Results of Eagle River straw poll – Sullivan for governor?


Eagle River Republicans’ booth offered a straw poll during the Bear Paw Festival July 12-16. The poll was open to all. Participants self-selected, and were handed a ballot with potential gubernatorial candidates. They were allowed to vote for one.


The results:

The most interesting part of the process, said District 12 Chairman Ron Johnson, was to discover how many people had not heard of anyone on the list.

Johnson surmised that Dan Sullivan, former Anchorage mayor, came out on top because of his popularity as a mayor. Sulliavan isn’t running for governor, but has told people that he is running for Anchorage mayor in 2018, after having had a three-year break from the job. He had not filed as of Tuesday morning.

Joe Miller, who was second most popular on the straw poll, has also not announced he is running. In fact the only person who is certain as a candidate is Mike Dunleavy, who came in fifth, behind Mark Begich.

Straw polls are unscientific, of course. They are conducted with different methods and are useful only as a general gauge of those who self-selected to participate in the poll.


  1. Kind of interesting, but really it is a meaningless poll at this time. Had it taken place in Ketchikan or Fairbanks the results would have been far different, particularly if their mayors were included in the choices.

  2. Suzanne, have you even researched the State of Alaska (APOC) site and seen, that I signed a letter of Intent and was the first candidate to sign up to run for Governor of Alaska as a conservative Republican? Where is my name??? Michael D. Sheldon for Alaskan Governor in 2018.

      • Okay, but would be nice if you asked these important question before you published this article. Alaska DIV and APOC are the contact areas for who is running for Alaskan Governor in 2018. But it was a pole and it was basically out of your hands, so anyway, case and point only. 🙂 Have a great day, Michael D. Sheldon.

  3. Alaska may still be a Republican state, but not for much longer. We will reach majority-minority status in 2030, with majority-minority voting-eligible status achieved in 2037!

    The Muni of Anchorage will be the force behind this process. It has notably moderated during this century, and already in triplicate over the last ten years:

    Bush/Gore: 57-29% [Bush +33,200 votes]
    Bush/Kerry: 60-37% [Bush +28,700 votes]
    McCain/Obama: 57-41% [McCain +21,700 votes]
    Romney/Obama: 53-43% [Romney +12,400 votes]
    Trump/Clinton: 47-41% [Trump +7,100 votes]

    On the subject of the Muni of Anchorage, a most stunning electoral statistic to note: Trump/Pence polled a virtually identical vote count to Reagan/Bush against Mondale in 1984 (61,000 votes).

    This tally earned Reagan 69% of the vote in the Muni. A 40.4% margin of victory.

    This very vote total earned Trump just 47% of the Muni vote. A 5.5% margin of victory. My how much the MOA has grownup (:

  4. Keep veering right Republicans…Joe Miller? What a joke. A libetarian in name only last I heard.

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