Republicans kicked out of Capitol meeting rooms by Sen. John Coghill


Republicans caucusing in Alaska’s Capitol have been kicked out of the  Fahrenkamp and Butrovich committee rooms (203 and 205), based on a complaint made by the Senate secretary about some of them not wearing masks.

The complaint was made by Secretary Liz Clark, who has been policing Republicans in the halls when they don’t strictly adhere to the rules set by the Legislative Council. Coghill, who is a Republican, is Rules chair of the Senate and is a member of the council, although his term ends on Tuesday, when Rob Myers is sworn in as the new senator from Fairbanks.

The Fahrenkamp and Butrovich rooms adjoin and are under control of the Senate.

Newly elected Representative Chris Kurka from District 7-Wasilla, has been photographed in the House chambers not wearing a mask, in violation of the Legislative Council’s rules, which remain in effect until the House and Senate organize and set forth new rules for the 32nd Legislature.

The new session starts on Tuesday, with both the House and Senate still not organized with a leadership caucus. Meetings have been underway as legislators in the House try to put together a team that will be in charge, with a 20-20 split between the Republican and the Democratic caucuses at this point (Rep. Louise Stutes, a Kodiak Republican, caucuses with the Democrats).

This move, kicking a caucus out of a legislative room, is unprecedented in Alaska history, but the oversight of all existing committees ends on Monday, as it pertains to taking formal committee action.


  1. Javol mein commandante. Mask nazis need to get a life – they don’t work and can be harmful. The only thing they do any good for is catching sneezes and coughs – and maybe soothe the fears of a few.
    Get your COVID vax – that IS a good idea.

        • Wear a mask when in proximity of other folks to protect them.
          Wash your mitts often and well.
          Get the vax.

          Oh yes, stop the goofball hysteria.

          • BS, wear a mask if you are at risk. This whole Covid thing was created by the Left in order to facilitate the ability to get mail in voting in order to steal the election. Why do you think Anchorage went to shit when they changed to mail in ballots?

          • Joe, I agree stop the goof ball hysteria!
            How about we start by changing how we have incentivized covid-19 in the realm of hospital payments?
            How about we end the lock downs that make every Assembly Member a petty Tyrant. How about we recognize that Carrs Safeway and Costco are not any more a Covid Free zone than say your favorite coffee shop, you know where we used to meet for Sunday morning chat. Yes end this goofball hysteria that has empowered the huge Bezos type Corporations and put small business out of business. Better still, let free people make choices about their own health and weigh the risks instead of pointless mandates.

    • “…soothe the fears of a few.”

      That’s all liberal ideas are good for: making liberals feel good about themselves and making them feel superior to others.

  2. Tell me again how Republicans are different than Democrats? Be specific.

    We had the chance to refuse this tyranny and chose the illusion of safety instead.

    Ben Franklin said “ a Republic, if you can keep it”. Turns out we couldn’t.

  3. CDC now reporting even after vaccination, the masks ie. “western burkas” are here to stay.
    Only option is not participating in government which will not help the flailing Republic in the end.

    • Not disagreeing, but curious: would the end of the government as currently operating be a bad thing?

      It no longer responds to the will of the people, and most people at this point vote for handouts and socially tribal issues.

      Not seeing where the collapse of the current fascist government would be a bad thing.

  4. Simply Crazy!!! How do you expect to make any meaningful progress, back to normalcy, when you continue to live life in such a terrified mental state? FACT: The survivability success rate if you happen to contract the Covid virus is in the upper 90%.
    Indeed, we’re all going to die someday so, Stop being so afraid and scared … Start living life!

    • So they get control.. and then what? I get they want one party rule (effectively) for the foreseeable future, but they want it so bad they are willing to rule over a bombed out economy with a bunch of scared mask wearing mice skittering from hole to hole? I mean, at some point you would think they would want a thriving nation to rule over? They’ve got it all now, and since they know they can cheat with impunity, it stands to reason they have it for as long as they want it. Why not let us go back to some level of normal, and have a productive society to rule?

    • Correct.
      CDC Data Shows High Virus Survival Rate: 99%-Plus for Ages 69 and Younger, 94.6% for Older.
      Ironically, that is statistically significantly higher than vaccine efficacy.

  5. Just wear the mask, Kurka. We voted for you so you would be able to do something for us. Don’t let them tax me without representation, please.

  6. An abused spouse never will get their Life until they do either two response, 1, they recognize the actions by their abuser is their actions alone them submit to the authority of God and renew their mind by reading the word of God, or 2, the abused spouse tells the abuser/bully, “I’ve had enough” and walk away forever. But, there are life and death consequences walking away from an abuser.

    The masks do nothing for health and safe environments, it’s all about control. Abusers love controlling others. Why can’t someone tell the secretary she is an abuser? It’s about time someone closer to her tell her, so she can work out her control issues.

  7. One day we may reflect back on 2020-2021 when the most draconian thing govt did to us personally was recruit locals to their side to enforce mask mandates in most places. But in the future when we must abide to curfews, show some sort of papers to travel and enter stores, and fear being snitched on, THEN we’ll realize that we all had the chance to stand up to, “It’s only a mask, wear one!” but only a few of us did.
    Most of us went along to get along even though most of us knew it was mostly theatre all the time. We just didn’t want to feel awkward. Right now, 98% of people we meet will NOT confront you. We think half of them will. It’s not true. Ask me how I know! But what is the worst that could happen? No one dies and you “might” be asked to leave a store. That’s it. Can you live with it? Yes. But you must stand up and do it. Or, one day, you’ll reflect on these “easy” days to be “defiant” to tyranny. But of course, it will be mostly too late.

  8. And like whipped puppies, “Republicans” whimpered their way out the door! Is it any wonder this spineless lot helped lose the elections?
    Imagine in a Walter Mitty moment, Gentle Readers, what might have happened if the “Republicans” stood up on their hind legs and said, “Bullsh(whoops!), Coghill, you get the hell out, take your bloody Tattletail-in -Chief Liz Clark with you! Arrogant fool, who the hell died and left you Ruler in Charge!”
    To productive Alaskans who seem to be represented by no one on Alaska’s lobbyist-legislator team, this could have been a turning point. Instead it was more like a turning into cowards point, a rather grim portent of what’s in store for us.
    To Dear Leader Coghill, it is funny in a sick sort of way to watch the kicking out of Cowardly Lions who know what’s good for ’em if they want every lobbyist-legislator’s dream of money and committee assignments,
    but… one respectfully cautions against assuming the foot-first approach succeeds against all species, such as Deplorables who have no fear of, or respect for, the Peoples Rules Chair of the Senate and Member of the Imperial Legislative Council.

  9. Sounds like we are back in grade school again, surrounded by tattle tailing brats. Here’s something you won’t hear from the leftist media. .. Comments from professional medical staff overheard (by me) a few days ago at an Alaskan hospital; “You don’t really need a mask, they don’t do anything.” And “I won’t take the covid vaccine. You’ll have to kill me first!” They know it’s all bunk.

  10. This is not legitimate news, this is an article about a couple of responsible individuals (Coghill and Clark) doing their jobs. The author seems to want to sow more divisiveness (where plenty exists already) by naming names and pointing fingers. It’s time for every member of our legislature to don their masks and get on with the work that we elect them to do.

    • Wait, “by naming names and pointing fingers” didn’t you just do the same not 12 words previous in your post? And you’re angry that the author let the reader know WHO decided to take it upon herself to search out an uncovered face and NAME NAMES herself should expect to be protected from having HER name named out there?
      Those who are fragile should stay home. Those who are ready to go to work, should be allowed to do so. Perhaps Liz Clark needs to stay home if she is worried and stop slowing the work down. Those who read history know that having the citizenry snitch on one another is ALWAYS the beginning of tyranny. This is where it begins, folks. It can also be where it ends. We have a choice. But some people aren’t as prochoice as the brag to be, are they now?

  11. John Coghill is a lame chicken who got his a$$ handed to him by District 3 and 4 Conservatives. John is a legend in his own mind.

  12. Covid has been spiking despite massive participation in the mask mandates everywhere. CDC and WHO now saying lockdowns are not effective and cause more harm than good. Some of us have been saying that for many months. Wake up America. The local restaurant and bar industry should have filed a suit in federal court many months ago seeking an injunction against the shutdowns but have just gone along. These suits have been successful in other states. MatSu and Kenai are open and doing just fine.

  13. They should all go mask less & get kicked out …for the good of the state
    Less politicians, less political posturing ….less government

    Let them meet every other year ….. better for us all (& we’re running out of $ for them to spend)

    • That mask is 80+ Useless. According to cdc. Would you get on a jet that has an 80% chance of losing a wing. ??? Take normal flu precautions heck without the stupid mask.

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