Rep. Zack Fields demands Mark Zuckerberg shadow ban Must Read Alaska from Facebook


Rep. Zack Fields, a Democrat legislator who represents downtown Anchorage, has written to the CEO of Facebook and blamed him for the increase of Covid-19 cases in Alaska because of blogs like Must Read Alaska’s Facebook account.

Must Read Alaska enjoys using Facebook and Twitter, and welcomes a robust community discussion from all points of view on many topics about Alaska.

Fields is the former communication director for the Alaska Democratic Party and works for the Alaska Laborers union as a field organizer at the same time he holds down a job as a legislator.

On Twitter, Fields summarized his letter, saying Facebook is the “primary vector of misinformation on COVID-19, and it’s killing Alaskans.” He linked stories from Must Read Alaska and the Alaska Watchman, with a strong implication that they should be censored from the platform. Lawmakers demanding that news organizations be censored are in violation of the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment. Fields threaded that needle of government censorship, but not as carefully as he thinks and has left himself open for legal action.

Must Read Alaska earlier this year reported on Fields, unmasked, having a beer pong and leg wrestling contest on the Alaska Capitol campus in Juneau with a liberal blogger and some married women legislators, while everyday Alaskans were prohibited from entering the Capitol due to Covid.

Read: Two of three leg-wrestling legislators apologize for partying on Capitol campus

Some of his other proclivities in Juneau have gone unreported as of yet, but Fields has every reason to want Must Read Alaska to fail, based on what it has already reported about him and his extra curricular activities.

“I am writing to demand that you bear witness to the carnage of Covid-19 in Alaska, which is almost entirely the result of anti-vaccination conspiracy theories,” Fields wrote to Zuckerberg. “As the largest ‘media’ outlet in the state, you bear unique responsibility for these deaths.”

Fields continued, “To be sure, there are politicians who have put short-sighted political calculation ahead of public heath — but they only have an anti-public health base In pander to because of your digital network. Certainly, there are local bloggers that have spread misinformation — but their primary reach is through Facebook, not the blogs themselves.”

In fact, Must Read Alaska’s primary reach is through direct access to its website, not through Facebook, with over 56 million impressions through search engines and syndication partners.

“In short, you have provided the infrastructure to spread deadly misinformation with maximum efficiency, and rather than do anything meaningful to fix it your company has maintained algorithms that continue to prioritize inflammatory and false information,” Fields continued.

“As I wrote this letter, approximately 1,000 Alaskans are testing positive for Covid-I9 every day and every day more will die as our hospitals are packed far beyond their capacity to provide reasonable care,” Fields wrote.

“You are aware of this reality on a national level and have chosen to do nothing, because meaningfully changing Facebook’s algorithms would undercut profitability,” Fields continued.

“I want you to see the individual people in Alaska who are dying because they made the fatal mistake to participate in your company‘s network and trust the information they find there,” Fields wrote.


    • Some of us in the Laborer’s Union don’t roll with the union bosses. I doubt Zack has ever done any real man’s work in his life. He looks like a sissy, and a lot of Laborers really despise him.

      • As do most in the Carpenters union very rarely do union reps , represent the wishes of its members.
        If it’s a woke agenda, BLM, me-too, they are more than happy to get on board without even asking its members.

  1. Elected republican have allowed this to happen. They didn’t take any of the banning seriously, and now it is probably too late. Seems like they almost never fail to fail.

    • Allow WHAT to happen, precisely? You do realize, don’t you, that Zack is outright lying…right? Only gullible fools believe the lies about Alaska that the New York Times and WSJ are spouting. We are NOT in a crisis of care, and our hospitals are NOT overrun with covid patients and they are NOT having to decide who lives and who dies. If you believe this, then you are still hiding away in your safe space and not paying attention to what is really going on. Suzanne has done her job and investigated the truth of the matter…because many of us privately told her what was really going on an the hospitals and she investigated and let the rest of the world know. If you prefer to believe lies, that’s your problem. Stay in your hidey-hole and don’t go amongst the living. Suzanne is only telling the TRUTH, unlike you and other Chicken-Little news outlets. Shame on you.

      • Yeah, they are lying. If they have a cure and they push vaccines, who knows why are they doing that? It may be worse than you think. These are extremists. People need to be told the truth. Many don’t question because of their fear of death. Look toward climate change. These people are extremists. Democrats are gullible. They will attack you if they know who you are.

    • Karen – take it easy. You have misunderstood my point. I’m speaking solely about the censorship of conservative voices. And this article’s headline is about Zack wanting Face Book to ban Must Read Alaska – which is horrible. Banning has been going on for a long time. Banning, shadow banning etc… I watched a lot of conservative testimony on this in Washington, and saw some republican politicians beat their chests while the cameras were turned on, and then… nothing happened. And now liberal politicians have been emboldened to the point of outright demanding that legit news outlets like Must Read Alaska be silenced and banned. It has gone from shadow banning to being right in our faces – and it will only get worse.

  2. Zack is the hazard, ban this conflict of interest dweeb from Juneau. Vote this rocket scientist out, what a freedom of speech violating wannabe tyrant. Go play beer pong junior and quit interrupting the grownups.

  3. I shadowbanned facebook long ago.

    They cannot stop what is coming. They will blame and shame and say anything to distract from the fact that their corrupt asses are the real pandemic. Covid came at a time when the peoples attention was turning toward them. They are using covid to keep the people occupied with surviving. The reality is, our corrup government is the parasite and we the people are the cure.
    The only case numbers I am interested in is of unsealed indictments.

  4. If this doesn’t prove that Fields has come out of the closet as a bona fide Marxist, I don’t know what would. He needs to be censured or removed from his seat in Juneau as there is NO excuse for trying to silence a dissenting point of view. The Constitution means nothing to this breed of cat.

  5. Many, Many honored physicians have said that you don’t rate a pandemic by “cases” but by deaths. Then the hospitals blame all elder ailment deaths on Covid.

    Then they tell me there is one gender!

    What a world – What a world!

  6. Progressives:
    -control all branches of government
    -control all of the major tech companies
    -utilize those companies to achieve their political ends
    -unironically call the right “fascists”

  7. The Providence/Democrat/union propaganda campaign is working Outside. I talked with friends Outside yesterday, former Juneauites, who were worried we had people dying in the halls and such here. Actually from the latest data that I saw Thursday, while our “cases” are up, our hospitalization rate is stable and quite low. If my information is correct there is a good story behind how and why that guy died at Providence, and it doesn’t involve lack of an ICU bed.

  8. One idea for MRAK would be rather than just intimating the Rep. Fields might open himself up to legal action, MRAK should consult with a good lawyer, and, if appropriate, actually seek redress in the courts. If a cause of action exists and a case is filed against him, Rep. Fields may experience a real awakening. And that would be very fun.

    • I agree. Also, if facebook DOES shadowban her because of his letter, if she wins a lawsuit against him, then it also opens up FascistBook to a lawsuit, and we’d all love the heck out of that!

      • While I enjoy the revenge sentiment, suits cost a lot of money – the lawyers win bigly. Are you prepared to help Suzanne with her legal fees – substantially? Keep the donations up – at least help her build a warchest.

    • This does seem like attempted government control of free speech. Whether Rep Fields likes it or not he is the government. Facebook is not. But he is using government influence to shut down Must Read on that platform.

      I recall in a long ago past, all kinds of alternative street newspapers & periodicals that presented contested views of government & the “system” generally like the Berkeley Barb and even the extreme socialist/communist newspaper the Militant. These were not censored or shut down or banned from subscription or street distribution though their points of view were strongly contested & disliked by some government entities. That’s because everyone knew they had a right to exist. They were often criticized by government politicians or others. But not shut down or banned from street distribution.

      In a way Facebook is the street. And he doesn’t want Must Read distributed at the corner newsstand or even by the street vender hawking “read all about it”.

      If Rep Fields were not the Government it would be one thing (though even then freedom of the Press & Speech still applies) but he is the essence of government, a law maker, with the power to legislate away our freedom if allowed to.

      I don’t know where Rep Zack Fields lives, but if he is not careful he’ll be paying Ms Downing rent soon.

  9. “Rep. Zack Fields, a Democrat legislator”
    One has to wonder why it always seems it is a democrat that demands censoring or cancelling free speech? What could this possible mean as relates to the democrat agenda? Heck, liberal media is cancelling medical doctors that I have followed for 20 years…doctors with 20-30+ years experience. Silenced. It kind of freaks me out that media and segments of our government can get away with this.

    • The transition to a fascist state is rapid, once the groundwork is complete. There never will be a return to “normal”.

    • Scratch a liberal and tyrant blood comes out every time … just 2 weeks to flatten the curve… Remember??

  10. What does a toddler do when they hear something they do not like? They cover their ears, and make a lot of noise. Not only so they cannot hear it, but also to prevent anyone else from hearing it.
    How is this different?

  11. There was an old person
    that rode a bike
    early feminist
    all alike
    Dorothy’s little dog bit it
    and they took Toto away
    Evil Incarnate
    even today

  12. Typical of the Modern Democratic Party. They have moved from classical liberalism, that including Protecting Individual Rights and Free Speech to being the western voice of Xi Jinping. Totalitarianism is their new mantra. And like Lenin of old if they cannot compete with their opponents in the market place of ideas and dare I say Truth, they must destroy their opponents through the use of invective and innuendo. Fields hasn’t a clue about the ” Real Science” he merely parrots the party lies. Zack however has a knack for the “Political Science” and the use of propaganda. He is typical of the modern political class. An utterly unaccomplished man, thrust into a position of authority by a political machine that deems him useful.
    As a proud former member of Laborers Local 942 who built the Haul Road and Pipeline and other infrastructure across Alaska I am sickened that this is the face of Labor in Alaska today. Shame on those that selected this intellectually thin, whining, mere wisp of a man to represent Labor. It’s not like you couldn’t do much better.

    • Yes, the little man has some deep convoluted issues, that is a given. Alice Cooper was his role model, no doubt.

    • I agree. I’m retired from local 942. This —- doesn’t represent Alaskans or the hard working men and women that built this state. He has tarnished the Union labor workforce but the Union reps and BA must agree with him otherwise he would be silenced. Union labor in Alaska is about Oil and Gas development. Why the union wants its members to vote Democrat is beyond me.

  13. Thank you, Must Read Alaska, for continuing to unmask the hypocrisy and misinformation spread by particular individuals of the Democrat persuasion. Their determination to censor us and keep us ill-informed is repulsive and unconstitutional.

  14. Another arrogant nut job shows his hand.
    There’s got to be better leader ship out there than this. Who educates these people?

  15. The people of Anchorage who voted for this man need to wise up and vote him out next time. He is bringing disservice to you when he violates the very Oath he took to defend the Constitution he now violates. If you can not defend your thoughts in a discussion without demanding someone else be taken down then you are a poor pathetic person.

    • Correct. That is exactly what all this boils down to. There is no argument that holds up in a rigorous debate, be it the “woke” crowd, BLM or the Branch Covidians. This entire drama about misinformation simply deflects and trivializes arguments that refute the government sanctioned narrative.
      In this case, Zack thinks he will get 2 birds with one stone. Look virtuous to the Covid crowd and get rid of the thorn in his side, who is highlighting his misdeeds.
      Keep up the good work Suzanne!!

    • The people who voted for this “man” are public (mostly) union members and members of left-leaning interest groups. Anchorage’s mail-ballot only voting scheme pretty much guarantees that unions and leftist interest groups will control the MOA government.

      • They are where the power lies. Not with the people.

        Alaska gets the government it deserves.

        Average 18-27 % voter turnout, you get Fields.

        • Actually the voter turnout in house district 20 was 54%, per the state election website. Zack won because he ran unopposed. You are correct that unions are the thumb on the scale of our elections. It is expensive to run a campaign and if you have union’s deep pockets, it tilts the playing field in your favor.

  16. And AOC saying we will all be dead in 12 years is not misinformation? Republicans in Alaska better stop playing footsie with these sociopaths and realize how dangerous they are to democracy, your livelihoods and your children.

  17. This little fascist believes he is so morally superior to everyone here that he is insisting there should be no opposition to his views and ideology. Where have we seen that before in history? So when are our leaders going to take these people at their word and hold them accountable to their anti-American views? Isn’t there some oath politicians take to defend the Constitution whereby Freedom of Speech is in there somewhere? How will the live and let live ethos work against people who spend all their time trying to get you eradicated? Wake the F up Alaska Republicans. Time to go find your testicles. You have fascists in the house.

    • Where is the AK GOP party on this? Hello??? GOP??? Hello??? Beuller???

      This is pathetic. They hide in a corner while a private party does their job for them.

  18. The man-child Fields has at least two screws loose in his tiny brain. He was elected, and being paid, to do a job which I am sure does not include childish tantrums and demands to ban others from his desired safe space. He needs to wake up from his woke-dom and focus on some real
    Issues and maybe even take a course on the US constitution and bill of rights as it seems he might think he is serving in some other country ……???

    • He is a union organizer, which demands childish tantrums and attempts to ban others. A union organizer is a totally political job because unions don’t, can’t really, organize employees; they organize employers and get the employer to give the union the employees.

      The days of Pipeline Era glory are long ago and far away for the Alaska District Council of Laborers, to which I was a delegate in those days. They have three locals in Alaska: 942 represents Northern and Southeastern Alaska, 341 represents Southcentral and Southwestern Alaska, and 71 represents public employees Statewide.

      There is almost no truly private sector work for union labor in Alaska, or anywhere else for that matter. All the work is either public sector or the so-called Third Sector of employers that rely on public funding, are heavily permitted or regulated, or are regulated monopolies such as utilities. Fundamentally, in the Third Sector the company management and the union are co-conspirators to get as much from the tax payers and rate payers as possible. And, of course, in the union/Democrat states, the one party definitively not represented in bargaining with the union is the taxpayer.

        • It was heavily union long before Statehood or oil. In fact, oil pretty dramatically reduced the influence of organized labor in Alaska, at least at the State level. I wrote a piece here a year or so ago on pre-Statehood oil influence that is somewhere in the archives.

  19. Sounds to me like Must Read is making an impact! It also sounds as though it should focus on what Fields is frightened of being reported prior to any action Facebook may take.

  20. Zack the Hack attacks… Bravo Sierra. Who votes for morons like this? Let alone the lies, hypocrisy, beer-pong, and adultery. Corn Pone Fields – would be funny if the situation weren’t so serious. “He who digs a hole and scoops it out falls into the pit he has made. The trouble he causes recoils on himself; his violence comes down on his own head.” Psalms 7:15-16 Not karma, just justice.

  21. Sounds to me like an ethics violation — using his position in the legislature to intimidate and coerce a media platform into censoring information and limiting the public’s right to know.

  22. (I don’t know what to call them but they do act like Israel’s neighboring enemies mentioned in the Old Testament). These people were tolerating of Must Read Alaska before it began sharing its platform with residents telling the other side of covid, covid jabs, hospitals, and employment. If Alaska Watchman started doing the same thing, they will recieve the same threat. That is the only reason when Fields, Constant, Dunbar and their kind want Must Read Alaska disappeared because of MRAK is a place “telling the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey spoke.

  23. This is torturous interference by Zack Fields. Must Read Alaska must sue Zack to send a message that companies and individuals will not be intimidated by progressive Marxism.

  24. Cases are NO LONGER a measurement as we all know the truth about the false positives on the PCR test. Everyone needs to search for the truth. Why did India stop COVID with a low vaccine rate? They used Ivermectin. The Indian Bar Association filed a lawsuit against Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, the Chief Scientist at the World Health Organisation (WHO) on May 25, 2021 for her act of spreading disinformation and misguiding the people of India, in order to fulfil her agenda.

    Truth will set us free. Help spread the truth and stop the gaslighting!

  25. Might be time for Alaska GOP to hire some serious opposition research, find out what makes Zack tick… then de-tick the boy, as it were.
    What do you say, Alaska GOP, ready to take the boy down a notch?
    More than a few folks ready to chip in a buck or two to help make it happen… Don’t need details, results are fine.

  26. It’s no wonder Dunleavy can’t get any work accomplished, having to deal with idiots like this.
    Zack and your other commie friends in the legislature, get a real job. Your anti Alaskan agenda is not welcome in our state, let alone our city.

    Your JOB is to represent us, not a communist facist agenda dictated by the likes of Zuckerberg and Soros.
    Of course you want to deplatform MRA, no dissent allowed. We are no longer allowed to have an opinion, in Zack’s world view.
    Hey downtown Anchorage, get rid of this idiot, he no longer represents you,

  27. Many folks seems to think Zack Field is throwing a tantrum, being childish and needs to grow up. That’s totally wrong. This communist knows exactly what he is doing. If the republicans leaders if there’s any left who’s not taking these folks seriously then AMERICA will be in for a rude awakening. Our constitution is being tested by these brazen commies who have been put in positions of power and I seriously doubt we have enough justices who are constitutionally grounded to keep our constitution from becoming just another piece of paper. What was the saying? The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

  28. What I’ve heard awhile back and what I am witnessing now; those who force tyrannical thinking such as this won’t be able to walk the streets with peace. They will be mocked, degraded, shammed in public.
    Not only that look at their actions… (put Weeza in front of them for the hits).
    Zach, what a shame you don’t represent the people of downtown Anchorage.
    Rise up Patriots & get this dimwit out of public office and get a real man to represent the Labor Union!

  29. It’s a wonderful thing to read so many strong, educated, conservative opinions expressed here. With our GOP “leadership” (translation: hiding in a corner, terrified someone will call them a bad name) and absolutely ZERO pushback against the liberal agenda, it’s good to see people standing up for their rights.

    Not that many years ago it would have been a travesty to see an elected official using his position to force a private business to shut up. This must stop. Sadly, MustReadAlaska is the only entity with the stones to stand up to it.

    Where’s that “donate” button?!!!

  30. “Some of his other proclivities in Juneau have gone unreported as of yet…”

    What aren’t you telling us?

  31. Wow! Sounds like another democrat went full-rage communist! He’s most likely waiting for the day when he can pull out his NKVD uniform and wear it in public.

  32. How’s that FIRST AMENDMENT treating you?
    That soy boy is trying to hinder free press? Freedom of Speech.
    How many lawyers in Alaska would like to sue this individual, and remove him from a position that he doesn’t deserve and is most assuredly abusing.

  33. If you conservative people are watching the left will give you insights into what is really happening around you. Zack is requesting zucksuck to censor MRA. Zack is government, Zucksuck is big tech. Proof that government and big tech are the same thing.!!! Collusion anyone?!

  34. The #1 killer of Alaskans is not even COVID, it’s actually abortion. That’s the biggest pandemic in Alaska.

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