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Rep. McKay prefiles bill relating to Critical Race Theory in Alaska schools

Rep. Tom McKay of Anchorage has filed a bill for the coming legislative session to prevent Alaska public schools from allowing students to be instructed in, adopt, or adhere to the tenets of Critical Race Theory. The bill, which is unnumbered until it’s read across in the House of Representatives, says:

“A public school may not direct or otherwise compel a student to personally affirm, adopt, or adhere to, or provide a course of instruction or unit of study that directs or otherwise compels a student to affirm, adopt, or adhere to, the following tenets:

  • a given sex, race, ethnicity, religion, color, or national origin is inherently superior or inferior;
  • (2) an individual should be treated adversely based on the individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, religion, color, or national origin;
  • (3) an individual, by virtue of the individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, religion, color, or national origin, is inherently responsible for actions committed in the past by other members of the same sex, race, ethnicity, religion, color, or national origin.
  • (b) A public school may not provide a course of instruction or unit of study that teaches, the curriculum described by the New York Times’ 1619 Project.”
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The 1619 Project is a product of a New York Times, which frames United States history in a way that wholly centered on the effects of slavery. The project is being used in classrooms across America.

Critical Race Theory is a large and undefined of academic scholarship that seeks to explain the concepts of white privilege, colonialism, and whiteness as a general concept. The theory supports the idea that racism is found in every transaction in life and that people, especially whites, are racist even if they don’t know it.

The topic has been controversial because in many classrooms, white children are being discriminated against, and made to feel badly about their race or heritage, leading state legislatures across the country to debate bills seeking to ban its use in the classroom. 

Legislation similar to the one filed by McKay has been proposed in at least 22 states, and five governors have signed these anti-CRT bills into law: Idaho, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee.

“The core idea is that race is a social construct, and that racism is not merely the product of individual bias or prejudice, but also something embedded in legal systems and policies,” according to Education Week.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


    • It’ll never get out of the first committee… The msm will bury it too. But Republicans will make this a major campaign issue to throw the commies out – then maybe we’ll br able to restore Alaska to greatness.

      • Need to go back and actually teach the basics to include cursive, as many children cannot even sign their own names.

        Also think that we are inundated with too many RINO’s who will say anything to get elected and then do what is really in their heart and Sid switch libs.

    • According to a report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, U.S. student health test scores are below the global average. Math scores in the U.S. rank 30th. Scores will continue to decline if we continue to pursue woke culture crap like CRT. The priority of Alaska School boards should be to spend their time and efforts to make our state number one in the country.
      The article attributes U.S. standing to inadequate funding which I do not agree with. If my memory serves me, we spend about $15,000 annually per student.

  1. The communist RINO controlled legislature (Senate and house) will never even hear the bill

  2. Tom is my Rep, and you better believe he and I will have a serious discussion about this bill. Conservatives need to stop fearing and inclusive system for everyone and allow open dialogue about our founding history and evolution into a melting pot where everyone is welcome. I am white, and I would never be offended to learn about other races and cultures in a million years. These types of bills scream the old Southern system of racism. We are better than this crap.

    • He’s my Rep, too, and I WHOLLY support his bill and how it is written. CRT is just more leftist lies & brainwashing of our children that must be stopped. CRT is not history, it’s propaganda. Don’t go “woke”, Christopher, come back to reality.

    • You can’t fight racism with more racism… Take a hard look at what you are supporting – it’s much worse than what we have now – and let go of your phony “white guilt”.

    • Sorry Christopher, hopefully what you have to say goes in one ear and out the other. There is no way my grandchildren should hear they signed a contract with the devil to acquire their “whiteness”. I’m surprised this bill wasn’t brought earlier in session.

      Life issues are for parents to teach,
      teachers need to focus on reading, writing, and arithmetic! PERIOD

    • I’m not white and I was wondering what part of California, Washington, or Oregon are you from?
      Any racial superiority or inferiority is wrong.

    • And you thinking is just as racist as the buffoon that put the 1619 crap out. You care about nothing except dividing America.

    • Anything that promotes division in anyway, let alone by race, is wrong. This is a Marxist concept used to divide by race rather than build by character, originally pushed by Marxist in the form of critical theory where they pushed that laws where created by the rich class to keep the lower class subjugated in order to create a class warfare. Now the are taking the same plan and using it to divide race. People must educate yourselves on the evil workings of Marxism.

    • “melting pot” was deemed racist, and against multiculturalism many years ago.

      The preferred phrase is “salad bowl” where there is no uniform “American” culture. Every culture is allowed to be on its own, and must be respected – animal sacrifices, sex with children, honor killings, etc etc etc. Recently in Norway or Sweden, a Muslim ‘immigrant’ was found NOT guilty of rape of young white girls because HIS culture does not see such things as crimes, in fact such things are called for by the Koran.

      Now with CRT every individual skin tone will have its own unique grievance structure, so long as it blames “the white man.” The only skin tones not allowed to be tolerated are those deemed ‘white’ or ‘european’ or otherwise express harmful concepts as: 1+1 = 2, laws are supposed to be obeyed, being on time to a job is good, the laws of physics as credited to Newton (evil white guy), etc etc.

      We are being told everyday that anything, ancient history, science, etc, that has been created, written by, discovered by, “the white man” is wrong, illicit, and to be removed from existence.

      You understanding of what these people are trying to do, and what has been done already, is extremely poor.

      Do try to keep up.

  3. teaching critical theory and making any child feel bad about their race of heritage is a violation of the American Civil Rights Act. anyone teaching such should be sued for violation of the Civil Rights Act.

  4. The significant aspect of the proposed legislation is cited in the article above: “ … may not direct or otherwise compel a student to personally affirm, adopt or adhere to….”. a set of repulsive beliefs. There are few aspects of our freedom – the freedom of conscience – that are more important. If someone wants to argue against that proposition, let them step forward and we can see what tyranny looks like in the flesh.

  5. Sending our Children to public schools to be brainwashed to feel guilty for being white is absolute BS. Our Children, Grandchildren, and even Us had nothing to do with the contested history of 150-200 years ago. Teaching CRT or any theory should only be taught when Children are capable of making decisions on their own. Make it an elective in H.S. Let them decide for THEMSELVES !

  6. CRT

    CRT should not be
    Taught in schools you see
    It’s racist to the core
    To teach students there’s no more
    Than color between you and me

    What happened to integration
    Is it back to segregation?
    Get off of your dais
    And back off your bias
    That whites are the sole instigation

    1619 is nothing but a lie
    So don’t think you can try
    To tell us come around
    Your bias astounds
    With the untruths that you belie 

    Our thoughts should be linking
    About why we are sinking
    Into the mire
    The arguments require 
    Us get back to thinking

    So quit your mucking around 
    Or soon it may astound
    For you to not to think
    That we’re on the brink
    Of more students being homeschool bound

  7. What do they teach the kids about why slavery is still rampant in Africa today? What do they tell the kids about how indigenous peoples would raid each other’s tribes to acquire land, wealth, and slaves? Do they only specifically talk about how terrible the white man is because we did the exact same thing every other race on the planet was doing at that time?

  8. My granddaughter loves her kindergarten class. She says that finger painting is fun and that she is very good at drawing trees and birds. She enjoys recess if it isn’t too hot outside. But her absolute favorite is the two hours of Critical Race Theory they do every day, just before snack time.

  9. Don’t leftists have anything better to do then fondle each other and come up with this CRT crap??? You come up with the stupidest crap I’ve ever heard of or seen, ever! Transgender bathrooms, men in woman’s sports, taxpayer funded sex surgeries, bribing people to inject an untested substance, and this one gets me all the time: Drag queen story time. Y’all got some serious mental issues.

  10. Thank you Rep. McKay! Everyone needs to get behind this bill and contact their elected Representatives. CRT is an attempt to indoctrinate your kids to hate each other based on their race. It must be stopped in its tracks!

  11. I am all for teaching more history and slavery was certainly a sad but importaint aspect of humanity. I suggest starting with wikipedia: History of Slavery. Every civilization did it. The US didn’t start it. In fact we were at the end of the practice and of course fought a bloody war with ourselves to end it. We are not perfect but overall I am proud of our role in what we did to end slavery. Bring it on!

  12. Correct Sir,

    Crticial Race theory (Frankfurt School Theory) was designed by a proud communist Gramsci for the reason of bringing communism (in this form a quasi-command heavily planner lead economy).

    CRT is not a recollection of “history” (1619 project is, however it is meant to groom for CRT reception), it’s not “sensitivity” training (the core tenant is awareness of actions that are not your own i.e. systemic issue.

    CRT is a highly contentious stance in economics, dressed as social studies. In other words, it is a “horror story of human history” that comes to an ambiguous conclusion often neglected in the class room (communism).

    That conclusion is that human beings (a Smithian free market) should not make decisions for themselves as they are too evil. Further a government, that by no way can be evil, should make these decisions for people. Compliance must be driven by force. What we have, is the economics of communism.

    What this would look like in theory (asking Kendii who wrote this B.S) is a 4th branch of government who will run everything and have supreme power to do so. Tell you were you can live, what you can buy, how much money you can work for, what you can pursue in you live pertinent to your own production or consumption. If you are not okay with this…. you are a racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe, ect.

    People actually buy this.

  13. Thank you so much for this Bill. With children in Anchorage public school I am so afraid they will teach CRT. Please put a stop to CRT!!!!

  14. An agenda of division. It paints everyone of white lineage as guilty of slavery and racism. Ridiculous! I am not responsible for slavery any more than African Americans are responsible for their ancestors selling fellow Africans to the Portuguese. Far more whites have been enslaved through history than have Africans. As for Native Americans: they have a case regarding land, but realize this: tribe v tribe and land seizures all the way through pre-history. Go south far enough and you run into major slavery
    and human sacrifice. Besides, every time I pass ANMC, I am hit by the fact that because I am white I cannot go there, even though my tax money funds it. Oppose this assault on America. We have been the most noble people to ever reside on earth, period.

  15. I applaud Rep. McKay for this important legislation. We mess up an entire generation if we tell them that at birth 40 percent were born with economic and racist guilt, and the other 60 percent were born to be held back, disadvantaged, and screwed. CRT casts aside the American dream and the very opportunities so many from around the world incur high risk to obtain. In allowing children to be taught CRT we tell them that America didn’t save the world in winning WWII but instead was merely continuing racist greed and privilege. No wonder Alaska is at the bottom in business opportunity, in student performance on standardized tests, production of economic goods, and in so much else. CRT is both a symptom and an instigator of our shortcomings. This coming election year will determine the future of Alaska. The real House Republicans are almost the only real Alaskans left in the Legislature, and if an entire year with no PFD and no CBR reverse sweep is required to put them in charge then the race is worth the candle.

  16. Bolshevik agitprop should be laughed out of society. It certainly shouldn’t be taught to children.

  17. I am glad this article was posted. Here are the “bullet” points school board members, teachers, and parents need to watch for and remember.
    The generalization that “CRT” or “the 1619 project” is not to be taught is ineffective.
    The NEA can make a statement but the NEA does not (successfully) make lesson plans or govern the words out of the mouths of teachers.
    School Boards hire and fire. School boards are in a position to do something effective.
    For the most part, what happens in the classroom is the teacher’s responsibility.

    Racial discrimination was suppose to be a thing of the past until now. That is where it still needs to be, but now it rears its ugly head, and we all need to stop it.

  18. Andrew, no, the truth isn’t spoken in its entirety in the classroom. Some things are swept under the rug in hopes that they will go away as if they never happen. Native Americans don’t want to hear that they ambushed other tribes for hunting grounds or water rights or their women. Neither do black people. They all want to be mad at the white people for various reasons. I’m part native but I was raised white and I can see both sides. It doesn’t make me feel better to blame whites. If anything, whites got everybody where they are today. It got blacks out of Africa instead of squatting around the campfire roasting bugs.

  19. Thank you, Representative Tom McKay for leading on this issue. Now we can hold those accountable who stand in the way of true civil rights. In the Senate its defeat was led by Senator Tom Begich who actually stated that he was unaware that CRT was being taught (implemented) in any US school. So much for reality. Shame on Senator Tom Begich!

  20. I’m encouraged to see readers participation on this disruptive topic. Propaganda is an effective tool that can be attributed to many people over vast centuries. To say it is new would be an overstatement. It has itself evolved over time. An example of an effective propagator in last 100 years would be Edward Bernays, nephew of Dr. Sigmond Freud. Eddie is quoted as saying “Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government” – look it up. Essentially weaponing his uncle’s studies to manipulate the masses subconsciously for a desired effect and they had many topics they wanted control over. Nefarious intent lurks everywhere in society and those that choose to participate in molding a desired reality have a number of reasons why, it would be unrealistic to say that they all have the same reasoning. Yet, the many responses to this article are a testament to what propaganda invokes in way of emotional and intellectual opinions/distractions.
    Let take Netflix for example, the current CEO is Marc Randolph. Oh, wait for it, his full name is Marc Bernays Randolph. Yes, one of Randolph’s paternal great-grand uncles was non other that than Siggy himself and paternal great uncle was Eddie. Look it up. I personally got rid of cable years ago because of what was on Netflix. Allowing propaganda to exist in one’s home is Wrong. Relying on a child to differentiate what is Right and Wrong on their own during formative development years is just bad parenting.
    I was “that” parent that did not allow the Zoom camera in my home. Being fortunate at this stage in life to be at home while “classes” were in session. This opportunity allowed me to monitor my communities’ educators. I’m pleased to say that there was only one of these individuals that I was compelled to have dialogue with regarding her choice of topics. The “teacher” received from me a direct yet articulate concern that she was bordering on satanic content. Yes, I said SATANIC content. My additional concern to her was that what she thought was benign/benevolent content, I considered to be very inappropriate and damaging. Before bringing my concerns to her I experienced much personal deliberation and discernment, before I was compelled to ACT. Hence, she was put on notice. Thankfully she was professional enough to make a correction to her curriculum, crisis averted at that moment.
    Finally getting to CRT. I know, I know the written verbosity is getting on my nerves too. It is my contention that this movement is yet another distraction by those that don’t want the UNION to succeed, hummmm. That nasty topic of “control and divide” once again rears it ugly head. Unfortunately, the avenue for their agenda, is our kids. Here’s a tidbit, another topic; 4 stages of ideological subversion 1) Demoralization- educate an entire generation in Marxist ideology, 2) Destabilization- economy, foreign relations, and defense systems, 3) Crisis- violent change of power, structure, and economy, 4) Normalization- period of stability (until the next cycle reaches crisis point). Yuri Bezmenoz ex – KGB whom defected to USA in 1984. We are being inundated from all side, so stay focused. Division is a powerful tool that has many access points into a person’s reality. Without covering all the minutia involved with this topic it rings of slavery of a different kind. Governmental control that’s shtick is group inferiority complex, vote for us, handouts/financial bondage and hatred. Create the crisis and then come to the rescue with a solution. It’s funny because my conservative nature compels me to indoctrinate my spawn with certain beliefs that I find strengthening to one’s life long value system. Yet, at the fore front of values has always been beliefs held by what I perceive to be honorable persons; “treat people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin”, hummmm. “Ask not what your country can do for you but, what can you do for your country”, hummmm. “Success is not to be measured by the position someone has reached in life, but the obstacles he has overcome while trying to succeed” hummmm. “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”hummmm. “associate yourself with people of good quality, it is better to be alone than in bad company”hummmm

  21. I sent an e-mail to my district 5 school board rep Dr Greg Madden for sterling/funny river asking if he had any info regarding CRT being considered for the Kenai Pen district. That was 2 weeks ago. Not a word. No response at all. Disappointed to say the least.

    • No school district in Alaska (or the US for that matter) is considering a curriculum of Critical Race Theory. It is a Graduate School level theory. Schools should however be looking at teaching history that goes beyond glorifying our country and looks critically at the mistakes that were made. I recently learned that an early draft of the Declaration of Independence listed the enslavement of Africans as one of the crimes of King George. Can you imagine how different our country would be had we gotten that right from the beginning? A unified nation of free men and women working together to form a more perfect union.

  22. A country that bans the teaching of its history of racial oppression is proving the point. The first three points (listed incoherently as *, 2, 3, b) are valid. No instruction should teach that 1) one race is inherently better than another, 2) anyone should be treated adversely based on their sex, race, ethnicity, religion, color, or national origin, or 3) anyone bears the guilt of actions of their ancestors. It is foolish, however, to think that we can move forward as a multiethnic nation without understanding the inequities in both or our history and current social structure.

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