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Rep. Kurka, Speaker Stutes turn House into clown car over political face mask

If Rep. Chris Kurka (Wasilla District 7) wanted to make everyone in the Alaska House of Representatives uncomfortable, he did so on Friday.

Kurka, who opposes having to wear a mask in the Capitol, appeared on the House floor with one that had words on the front: “Government Mandated Muzzle.”

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Speaker Louise Stutes decided that was inappropriate attire for the House, according to Uniform Rules, and she told him to either change masks or leave. Kurka refused, and after 45 minutes of House members wasting their time, Stutes adjourned, and said the House will meet on Saturday instead. And Sunday, if necessary, according to sources.

House members in the Republican Minority were deeply embarrassed by the Kurka antics, and said a certain decorum is required to be a legislator, and that Kurka was behaving like a child, demanding that there be a vote on whether or not he could remain in the House Chambers with his special message mask.

“He may not like the rules, and some of us don’t like the rules, but this is a rules-based government. We do things through rules,” said an aide. “He also can’t show up on the House floor dressed like a clown, or with a mask that says ‘F*ck this mask’ if the presiding officer says so.”

But now that horns have been locked between Kurka and the House Speaker, the standoff could proceed through the weekend and beyond, costing the State of Alaska hundreds of thousands of dollars a day.

Some legislators wear cloth face masks with a legislative seal printed on it, while others wear plain black, printed, or surgical masks.

Rep. Sara Rasmussen has begun wearing a clear shield that has cloth bunting around the bottom of it to provide a filter for Covid particles.

The fine set by Legislative Council for violation of the Legislature’s mask mandate is $250 a day. Second fine is $500, but to date no one has been fined.

Last year, Rep. David Eastman was the only House member to wear a face mask, and he chose an N95 mask, and goggles. Some in the building derided him for it. This year, Eastman is wearing a cloth mask that frequently slips out of place, and no goggles.

There is no exact rule on what the mask must look like, and on Ashley Johnson-Barr Day last week, some legislators wore purple masks to honor the memory of the Kotzebue girl who was brutally killed. But the Uniform Rules prohibit political messages on attire on the House floor.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Take your mask and shove it; the government does not get to tell me or anyone else how to live their lives. Remember the progressive mantra “my body my choice.”

  2. How about a blanket recall for these clowns that are spending our money while doing nothing. They are an embarrassment!

  3. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) reported Aug. 19, 2008, that Bacterial Pneumonia caused most of the deaths in the 1918 Influenza Pandemic. Mandatory mask wearing spread bacteria normally found in the nose & throat to lodge in the lungs. This cause of death was discovered when many bodies were exhumed. Many people who already have lung issues are particularly at risk. I for one, appreciate Rep. Kurka (and Sen. Reinbold) for bringing up serious issues that affect our health and freedoms. An exaggeration for emphasis by an anonymous aid who no doubt has strong political bias is not your best reporting.

    • Influenza typically will result in complications that involve bacterial diseases, such as pneumonia. This is what usually kills people. If the flu had not occurred, the pneumonia would not have followed. Bacterial pneumonia can be treated with antibiotics, but, as antibiotic resistant pneumonia spreads, the odds of controlling it decrease. Or you could get viral pneumonia, where no antibiotic would help.
      Antibiotics, as we know them, didn’t exist in 1918.

  4. This rule they say we follow even though “we may not like it” is a stupid as the mask itself. I am sickened by the supposed republican party for not standing against the idiots that do not have a backbone and stand up for what is right not a left mandate. I for one applaud Rep. Kurka, he seems to be the only one there with any sense. No wonder Alaska is not being represented they have all almost gone full commie.
    Trash the mask!

    • Jeeezus, it’s not enough to wear a mask, you have to wear a mask that doesn’t offend anyone??? These are adults right? It is a government mandated muzzle, it’s not profane, so why the theatrics, just do your jobs and stop with the fashion police B.S.

  5. Can these children just stop with the antics and get to work? What do we send them to Juneau for? Do the even need to be there? Couldn’t they just teleconference and sacrifice their per diem? What clowns, all of them!

  6. Nero fiddles while Alaska goes broke.

    Ultimately we got nobody to blame but ourselves for this. We voted those imbeciles into office.

  7. Kurka is the one driving the clown car. He says it is a teachable moment. I hope he learns something from it, but I doubt it.

  8. All those who push the issue of the forced diaper face must have a bad case of potty mouth. They truly are mentally incontinent. Who would you trust or represent you, someone who is standing up for what is right or those who push forced diaper breathe and forced vaccination?
    Keep it up Rep. Kurka there are still those of us who can see through the garbage being fed to us.

  9. One one hand being conservative I’m a strong believer in obeying the law and the rules. In America that cost us an election and we’re still sitting peacefully waiting for Dems to stop violating the law and stripping us of our rights.

    if you constantly obey the rules while others seize power, you ‘ll be the ones obediently getting onto relocation trains…

  10. Why don’t all the Legislators get a Covid Vaccine and get on with business. Almost 50% of all Alaskans have been vaccinated. Why not them. They hold a job that should meet the essential requirements. If they included all aides then the they could quit wast8ng time and the question would be mute.

  11. Last I heard, vaccines are available for everyone. Get one or stay in your cave if you are concerned.Or is this about something else, like the big money contract to keep these idiots “safe ” ? We know why Anchorage is locked down, so that another election can be stolen. Always follow the money or continue being stupid, willfully giving up your constitutional rights because you are a chicken-turd. And afraid to speak out because you happen to have born white. That, by the way, automatically makes you a racist. More fun is sure to come. I got an idea; let’s just watch TV. Then maybe we won’t have to go to a retraining camp.

    • I haven’t noticed too many racist white Americans being reluctant to speak out. Especially since 1865.

  12. “Deeply Embarrassed”
    What a bunch of Sissys, who won’t be a part of the “No More Useless Face Masks” movement. Bend over, go get or don’t go get your useless shot, and get rid of the useless masks..

    • Didn’t think this was an opinion poll for or against masks. It’s whether or nor the legislators are following the rules that THEY set and agreed on.

  13. Standing for Freedom isnt wasting anyones time. Those House Members should had joined Rep. Kurka and Sen Reinbold. They must have a place where they will run when America falls. What place is/was more Free than America? Where you going to Run away when America isnt a Free country? Mmmhm?
    If we don’t fight for our freedoms, there is always a tyrant leader ready to exploit a community’s weakness. They have to be ready to defend themselves with weapons and tactics.

  14. That video showing The Kurka Take a Stand, I was surprised Rep. Eastman didnt go and join him. He is the only legislator that believes life begins at conception, so its like he has nothing to lose. There just not enough loyal persons like me who are presented that opportunity as those in that chamber to had removed their muzzles and walk out with Rep. Kurka taking a stand that America is the last place where you can have Freedom.

  15. Merely getting one thousand people in a room to agree to take Constitutional rights away from someone, the right to breath, does not mean that room has the delegated authority from the Constitution. What I do not have authority to do in my person I may not delegate to another. The sovereign people have NEVER delegated Constitutional authority to health agencies. Misunderstandings do not recreate Constitutions regardless of fervent needs of Godless people to take His place while supplanting the Constitution. Life, liberty, and justice for all. Rules serve not supplant the Constitution.

  16. Denying Constitutional rights may be an error or may be treason which is a the most serious offense and has but one consequence. If you don’t believe in the US Constitution please resign.

  17. Just like the Anchorage Daily News my careful comments are removed by the white woman who places stories here for comments. She removes mine. That is sensoring. What are you doing Ma’am? Do you disbelieve my comments? Which branch of the Gestapo do you work for.

  18. Regarding the CDC two sources have published that the CDC is a private, for profit corporation not a US Department. One source is a Canadian operating internationally out of Japan. He may give disinformation but generally says what he believes to be truth. The other source says he is an ambassador with international information connected with the Russian Orthodox faith and is recognized by some as having linkage with the Duke of St Petersburg and is an American vet, scientist, and man of faith. He typically doesn’t misspeak. Also, the light of truth shines no matter who is saying it. It is altogether plausible the CDC is a private for profit company. I called them and asked. I spoke with a public information person who did not deny this but used words like contractor. Research is being done in other states to clarify and bring to justice and scrutiny the “authority” of CDC over well Americans. They certainly squirm heartily about the subject.

  19. The Republican Party and the Democrats’ are just about the same. I support Kurka! The mask is a Government Mandated Muzzle. Is what was written on the mask a lie ? No, he is just telling the truth, but the so called republicans, go along with whatever there told to do.

  20. All mainstream media tends to be owned by foreign companies who spread news selected for Americans. Like Serco out of city of London. Sometimes more American news is published in other countries like Australia and Germany. President Trumo was on the right superhighway when he said Amer IU ca had a real problem with news being accurately reported. It isn’t tolerated. Hope that changes soon. It was assumed that free press would keep politicians performing according to the US Constitution.

  21. Good for Rep. Kurka. 1st Amendment protects freedom of expression. His mask harms no one. That is, no one except the clowns running our legislature. Alaskans barely even pay attention to these clowns anymore.
    Thank you, Rep. Kurka.

  22. Sorry to get this comment out late, but I hope everyone understands that Speaker Stutes could not legally deny the vote to override her decision. She is the one who broke the rules.

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