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Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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RIP Anchorage: List of dead businesses read aloud at Assembly meeting as emergency orders extended


Citizens testifying at the Anchorage Assembly meeting read aloud the list of businesses in Anchorage that have died due to the shutdown orders that have continued for the better part of a year.

In protest of extending the emergency authority of the mayor, members of the audience also help aloft cardboard tombstones, each with the name of a business that failed after the municipality shut down the city repeatedly.

Three police officers were stationed inside the Assembly chambers, in an unusual move by Chairman Felix Rivera.

The Assembly did not listen to the public, and instead extended the emergency powers of the mayor into April, unmoved by the stories of those who have flocked to the podium week after week, pleading for relief from the anti-business policies.

The final decision on Tuesday means the Office of the Mayor of Anchorage will have emergency powers for over a year. For now, that authority rests with an acting mayor who took over after the disgraced Ethan Berkowitz resigned from office in October.

Under the current emergency orders, restaurants and bars may open at 25 percent capacity, while indoor gatherings are subject to a six-person limit, and outdoor gatherings are restricted to n more than 10 people. The emergency orders make exceptions for religious and political gatherings, day cares, classrooms, and “indoor special shopping events.”

Originally, the purpose of the order was to flatten the curve. Now, the city health officers say it’s to ensure that 70 percent of the public is vaccinated.

The list of businesses that have been crushed in Anchorage was also posted on various Facebook groups’ pages, such as Save Anchorage, Taking Back Anchorage, and Open Alaska.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Communist Dictators only have power over you if you allow them to exercise power over you.

    • Hi Mongo,
      Try telling leftist enforcers (police in leftist areas) they don’t have power over you when there are 5 of them, pointing weapons at you, and you thinking “this can’t be happening”. The effort to overcome our setbacks, at this critical time in our brief history as a nation, must not be for us and this moment, it must be for our kids and grandkids. What is happening now, within our “government”, will impact generations. In 200 years, when someone mentions America, will the listener say “where is that?”, the voices of Americans having been silenced for that same 200 years? Like the old saying, “big trouble in River City”, is it just a saying or reality, ‘River City’ being America?

  • How does Anchorage expect the people to pay higher property taxes when everyone is out of work?
    The people need to send the City of Anchorage a bill for everyone’s bills that are building.

    • Whoa! Logic and reason will never fly w/ the ANC Assy.

  • You (all) know as well as I do that this Anchorage Assembly doesn’t give a rip about what we say during public testimony.

    Most of the assembly and administration do not bother to show up in person for any meetings (example: Dunbar). My guess is that these people are busy in their kitchens, bathrooms, garages or wherever when public testimony is underway rather than following along and paying attention as they should. Rivera as the “master of ceremonies” is a joke.

    As bad as things are in Anchorage now, the absolute worst next thing for us would be if Forrest Dunbar ends up as our next mayor.

    Just as many have worked hard to Recall Rivera, we all must work even harder and in higher numbers to elect our next mayor: Bill Evans. He has proven experience, a balanced temperament, respectful demeanor towards all, and has earned the support of those “of all stripes” who have worked with him over the years. Vote Evans on April 6th.

    • Good luck getting anyone you vote for in office with Measure 2 in place. That is why they used the Dominion Machines to bump up the vote on measure 2 and rob you of your vote!

    • May I recommend that we try a non- career politician who does not support rank based voting nor mail in ballots such as Bronson? Otherwise, we just get the same horse with a different brand.

    • Absolutely not Evans. Come on seriously? Do some research on the guy just look at his website it’s a joke. Nothing but standard puff statements just like the last lot of politicians in this town. Not to mention that he plays on having been a cop for a couple years in a one-horse town somewhere in the lower 48. He’s not for real. You obviously have not been around here very long or maybe forgot he’s just a former political gadfly and now…. now we know what he does. He’s just another one of them. Part of the problem in this town, he will split the conservative vote and we’ll have another moderate / leftist in there. Think about it. Couldn’t or decided not to be a career cop, probably not content or not making it in his current career field or just bored, next up…. wants to play his hand at mayor. With no vision and no passion. A lot of us remember him from back in the day, he thinks it’s been long enough that he can get back in the game.
      No thanks.

      • I said I’m “considering” Bill Evans for Mayor. I’ll do my own research as to who meets my criteria for responsible management of this disaster. Have a nice day.

    • I’m considering Bill Evans for Mayor. What is his plan to keep property taxes from booting long-term homeowners out of their homes, aside from the senior property tax exemptions? I mean the ever-increasing school bonds that keep coming and other questionable expenses that grow the municipal budget in exponential proportions. Back in the day we had administrations that kept the lid on city expenses. What’s wrong with a Mayor and administration who would earnestly do that? After all , they work for us, the taxpayers! Since the taxpayers are paying the bill, we should have a major say in how our tax dollars are being extracted from our living expenses that aren’t going down!. Looks like we have a serious resource management problem in this city that needs to be identified and addressed posthaste, or there will be a serious exodus from this untenable situation. Then whatever tax base is left will pizzle out.

  • Rivera needs only 3 police officers for protection?

    • Well, he is a portly fellow.

  • What BS. The Assembly certainly isn’t missing a paycheck. And religious, in-store events and political events won’t spread it? Read about those lawmakers in Congress who were in close quarters last week. Testing positive this week. Again. I ask what restaurant had been a spreader? No Effin person gives me an answer. What next? In April bump up the percentage to 90%? Losers. Won’t be voting for any of them again. EVER!!

  • Mamma O’s…..RIP

  • I guess the Assembly just didn’t want Governor Cuomo in New York to have the record for killing businesses. Anchorage businesses should tell the Assembly to stick it and open up!

  • This is how ghost towns are made.

  • They’re just waiting for Biden’s inauguration. Then they will reopen things.

  • It’s telling Felix wanted APD on site. He’s scared. They all are. They know they can’t stop you if you all refuse to be held down.

    The lockdown will only end when the citizens force its ending. Not through useless votes the Assembly ignores, but through mass civil disobedience.
    Nonviolent, but mass civil disobedience.

    Open all the businesses up, don’t let them get shut down, and the Assembly will collapse.

  • Is it any wonder there are recall petitions out for more than one assembly member?
    Tactics have to change through. It is clearly apparent that the Assembly does not care about whether any business is able to stay afloat. That plea is, and will continue to fall on deaf ears. To put it bluntly, the Assembly just does not care how bad their declaration of emergency is screwing up tens of thousands of people’s lives.

  • And the goal post has moved again:
    …flatten the curve
    …wear masks and social distance.
    …when we have a vaccine
    and now they will not relinquish control until 70 % are vaccinated.
    I hope everyone realizes that this will not end. Anyone who buys this malarkey that we, the people, still can not figure out for ourselves how to manage the virus, has a vested interest in keeping the status quo.

  • If you want to “keep mainstream media on its toes” you should consider checking the businesses you have claimed to be closed. It seems many of these businesses are currently closed with plans to reopen. As a business owner, I would be livid to watch the media perpetuate false claims re: my business.

  • We’re about on step away from socialism and communism. What gives the government the right or the power to effect our lives all in the name of “safety”. It’s germ warfare from China to control our lives and our rights and our elected officials fell for it. But relax folks, Biden will have that fixed in no time………….

  • This was/is a very targeted attack. What do all these businesses have in common? Small, independent businesses probably under sole proprietorship. There are a couple chain stores and what appears to be a franchise or so, but the majority are small mom and pop outfits. So sad, Bill Gates was right, it would take a pandemic to shut down our society.

  • This is the part of the article that should concern everyone: “Originally, the purpose of the order was to flatten the curve. Now, the city health officers say it’s to ensure that 70 percent of the public is vaccinated.” Predictably, this will move from Mask Shaming to Vaccination Shaming without pause. I can hear it now “YOU’RE the reason that businesses are failing and Anchorage is shutting down you filthy ANTI-VAXER!!”

  • Better get another page ready for the ‘failed businesses’. Leftists want small business to be ‘refutable’ history. Control of the populace is the sole motivator for them. Small business has to go. Government will ‘save’ the day, don’t you know? Anchorage, as historically known, will cease to exist, and it won’t be long. Probably will need ‘committee’ approval to even travel there. The communist way. Sow the storm, reap the whirlwind.

  • The assembly does not care really with what you say from what I have noticed over the past 6 months…they are performing their pleasantries and entertaining you all, there is so much disdain for folks, all in the name of safety.

    But someone voted them in.

  • Ineptitude and malfeasance are kind words for this cabal. Their actions suggest a sinister vision for this once beautiful city? I grieve for these businesses for they have given their best to the Anchorage economy. Campobello, Crostini, Sweet Basil, Solstice Cafe, and many others I will miss. Now, as an elderly widow, I will take precautions to make sure these crooks don’t empty my pocketbook saved from my lifetime of work. And that goes for the upcoming state legislature as well. Parasites!

    • Not inept at all. They know exactly what they are doing, and doing it expertly.

      They are deliberately breaking small businesses and learning just how much control they can excerpt on citizens.

  • I am going to miss seeing K street Convenience store. I have 2011-12 memories hurrying up my work so to get snack at that cute little store before its 11pm closure.
    I look forward to seeing when this crowd deception has run its season and they are finally exposed!!!! I will not feel sorry for anyone who faces their day of shame and disgrace.

  • It is neurosis caused by years of hatred of all things patriotic, virtuous, moral and anything connected to President Trump. They have been seething with hate for years now. That does not go with out effect.

  • Just stop complying across the board. Chose not to participate in the tyranny.

  • Great idea Otto, they will then use your money to prosecute you.
    The power grab and tyranny is every where.
    Nationally it’s been rearing its ugly head for sometime now.
    But here in Anchorage, I’m very surprised. I always imagined that the independent spirit of our people would crush this sort of thing. Sadly I was mistaken.

    • True, they may attempt to prosecute you as one or two refuse to comply but if as a group everyone stands up and says no, no prosecutor would take that on. This country was founded on something called a determined spirit and a resolve for freedom. Stand up.

  • Our government, locally, state and federally is an absolute embarrassment. A product of our indoctrinating school system. Most of these gullible sycophants, I would be willing to bet, have never even had a job. They are now telling us what to do and what is best for us. That is what they have been taught and what happens in a democracy – but no we are a constitutional republic – a lynch mob is a democracy and the lychings are about to get going. They are more than happy to oblige when they are in power and the masks are off, there is no hiding the agenda anymore. We have to start to return to our roots and start locally by getting involved in schools, government etc.. The left as it consists now is truly anti republic and anti constitution. They don’t want to be ruled by that outdated paper. They had to create a way to tear apart the people and they did what any “ism” does first which is to attack morality. I believe Sam Adams stated, “You can only keep the republic if you are a moral society.”.
    The left has and will use our morality against us. Understand that and see them for who they really are not who you believe them to be.

  • What’s happening within the small business community of Anchorage is tragic on so many levels. And with the increased dysfunction of things at the federal level in D.C., we need to focus intently on our government leadership closer to home. The upcoming mayoral election couldn’t be more important for Anchorage and for small businesses here. May I suggest that you seriously consider the only business owner in the race, Mike Robbins? I think you’ll like what you see.

  • The real question is how many people were put out of work because of these 72 business that have closed their doors for good.

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