Rep. Zack Fields accuses House Republican colleagues of purposefully causing death because they object to vaccine mandates


Rep. Zack Fields, who represents downtown Anchorage, told his House colleagues on Sunday that people who have not gotten the Covid-19 shot are dying because Republican politicians in the House are posturing.

“We have 1,500 people dying every day because politicians, and bloggers, and conspiracy mongers have discouraged people from getting vaccinated … And we are considering the first in a long series of vaccine bashing amendments, and it is a travesty! … With this amendment we would be discouraging vaccination, directly would result in more people dying avoidably.”

Fields flipped back and forth between yelling and mock-laughing during his remarks.

He continued to angrily bash “politicians, bloggers, and conspiracy mongers,” repeating the target of his ire in case people had not heard it the first time. As for the people who are dying, he said, “It’s not really their fault that they primarily get their information from Facebook or from some of our colleagues.”

“This is just unbelievable that for political self-aggrandizement we would be endangering Alaskans, I urge a no vote,” Fields said, before pandemonium erupted in the House as Republican members objected to his impugning the motives of his colleagues, a clear violation of decorum and floor rules. Several called for a “point of order.”

Fields shouted at them, “I would assert my right to make a simple observation,” the observation being that Republicans are causing deaths for political purposes.

Speaker Louise Stutes issued no warning against Fields for accusing his colleagues of causing Alaskans to die. She frequently warns Republicans and also frequently calls them out of order, but often lets Fields, who has a history of bad behavior, slide.

The House was debating a number of amendments to the governor’s telehealth bill, which was a bill to allow more access to telehealth.

But when the House got the bill, various issues were tacked onto it, mainly from Republicans interested in protecting the rights of Alaskans to make their own medical decisions regarding vaccines.

The amendment to protect people from vaccine mandates failed 18-18, with Speaker Stutes casting the deciding vote to make it fail.

An amendment offered by Rep. Sarah Vance, also drew the ire of Fields and Rules Chair Bryce Edgmon. The Vance amendment would prevent hospitals from denying patients the ability to have a person with them as a personal advocate, family member, or comforter. Many Republicans spoke to the need for sick people to have such an advocate by their side. Ultimately that amendment passed, but not before Fields and Edgmon objected strenuously.

At Amendment 5 it became clear the Democrats were losing control and there were 16 more amendments to go. The Democrat majority sent the bill back to the Rules Committee and it will appear on Monday on the House Floor for its second reading.


  1. Representative Fields can go pound sand. He has no right to interfere in my medical care. He is no doctor, is obviously not bright enough to know that, nor does he care about his constituents. Remove your nose, Fields!!!

  2. If you are vaccinated, and it is such a good thing, and it’s going to protect you from infection, why do you care if I am? Conversely, if you aren’t vaccinated, but everyone else is, why should you be? Apparently logic is beyond the magical thinking at work here.

    • Remember, if your unvaccinated you will infect the vaccinated 💉 remember? That’s how sure it doesn’t work. Unfortunately, I got the modified flu shot out of not wanting the COVID fog.

    • Okay Tamra, lets unpack this. Firstly, Covid vaccines are not even vaccines. For example, when you are vaccinated for polio virus your body becomes immune to it; you do not get infected with polio. Conversely, a person given the Covid “treatment” is not vaccinated at all. They can become infected (with or without symptoms) and thereby become a carrier/spreader…. especially to those not treated. Using the word “vaccine” to describe the Covid treatment injections is a perversion of the English language. Those taking the so-called “vaccine” are merely altering their RNA receptors at a molecular level to little avail and unknown risk. Meanwhile, the Covid virus does what all viruses do; it mutates. Thus, you now see the delta and mu variants moving the goalposts. The best course of action is to strive for herd immunity in the population. That is, no treatment except for those needing hospitalization. .

      • I agree! Who does he think he is, some all-powerful Deity who oversees the personal lives of others. I cannot image the intelligence of the folks who have elected him (ant others like him) to the Legislature.
        This is a great explanation of what is happening and remember…the Big Pharma folks are the ones reaping the benefits of scaring folks into getting this injection (not vaccination).

      • Not true !! The Moderna “ vaccine” that I took adds a component to the cell wall that PREVENTS the COVID Virus from entering. You can still have the crap all over your body ( nasal loads) just like you do all kinds of other bacteria or viruses but if it can’t enter your cells it has no place to replicate and cause damage. You can spell prevention any number of ways but the only thing that matters is wether or not it’s making you sick!!

        • Stopping the spread is pretty important too.. That’s why doctors are such totalitarians when it comes to vaccines.

      • Coogan, you are pushing some seriously illogical ideas there.

        First, the polio vaccine efficacy was roughly 90%. That means 10% on average who received the vaccine would test positive for the virus. That means they can also spread it. Similarly, the COVID vaccines are roughly 90% effective. And they are vaccines. If you think otherwise, try to disprove it using facts.

        You came out with a first, but never had a second, third or fourth point. Did you lose track of your thoughts? Where is the rest of your “unpacking”?

        Let me explain the simplicity, for those who struggle still. The point of vaccines is to keep people out of the hospital, and let us get on with our lives. If half the population remains unvaccinated, those who are vaccinated are forced to limit their lifestyles TO ACCOMODATE YOU!!!!

        So get vaccinated, and STOP negatively impacting everyone else around you.

        • The unvaccinated are not asking for any accommodations from you. Only their freedom.
          They aren’t the ones pointing fingers and blaming others for their fears. Live your life. It won’t bother them. They haven’t been living under rocks. They understand the risks. So does a guy on a motorcycle. Go live your life man.

      • You ignorance is cute.

        NO VACCINE stops you from contracting the virus they are made to protect, vaccines boost the immune system so that the SYMPTOMS of that virus do not manifest.

      • Polio vaccine carries the risk of vaccine-derived poliovirus (cVDPV). It has the same symptoms and everything else and since 2017 there have been more infections stemming from the vaccine than from wild poliovirus. It is also a disease that 72% have no symptoms, 24 % minor illness, and then 1-5 percent non-paralytic, with paralytic only resulting in .1 – .5% . Of the paralytic patients, 2-5% of children die and 15-30% of adults.

        I would bet you that some of the covid variants are actually just vaccine-derived corona virus. Similar to what is seen with most vaccines, as the only reason we do not experience wider spread of these is that so many people get them. Remember when mumps broke out at UAA and every student that had it was actually vaccinated? They started by trying to blame anti-vaxxers, but none were found.

  3. What an absolute moron LMFAO! That was an entertaining read about him. The others can also go pound sand. How did we elect such stupid people?

  4. This guy doesn’t want motorcyclists to wear helmets because he cares for their lives but because he thinks they are stupid and should be forced to not be so stupid because he hates looking at them. I’m so sick of people being dead locked on case numbers, thinking case numbers and people in the hospitals means they can’t have their freedom. No one is saying that is the case except themselves. They can do whatever they want. The unvaccinated don’t care if Fields wants to have a bunch of friends over and go to bars and concerts. They aren’t the ones that are going to blame him for killing their grandpa. They really don’t care if people have their freedom now and that’s why they aren’t vaccinated. I think Fields and the like should get their boosters if they want them and then lets go before these risky rinky dink vaccines wear off again.
    I sure hope that Republicans in the legislator don’t stop trying. Even if things don’t pass, just keep trying and putting stuff up for votes and making the lives of the Democrats miserable until they are worn down by the passionate fortitude and realize they have to give a little and maybe not run for office again.

  5. This guy has the maturity of 9th grader and the sophistication of an untrained monkey looking for attention amongst his peers. A real idiot. Downtown Anchorage deserved him.

  6. Geez, wasn’t it Harris and Biden who just about six months ago said they would never take the vaccine. Talk about conspiracy mongers !!!!!

      • Well, it’s been more than six months now but they definitely expressed hesitancy to take the vaccine until after the election.

    • Prior to taking office, Harris said that she wouldn’t trust Trump rolling out the vaccine when he did without first realizing its efficacy and it undergoing further trials. She said that she’d trust the professionals (Dr. Fauci. Her words not mine) but not Trump. In essence, she/they accused him of trying to gain ground – and votes – by doing so prior to the election. Yet, once Uncle Mumbles and Willy Brown’s Tool got into office, the Wuhan vax is the best thing since peanut butter. But, it’s not. What Harris and her ilk have accomplished is once again pitting people against one another and further dividing the nation by race, class and now, the vaxxed vs the unvaxxed. You’re closer to the truth, KS, than Greg F is in his denouncing the technical merit of your post.

  7. Your logic is baffling but perhaps that’s why they invented the word dingbat. Good for fields. Anybody that can give Bryce edgeman a spanking these days earns my respect.

    • Why did they invent the word vaccine? Is it understood that a polio vaccine causes one NOT to get polio? If the experimental injection was a vaccine it would stop a person from getting the lung ailment. The injections in question do NOT do that evidently.

      • It’s like that old joke, “I ran out of gas, so I pissed in the tank, and praise the Lord, it got me to the gas station.”
        Unfortunately, when the gas station is closed, you cannot rinse, repeat, and drive to the next station.
        These ALPHA shots won’t work very well beyond the first mutation, and we’re way beyond that point already.

    • I know lots of people that are still wearing masks. If you were down in the lower 48 you would see people wearing masks everywhere. They know they’re a bunch of unvaccination people around and even though they’ve had the shots, they don’t want to be the one person in 5,000 per day that gets a breakthrough infection. Maybe they don’t want to be sick for 2 weeks. I don’t know. Maybe they have someone at home that’s more vulnerable and even though they’ve had the shot they could still get sick and die. I’m just guessing here but I can tell you one thing it’s not a fashion statement.

      • Wearing the face diaper is most absolutely a fashion statement, Greg, at least for a certain segment of the population who believe that their own exaggerated and hysterical fears trump the rights and freedoms of everyone else. They absolutely applaud the mask wearing, both as a public sign of their supposed ‘virtue’, as well as a very visible badge of their conformity and compliance to arbitrary authority. But all it really signals is their moral bankruptcy and intellectual cowardice.

  8. There is no benefit to getting vaccinated, those who have vaxed still have to wear a mask and follow all the ridiculous rules. Many, including myself, don’t need it as we have contracted the virus and survived just fine. We now have natural immunity which is the best you can do.

    • Oh my God I didn’t think people like you were still alive. No benefits from getting vaccinated? Ha! You do realize that your natural immunity will wear off. Maybe you’re not aware that the virus mutates and the next one that comes along maybe stronger than the one you survived. If you did get the shots and sends you have contracted the virus and survived, then you would be as protected as anyone possibly can be. But right now all you’re doing is rolling the dice and pissing into the wind.

      • I had measles, mumps, chicken pox, and whooping cough as a child. I never had the vaccine and never got any of those diseases since I had the actual disease. I am 77. When will my natural immunity to those diseases wear off? I did get the polio vaccine and I never contracted that disease either. Should I be worried now? By the way, I have never taken the annual flu shot either and I have only had a flu-like incident 1 time in the last 77 years.

      • I actually got Covid (and so did all the members of our large family) from a double vaccinated person who got Covid anyways…it was my own mother. Nobody’s reporting on our neighbor learning to rewalk down in Anchorage from Fairbanks who was also gung ho vaccinated. What an absolute preposterous joke this experimental inoculation is. How are you and others so shamefully uniformed Forkner?…ZERO experience whatsoever with what you’re chiming in on. You parrot BS every damn day on this forum. You know what a life is? Go get one and stop the wretched ignorance and sick lies!

      • If that’s true, and you’d be ‘as protected as anyone can be’, why are they considering boosters? They started with 8 months after your second dose, then it was 6, now it’s 5 months after your second dose. They haven’t decided how many boosters you need, but they’ve decided you need boosters. That means that the effectiveness of the shots you so dearly love wanes over time. And you can keep this garbage about mutations being covered by your shots to yourself. It’s complete and utter garbage which is why they said the Delta variant is causing ‘breakthrough’ cases and why they feel the Mu and Lambda variants would be vax resistant.

        Israel’s own research shows ‘people who were previously infected with the virus benefit from significantly stronger and longer-lasting immunity than the immunity provided by vaccination alone.’. Get that Greg, LONGER AND STRONGER immunity.
        Additionally, ‘This model showed 256 total cases of infection, 238 were ‘breakthrough infections’ of the vaccinated and COVID naive, while 19 were reinfections among the unvaccinated, previously infected group.’
        And finally, ‘A total of nine hospitalizations were reported, eight of them among the vaccinated COVID-naïve group, with one among the previously infected.’ That means the hospitalization rate for people like you who took the shot and THEN got COVID is higher than those who were previously infected. It’s right there in black and white.

        And let’s not forget that SARS-CoV-2 has a greater than 99% chance of survival. The most significant co-morbidity leading to complications due to SARS-CoV-2 infection is obesity. Ever wonder why the COVID gods you kneel to don’t encourage getting healthy? Losing weight? Getting outside and getting active, eating right? They don’t even advocate basic hygiene. Why do you think that is Greg? Because they care about your health? They don’t. If they did, they’d use all the tools available to fight this. Instead they’ve banned and rejected therapeutics in favor of a shot that has shown severe side effects in many people.
        I can’t tell if you’re profoundly stupid or criminally dishonest. You mock people for not stating facts you’re completely unaware of yourself. Antibody levels in those who have contracted COVID and recovered are stronger, greater and last longer than people like you who just rolled up your sleeves like a good little sheep. Albeit, an illiterate one apparently.

      • Not only is there no benefit, there is no payment for offering your body into the long term study of mRNA effects. As to health, if the vaccine is so great, what are you afraid of from those not taking it?

      • Greg, have you seen what is happening in Israel? Including the studies that show natural immunity over 6 times more effective in all cases and 27 times more effective than vaccines when comorbidities are factored in? Do you realize that means natural immunity is also that many more times better at preventing spread which means the vaccine is causing more transmission? That informations is confirmed when you look at the fact that the countries with the highest rates of vaccination have the highest amount of cases. Do your remember that the original reasons to vaccinate were to prevent spread and to protect the vulnerable, which means that spreading the virus is the only thing to try and suppress? Have you seen that a booster with unknown side effects is recommended because immunity in the vaccinated is failing in around 6 months? Have you seen that a university with 98% vaccination rate is testing over 2.5% positive and is spreading Covid? Have you seen the clusters in Massachusetts are being fueled by vaccinated individuals? Are you aware that as a human you have a 99.994% of surviving and if you get covid you have at least a 98.5% chance of surviving(depending on the actual number of positive cases vs. confirmed cases). Are you aware that the AVERAGE age of a covid death is between 80-84 y.o.? Have you heard of antibody dependant enhancement or leaky vaccines and are you aware of thier risks and that many doctors have warned that these situations are why we need to proceed very cautiously with new vaccines? I believe you are not very well informed or not very genuine with your statements. If covid vaccines don’t prevent spread then what other reason is there for desiring or recommending others to vaccinate? If vaccinated are protected then what more is there to discuss and why wouldn’t you support personal medical decisions?

    • Jim, if you think there is no benefit to getting vaccinated, do you think it’s a sign of success if your actions lead you to the ICU? Because vaccinated people are avoiding the ICU, whereas the unvaxxed are ending up there.

      • Sadly George that is not correct. The CDC reports over 14000 “break-through cases” as of September 7, 2021 all hospitalized and 2675 deaths of vaccinated individuals. The CDC states that this may be an under-count. More and more it becomes apparent that age (those over 65 had 87% of the breakthrough deaths) is a more important factor than vaccine status. I am also left to wondered if genetics do no factor into this as well.

        • You have an extremely good point. The fact that the Fauci and the like are not speaking about what makes you higher risk, except in a footnote, is really a grave disservice. When you say “if you are young and not obese and don’t have any other comorbidities, you are probably fine” you are quickly met with “oh [so and so] was extremely young and fit and he got a pulmonary embolism from Covid”. But it should be high priority to find out why he got such a severe reaction when hundreds of thousands in his circumstances are perfectly fine. More and more studies are really making it quite clear that people that have a rough go of it have low vitamin D levels, for example. That, by the way, explains why dark complected races are more likely to have severe symptoms. But I’m sure there are other factors and we will learn about them eventually, but we should have been focused on them a lot more from the very beginning because, for example, vitamin D levels are under our control and easily remedied.

  9. Mr. Fields, stop hiding behind the mask. And keep your hands off our freedoms.
    You don’t get it yet do you? There are those of us who will never get the jab. And we don’t get our info from Facebook. Many of us left that social media long ago. We are educated and just because we staunchly believe opposite from you, you are attacking. If you want to protect our citizens, start with protecting their rights in our yet free country.

    • What part of this country is free in your delusion? Obviously freedom isn’t free because so many of our folks have gone to wars to fight for that at a cost. Taxes cost money so that’s not free. Last time I went to Walmart I didn’t see any free things in there. Driver’s license cost money. Parking meters. Free to do what? Walk down the street? Yeah that’s free as long as you don’t jaywalk.

    • In typical Stutes fashion, nobody challenged that number. 1500 deaths per day? and where? Alaska? I think not. US? World wide? Who knows. Even if he is counting all deaths in the US his math does not work, because that would be 45000 per month. The average death rate in the US runs about 7000-10000/month. That’s ALL deaths not just Covid. Zack Fields has been getting away with making bombastic statements, when really he should be called on it every time.
      BTW 100,000 by Christmas doesn’t work either even if we have 3000 deaths a month from Covid (and that number is suspect as anything that sneezed gets label a Covid death) you still only have 36000 deaths/year. Total deaths in the US for 2019 was 2,854,838 and 2020 3,358,814 per the CDC. One would expect that there would be an increase with a pandemic around but to ascribe all these deaths to Covid doesn’t work either as the CDC reports 375,000 Covid deaths in 2020.

      • As you said “Total deaths in the US for 2019 was 2,854,838 and 2020 3,358,814 per the CDC.” That’s 7,824-9,202 deaths per day or 237,903-279,901 per month. You also said “The average death rate in the US runs about 7000-10000/month. That’s ALL deaths not just Covid.” Obviously somebody got their numbers wrong. Math is hard.

        • You are correct Steve-o! Math is hard especially when one mislabels one’s own notes. You are further correct that “about 7000-10000” are deaths per day. I believe part of then problem is that we are really not sure if the numbers are correct. There have been reports of Covid numbers being inflated by designating suicides and accidents, who happened to have the virus as Covid deaths. When the CDC last year stated that only about 6% of the numbers are solely Covid cases and not cases with underlying conditions, it gets even more fuzzy. I simply want Zack Fields to cite his sources.

  10. Dr Fields (/sarc) makes no allowance for those who have already had COVID and are therefore immune. He also makes no allowance for therapeutics used to treat the infection. Had he gone to medical school rather than the union hall, he would know those simple facts. Cheers –

  11. Fields can’t hardly wipe his nose so how can he tell us how to. His opinion means about as much to me as weather I need to pass gas.

  12. I didn’t know Fields had helicopter hair. I agree with Sally and Tamra. Wasn’t Fields the fool playing beer pong?

  13. If your daily regimen includes manmade drugs, food, and cosmetics from china or asia your medical virtue is still your own but your a hypocrite. And an infected hypocrite.

  14. Jeez, who’s the fear monger here? This Anchorage rep is obviously unhinged. The people that put him there need to ask why.

  15. Who is that masked man with a loose tie…jackwagon. Did he just roll in here from Cali? Got himself a job. At the Alaska legislature making pretended acts of legislation.

  16. http:c// www. 321gold. com/editorials/moriarty/moriarty091321.html

    Here is how the Covid shot has earned gold stars for attendance.

    The shots have killed tens of thousands of people and caused severe side effects in millions. That’s certainly worth a star.
    The shots have forced the virus into changing to protect itself in exactly the same manner as does over prescribing antibiotics makes germs mutate in a deadly way. Another gold star.
    It contains no weakened form of the virus so it doesn’t prevent the disease. One more star.
    It doesn’t bother providing immunity to the virus. Another star.
    It not only doesn’t provide protection to those who took it, it almost guarantees they will catch it again.
    It’s a free lottery ticket to ADE. You will love getting ADE. That’s another star.
    Those who actually got Covid prior to the “vaccine” picked up a natural immunity to the virus and many of the later variations after mutation. Take the jab and your natural immunity to the virus plummets. In Israel those who took the shot were thirteen times more likely to catch the virus again. Some protection. Such a deal. Another star.
    A Navy doctor with access to the military records of Covid deaths and adverse effects from the jab concluded that taking the series of shots increased the probability of mortality by fifty to sixty fold for those in the military. Young men and women in the military are at near zero risk from Covid but at substantial risk from the “vaccines.” That ought to be worth fifty to sixty gold stars for the “vaccine” showing up.
    The “vaccine” is the only medical treatment in history where its utter failure is blamed on those who didn’t take it.

    • The COVID vaccines will not kill you but the virus and its variants may very well do the job!
      Unless you are a registered medical doctor, stop spreading totally debunked theories and disinformation.
      Get real!

      • Show me the peer reviewed studies where a vaccine developed for the CCP (Alpha) COVID virus works on say, the 512 or 513 NY variants Fauci mentioned in his testimony?
        Conversely, a healthy person who contracts say the 512 variant, and recovers, is actually far better protected.
        Lots of grey areas, no absolutes. If you are old, unhealthy, OBESE, then get your shot. BUT, do not go foisting this off on healthy you people. As the FDA just stated reference boosters, “they are unnecessary, if you already have immunity, and not work the risk of serious side effects.” READ THAT TWICE, let it sink in, you cannot have this both ways.

        • I read the other day; “those people who died after getting the shot probably died because of their pre-existing conditions.”
          I thought, yep that’s what those who died from COVID had for the most part. The bloody irony right.

    • Marlin, your comment is right in line with the research I have been doing. Ignore the brainwashed deniers. The truth about this “vaccine” is easily found with a little diligent research. (Don’t use google as your search engine, though, as they will show you only what they want you to see.) The reason our communist “leaders” so desperately want us all to take this “vaccine” is something we should all be worried about. What’s their end goal?

      • It’s very possible their end goal is well intentioned but they have lost the plot. They lost the plot at the very beginning when epidemiologists thought their number one role was to scare people using the scariest predictions they could find and then kept going and ratched up fear by spreading speculative information that was on the side of “concerning” and discredited and shunned anybody that reported anything remotely rational and uttered the phrase “this disease isn’t killing most people, and most won’t experience anything worse than a rough seasonal flu”, which is 100% true and not speculative at all.

  17. What a moron! And he represents downtown Anchorage? LOLOLOL! Ohhh too much, I’ll read this again later for a good laugh.

  18. Funny how the CDC stopped counting Covid breakthrough cases in the vaccinated back in May. Were the numbers getting too large and therefore jeopardized the official narrative? I try to stay away from newly vaccinated folks as there is anecdotal evidence that they can, indeed, be very contagious!

  19. Why did they invent the word vaccine? Is it understood that a polio vaccine causes one NOT to get polio? If the experimental injection was a vaccine it would stop a person from getting the lung ailment. The injections in question do NOT do that evidently.

    • The COVID-19 vaccines do NOT provide immunity.
      Instead, they prevent you from dying or ending up in the hospital on a ventilator with risks of severe, long-term consequences.
      Funny how people enthusiastically lined up to take the polio vaccine following doctors’ recommendations.
      Sixty some years later, 45% of the US population thinks they know everything and doctors are ignorant!
      Reading most of the nutty remarks here, these are indeed crazy times!!!

      • Okay dumb question if there is NO immunity, how does the “vaccine” prevent you from dying….. Dr. Catherine?
        The point of any vaccine is to stimulate your immune system to create anti bodies = immunity.
        As to your other points:
        The polio vaccine had gone through a rigorous testing prior to its distribution.
        Polio vaccine created an effective immunity and vaccinated individuals did not suffer this disease. Vaccinations literally stopped the spread of polio. This can not be said for this “vaccine”. With the large number of vaccinated people we should have expected a drop in cases. Most flu seasons we are able to control the disease with about 50% vaccination rate, clearly not the case here.

  20. One might ask whether Representative Fields objects as energetically to taxpayer-subsidized abortion because it also results in “…more people dying avoidably”.
    Alaska’s Lobbyist Directory shows pharmaceutical interests represented by Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, Kent Dawson Company, Amgen, and Sunovion Pharmaceuticals. Hospital and “health-care” interests are also well represented by lobbyists.
    Seems worth asking which of them have a vested interest in Mr. Fields or The Stutes.
    A decent opposition research company could find out, yes?

  21. When you see Representatives are putting their children in private school, this move is confirmation a state’s public schools are not good when they can’t even trust sending their own babies into a public school. I don’t want to hear the representative supporter supporting any more money for public schools.

    • Jenny, it’s not that they don’t trust public schools. It’s just that everybody knows a private education can produce a better outcome just like with a competent homeschool provider. Public schools are forced to babysit students, and the unruly students and bullies steal educational away from their classmates. The socialization is a good thing over homeschooling but I’m not sure it’s worth it. But it’s not entirely Fair of you to blame the system, it would be more accurate if you were to blame bad parenting. Parents that won’t support teachers when classroom assignments and homework aren’t done. Parents that don’t know where their kids are at 10:00 at night. Parents that allow video games to dominate learning. It was better back in the old days when teachers didn’t have to spare the rod.

  22. My diagnosis for Zack Fields is this” He has been wearing his mask too long. The rebreathing of exhaled air will without a doubt create oxygen deficiency and a flooding of carbon dioxide ,We know the brain is very sensitive to O2 deprivation. One of the consequences is a reduction in Cognitive function. My advice to Fields is this: Take off your mask and apologize to your unfounded statements about Republicans.

  23. Zack’s greatest contribution was last week’s article on children’s bicycle options in one of the free rags that get tossed around Anchorage. PennySaver, NickelSaver, AnchoragePress, something like that.

    Outside of children’s bicycles he’s not someone you should expect to learn anything from. Truth be told, he won’t teach you much about children’s bicycles either.

  24. This past weekend, out of twenty ICU beds in one Anchorage hospital, 12 were COVID patients on vents, of those, 7 were charted as un-vaccinated, the other 5 unknown.
    Of those 12 patients, 11 were MORBIDLY OBESE, only one was not.
    IT IS A DISEASE OF THE **OBESE** UNVACCINATED — if we were to start following the actual science. It is NOT a disease of the unvaccinated healthy people, especially healthy strong kids.
    Best COVID protection, if you are MORBIDLY OBESE, exercise more, eat less, stop with the SODA, drink water when you feel hungry. TAKE Vitamin D, try the Nature Made D3 Gummies from COSCO, plus ZINC and Vitamin C. ***Follow your physicians guidance with caution*** if they cannot address ***OBESITY*** concerns for fear of upsetting their patients.
    Why on earth, this isn’t being shouted from every rooftop is beyond me!! #fatkillsfatkillsfatkills

    • I have many of the health factors that they said would kill me if I got covid. Well, I got covid from a FULLY VACCINATED friend. I treated it just like any other upper respiratory illness. I recovered. No I have antibodies which are MUCH better and more of a sure thing than any vaccine. If your precious vaccine works so well, why are you so afraid of the unvaccinated? Especially since the vaccinated are spreading covid too.

      • Excellent, great news Karen.
        Do you know, the supposed cure for venereal disease during the US Civil War, just 160 years ago, was MERCURY, it was often delivered up the inside of the soldiers penis via syringe, sometimes mercury pills. #followthescienceyoucanpissofflol
        I wonder what will be thought of all this COVID science 160 years from now?

  25. Take this for what it’s worth, it’s the Daily Mail after all. Note the highlighted paragraph:
    Eighteen FDA senior officials say there is NO evidence that fully vaccinated Americans need booster shots because jabs are still effective against severe illness
    A report authored by 18 FDA officials comes out against COVID-19 vaccine boosters as current vaccines are still effective against severe illness
    Officials write that taking vaccines when the shots are not necessary could cause people to suffer from dangerous side effects for no reason
    Instead, they write, vaccines should be donated across the world in order to prevent more loss of life and stop more variants from forming
    Dr Marion Gruber and Dr Philip Krause are among the 18, and both have already announced their plans to resign in protest of the decision

  26. Zach Fields, you are an unmitigated moron. There are more vaccinated people spreading covid than not. I caught covid from a fully vaccinated person. Now I have antibodies which are better and stronger than this EXPERIMENTAL vaccine you’re touting. I am so sick of you busybodies trying to force an EXPERIMENTAL “vaccine” on people and using us as lab rats. Look to your own and just shut up, we’re all sick of you.

  27. Fields isn’t an idiot, he’s just bought and paid for like 90% of the rest of the pond scum in Alaska politics. 60 legislators and what? Maybe 5 you can actually count on to be decent and look out for Alaskans? We are the bargain bin of political corruption; any idiot with an extra 20-30k can buy one of these losers, or 100k gets you a bakers dozen, if you want to buy in bulk.
    Not only that, but they hate you, in case you haven’t noticed. They are a cheap buy and they despise the average Alaskan. The perfect fit to be be the happy servants of the elite..

  28. Whether you like or dislike Rep. Fields is not relevant
    Those legislators who refuse to encourage vaccination are contributing to the spread of Covid-19 and bear blame for the increased illness and death count.

    If you can only get a “mild case” of the virus because of vaccination, isn’t that better than a death sentence? Just what are “Doctor Vances” credentials?

    • Vaccinated spread COVID.
      Vaccinated catch and die of COVID
      What are the long term effects of the mRNA shot?
      How many will die due to staff shortages caused by the shot mandate?
      If it is so great, why do so many highly educated medical people refuse it?

    • A death sentence? That’s some serious fear mongering misinformation. If you are looking to persuade people, probably should stick to facts that aren’t so easily deniable and not use such extreme hyperbole that make you seem like an irrational chicken little.

  29. Leftists are cowards. Say that crap to my face please. You won’t. Moral cowards, physical cowards, intellectual cowards. Fear is all they have. And a few less teeth in the near future.

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