That it may or may not, depending on each individual, mitigate the more severe effects is a dice roll. The same dice roll the unvaxxed have made.
          You have made your own personal choices. Logic, reason, and the scientific method would suggest that you have no grounds to question any one else’s personal decision.
          There is no recorded instance wherein the unvaxxed with natural antibodies have spread it to anyone else. There are many recorded instances wherein the vaxed have spread it to others both vaxed an unvaxxed.
          Evidence is that the vaxed are super-spreaders and the unvaxxed are not.
          The real difficulty is that the vaxxed have made a poor choice, and now are loath to admit it.
          “It’ easier to fool people, than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.”

          • And you sir, have been fooled. 11 out of 12 people who are hospitalized or die from Covid are unvaxxed. The vaccines help prevent symptoms or reduce them. There is no evidence, well, maybe some that has been made up but not real, that the vaxxed are superspreaders.
            The real difficulty is that the unvaxxed have made a poor choice, and now are loath to admit it.
            But, if bad comes to worse, at least you can be happy knowing you were not fooled.

    • Homo, it has been said that a certain portion of our population has fallen under a spell and lost its ability to think critically and or been subjected to a National Hypnosis as it were. The hypnotic trance is ostensibly caused by anxiety and driven by a Media Fed Hype, formally called Propaganda. This same group described above cannot begin to think critically because doing so might end their belief in the Fauci Fairy Tale and bring back the anxiety from which they seek relief. After reading your missive above it appears that you may be in this group.
      There exists another Group that has not fallen to the hypnotic trance and is questioning the logic or illogic of the spin masters doling out the Propaganda. Given the data this is not hard to do. Turns out Science is a discipline that involves questioning and requires critical thought. Those that have not lost their ability of critical thinking have learned a couple of things. One is that the “Jab” is not effective at all in stopping the spread of Covid-19 and that it may even be causing the virus to mutate and become even more infectious. Secondly the Big Pharma Profit center “Jab” has serious and dangerous side effects immediately and in the unknown long term.
      The travesty is not that people want to control their medical choice but that you and those cast under the “spell” would seek to deny them that choice of freedom. This is especially odious given the complete lack of success of those same treatments you prescribe.
      I understand that you will reject my thoughts above since it is much like taking away a toddlers security blanket and telling him / her/ it to stop sucking him/ her/ it’s thumb. I will continue however to pray for you and those so afflicted by this malaise while at the same time actively defend my God Given rights and yes freedom.

      • My profound thanks for your prayers on my behalf. Believe me, in the present context, I need all the help I can get.
        Magical thinking haunts us all. I fell in love with a wonderful woman, lo these many years ago, with whom I fantasized I could live a life on love, companionship, fidelity, and, for lack of a better word, solidity. It was as if I had been cast under a spell. She lives with me now, I continue to idolize her, lo these twenty five years. Am I a sucker? Maybe.
        There is the “Media Fed Hype,” allegedly attached to the “Fauci Fairy Tale.” No evidence is given as to the alleged accuracy, or lack thereof, of these sources.
        There appears to be a group that believes the “Jab” is not effective at all in stopping the spread of Covid-19 and that it may even be causing the virus to mutate and become even more infectious. Allegation pursue that claim that, “…the Jab has serious and dangerous side effects immediately and in the unknown long term.” Again, no evidence. Of course, long term evidence is not available, but, really…
        The travesty is that people are basing their medical decisions on magical thinking instead of current, scientific knowledge. You wish to cast the spell of magical thinking onto them so they can be in your thrall. You are the one throwing them a security blanket, telling them they can continue to suck their thumbs and hope for some magical deliverance from the world they hope, desperately, not to have to live in.

  16. I agree with you Mayor Dial, as a newly elected council member for the City of Kenai, I also decided not to attend AML for the same reasons you stated in your article. This is one of many issues I have with AML.

  17. The Alaska Municipal League indoctrinates lazy & dumb elected government officials with current “group think” propaganda & local municipalities should not be using taxpayer money to pay the AML to brainwash our elected officials. Congrats to the Mayor of Ketchikan for standing up to these intolerant bullies! We need more to do the same.

  18. Just boycott all mandates! Pull kids out of schools, walk out of work in mass! Shutdown the State and this ridiculous crap goes away. They want to control you folks! This is about power and control and has nothing to do with the virus. Americans have the power to end the mandates but must cast off fear and embrace FREEDOM! We must be united in standing against tyranny!

  19. Great comment Cro Magnon!

    Sure, it would be easier to succumb to the “spell” and go along with those zombies who have forsaken their common sense and natural distrust of politicians. As a critical thinker, I want to know all the angles lest I leap into a possible fire.

    Covid-19 is not the boogeyman we originally thought it might be. If treated early with the protocol shunned by scoffers, it is no worse than the flu.

    There is a bigger agenda going on here and people need to get a clue. I have never been a conspiracy theorist–until they started coming true.

    I wish Rodney Dial was our governor! I am very impressed with this young man.

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