Rep. Peltola among group of Democrats who signed pledge for no-cash bail, decriminalizing prostitution


A handful of vulnerable House Democrats, have celebrated their alignment with a left-wing advocacy group ahead of 2024 that supports policies such as decriminalizing prostitution and abolishing cash bail, according to Fox News.

Alaska’s Mary Peltola is among the vulnerable Democrat candidates who have aligned with Voters of Tomorrow, which is described by Influence Watch as a leftist group that supports the defunding of police.

“VoT claims that conventional law enforcement methods do not lower crime rates and supports reducing police department budgets in favor of funding other government programs which the group claims will reduce crime. The group also supports decriminalizing most drugs and regulating them like alcohol or tobacco and erasing the prior criminal records of drug offenders. In addition, VoT has demanded that border security and immigration law enforcement be significantly curtailed, and that presently illegal immigrants be granted American citizenship,” Influence Watch says.

Voters of Tomorrow has a particular focus on “justice” issues such as decriminalizing prostitution, dismantling “racist” institutions — including those that carry out “racial profiling in education and policing” and ending “racist voting laws” — as well as calling for stricter gun control, and ending “the abusive practices of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection.”

“Fox News Digital found that a handful of the House members who took the Voters of Tomorrow pledge are located in swing-districts, including Cartwright, Rep. Greg Landsman of Ohio, Rep. Mary Peltola of Alaska, and Rep. Susan Wild of Pennsylvania,” according to the report.

“Self-proclaimed moderate House Democrats are once again showing the American people where their true priorities lie: abolishing cash bail, defunding the police, ending ICE & CBP, and decriminalizing sex work and drugs. It’s dangerous, and exposes how Cartwright, Landsman, Peltola, or Wild are complete frauds that should never be reelected,” said National Republican Congressional Committee’s Macy Gardner.

Read the Fox News story about Voters of Tomorrow at this link.


  1. Dark money elected a real winner here folks. Goes with the majority of the voters???????

    • Agree with Terrance.
      Peltola still looking for her next Honey Number 5.
      Price of stamps going to 74¢.
      We’re so screwed.

  2. and that presently illegal immigrants be granted American citizenship,” …..This statement says it all. Importing future democratic voters…..

  3. I am not a fan of Petola or Voters of Tomorrow, but on the matter of prostitution they are on the right track. Criminalization of prostitution is stupid. It was foisted upon us by the Bible thumbers decades ago. Prostitution is an arrangement between two consenting adults. Why is that any business of the government. Consider this: a person can have a consensual sexual arrangement with another for years, but the moment the monetary compensation is involved it it illegal. Abortion was legal for decades on the gossamer reasoning of Constitutional privacy. Abortion kills a fetus. Prostitution kills nothing but the notion of sexual propriety held by a few.

    • Peltola is more worried about the exchange of money (monetary compensation) between two consenting selected politicians (via RCS..rank choice selection) which Voters of Tomorrow embrace.

    • You’re a confused man. But I’m guessing also a libertarian, so there’s a redundancy occurring.

      If you actually bother to study history, it will show you society has had a general discomfort with sex for pay long before the “Bible thumpers” ever existed. Long before the Bible ever existed.

    • Frequently, prostitutes are sex slaves – a commodity marketed by a pimping business. The “Happy Hooker” is a myth. The victims of prostitution crimes are the prostitutes.

    • Donald, yeah them ignorant Bible thumpers and their notions of piety and such… How silly to think that prostitution could ever be linked to sexual slavery or organized crime! And this ” thou shalt not kill” malarkey, how archaic, the world population is growing and unsustainable and murder is still illegal?! It’s a good thing our Government has 400 Bio- Labs working to gain that function.

    • Couldn’t agree more. As long as everyone involved fully consents to the transaction it’s none of the government’s or the public’s business. Prohibition hasn’t worked any better than it’s worked for drugs or alcohol.

    • Thinking about it … what is the very meaning of prostitution? Isn’t it both defined as someone who considers their own life, achievement, endeavors, etc of very little value, and whom receives unfair undervalued profits for activities they provide? So, is it the prostitute that must be punished? Have you ever heard of a consort to very wealthy clients being punished? Who profits from the criminality of prostitution? What is the reality in our culture? Who are the victims? Wasn’t sex-trafficking a major axe to grind for national congressional delegates last week? Now, what if we think about male prostitution? How is the dire urgency of justice a conservation?

      For some, the issue of Ms Peltola siding with sensitive issues is difficult to fathom because she was elected as a member of the Democratic party, but since there’s really only two major political parties … . I’m pretty sure that the majority of the electorate in the Republican party do not align themselves with the anti-social, sociopathic platform of their whackjob Presidential candidate, and only do so because they think their affiliation prevents them from political hitjobs by other Republicans. (Well, that does sound delusional when it’s written down but if there is an iota of truth in it, one would suppose it could be conflated to generalization much in the way folks are attempting to tar Ms Peltola.) Voters of Tomorrow attempts to encourage those old enough to vote to vote, not the insanity of defunding any non-specific police department.

  4. I salivate at a day when we can stroll into a brothel where it’s safe, clean and full of sex workers who are earning a great living by performing the oldest profession of all time. Most, if not all sex is transactional in one form or another and it’d be refreshing to purchase what you want/need without the possibility of losing half or more of what you’ve worked for.

  5. And because so many have the same Never Nick attitude they have towards Trump, she’s probably gonna get re elected.

  6. She is absolutely worthless. She’s taking order from Murkowski. Another absolutely useless POS in Alaska who tool her orders from Mexifornia. Finestain was her handler. I have pics. If that failure Palin would have STFU and stayed out of the State’s business, the conversation would not be necessary.

  7. So it’s okay to pledge to Voters of Tomorrow and all they stand for which includes multiple either illegal or anti-American ideas for an Alaskan politician but it is not okay to pledge to constitutional Oath Keepers? This concept escapes logic.

  8. World’s second oldest profession protecting the first, no?
    What else is this but Peoples Federal Representative Peltola enhancing job prospects for 15 million illegal-alien arrivals, women, men, and children of all ages indebted for massive sums to their cartels?
    Could it be the The Peltola Pledge was encouraged in response to this story: “DOJ announces arrests in ‘high-end brothel network’ used by elected officials, military officers and others”?
    “They are doctors, they are lawyers, they are accountants, they are elected officials, they are executives of high tech companies and pharmaceutical companies, they are military officers, government contractors, professors, scientists. They are the men who fuel this commercial sex ring.”
    “There are potentially hundreds of individuals who took these services as commercial sex buyers,” Joshua Levy, US attorney for Massachusetts said, noting the investigation is in its early stages.”
    Could it be the The Peltola Pledge was meant to help Deplorables understand that, in a two-tiered justice system, they need not concern themselves with people trafficking, white slavery, drug dealing, disease, violence, and terminal misadventure, hallmarks of consensual sexual arrangements (as other writers put it) in the lower tier
    …because such things never happen in the upper tier?
    Peltola’s Pledge says it’s okay for daughters, sons, underage kids, to be on the game … look at all the Important People they get to meet… only pure drugs, best booze, polite pimps.
    All “consenting”, what’s not to like?
    Undoubtedly Peoples Federal Representative Peltola monitors the scene regularly just to assure constituents it’s pimped out properly, no?

  9. Cut out all the verbal carp….
    Just get rid of the two-bit floozie
    She is dumber than a post and those that vote for her are ALL DELUSION

    The FIX is in to get her reelected, you know damn well.

  10. Why even bother with these crime loving proposals? The authorities are pretty much ignoring crime overall, anyway, whether it’s defined as crime or not.

  11. What Republican or Democrat legislators or candidates would NOT want to engage with Gen Z eligible voters? Stop the dumbing down and name-calling. We should all encourage voters to be engaged in the political process. Don’t care party label – just read and research, weigh the options and Vote.

  12. I’m confused. Isn’t it true prostitution, criminal bail, illicit drug use, and funding of police, are primarily in the purview of states (with exceptions)? Why are US reps even looking at these issues?

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