Revak gets OK from Senate President Cathy Giessel

Cathy Giessel

Senate President Cathy Giessel told media members today that she’s a “yes” vote on Rep. Josh Revak to succeed Sen. Chris Birch for District M.

Rep. Josh Revak

Giessel was a “no” vote on Rep. Laddie Shaw, who was Gov. Michael Dunleavy’s first choice to fill the role as senator, after Birch died unexpectedly this summer. Must Read Alaska has learned that Senate Rules Chair John Coghill is also on board.

Revak did not make the short list of finalists after being interviewed by his district Republicans, but he is the representative for one of the two House districts within District M, and he was chosen by Dunleavy after the Senate Republicans turned down Shaw.

Senate Republicans will meet with Revak on Nov. 2 for his official interview, but having the Senate president and Rules chair come out publicly in favor of him will allow him to confidently lobby other Republican senators for their votes.

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  1. It is too late for Sen Giessel. She will not be forgiven for her incomprehensible antics come next election. Many who voted for her are turned off by her. And many will throw their financial support to
    her GOP opponent. Put me in that line.

  2. Stop speculating. She reads this column like tea leaves or like chicken bones thrown on a blanket. So does Murkowski. They see the weather changing and she’s running scared plain and simple. She thinks that we don’t have a memory and for some of us she is absolutely right.

  3. Voting time is coming down the road. We’ll take the trash out and Giessel goes with it. By the way, why did Giessel leave nursing? History must be repeating itself.

  4. Maybe, a modicum of sanity has returned to the President of the Senate? As in reelection reality is setting in?
    Macht nichts, Josh is a very good choice.
    I don’t think he will be supporting Giessel come reelection or as Senate President.

  5. There is very little honor in Alaskan politics or government. Let’s hope that this begins a new chapter and that “we the people” finally begin to be represented, rather than unions and special interests.

    • Sadly I doubt that is the case. She has to save face because she supported him a year ago and to not approve him now after the ruckus she caused last time, with threats of being voted out of office or possibly recalled could identify her has a hypocrite. She painted herself into a corner. She’s still a rino skunk and her stripes are still there but she has put a temporary cloaking device over them.

  6. She knew she had to support him or she would have certainly put the final nail in her coffin. As it now stands, she needs to be voted out for her stance on the PFD and her lack of loyalty to the Republican Party she claimed to be a part of, as well as her lack of support for our elected Governor. Can’t wait for her to get booted out of office

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