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RNC smacks down CNN for Don Lemon segment mocking Trump supporters

In a rapid-response video ad that was a direct shot at CNN, the Republican National Committee strung clips together showing just what the mainstream media and Democrat elites thinks of Trump voters.

The ad is titled “They think you’re a joke.”

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The segment on CNN, which ran on Saturday night, was so derisive and widely criticized by conservatives that Lemon issued a weak apology on Tuesday, saying he thought it was funny at the time.

But by then, it had been viewed over 10 million times on Twitter.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. I listened to this garbage on several consecutive radio news outlets today. I couldn’t believe it at first. I thought it was some kind of joke.
    If this doesn’t make people pause – I’m not sure what does. Is this how the democrats try to convince people to join their team?
    I am not deplorable, stupid, uneducated, geographically challenged, racist, homophobic, or whatever else the leftists have labeled me as simply because I disagree with their politics.
    The democrat party is so utterly desperate at this point I guess they feel that insulting the American people is helpful? How much lower can they go?

    • Oh they will get lower and more stupid as they go along, wait and see. Let us not be surprised or dismayed. Freedom shall prevail as it’s the life blood of every free people.

  2. I saw this on Yahoo News feed and I mentioned that they (The Media) can dish it out but they can’t take it. I got nearly six hundred upvotes. All of a sudden they (The Reporters) are victims of hate speech and they are now a target, their life is in danger because they were disagreed with. As a Conservative I promise you that your life is not in danger if I disagree with you, I’m not so sure about you liberals regarding myself. I was proud as heck when I went to the Native Hospital and I wore a Trump 2020 shirt and I wasn’t assaulted once and people were kind to me and even the Doctors I saw mentioned it but I’m sure they were surprised that I think with my head and I wasn’t a liberal because of my race. I’ll think for myself thank you very much. Am I allowed to do that? I resent the fact that these young snots are selling me snake oil when I know it doesn’t work. Socialism will never work, has never worked, has killed and put people in the gulags and camps by the millions and now they (The Socialists) think that giving free passage to all sorts, America with free borders, giving sixteen year olds the right to vote, promising free college educations, letting convicts out of jail or not even sending them to jail to give the appearance that government as a whole is weak and they must seize control. It’s all a ploy to shore up their voting bloc. If I am stupid for wanting Freedom and want the same for my grandson, then I guess I’m the biggest moron today, but me don’t thinks so, me thinks. LOL!

  3. I really like your site and yes I will contribute at a later date. We need you to be here and I will support your free speech efforts. Next month when I am able you will have my dollars. This is important to me. Hang in there, I’m new to this, but your work is important and I will contribute.

  4. The trouble with the Democrats is that they have long since abandoned their base. Their new base is constantly being recruited by invention of a new victimhood, ( remember Obama’s restroom dictates?). I foresee that this organized crime party can and will go a lot lower. Look to Mao and his Cultural revolution or Bolschevik policy towards dissent if you wanna see how low this limbo party can go!

  5. Let’s take a look at their side, Joe Biden who oversaw Ukraine while their son was raking in millions working for an illegal company that was micromanaging their croocked government. Bernie Sanders the hypocrite…. he invited in Fortune 500 companies and believes nepotism is alive and well. Gave his wife a job when he was mayor in Vermont and then funneled money through a fake corporation where his daughter is the CEO so that’s how Bernie made his fortune. And Pocahontas Warren made her cash, has a lawyer she helped rewrite bankruptcy law and then afterwards went to Dow chemical and other mega companies and hired herself out on how to defeat the law that she had written for $1,000 an hour. So I guess we are just stupid and the Democrats are the smart ones because they got away with theft from taxpayer dollars. How stupid are we that we let an impeached president Bill Clinton steal millions of dollars from the Haitian relief fund? Yeah we’re about as dumb as they come.

  6. Two party system in the U.S.
    The EVIL party and the STUPID party.
    Republicans are the Stupid Party!
    We consistently snatch Defeat out of the Bowels of Victory. Why?

  7. My “how much lower can they go?” question was rhetorical. Believe be, I know they have no bottom.

  8. Honestly, if this snobby elitism surprises you then you have never listened to the Speaker of the Alaska House of Representatives. This mentality is fundamental to the recall effort now under way. (The funding of the effort is merely a grab for political power however.) Possibly you should not come to Juneau while this Alaska Legislature is in session if this elitism disturbs you, nor should you watch Gavel to Gavel. There are many younger Democrat legislators born with a golden smooth held by their mommies (fathers having long since left) who espouse exactly this sort of elitism, against the current governor in particular, every damn day! If you don’t like the direction this Alaska Legislature appears poised to take Alaska then you need to become politically involved this year, notwithstanding the elitism and snobbery you will almost certainly encounter if you come to Juneau.

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