Robert Mueller oversaw witch hunt against Sen. Ted Stevens



The following is an excerpt from “Robert Mueller: Unmasked,” a report published by Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas, in which he makes several claims about a number of witch hunts conducted by the former FBI director.

Here’s the section of his report pertaining to Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens:

Ted Stevens had served in the U.S. Senate since 1968 and was indicted in 2008 by the U.S. Justice Department. One would think before the U.S. government would seek to destroy a sitting U.S. Senator, there would be no question whatsoever of his guilt. One would be completely wrong in thinking so when the FBI Director is Robert Mueller.

Roll Call provides us with General Colin Powell’s take on Ted Stevens:

“According to former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who had worked closely with the senator since his days as President Ronald Reagan’s national security adviser, the senator was ‘a trusted individual …someone whose word you could rely on. I never heard in all of those years a single dissenting voice with respect to his integrity, with respect to his forthrightness, and with respect to the fact that when you shook hands with Ted Stevens, or made a deal with Ted Stevens, it was going to be a deal that benefited the nation in the long run, one that he would stick with.’”

Such a glowing reputation certainly did not inhibit Mueller’s FBI from putting Stevens in its cross-hairs, pushing to get an indictment that came 100 days before his election, and engaging in third world dictator-type tactics to help an innocent man lose his election, after which he lost his life.

As reported by NPR, after the conviction and all truth came rolling out of the framing and conviction of Senator Stevens, the new Attorney General Eric Holder, had no choice. He “abandoned the Stevens case in April 2009 after uncovering new and ‘disturbing’ details about the prosecution…”

Unfortunately for Ted Stevens, his conviction came only eight days before his election, which tipped the scales on a close election.

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Does this sound familiar yet?

The allegation was that Senator Stevens had not paid full price for improvements to his Alaska cabin. As Roll Call reported, he had actually overpaid for the improvements by over twenty percent. Roll Call went on to state:

“But relying on false records and fueled by testimony from a richly rewarded ‘cooperating’ witness… government prosecutors convinced jurors to find him guilty just eight days before the general election which he lost by less than 2 percent of the vote.”

After a report substantiated massive improprieties by the FBI and DOJ in the investigation and prosecution of Senator Stevens, the result was ultimately a complete dismissal of the conviction.

At the time there was no direct evidence that Director Mueller was aware of the tactics of concealing exculpatory evidence that would have exonerated Stevens, and the creation of evidence that convicted him in 2008. Nearly four years later, in 2012, the Alaska Dispatch News concluded:

“Bottom line: Kepner (the lead FBI investigator accused of wrongdoing by Agent Joy) is still working for the FBI and is still investigating cases, including criminal probes. Joy, the whistleblower (who was the FBI agent who disclosed the FBI’s vast wrongdoing, especially of Kepner), has left the agency.” 

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Director Mueller either did control or could have controlled what happened to the lead FBI agent that destroyed a well-respected U.S. Senator. That U.S. Senator was not only completely innocent of the manufactured case against him, he was an honest and honorable man. Under Director Mueller’s overriding supervision, the wrongdoer who helped manufacture the case stayed on and the whistleblower was punished. Obviously, the FBI Director wanted his FBI agents to understand that honesty would be punished if it revealed wrongdoing within Mueller’s organization.

Further, not only was evidentiary proof of Senator Stevens’ innocence concealed from the Senator’s defense attorneys by the FBI, there was also a witness that provided compelling testimony that Stevens’ had done everything appropriately. That witness, however, was who agents sent back to Alaska by FBI Agents, unbeknownst to the Senator’s defense attorneys.

This key exonerating testimony was placed out of reach for Senator Stevens’ defense. Someone should have gone to jail for this illegality within the nation’s top law enforcement agency. Instead, Senator Stevens lost his seat, and surprise, surprise, Mueller’s FBI helped another elected Republican bite the dust. Unfortunately, I am not speaking figuratively.

In August of 2010, former Senator Stevens boarded his doomed plane. But for the heinous, twisted and corrupt investigation by the FBI, and inappropriate prosecution by the DOJ, he would have still been a sitting U.S. Senator. Don’t forget, one vote in the Senate was critical to ObamaCare becoming law also. If Senator Stevens was still there, it would not have become law.

In the following month after Senator Stevens’ untimely death, in September of 2010, a young DOJ lawyer, Nicholas Marsh who had been involved in the Stevens case, committed suicide at his home as the investigation into the fraudulently created case continued. The report expressed, “no conclusion as to his (Marsh’s) conduct,” given his untimely death. Robert Luskin, an attorney for Marsh, said, “he tried to do the right thing.” []

If you wonder what happened to the valuable FBI agent who was an upstandingwhistleblower with a conscience, you should know that in Mueller’s FBI, Special Agent Joy was terribly mistreated. Orders came down from on high that he was not to participate in any criminal investigation again, which is the FBI management’s way of forcing an agent out of the FBI. On the other hand, the FBI agent who was said to have manufactured evidence against Senator Stevens while hiding evidence of his innocence was treated wonderfully and continued to work important criminal cases for Director Mueller.

If you wonder if mistreatment of an FBI agent who exposed impropriety was an anomaly in Mueller’s FBI, the Alaska Dispatch noted this about another case:

“Former FBI agent Jane Turner was treated much like Joy (the whistleblower agent in the Stevens case) after she blew the whistle on fellow agents who had taken valuable mementos from Ground Zero following the 9-11 terrorist attacks. She took the FBI to court over her treatment and ended up winning her case against the agency after a jury trial. When you blow the whistle on the FBI, ‘it’s death by a million paper cuts,’ she told Alaska Dispatch. Turner said that agents who violate the FBI’s omerta [code of silence] — those who internally challenge the agency — are undercut and isolated. ‘They (Mueller’s FBI supervisors) do everything they can to get you to quit’ she said.”

[Read the entire report by Gohmert here: Gohmert_Mueller_UNMASKED]


  1. I have always been entirely skeptical that Marsh committed suicide. Details about the alleged suicide may be available today but in the days following the report of the suicide there were no details anywhere. I have always thought it more likely the least experienced of the Justice Department prosecutors became frantic and appeared likely to reveal too much. I continue to believe that one or more of his colleagues killed him, and while that would not have been the best form of justice I think most Alaskans would be happy enough with it. I think what happened to Ted Stevens very likely included the Justice Department allowing the trafficking of under-aged girls – very under-aged – to help them build a case that would have meant a life sentence for Veco Bill, and holding that over Bill’s head was necessary to force him to lie to the court about his friend Ted Stevens. Those lies were the foundation of their case. If not for Justice Department corruption we might still have Ted Stevens with us today! I continue to hope a few more of them “commit suicide.”

  2. It appears they had to dig pretty deep to find anyone willing to push such BS. But I’ve seen several referrals about Louie Gohmert as being the dumbest guy in the House so surprise, surprise.
    What caused me to post this was this article by Peter Zeidenberg that mentions in it “Virtually all who know him –including myself — can attest that he is a man of unimpeachable character” when speaking of Mueller. Here is the article in case you are interested :

  3. This makes one wonder how the lead agent who prosecuted the case against Senator Ted Stevens fared. That was Eric Holder who was in charge of the Office of Public Integrity which prosecuted the case. Breaking news: Eric Holder was promoted to the U.S. Attorney General. Why did the U.S. Senate approve Mr. Holder’s promotion? Deep State?

    • David, please don’t report paranoid, false info — you know better, or should. Eric Holder was Obama’s AG, and the one who dropped charges against Stevens. William Welch was in charge of the Office of Public Integrity at the time of the Stevens prosecution, and his chief deputy was the chief trial attorney in the case; Welch was an occasional visitor to the trial courtroom. The charges against Stevens were brought during a Republican (Bush II) administration.

  4. This whole DOJ scheme sure reminds us of our Senator Ted Stevens who was framed by the government lawyers withholding the most important piece of evidence that proved his innocence – note that said “don’t build my deck at my Alyeska cabin”. Now, again, such unethical behavior by Federal Government lawyers and others. I wish I was smart enough to write that account in a factual book about the Feds and Ted. Calling John Grisham, please?

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